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Best Feminist Links of 2015

There’s been a ton of feminist content this year - whether articles, videos, art, etc - but here are some of my faves. 

List based on what I shared on This. in 2015 (More about This. here!)

Lindy West on This American Life with the most heartbreaking segment about online harassment you’ll ever hear. (Seriously, have tissues at the ready)

Adam Serwer and Katie JM Baker’s searing profile of a men’s rights movement leader.

Asam Ahmad on call-out (and call-in) culture.

Marissa Alexander, the Florida mother of three who was jailed after trying to protect herself and her family from an abusive and estranged husband, tells her story in her own words.

One of the most powerful political cartoons I’ve ever seen: The phone rang, it was my college rapist.

The incomparable Saeed Jones with Self-Portrait of the Artist as Ungrateful Black Writer.

This Broad’s Life: an interview with Janet Mock, who continues to amaze.

Artist Sophia Wallace collaborated with HuffPo to bring her Cliteracy project online.

I could read Roxane Gay’s review of Magic Mike XXL every day.

Ann Friedman takes on the war on the way women, like, talk.

Kate Harding’s book on rape culture, Asking For It.

Why Consensual Sex Can Still Be Bad, from Rebecca Traister.

And last, but definitely not least, The Marshall Project’s incredible investigation into the anatomy of a “false” rape allegation.

Bad Advice

You’d be surprised how many people in studio visits have given me the advice to ‘make a large replica of a vulva that viewers can climb in and out of’. Time and time again, I tell them, this is precisely what I will never do. Is the issue that there aren’t enough people inside of female genitalia? Hardly. I want viewers to think of this subject matter beyond the idea of what it can do for them. I want viewers to consider the subject of female born/identified genitalia that is providing no reproductive labor, no opportunity for sexual gratification or penetration, needing nothing, revealing nothing vulnerable– simply being, autonomous in and of itself. This is an entirely new way to think of female born/identified genitalia and that is the point.  –  Sophia Wallace