Tonight at Housing Works in NYC

Tonight, June 12, at 7 pm, Cynthia Cruz (The Glimmering Room), Farrah Field (Rising, Wolf and Pilot) and poets from Birds, LLC, Belladonna, Black Square Editions, and Futurepoem, will be reading at the FACE OUT Reading & Reception: Maximizing the Visibility of Emerging Writers event at Housing Works (126 Crosby St.) in NYC. Hope you can come!

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The Glimmering Room, Rising and Wolf and Pilot are all available from Four Way Books


Do you like Indie Lit? Do you like summer? Who’s your crush?

These are all pertinent questions.

Anobium is now an official memeber of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses. We’re legit. And also, Anobium will continue to become more available across a wide variety of networks and distributors. And other business lingo.

We have some changes to make to our website and guidelines, but the Internet connection from our underground bunker has been unstable. We are making this update from an Internet Cafe in Haysworth, IL. Don’t look for it on a map, you won’t find it. We are surrounded by dust and filth.

Orders have been slowly rolling in. If you’ve received your copy or thumbed through it at one of our sellers, send us an e-mail letting us know what you think. If it’s witty enough, we’ll post it on here.

Taste Test: I Tell Random People About You by Svea Barrett, Spire Press, 2011

The Paris Inn of Wayne, NJ

There was no film in my camera that day
when you told me over a cracked green
salt and pepper set that you might just love me.
“Might,” the way I’d said it in second grade
to my teddy bear when I wore a LOVE ring
I won from an arcade machine.

Now I eat the heart of an apple that rots
in my kitchen, after I cut out the spots
just like the ones on the landlord’s cat
which stared at me when I first came to see 
this place, right after I finally knew I’d need
to take off your ring and be done with you. 


This week at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe: tickets are still available to the New York Times-approved bookstore opera of Weimar Germany, A Weimar Flute (three performances, tonight 6/11, Thursday 6/14, and Monday 6/18); and tomorrow we’re Moth-ing and welcoming Glen Hansard (sold out! but tickets still available to his 6/29 Beacon show) in the same night, because why not? All the awesome! Happy day this week is from 10AM to 5PM on Friday.

Heads up, this also means we close at 5 or 6PM most days this week for events. BUT! Please join us when we are wide open on SUNDAY for the GIANT Lit Mag Fair, one of our favorite annual events and a great time to catch up with your favorite lit mags and find new loves.

Enough, already.

Let’s talk about writing contests where the winners are posted publicly – on Facebook, Twitter, and the like – long before entrants are notified of the results. Contests that do this in an era when notifying entrants can take less than five minutes…and yet, they remain “In Progress” for weeks, even months.

It’s rude. It’s dismissive. And especially in cases where there are entry fees, one has to wonder if it’s ever fraudulent. 

Understandably, contest entrants don’t name names. So why not have a Tumblr that does?

If you have entered a literary contest that opened on or after 1/1/15, where the winners have been announced and your entry is still “In Progress,” email the following to

  • A screenshot of the announcement.
  • A screenshot of your entry’s status in Submittable or another management system, with all relevant dates visible.

A few other details:

  • Once we’ve verified your claim, we’ll post full contest information and the date on which a contest entry was In Progress. 
  • Screenshots of “in progress” entries will NOT be posted, and we guarantee confidentiality.
  • Contest administrators are welcome to email the same address with responses or clarifications, but should be aware that we reserve the right to post your email correspondence. If you’d prefer to talk off the record, email that address with that specific request.
  • For the time being, this offer is limited to contests that use an automated submission management system, like Submittable or CLMP Submission Manager.
  • This offer is also limited to this particular type of malfeasance. 

We know we will hear from you soon!

New Trends in Literary Publishing: A Panel at AWP

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I’d love to see you at AWP! Restless Books will be at this year’s Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference, to be hosted at the Minneapolis Convention Center this week from Thursday through Saturday. I’ll be speaking with publishing luminaries Fiona McCrae of Graywolf Press, Jon Fine of Amazon, Deena Drewis of Nouvella, and Kevin Nguyen of Oyster, in a panel on “New Trends in…

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CLMP Launches MyFirstTime Fundraiser

The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) is hosting a fundraising drive with the hashtag #MyFirstTime. The My First Time campaign takes to social media encouraging writers to talk about the first time they were published.

Participating writers are Tweeting a brief narrative about their first time, hashtagging it with #MyFirstTime and linking to the fundraising page ( ) where they can contribute. 

Here are a few examples:

#myfirsttime was in high school, thanks to the generosity of my English teacher. First time published, you pervs.

— Benjamin Samuel (@benasam)

June 5, 2014

#myfirsttime was honestly like the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks @oneteenstory.

— julie buntin (@juliebuntin)

June 5, 2014

#myfirsttime was in the Portfolio literary magazine at the University of South Carolina, writing about a a TV host at a nude beach @CLMPorg

— Scott B. Pruden (@ScottBPruden)

June 5, 2014

#myfirsttime was at Yankee Pot Roast with a list of things I wanted to say to the guy yelling across the restaurant to ask if I knew karate.

— James Yeh (@jamesyeh)

June 5, 2014

3rd grade, in the school magazine. A vaguely coherent story about a man with balloons for fingers. #myfirsttime

— Meakin Armstrong (@MeakinArmstrong)

June 5, 2014

CLMP supports independent presses and literary journals through various programs and fundraising efforts make these programs possible. Even if you don’t want to talk about your first time, you can still contribute to CLMP’s fundraising campaign by visiting their site:

Support CLMP and Indie Lit in Our #MyFirstTime Virtual Fundraiser

Dear Writer,

Remember your first time?

