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10 Things I Hate About You [b.b au] [2/10]

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Series Title: 10 Things I Hate About You (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Stratford!reader, Clint Barton x Stratford!Natasha, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, mentions of Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild swearing
Word Count: 1,637
Requested: Yes! By all of you guys xx 
Description: Y/N and Natasha Straford’s house rules say that Nat can’t date until Y/N has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Y/N crosses paths with handsome Bucky Barnes. Will Y/N let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Bucky?

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Natasha sat down during lunch the next day, ready to get her French study session over with. She was looking for a little additional help and Clint, the new kid had volunteered his time to help her out. She glanced around the library and quickly spotted his sandy blond hair. “Hi.” She greeted, putting her Prada backpack on the chair next to her as she took a seat opposite Clint. “Do you mind making this quick? Peter Quill and Gamora whats-her-name are having a very dramatic public break-up on the quad… again.” Nat gushed, grinning at the thought of it before taking in Clint’s appearance. She was surprised to see that Clint was actually attractive, unlike some of the tutors at Stark High School. 

Clint snapped out of his dreamy gaze on Nat and nodded. “Oh, yeah, um, okay.” He flipped through the French textbook he had gotten just to spend time with Natasha. “I thought that we’d, um, start with pronunciation, if that’s all right with you,” Clint suggested, looking up at Nat to see what she thought. 

Nat scrunched up her nose, smoothing her red hair behind her ears. “Not the hacking and gagging and spitting part, please.” She joked, giving Clint a smile that she didn’t realise had him stunned.

“Well, uh, there is an alternative,” Clint said, thinking quick on his feet

This caught Nat’s attention as she sat up straighter in her seat. “There is?”

“Yeah, French food.” Clint smiled. “We could eat some together, uh, Saturday night?” he suggested, and Natasha raised an eyebrow.

“Wait a minute,” Nat requested, letting out a light laugh. “Are you asking me out?” she asked rhetorically before cooing. “That’s adorable. What did you say your name again?” she asked and Clint’s smile fell. 

“Clint.” He told her. “Listen, I know that your dad doesn’t let you date, but I thought that if it was for French class-“

Natasha’s ears perked and she exclaimed. “Oh, wait a minute. Clive…” she began.

“Clint.” He corrected in a mumble.

Nat ignored it. “-My dad just invented a brand new rule. I can date, so long as my sister does, too.” She informed him, smiling at the clueless boy. “The problem is: my sister’s a particularly hideous breed of loser.” Nat spat out, rolling her eyes at the very thought of Y/N.

“I noticed she’s a little… antisocial sometimes,” Clint said, not wanting to agree with Nat, as he didn’t even know Y/N. “Any reason for that?”

Nat sighed, dropping her shoulders into a shrug. “Unsolved mystery.” She mused. “In fact, Y/N was way popular a while ago. Then, one day, out of nowhere, she got sick of it or something and totally changed.” Nat frowned.  “But I’m pretty sure she’s just unable to interact with other humans.” She poked fun at her older sister.

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This game looks a mix of H.R. Giger, Clive Barker and Zdzisław Beksiński, I love it. This so grotesque and eery and it makes my stomach turn. I want more. This is the kind of horror game I’ve been waiting for.

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but the vido it is you x pj

All videos that relate to PJ X Ania are gone


It seems that some of you are confused about my personal life:
Yes I do have a real boyfriend whose name is Clive so please stop harassing me to dump him just so you can continue writing CTPJ X Ania stories
In fact let me point out that CTPJ already has a girlfriend named Toots!

Am I telling you to stop writing stories about CTPJ X Ania? Not really but kinda

Can you write stories about Clive and I? Yes very gladly (I'll read them all ^^)

Can you tell me to dump my boyfriend and tell toots to kill herself?
Absolutely not
If anyone else does that I'm blocking you 

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Moll you had me at problematic children sldkjfghlsdfkjdsjkl. This is a mess. Love you <3 [AO3]

“Why does anyone have to be naked?” Gildarts complained as he reached for his second glass of wine that afternoon. “We just wanted to have a normal family dinner.”

“Who’s naked?” scoffed Gray, fully naked and lounging back in his chair.

