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#179 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “Best Friend // Rex Orange County and it’s just like the boy desperately wanting to be with his best friend and idk if u listen to the song it’s rly cute tysm” and “One where reader is a rich girl, and Van thinks she’s gonna be a stereotypical pompous twat, but she’s real humble and the lads an van are pleasantly surprised?”

When your parents dropped you with Mary and Bernie, you were nervous and excited in equal measures. Your siblings were nothing like you, and when the conversation was had about having to work for pocket money, they almost rioted. Your brother smashed both televisions in his room, and your sister said she’d stop helping with the horses. You happily thought about it and decided that when you grew up you’d like to maybe work in a hotel. The hotels in the village weren’t about to let a kid come work for them, but there was the bed and breakfast. A phone later you were on your way to work. Well, volunteer. Your parents would pay you, but technically you weren’t employed.

The aim was to learn the value of money. Everything was easy for you growing up; born with a silver spoon. Getting out into the world and seeing how other people lived would do you good. Naturally kind and full of empathy, you wanted nothing more than to figure out how to use your privilege to help other people. Maybe your sixteen-year-old mind didn’t think of it in those terms, but that’s what you were doing. You’d never have guessed that your attempts to be a better person would be met with such resistance.

Mary and Bernie liked you immediately. You used your manners and took directions well. You followed them around making tea and ironing bed sheets. Their son, who you were sure was actually named Ryan but everyone seemed to call Van, did not like you immediately. He hardly spoke to you at all, and if you had to be in the same room, he’d put his cheap headphones in and ignore you.

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Fandom: New Dangan Ronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

Ships: Oumami (Kokichi Ouma x Rantarou Amami), Kaebo (Kaede Akamatsu x Kiibo) (heavily implied/mentioned)

Characters: Ouma Kokichi, Amami Rantarou, Akamatsu Kaede, Kiibo, Chabashira Tenko, Iruma Miu, Yumeno Himiko, Momota Kaito, Toujou Kirumi, Shinguji Korekiyo

Chapter: 1/1

Words: 3225

Setting: Talentless AU High School for the Gifted

Summary: It was always Amami that was by Ouma’s side. It was Ouma that Amami was constantly gazing at, was Ouma that he always reassured. It was Ouma that Amami kissed that lone night, but it was Amami that was wondering if it was really the right thing to do.

Rating: PG (for kisses and a lil angst (?) and minor language)

Notes: I know next to nothing about these two this will be almost purely based on headcanons/general information. So if you’re reading this in the future just be wary of that !! (tbh tho I’ll probably rewrite this once the game comes out.)

Extra: AUs -  everyone is alive and Kiibo is human, everyone attends the same high school. The two main cliques (taken from the “original” scrum debate teams) are: iruma, shinguji, maki, yumeno, tenko, amami, and hoshi all led by kokichi– vs saihara, kaito, tsumigi, angie, gonta, kiibo, and toujou all led by kaede.


Amami was such an ass. The way he just, openly stared at Ouma while their designated “group” conversed– especially while he, himself, spoke– was puzzling, to say the least, and not to mention rather flustering. But Ouma soon found that it was little things like that– a glance in his direction for his final reassurance, a sly comment escaping from Amami’s mouth almost unwillingly, Amami’s hands on his shoulders– that was what frustrated him the most about that green-haired boy. No– really, what frustrated him was the undeniable crush forming for seemingly no reason at all. But Ouma promptly declared this as merely nothing and conclusively said that Amami was, indeed, simply an ass that loved to fluster him.

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fmk: clique leaders

f: kwon jaesuk because apparently the whole school’s fucked him so why not

m: that stoner guy lai siyu bc he’s hot as hell

k: no yongjoon because he corrupted my best friend

Today I’m sending my first submission for you :D

This is Pedro II, he  was the second and last ruler of the Empire of Brazil, reigning for over 58 years. His father’s abrupt abdication and flight to Europe in 1831 left a five-year-old Pedro II as Emperor and led to a grim and lonely childhood and adolescence.Although there was no desire for a change in the form of government among most Brazilians, the Emperor was overthrown in a sudden coup d'état that had almost no support outside a clique of military leaders who desired a form of republic headed by a dictator. Pedro II had become weary of emperorship and despaired over the monarchy’s future prospects, despite its overwhelming popular support. He allowed no prevention of his ouster and did not support any attempt to restore the monarchy. He spent the last two years of his life in exile in Europe, living alone on very little money.

