Something There - Part Five

Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: some naughty words and one suggestive situation 

Word Count: 8164

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Much to your delight and slight worry two weeks had passed without John and Lafayette bringing up your blunder outside the coffee shop. John was ever cheerful and with everyone having a full course load it seemed that he didn’t have time to worry about the fact that you were obviously flying by the seat of your pants with this “internship” or so you were inclined to believe. Lafayette was the one who made you worry. He hadn’t brought up the subject up, but you could tell by the odd looks suspicion that were always followed with a glint of amusement in reaction to how uncomfortable you looked that he was biding his time. Lafayette always knew when you were lying and you were on edge waiting for the moment he finally decided to pounce.

Last week Thomas had told you there was a new collection of books arriving from his parent’s home in Virginia that he would be adding to the library’s vintage and rare book section. You were set to meet him Wednesday evening to help look through the titles and organize them, on top of that he had promised to play you a song on his violin. He had finally admitted to you that he played when you had accidentally knocked over a stack of handwritten sheet music off a shelf in his study. Curiously he had never once played you that song you had walked in on him playing that day at school.

Economics was as eventful as ever, your professor had assigned a project for students to pair up and come up with a solution to help lessen the budget deficit within the government. Alexander had automatically claimed you as his partner that would help him take down his “enemies” in the class. You wanted to roll your eyes but the idea of the debate the professor was putting on was bringing out your competitive side. Thomas might be your friend, but there was no way you were going to let your emotions get in the way of the last big project of the semester.

“I think our ideas will blow everyone out of the water,” Alex said triumphantly.

“Don’t forget Jefferson is well versed in foreign government. He will most likely pull ideas from what other countries are doing at the moment. We have to stay on top of that so he doesn’t surprise us,” you commented without looking up from the laptop.

Alex shared a desk with you and set off researching topics from France because he assumed that would be Thomas’s country of choice to pull ideas from. He wasn’t wrong, you agreed one hundred percent. You glanced up and gazed across the room. Thomas and James were both engrossed in their notebooks. Thomas looked up to grab a book and made eye contact with you. His lips turned up into that arrogant smirk and you returned one back in return. You quickly grab your phone from your back before opening a new text. You could tell by the look in his eye that he was confident in what he was working on.

(Y/N) 1:40pm - You’re looking pretty confident over there. -

The Asshole 1:42 - You don’t think you’re going to win this debate do you? I’m not going to take it easy on you because I care about you. -

Because I care about you. You stared at your phone for a moment letting those words sink in. Don’t overthink that, you are just friends (Y/N).

(Y/N) 1:48 - I wouldn’t expect anything less. We still good for Wednesday? -

The Asshole 1:49 - Of course.

“Who are you texting?” Alexander teased and attempted to look at your phone.

“Just a friend,” you laugh. Keep telling yourself that.

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The Planchette Did A Spooky Thing

Planchette, marker, cursor, the pointy thing, whatever you want to call it, it’s an integral part of the Ouija board. The planchette is far more important than the board itself. I really wonder why I get asks about having an evil/possessed/haunted board when the board doesn’t do any of the work, the planchette does. 

I mean, yeah, it’s spooky. The spirits know you think it’s spooky too. And there are some spirits that want you to be spooked. If you are scared, the spirits can easily feed off of your scared energy and have a lot more power that can be used to terrify you even more. 

I get a lot (A LOT) (I MEAN A LOT) of asks that basically boil down to “The planchette moved in a certain way, does that mean I talked to a demon?” The answer is no. Here are some examples of ways that planchettes can move spookily in order to scare you:

-moving in figure 8s

-moving in circles

-counting down the numbers

-going through each letter of the alphabet

-slipping off the board

-pointing at someone

-moving to all four corners of the board

-lifting off the board a little (which is freaky and I’d never heard of it before!)

among others, these are just a few examples.

The rumor is that if the planchette does any of these things, that means you’ve contacted something evil and is trying to escape from the board. The truth is that nothing can come out of the board seeing as how it is a piece of cardboard. Ouija boards aren’t dangerous, the people using it are.

The truth about planchettes is that spirits can use them smartly and know how to use them to scare. A spirit will do one of the spooky things in order to scare you and use that energy for themselves. It doesn’t mean they’re a demon, it doesn’t mean they’re trying to come out of anything, seeing as how they are already out and around you.

If this happens to you, if your planchette starts doing anything I listed, tell the spirit to stop. Just stop. Tell them you know what they’re doing, and it won’t work and it’s not scary. If they don’t stop, tell them they can’t communicate on your board anymore. Tell them goodbye.

If you have any Ouija board questions or questions about the spirit world in general, ask anytime.

I shall no longer allow negative thoughts or feelings to drain me of my energy. Instead I shall focus on all the good that is in my life, I will think it, feel it and speak it. By doing so I will send out vibes of positive energy into the world and I shall be grateful for all the wonderful things it will attract into my life.
—  Today’s Positive Pledge (cll.30.17)

anonymous asked:

I get really attracted to fictional characters. I'm genderless and aroace. I sometimes cll myself gay for lady villains. Or gay for certain types of characters (doesn't matter the gender) is this bad to say since I'm triple a and not attracted to real people?

I mean…..I don’t think so. You’re not hurting anyone, and people insist until they’re blue in the face that gay is a community umbrella, so you’re probably fine.

