clive barker art

Warm up sketch that got a bit out of hand. I don’t think i’ll finish past this, but if I do it’ll be a different post entirely later in the week haha.

It’s not something that actually happened, but from The Scarlet Gospels; the mental thought of him surrounded by origami birds he himself created. Just brings a smile.

You can thank @opheliadawnwalker3​ for renewing my love of Hellraiser [not that it ever faded, there just is very few I can talk with so adamantly about it! <3]

Pinhead will forever be one of my most treasured and favored characters. 


@cavitycolors will release their officially licensed collection for Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed” this Thursday, June 29th at 5pm (est.). The collection will include shirts designed by Francesco Francavilla and Devon Whitehead. There will also be an officially licensed collector’s set of 5 enamel pins designed by Shane Murphy aka Theater Of Creeps.