Natsu not-so-subtly nudged him and pointedly looked down to an area thankfully hidden from the rest of the group by the dining table. Swearing under his breath, Gray held up his hands in defeat and graciously dropped a napkin into his lap instead of making a move to retrieve any of his clothes from the living room where he had lost them earlier.

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Villain Motivations

There’s been a lot of controversy about liking Clive recently, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in. Please feel free to reply, but please let’s keep it like the last Emmy post, where it was more like a ‘debate’ and less like an argument. The last thing I want to do is widen a rift in the a fandom. I just want to discuss a few things. I hope that’s ok. If this post does upset people, I promise I’ll delete it.

Long story short, it’s perfectly fine to hate Clive, and hope he never gets released from prison. But please be aware that there are other villains deserving of your distaste for similar reasons. Share the distaste, guys!  

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About That Clive Durham

One of the things I’ve come to notice after reading and watching Maurice several times is the varied opinions on Clive. Which is something that really intrigues me, and I have some input. I’ve crafted my own opinion, which has changed several times, and now is pretty permanent.

After you watch Maurice once, you hate Clive. He’s awful. Scumbag. Douche.
After you watch Maurice a few more times, you start to understand Clive, and you sympathize more. With the pressure from his family and mother, to marry and carry responsibilities he can’t possibly escape from. He realizes the consequences of being homosexual in that time and place. He has so much to live up to, with so much weighing on him, and he falls apart, and in recollecting himself, makes a change. And it hurts Maurice, but you can sympathize more. You might have done the same thing. Poor Clive. 

However, after READING the text, and watching deleted scenes from the film that were CUT (GOD KNOWS WHY) that show Clive’s hostility, you understand. The entirety of what Clive put Maurice through is h e a r t b r e a k i n g. Clive introduces Maurice to his own views about the greeks. He shapes Maurice into his own views. All the while in love with Maurice, yes. But he awakens Maurice in what can almost be realized as manipulative (later on you can see this more clearly). And that’s what Clive is. He falls for Maurice, strings him along out of his own fear and blunt fading interest, starts to back out (note: Risley’s arrest had NOTHING to do with Clive backing out, it wasn’t even in the book). Clive simply lost interest; realized life could be better. He traveled to Greece, saw his own past views in a tangible form, and realized they were no longer valid, and couldn’t be. So, he “changed”. He was an A S S H O L E towards Maurice, who took care of him when he was falling apart. After reading, you can see this. He treated him like shit. He’s a snippy, smartass, pompous, spoiled douche with the way he treats Maurice. After stringing him along, Maurice investing his LIFE in Clive, Maurice is dropped after Clive simply becomes repulsed by anything even remotely related to Maurice because he simply DOES NOT CARE, he purposely (which is in the text) seeks out someone completely unlike Maurice and Clive marries a woman who feels uncomfortable watching her own husband dress because he’s so cold and empty. The relationship is empty. He parades it in front of Maurice and flaunts his “straight” lifestyle. Clive is a cold fish on a marble slab. THAT relationship is platonic! There is no love. And the best part of the entire novel, and I am furious this scene was cut out of the film, is when Maurice stands up to Clive at the very end, and disappears with Alec, leaving Clive alone to withstand all the emptiness he has filled his life with.

I’ve had someone put that on me. My first love decided he wasn’t gay anymore, for other reasons, and it d e s t r o y e d me. So I get it.

I’m not convinced Clive “changed”. I’m sorry. That doesn’t happen. You don’t hit the undo button on the gay factor. Clive was a coward. Clive was empty. Clive was heartless. And I do believe that E.M Forster ends the novel in the perfect way; I do believe that’s an “oh shit” moment for Clive. Where he realizes “maybe i did love you, maybe my life is empty, maybe i made some wrong choices, maybe i was a huge bulldog dick to the one person who was able to deal with me and my smart ass speeches, ever”. I do believe that is the moment where Clive actually becomes un-empty. Where he feels. Where he regrets. But it’s too fucking late because you were completely and utterly awful. And this realization of Clive makes me appreciate Alec and, ESPECIALLY Maurice, so much more, and when I watch the film now, it’s not the same, because I know. I don’t have pity for Clive. I don’t feel sorry for him. 

This has been the ultimate rant about Mr. Clive Durham. Thank you.

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Hello! What do you think Liv's, Clive's and Ravi's jobs would be if they weren't related to people dying? Have a lovely day!

