The signs as Squads/Cliques

Sun/Rising/Dominant mostly

Aries - Metalhead or (any) extremist’s

Taurus - Leadership/ Poli sci or Activists

Gemini - Preppy/ Popular  - the ones everyone loves and the total douche’s

Cancer - Arts/Music/Drama 

Leo - Jocks/ gymrats/ cheerleaders - but not the crazy all out ones (see Aries)

Virgo - Nerds/ Teachers Pet’s

Libra - Hippies, Stoners - they just want, like, world peace

Scorpio - Punks/Goths - trying to reinvent themselves

Sagittarius - The Social Butterfly - doesn’t really fit into any one group has friends in all of them or some of them or none of them

Capricorn - Geeks - not to be confused with nerds these ppl love doctor who and comic-con, not calculators pocket protectors and perfect scores

Aquarius - Vegans/ Evironmentalists/Hipster -  not to be confused with activists/leadership poli sci’s

Pisces - Scene/Emo - often loose touch with reality… these are the ones who might turn into furries and some cross over with the Geeks to dress up as anime characters for comic-con..

Obviously these are generalizations, you might not fall into your signs category

Top 6 High School Cliques in Movies

The Pink Ladies, Grease (1978)

The Heathers, Heathers (1988)

Cher’s Friends, Clueless (1994)

The Goth’s, The Craft (1996)

The Toro cheerleading squad, Bring It On (2000) 

The Plastics, Mean Girls (2004)