First images of Jeremy Northam as Anthony Eden in The Crown.

Some behind-the-scenes clowning during filming of the Netflix original series in July 2015. The photos come from the website of Clive Francis, who plays Lord Salisbury. (Francis is front center in the top pic, with Jeremy in glasses standing behind and left of him. John Lithgow, who plays Winston Churchill, can be seen standing over Francis’ right shoulder.)

These images must have been taken while filming the scenes of the wedding between Princess Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Philip Mountbatten (Matt Smith). Ely Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abbey. 


July 2nd 2015 - Jane Asher (Olivia), daughter Katie Scarfe (Alice), Clive Francis (William), Alexander Hanson (Giles), Amber James (Aurelia) and Anna Wilson-Jones (Sophie). Rehearsal Photography of “The Gathered Leaves” by Mark Douet.

Top photo, the cast of The Gathered Leaves (Clive Francis, Nick Sampson, Jane and Anthony Eden.), from

The Pennington family have not been in the same room for over 17 years.
But on the eve of William’s 75th birthday, all three generations gather with the aim of putting the past well and truly behind them.
If only it were that simple.
And to make matters worse, they are running out of time – or rather William is – as the world that he has always known is steadily beginning to crumble around him.
I have lived long enough to see the unknown unfold in front of my eyes. I have watched it turn from nothing into something. You talk of challenging me… challenging my point of view. My point of view is the product of challenge; I’ve been challenged all my life. What can you say? With your head peeking out from under the umbrella of education for the first time you’re absolutely petrified of feeling your first drop of rain. What can you say?
The Gathered Leaves is a moving, poignant and funny family drama that sees the weight of family history, of reputation, and of expectation, all descend on one family over Easter weekend in 1997.

Previews: 15 Jul 2015
Press Night: 16 Jul 2015 (7pm)
Plays until: 15 Aug 2015


“I’m sorry, but we’re just going to be stuck in 70s TV being related to each other forever…” 

Norma Streader with Clive Francis (as brother and sister-in-law) in Enemy at the Door and as brother and sister Francis and Verity Poldark in Poldark.

Horror film icons by artist Nathan Jackson. More at: