This is Sabrina. She is our shop cat. Well, actually, she is the neighborhood shop cat. She loves to make her rounds in the mornings to say hello to everyone as they are opening up for business. She stops and talks in her short little meows, and we all understand her. She gets her treats, and sometimes she lounges at one shop or another. 

But on October 3rd, as Sabrina took her morning walk to greet her friends she was brutally attacked by a dog.

That morning, our dear Sabrina, lost almost all of her blood, had her little arm almost completely dismembered, and as she was rushed to the Vet Hospital, we held our breath hoping that she would pull through.

She did. 

After two units of blood, eleven staples in her chest, a severed elbow and several surgeries, Sabrina came out still breathing, smiling and talking. She limps now. She moves slower. She’s a little bit wary when she makes her rounds now, walking close to the wall and behind the flower pots. Now she spends her mornings at the hair salon, Reflections in Hair, three doors down from us, where she gets fresh tuna and loving hands. 

She is a Survivor, and a Warrior. She is resilient, and we love her. 

Here’s to Sabrina the cat who has taught us what it means to pull through and still shine; to be traumatized and still give love. Here’s to all the animals who have fought and survived. Through them, we humans understand what it means to be strong.  “Like” Us on Facebook!