D'Metria the Vedy Vedy Bad Judge
External image

Somewhere between ignorance and arrogance,
CLL One harbors the prevalence of malevolence.

Take a good hard look at County Court at Law Number One,
The odious, sanctimonious D’Metria Benson,
Unrivaled in revenge, peerless in pretense,
Entrenched in her bias and arrogance.

Who curries financial favor better than her?
What judge begets more sorrow or infected rancor?
While endorsements escape her feckless reach,
Donations are taken to heal this breach.

Eye of newt, claw of bear,
Charmed dispute, lock of hair,
City folk spit and country folk spew,
Round the cauldron the witches brew,
Rattlesnake root and purloined loot,
Twirling witches swirl in suit.

Magic flute, rotten fruit,
Flying diving bats are moot.
Crippled in fear we peek around,
And hear the screeching crying sound.

No one will deny I am the worst at what I do,
I make grown men cry and am revered as a shrew.
They call me a whaling witch, a brooding maniac,
You’ll not forget your time in my court even if you are an amnesiac.

My legal interpretations are questioned far and wide,
My lawyer eviscerations a source of my misguided pride.
I wink at opposing counsel and cast aspersions upon you,
I wail at the full moon and deride what is true.

With a slam of my gravel I can change the law again,
Turn it upside down with my devil’s claw and a deft stroke of my pen.
I grow so very weary of being the Mandamus Queen,
The Appellate Court has a bias against regression to the mean.

Deep inside my bones I know that I am always right.
Lawyers need a double dose of the known D’Metria fright.
Our devils waltz in darkness in a hardened moon,
Graveyard bones are broken and immunedly are strewn.

I am the boogey man that hides under your bed,
Lawyers tremble in my courtroom my reputation is widespread.
Dallas County welcomes you, enter through my doors,
Will you depart in one piece from my Little Shop of Horrors?

To be continued


En un campo
soy la ausencia
de campo.
Siempre sucede así.
Dondequiera que esté
soy aquello que falta.

Si camino
parto del aire
mas siempre vuelve el aire
a llenar los espacios
donde mi cuerpo estuvo.

Todos tenemos razones
para movernos: yo me muevo
por mantener
enteras a las cosas.

Versión de Octavio Paz
En Reasons for Moving, 1968


In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body’s been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

Pediatric Rotation

Oh man. That was a crazy 6 weeks. 

I started on inpatient wards. Let me tell you, waking up at 5am is no easy feat. I’m not looking forward to the early mornings on surgery.

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Anyway- here’s the stuff I saw a lot on inpatient peds!

RSV- respiratory track infections
Cystic Fibrosis exacerbations
Asthma exacerbations
Meningitis (I only saw viral, but we do full sepsis workup on these patients anyway)
Weird rashes
Snake bites!??!!?

Here’s the thing about doing peds in the summer- kids aren’t super sick because they aren’t in school and therefore aren’t giving each other a bunch of germs. Census was super low, so I didn’t see as much as I would have if I’d done it in, say, october-february. 

Here’s what I had in my White Coat- snacks, chapstick, Maxwell’s pocket guide (incredible resource if you have no clue what you’re doing), tongue depressors, stethoscope, alcohol pads (to clean your steth between patients and to get rid of stickiness on kids), gloves, pens, notepad

Next week was Heme/Onc. I thought this week was going to be really sad, but it wasn’t! We can actually do a LOT for these kids! Know the differences between ALL, AML, CLL, CML, Hodgkin and non-hodgkin lymphoma. Sickle Cell disease is super high yield in real life as well as on boards. Who knew? Also- bone cancer. Not crazy high yield, but I definitely saw Ewing Sarcoma in a kiddo or two. 

Mother/Baby Unit- NEWBORNS! Oh man. Things to know- developmental milestones, how to do a newborn exam, newborn reflexes, how to take a pregnancy/labor/delivery history, how to manage hyperbilirubinemia and premies and SGA babies and infants of diabetic mothers. Wear gloves when you touch the babies. We even got to go down and see some high risk deliveries/c-sections and do a little resuscitation. “Warm and dry! Warm and dry!” Babies breathe fast, so don’t get overwhelmed if you can’t distinguish breath sounds from heart murmurs. 

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Outpatient…. I didn’t enjoy outpatient as much. It’s a lot of patient management, which isn’t my favorite. I did Adolescent medicine (think ages 10-25). A lot of eating disorders. A lot of patients lying to you. A lot of talking about depression, anxiety, and sex. Not a lot of procedures. Not a lot of action. A LOT of talking. A WHOLE LOT OF TALKING. Things to know- HEADS history questions

Endocrine outpatient was a lot better! This is where I saw some cool cases. A lot of diabetes and hypothyroidism, but some other stuff like short stature, panhypopituitarism, precocious puberty, graves disease, etc… I also lucked out, because the docs on endocrine here really liked to teach.

As far as the shelf exam went… it was SUPER random. But here are some general things to know that will help you in peds

Calculate maintenance fluid
Memorize developmental milestones
Know the vaccine schedule
Calculate how much a baby should weigh
Calculate Ins and Outs
Newborn exam
SWU (sepsis workup)
How to manage dehydration
Most common causes of meningitis and pneumonia in different age ranges