Anyway, he is my crush now. I want to send more of him, because i really think he looks good. :)

This one is my fav pic: 

Stay well.

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hello! do you have any eponine-and-gavroche-being-adorable-siblings headcanons?

Have you ever thought about Trans FTM Gavroche?

Gavroche who has never identified as a girl… ever, and has always felt weird when people would insist to call him “mignonne” “adorable” or “jolie comme un coeur”.

He was always told by his teachers that fighting on the playground was not ladylike and that football wasn’t a girl’s sport and he was like “Well DUH”

Eponine takes him shopping so that he can choose the clothes HE likes and not the stuff people want him to wear

He is a clique leader at school, his friends don’t ask any questions other than “… wanna play marbles of some shit?”

Eponine introduced him to Bahorel because Gavroche wanted to know how to FIGHT. Baz has taken on calling him “Gavrock”

She also always makes sure to introduce him has her brother and to always be there if he needs to talk, even though he keeps insisting that “I’m a fucking warriors, warriors don’t talk… Give me a hug though. But a bro hug. Like… the fierce kind.” “Oh shut up”. A big sappy hug ensues

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How is the discourse today different from what it was like when you were young? Which is better?

Bless this unanswerable question

We didn’t know to call it the discourse, for one thing.  Kids nowadays come preloaded with the kind of social justice jargon that you used to have to go to college to find out about, which is I think a net plus

Honestly, for all its problems, I do think modern SJ discourse represents an improvement on what we had when I was a kid, because it’s not top-down and people are motivated to talk and discover and question and push, even if there are some really terrible ideas floating around out there to be discovered.  There was like an entire decade in this country where we barely had a left wing and I would like to thank tumblr communists and their ilk for helping to rekindle that flame, while at the same time offering my heartfelt thanks that they will never be given the keys to anything important.  The worst excesses of the discourse have always been with us - what the internet has done is democratize them and create access, meaning that kids these days can discover and be fucked over by charismatic activist clique leaders without even having to leave the house.  Again, progress.

I do kind of miss 90s girl power, but I think that’s largely because of the outfits.

(don’t ask me about the specific things that modern teens care about which I think are fake, because there is nothing to be gained from exploring how grumpy and/or old I am)

Ivory Noser

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the problems I have with modern Social Justice culture have to do with its economic structure.

I don’t mean “economic” in the monetary sense, but in the more general sense of drawbacks/incentives. Once upon a time, advocating for the visibility and fair representation of marginalized groups was a bad thing. It came at a social cost: many people were openly racist/sexist/homophobic and saw nothing wrong with it, and pushing for these groups’ rights was seen as naive or futile. You had to legitimately care deeply about these issues if you wanted to press them, since fighting for them came at a personal detriment.

As social justice issues began to gain visibility and acceptance, however, entrepreneurs began to see it as a opportunity. New voices started to enter social justice, ones whose goal was not to change minds and laws but to cater to this newfound-yet-significant demographic of majority individuals who wanted to be progressive. These entrepreneurs took moderate, palatable positions that idolized the most progressive ideas their audience already accepted, and silenced their competition through the sheer scale of their reach. Social justice advocacy became a business: they could no longer focus on giving voice to all marginalized people, but instead had to focus on specifically giving voice to the minorities who best fit the image they were trying to sell, or best justified the need for such advocacy. 

A more harmful consequence of this structuring, however, was that it changed why people got involved with social justice. Unlike its earlier years when it came at a detriment to its members, social justice now carried power. People who advocated social justice issues or showed support to notable social justice groups could be rewarded with special benefits or support, or rendered exempt from attacks and criticism. More and more people got involved in social justice despite many of them being apathetic toward (or even outright disliking) the marginalized groups it purported to support. They were in it for special considerations from the (often privileged, majority) people at the top of the totem pole, and the issues they advocated were nothing more than a tool to appease those in power.

