clive dreamer

…As well as being wary of proffering analyses of her lyrics, both Utley and Barrow are equally respectful of Gibbons’s unwillingness to speak to the press - although she has given some interviews abroad: in 1995, I found her quoted in American and French magazines.

‘A lot of people seem to read things into my personal life,’ she said, referencing her heartbroken and careworn lyrics. 'People assume, “poor girl, she must have been through some horrible relationships.” Well, there have been some shit times, but nothing that a lot of other people haven’t also been through. I’m just a boring old middle-class cow.’

Utley describes how recently, 'Clive, our drummer, was saying to her, “Why don’t you want to do interviews?” And she was like, “I don’t want to - because that’s what I’m talking about in my lyrics all the time, the inability to communicate.”’


From the 2008 article:  Portishead: back on the beat.

Same Beth, same.