clique leader

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“Hello, cupcake…” the rough, smoky voice of the clique’s leader echoed through the halls. Dell swallowed his nervousness down, before he turned his attention to the man in front of him that had been his walking nightmare for the last three years.
“G'day, Jane.”

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Today I’m sending my first submission for you :D

This is Pedro II, he  was the second and last ruler of the Empire of Brazil, reigning for over 58 years. His father’s abrupt abdication and flight to Europe in 1831 left a five-year-old Pedro II as Emperor and led to a grim and lonely childhood and adolescence.Although there was no desire for a change in the form of government among most Brazilians, the Emperor was overthrown in a sudden coup d'état that had almost no support outside a clique of military leaders who desired a form of republic headed by a dictator. Pedro II had become weary of emperorship and despaired over the monarchy’s future prospects, despite its overwhelming popular support. He allowed no prevention of his ouster and did not support any attempt to restore the monarchy. He spent the last two years of his life in exile in Europe, living alone on very little money.

Anyway, he is my crush now. I want to send more of him, because i really think he looks good. :)

This one is my fav pic: 

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can we stop calling people ‘clique moms’ and ‘clique leaders’ because whether you know it or not a lot of people feel really left out of the clique and i feel like this is just making people feel like shit idk