I write a lot about anon cultures, something many self-identified social justice advocates vehemently oppose or speak out against, and I think this theory gives an interesting angle to that conflict. Like, I don’t think anyone can deny that minorities are incredibly over-represented on places like 4chan. I don’t mean the cool minorities that society accepts and praises people for defending, but the ones that are still kind of taboo: people with autism, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, or sexual deviancies outside of vanilla-enough-for-straight-people-to-like homosexuality. Anon culture, by its design, provides them with an environment in which their identity is irrelevant and they have as much voice as anyone else. 

And I think this really peeves the more mercenary social justice advocates. They can’t brag to their SJ-superiors about helping these people, since there is no way to tell which anon is and isn’t in a marginalized group. They won’t receive special treatment in an anon environment for their beliefs or positions, since they would get ridiculed for the very act of wearing an identity. And not just that, but everyone there is free to criticize or attack them - even the minorities they could usually silence - and it will carry just as much weight as anyone else. It terrifies them: the whole reason they got into social justice was to have more rights than other people, and they want their privilege back.

They lash out, claiming that anon culture only enables problematic behavior and bullying without consequence, not realizing that their privilege already lets them get away with these things. They demand new leaders and regulations on what can and can’t be said, doing everything they can to try to create an environment where they are still above others. They don’t even care that they have the ability to interact with the culture first-hand, understand it, earn its favor, and shape it from the inside, but rather they just want to receive special rights directly from someone in power. This is what they care about.

The problem is, these people defend their actions as “social justice” and there’s not really a good way to call them out. There’s not a word for exactly what they are, nor any accusation for them to try and refute. 

So, I’m going to make one!

Ivory Noser

This is a silly term, and for these purposes I like that. It’s a play on “brown noser” - someone who kisses ass to gain favor. Only, this refers to someone who prefers to fellate an entire ivory tower. 

Specifically, I’m going to say that this refers to someone who engages in behaviors to gain the approval of a clique or leader-group, disregarding or attacking the masses. A director makes a pretentious movie meant only to appeal to film reviewers? Ivory noser. Writer says nice things about some more popular writer while attacking their own audience as being savages who don’t “get it”? Ivory noser. Artist puts all their effort into mingling with and defending other artists while showing complete apathy toward their fans? Ivory noser. 

It’s an accusation that someone only cares about the top of the totem pole and the benefits it can give them. Unlike a “brown noser”, it’s not even personalized - they just want to show the general behaviors that will gain them favor with those above them.

In some places, like the pretentious movie made specifically for reviewers, that might occasionally be acceptable. Against a social justice advocate, though, it is a dire accusation. The very nature of social justice means they are advocating for the rights and visibility of people society views as being “beneath” them, and to call them an “ivory noser” suggests they are perfectly willing to step on these people to gain favor with the higher-ups. It’s the one industry where it is completely unacceptable to be someone who serves those on top, and this term is meant to call that out.

Social justice should be leaderless. Those with the most influence should not establish themselves to the point that they can bestow favor with a single word, but rather as transient allies who make a difference by giving a critical speech or refusing to move from their bus seat. Their goal should not be to control the conversation from a place of privilege, but rather to bring all others up to their level. A true proponent of social justice should strive to create an environment where they are no more special or entitled to attention than anyone else. 

The best way to stop these leaders is to call out the ivory nosers who support them. Make people remember that they’re fighting for the ones beneath, not on top, and that supporting those who already have power and voice is the very antithesis of social justice. Stuff like #NotYourShield is a decent step in at least letting minorities stand up to the people appropriating their causes, but it’s too broad, rallying people to lash out against social justice advocacy as a whole.

Social justice doesn’t need to be destroyed, it needs to be cleaned. An economic problem needs an economic solution, and in this case I believe that entails adding a social cost/stigma to the social justice advocates who focus their efforts on pleasing those with more power. If we can call these people out, stigmatize their actions, and make it so advocacy is no longer a good deal for power-hungry bigots who just want even more ability to speak over others, we can retake social justice. It can be a movement driven by minorities and other marginalized groups, with allies who will indiscriminately hold us up to speak for ourselves, rather than speak in our name or “for our own good”. 

Chances are there will at least one reply to this like “that’s a pointless idea. Most people are fine with social justice as it is now; you’re just a minority.” To which I would like to pre-emptively reply… yes, yes I am, and the fact that that invalidates my feelings is exactly why a term like “ivory noser” is necessary. Because if you’re in social justice, you’re supposed to be looking out for the weird people like me, not the majority. 