First time being published, that is. Maybe it was a story in your college lit mag, or a poem in an online journal, or an essay in a periodical. Maybe you even had a manuscript accepted by a small press. Whatever your publishing track record, we’re willing to bet that your first time was something special—and chances are it was through an independent literary publisher.

Perhaps you’re still waiting for your first acceptance letter, but thanks to CLMP—the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses—independent literary publications are thriving, creating more opportunities for writers like you to be heard!

As representatives of the community of indie lit publishers, we ask that you join us in supporting CLMP, the organization that helps make it possible for us to publish writers like you. CLMP provides essential training and information to literary publishers small and large, established and just beginning. Russell Banks, George Plimpton and others founded CLMP in 1967, and CLMP has been here for us, helping us do what we do even better, ever since.

Supporting CLMP means that you play an active role in sustaining the very publishers most likely to publish you.

Today, we’ve banded together to show CLMP that writers will join us in giving back. Please make a contribution below, and to celebrate your support (and toot your own horn—you’ve earned it!), simply tweet/Facebook/tumblr about the first time you published—and the publication that made it happen—then add #myfirsttime and a link ( to our donate page.

Thank you for your voice, which inspires our work, and for helping us support this vital organization.


A Public Space
Apeiron Review
Bodega Magazine
Coffee House Press
Colorado Review
Creative Nonfiction
Electric Literature
Four Way Books
Graywolf Press
Iowa Review
The Literary Review
The Missouri Review
One Story
Rain Taxi
Tin House
Words Without Borders

I almost wish I had a long commute...

I said almost. But really, for the last 2 mornings I’ve taken the bus into New York for the CLMP Literary Writers Conference at the New School. (Highly recommended, by the way.) So much time for Tumblr and being brilliant on Facebook!

Yesterday I was thinking that I always feel like I should feel something when I see the industrial-scapes of NJ from the highway. Kind of like a political issue where you feel that in order to be an intellectual person you need to be able to have a precise, intelligent opinion argued persuasively. I feel the same way about looking down at all the lights when an airplane is landing. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE A DEEP THOUGHT ABOUT THIS!!! I AM A WRITER!

Instead, today I was reminded of a particular bus route in college and how all the buses on that route were so creaky like they were about to sigh and give up. I thought of class trips and how exciting it was to walk out the door and see the fancy coach bus rather than a school bus with the textured vinyl seats with the patches kids would pick at and the windows that often wouldn’t close all the way or would close crooked in a sad droopy manner and the little electric fan perched in the corner above the driver’s left shoulder.

These are my deep thoughts, and I guess that’s ok. I suppose it has it be. I suppose it’s all I got.

Tell Me A Story

{ October 9, 2012 }

Dress: Asos
Jacket: Gryphon
Tights: BCBG
Scarf: Send the Trend
Heels: Michael Kors
Bag: BCBGeneration

It was such a cloudy, overcast day but a perfect setting for me to do a flash fiction reading at the New York Public Library. I wore my (newly) favorite studded leather jacket that I scooped up at a sample sale over the summer. It’s a little Mad Max-ish, don’t you think?

Let’s rewind a little - I was such a lucky lady to be reading that night with other great fiction writers. I read at the NYPL on behalf of NANO Fiction in conjunction with clmp. It was an absolutely joy to read alongside such talented writers. When I get the podcast, I’ll send the link your way! In the meantime, check out NANO and clmp, they’re awesome resources for writers and readers.
CLMP's Lit Mag Adoption Program for Creative Writing Students

Even though it is on temporary hiatus, we want to give a signal boost to CLMP’s “Lit Mag Adoption” program that enables teachers and students to subscribe (at a discount) to participating lit mags for use in the classroom. Check out the link, and don’t miss the essays from Kimiko Hahn, David Lynn, and Carolyn Kuebler, on using little magazines in the classroom.


Are you following the #myfirsttime hashtag on twitter? It’s a lot of fun because you get to see where all your writer friends first published, support CLMP and indie mags/presses, and because there are random tweets mixed in from people going to Disney or watching the Price is Right or making pineapple cheesecake for the first time. lol.

My Upcoming Readers!

It seems that I’ve been able to convince the world that it should listen to me, for a time, for a time. Here are some upcoming readings that I do hope you’ll attend:

Shitstain—Friday, October 25th, 7:30pm at Tip Top Bar & Grill (Bed Stuy, Brooklyn) Bushwick Sweethearts—Saturday, October 26th, 7pm at Brooklyn Fire Proof (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Federal Dust—Saturday, November 2nd, 7pm IN BALTIMORE (1003 Light Street, Baltimore!)

CLMP’s Periodically Speaking—Tuesday, November 12th, 6pm at New York Public Library (Manhattan) : This is a panel discussion I’ll be taking part in with the stellar editors from No, Dear and Bodega Magazine. No, Dear Issue #12 Launch—Friday, November 15, 7pm at La Sala (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) Forged, the Inaugural Reading Series from The Boiler Journal—Wednesday, November 20, 7pm at Cake Shop (Manhattan) The Buzzard’s Banquet— Thursday, November 21, 8pm at Soda Bar (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)