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The Upper East Side Widow: A Saga

July 15th: The Upper East Side Widow En Route To The Funeral Of Her Late Husband, Richard. There Is An Ongoing Investigation Into His Death

July 18th: The Upper East Side Widow Poses For Pictures Outside The Courthouse After Being Found NOT Guilty For The Murder Of Her Late Husband, Richard.

July 28th: The Upper East Side Widow Announces Her Pregnancy At A Movie Premiere Thirteen Days After The Death Of Her Late Husband, Richard. 

I just realised that approximately every decade, a “mean girls” like movie comes to life. cause let’s face it: we need them and we want them as much as Regina wants to lose 3 pounds.

Heathers - 1988

Clueless - 1995

Mean Girls - 2004

Bachelorette - 2012

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So, tell us more about this shit production of Heathers.

OKAY, so BASICALLY, this theatre company that’s really close to where I live puts on these shady illegal shows sometimes. And this one happened to be Heathers, because it was a few months ago well before unprofessional theatre companies could get the rights to it(i still don’t think they can?)

But SO, I only went to go see it because I knew someone who knew about the auditions and when it was happening and everything. Apparently there was a whole deal where they had to be really low key about casting and the performances where on wednesday night, and sunday night, at 8pm, and if THAT wasn’t shady af, they called it “The Clique” (not based off the movie the clique). And I would post a picture of the playbill if I hadn’t misplaced, it but basically RIGHT UNDER THE FAKE NAME IT SAID ‘heathers’ BUT THERE WAS A BIG OL’ NO SIGN AROUND IT, LIKE????? Also they didn’t bother to change character names so they honestly weren’t fooling ANYONE.

BUT ALL THAT ASIDE NOW TO THE PERFORMANCE. Basically the set was reused from a production of annie they did I think? But it was basically a city and heathers is set in the suburbs so it was a little weird. But so basically it started off, kind of not that bad, until veronica had to start singing. Because as much as i’m for following your dreams and doing your best and getting whatever role you deserve and yada yada yada, for a character with most of her musical numbers made for belting, this veronica COULD NOT BELT TO SAVE HER LIFE, like i felt kind of bad because she had an alright singing voice, but when she tried to belt it was like a little flute and????
And then to top off veronica, the ensemble was 4 kids who where playing the background students, and every time it got to chorus parts, it was just like, really off key talking? Which was like, okay whatever, but then for actors that only had maybe 2-6 lines to learn, NONE OF THEM KNEW THEIR LINES. I think there was one girl that stood out to me because she at least knew what she was supposed to say, but that’s a given. 

ANYWAY the casting was just bad, I felt like it wasn’t entirely there fault because not very many people auditioned for this shady production, but they didn’t have enough guys audition so they had to cut all of Dead Gay Son, and two girls where playing veronica’s parents (which is great! and all but the costumes they had on should have been switched to fit that 1980′s mom and dad cliche)
I think my favorite disaster of the show was Dead Girl Walking however, first off, veronica was wearing a sweater. which made the song kind of hard to do, because Veronica is supposed to unbutton her shirt… So they did the motions like she was taking off her shirt… But it was a sweater…………. Also JD and Veronica had NO stage chemistry, during the whole song they stayed at least a foot away from each other, it was just overall really awkward and uncomfortable and I had second hand embarrassment for DAYS. Also there where more than a few line- mistakes. I can’t remember all of them but my absolute favorite was “I’m glad I’m on the pill! I’m hot and also on the pill!!” like ‘Ronica really likes those pills i guess??

Candy Store and Big Fun where probably the only good multi-character songs in the whole show honestly. Big fun was mostly because the jocks where pretty funny and good character actors, and they also passed out little cups of jello for the “You need a jell-o shot!” line. But they cut out the whole section where Martha comes to the party, which is a major plot point and I still don’t understand why.

And for most of the songs, the didn’t have accompaniment or a back track, so they JUST SANG RIGHT OVER THE OFFICIAL RECORDING OF THE SONG. Someone had gone in and edited a version where the instrumental was louder than the vocals, but occasionally someone would say a line to fast and you would hear the track echo in the background. 

Basically it was just really bad and really shady and absolutely hilarious, and it was just a good experience and I am so glad I saw it. 

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