I mean, it’s easy to cheat and say “Liv’s still a surgeon, Clive is a detective for a squad that solves other kinds of crime, and Ravi still does epidemiology,” but I already wrote a whole fic of close-canon AUs, so where’s the fun in that!

Ravi, let’s say, is a university professor in Seattle in the chem or biochem department–he has so many amazing skills re: figuring out the cure, so it would be a super good fit for him!

So, coming from that, let’s make this a straight-up academia AU!

Which makes Clive a literature professor, because Game of Thrones (and am I completely making it up in my head that he’s been known to recite poetry as a making-a-move thing? I think I’m making it up but honestly Clive would, he’s super dreamy). He teaches a very well-attended course on genre fiction.

With Liv it’s harder to say! Without the zombie thing she might have just gone on with med school, but let’s canon-diverge her a little sooner, and let’s say that early in college she took a psych course that changed her life, and she did do all the pre-med prereqs, but she majored in psych and ended up going to grad school and on to her doctorate in it too just because she finds the human brain fascinating (ha ha), and now she has just been hired to teach at her alma mater!

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So I spent 60 orbs on the female mage summon to try and get linde or julia and I ended up gettiNG A 5* MERRIC I'M SO MAD I ALREADY HAVE ONE WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE MEEEEE

WOW and on the female summon??? Oh well Merric is cool nmw and has the best AoE skill so thats good.

-Mod Clive

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Hey Avalon! How's your brother doing? (Does he know that you're now with clive)

Avalon: Mah bro, Sirius? Oh he’s doing fine! We see each other in Avalonia from time to time.

Avalon: And yeah he knows about me and Clive. He even was the first one to actually know we were dating. Also he gave me tips and love advice when I first dated Clive.

Avalon: Now he’s just figuring out that we have a child. Vera loves him so much, he’s her favorite (and only) uncle.

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Hey Denny's Anon again. Why the fuck does Clive look so terrifying and have such a back woods accent? Please send help I'm scared of him But Ridley having "earth splitter?" And just not fully knowing and and falling down? So precious and pure. I expected this game to be way more serious hence why I put off getting into it for so long but so far it has been pure and adorably funny. I am ready for this hell.

If you think Clive looks terrifying normally, don’t ever emulate the game. 

Reminds me of that one scene from A Clockwork Orange.

Anyway, yeah, the game starts off really lighthearted and whimsical and there will still be silly parts later on but the story does get a little more serious after the second mission.

You wanna know who’s more hateful than Clive Dove, Dimitri Allen, Don Paolo, Jean Descole AND Leon Bronev?


He selfishly sacrificed Claire so he could sell off the incomplete time machine and it exploded. Claire dies, AND gets sent ahead in time, but of course…he survives.

He uses the money he received for the time machine to hide the truth and “climb the political ladder to the very top.” So in other words, he killed a woman, destroyed a man’s career and orphaned a young boy, and he was awarded with the position of Prime Minister.

Dimitri kidnaps him, and then Clive uses him as a security system in his Mobile Fortress. Instead of leaving that bastard to die like they should of, Layton and co save the man’s life while risking their own. Not once does he thank anyone.

And to cap it all off, it’s abundantly clear that he is the cause of all of the destruction and emotional turmoil among several people, and he suffers absolutely ZERO consequences, besides a subtle message from Chelmey: “People can often be so blinded by their own motivations that they lose sight of the damage they do. But criminals aren’t the only blind ones.”

And what does he have to say to Clive? After effectively ruining his life? “Hah. Criminals like him make me think the whole world has gone mad.”

The true villain of Lost Future is not Dimitri. It’s not even Clive. It’s Bill Motherf*cking Hawks, the one game character I want to see die and burn in the Disortion World.

(Also, quick Theory time. What if the corporation who tried to buy the time machine was…Targent? I know that they were thought to be disbanded by the end of Azran Legacy, but…maybe Bloom or Swift took charge of the remaining henchmen and reformed Targent, changing their goals now that the Azran’s power was unobtainable? Something to think about…)

Really tho, imagine a divergent iZombie from episode 2.

