“Demitrius and his sheep Moondancer”

I’m getting super into chibi type characters rn!!! I just started a bunny with a garden and plan on doing a Dino type later!!

Hope you guys like! Art by me.
(If you want a story for these guys or any in the future feel free to ask)

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Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scots in ‘Reign’ (2013-).

The sorcerer that was something then became nothing.

In that nothingness he found something, fathomless and relentless. 

He strayed too far from the hallowed shores. Drawn in by the whispers on the water’s surface.



He drowned in the deep darkness of the world.

The man was never seen again.

But…what did crawl out of the water one night.

Under a plagued moon light,  

something foul.


an unspeakable longing, a wild rage strangled the air and lashed the holy ground. 

one touch on land, golden sand turned to black,

ink and tar that too, seeped from its hearth, where the beast’s mark had been. 

poison followed in the wake of a king made empty and alone.