clive being one of them

PL Fanfic Cliches (#1):

This isn’t a criticism of any popular PL topic people might want to write about. You want to write about Clive moving in to the Layton household? Go for it. I’m just here to… um, talk about fanfic cliches in general and maybe offer new ideas? Most of these cliches I actually might like!

Let’s start with an easy one… overlooked characters. 

Clive Dove is character-tagged in 306 fics on Fanfiction.Net. 

Constable Barton - who has appeared in four games, plus briefly in Eternal Diva - is tagged in 7 fics. 

But maybe that’s just Fanfiction.Net. Surely, AO3 will be kinder to Barton -

4 fics Barton is tagged in - one of them being a crack!fic.

I know Clive is probably more hot complex than Barton, but guys, it’s 306 > 7.

Yeah, Clive’s parents died and he’s all vengeful and emo, but does anyone remember Barton’s DAD died too? And yet, somehow, Barton still goes around, acting cheerful as can be, always willing to help Layton? Also, Barton becomes the COMMISSIONER of Scotland Yard! And he looks out for Alfendi!

As Spiderman: Homecoming puts it, we’ve gotta look out for the little guys… whether that’s overlooked fanfic authors or overlooked minor characters.