  • Blaine goes to drink because the realization of what he did to Liv, and because he can’t blame her for not trusting him.
  • Liv telling Blaine that she saw him with his old drug dealer running buddies.
  • Blaine being honest and telling her he killed them, because otherwise they would have killed him, and because they knew the cause of the outbreak.
  • This giving Blaine the idea to become a zombie vigilante ala David’s character in The Revenant
  • Blaine killing drug dealers, gangsters, murderers, and rapists because they’re the real monsters.
  • Blaine using these brains for his business rather than those of homeless teens.
  • Blaine eating those brains and trying to keep his own dark side at bay, often wondering if some of his actions are influenced by the trip or they’re just who he really is.
  • Blaine’s customers getting affected by these brains, and now you have homicidal zombies running a muck who probably aren’t afraid to get their own brains.
  • Blaine realizing he was in over his head.
  • Blaine going to live and being all ‘I fucked up. I fucked up so hard.”
  • Liv being all “Goddamnit, Blaine.”
  • Blaine teaming up with Liv and maybe Clive to clean up his own mess.
  • Blaine realizing he fell back on dealing brains because dealing was the only thing he knew.
  • Blaine questioning why he wanted to become a kingpin when he’s already rich and could probably have anything he wanted.
  • He thinks it’s about the respect, and because it was fun.
  • He realizes he just wanted recognition, and that doing what Liv does and helping people is more fun, and fulfilling.
  • Blaine realizing in helping her that he isn’t in it for the recognition so much any more, but that he wanted to impress her and show her he could change.
  • Liv wondering why it mattered so much to him what she thought.
  • Blaine wondering why it mattered so much to him what she thought.
  • Blaine being fiercely protective of Liv.
  • Blaine being all ‘never mind, she’s got this’
  • Blaine finding that cutting the toxic people out of his life and surrounding himself with the likes of Liv, Ravi, and Clive actually made him a better person.
  • Blaine having a genuine crush on Liv and trying to play it cool.
  • Liv being flattered but mostly amused.
  • David Anders getting to play a tragic antihero rather than a mustache twirling villain… again.

Again, I can explain my reasons to you (and yeah, some of you keep deleting all this “commentary” stuff when reblogging, but still - I need to say it). See, I love the characters who are basically unstable and ambivalent psychos; well, I love any suffering expressed in any form of art IN GENERAL, because that somehow makes me feel less scared by the real world.

If you don’t know who is Christopher Carrion, go and read Clive Barker’s “Abarat”, because I’m not going to reveal the story of the character in too many spoilers [UPD.: whoooops, I’ve just realized that my previous “versions” of the character were disturbingly close to this one]. I mean it. The “Abarat” books are weird and incomplete, but stunningly beautiful in their unique painful fairytale style.

If there is still anyone surprised by the fact that somehow all the most disturbed characters I’ve recently painted have Ed Hogg’s face, go and watch the films he’s in. His characters can be nice; but the way he expresses all that suffering I’ve written above is truly a form of art, because he does that beautifully - so why not try painting something complicated yet again, just because I can?..

And - oh, go and thank @goblinidiota for introducing O.Children to me.

This image was painted while listening to their “Ruins” on repeat for many, many hours.

I’m so happy that Bacchus and Cana were featured together in the Fairy Tail calendar. I believe they’re canon and I can’t wait for Guildarts’ reaction when he finally gets to meet Bacchus. I bet they’ll get along very well!

– submitted by anonymous

He calls himself Spades Slick.
His eyes smolder with indigo fires, supernovas not of this universe, 
And he moves with the silent, tense manner much like a prowling wraith, possibly a plastic bag.
And no matter what you may hear, no matter what I may say, he is not a well-versed user of shadows and the dark things beyond our knowing.
But oh.  My.  Gosh. Did I mention he is possibly one of the cutest things whenever you mention his height? I mean, he’s sure to attack with one of many sharp objects, but the way he does it is just so adorable. 

i promised myself i wouldnt do any more vale. i promised. i lied. 

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"Orange, why you always left my DAD on the parent squad? No matter how shitty and ugly he is, he still my dad."

Haha he isn’t part of the squad but he does encounter them at some point! In this story on my head (that I do hope to write down someday), Ivan is still affiliated with Fairy Tail so he spends time with his own guild, whereas the four are “guild-less” that’s why they’re travelling together, but yes, they do meet lmao