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With the advent of garrisons and tumblr, this server has become an atrocious cliquefest. People may praise me for being a great writer, but merit counts for nothing in WRA. I'm tired of having to vie for some clique leader's attention in order to gain any IC traction with the rest of the community. I was once a respectable RP figure in the early days of this server. Now, I'm reduced to a doormat having to be pleased with a magnanimous cliquette's morsel of attention. Fuck Tumblr, and fuck WRA.


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Same anon: the problem that I have with the BDSM vs abuse things is that they say that nothing consented to can be abuse, and tend to define consent very broadly.

Same anon again. Also, I think I’m talking more about - how do you tell when a community that says the word consent a lot actually normalizes abusive degrees of control over others, misogyny, and racism under the guise of not kinkshaming? Because that’s a thing that happens, and it’s not just about a few bad abusive apples.

Ah, okay. I have three thoughts:

1. People can consent to things that make you very uncomfortable.  There are a couple kinds of play that give me the serious heebie-jeebies, but I’ve talked to people involved in them who are extremely clear on what they want and what they’re risking, and I can’t tell them “no, nobody could really want that” unless I want to be a contender for the 2014 World’s Greatest Hypocrite competition.

(Also, they’re going to do it anyway.  And even if it really is a bad idea–people do stuff like BASE jumping and boxing and driving with no seatbelts that I also think are terrible ideas, but it’s not my place to stop them.)

2. However, the community does have a huge problem with confusing “not refusing” with consent.  I think safewords–while a good thing, don’t get me wrong–are part of this.  "They should’ve safeworded if they didn’t like it" has become an escape clause for people who like to pretend tops/doms can’t understand any words besides “red.”

I think we need to be a lot more clear about the idea that “ignore everything except the safeword” is a specific kind of play that needs to be negotiated, and in any other kind of play, players need to be responsive to “no” and “ow” and grimaces and unexpected silence and other signs that the scene may not be going well for their partner.

We also need to be aware of coercion in negotiation, and not confuse a “yes” given under manipulation or intimidation with a genuine expression of desire.

…Finally, we need to hold people accountable who aren’t this subtle at all, but just fill the air with a bunch of “BDSM is complicated!” after blatantly ignoring safewords.

3. Misogyny and racism and other forms of bigotry in the BDSM community are, I think, largely reflections of their presence in society at large.  Most BDSM groups aren’t much worse than any other social group with a bunch of white guys, and believe me, I know what faint praise that is.

One problem I would identify as BDSM-specific is poor fantasy-reality boundaries.  Having fantasies that a particular group of people is naturally more submissive, or dominant, or sexual, or perverse–that’s widespread in society.  But what BDSMers can do is intervene when people try to approach others based on those fantasies or teach them as fact.  We do need to do more to enforce the idea that it’s unacceptable to assume someone’s role or presume their consent to anything based on their gender or race. And we need to ensure that the people we perceive as leaders aren’t cliques of dominant white guys.

can we stop calling people ‘clique moms’ and ‘clique leaders’ because whether you know it or not a lot of people feel really left out of the clique and i feel like this is just making people feel like shit idk

G.B.F. || Closed Thread w/ saintofhunters

High school was really a rough time, especially when you were hiding in the closet because you knew people would claw and beat you up over your sexuality. That’s how it was for Eren Jaeger, as well as his best friend Armin Arlert and Marco Bodt, but apparently no one thought Armin went that way. 

Lately, the gossip magazines had been talking about G.B.F.’s, or, more clearly, Gay Best Friends. They were the latest thing, and all of the popular girl clique leaders wanted it. So far, that consisted of Annie, the queen bee, Christa, the Mormon goodie, and Ymir, the drama queen. The girls were all on the radar for it, all for different reasons.

So far, the friends all seemed to be going under the radar with their good friend Mikasa Ackerman. Right now, they were all sitting together at their typical hangout spot, a hidden table at the corner of the lunch area. Sitting together, Marco was tapping at the screen of his phone, Armin sitting beside his best friend, Eren, speaking happily with him, while Mikasa was speaking with them as well.