soldierofperdition asked:

Positivity: dontfxckwithbaby

This time I will talk anout something a little more serious the previous times. It is at least to me.
I sometimes have these special kinds of moods where I’m just down for no reason. Many of you probably know that. But I know that if that’s the case, I could probably always go and talk to her about it. No matter what it is. And I’d like her to know she can always clme to me and rant as much as she wants.


Im so gonr lifted shifted higher than a veiling. Im beyong infinity jamming to dubstep partying with my friends my crew my jam my bros. Now i feel free beyond repair. I wont clme back here agajn but ill be there soon. I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead god love it. See yall soon when i recover from sobreity