I woke up at 8:00am, which is super early for me, and I heard my dad tell my sister that he slipped on ice with his car and in an attempt to avoid the other car in front of him, he bumped into a pile of snow and apparently broke the car. I am waiting until his co-worker picks him up to go see the damages.

You’ve Always Been

Summary: Phil has been out for ages and he couldn’t be happier. But dresses still call his name, even after he’s transitioned. He hates the thought of Dan laughing at him for it, but he can’t help trying them on now and them.
Warnings: Sexual  content
Word Count: 2551
Author’s Notes: i haven’t touched any phanfics since december, but it’s spring and things are super nice for me right now, so i’m going to be working on more fics! between working in my shop and making art and school, i might not be able to post often, but i’m going to write as much as i can! 

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