After the Democratic National Convention kicked off last night, today’s chatter was all about Michelle Obama. Taking the focus away from partisan discussion and the same political themes we get bored of hearing, Mrs. Obama focused on more than just the issues. She brought us in and illuminated for us the kind of man our President is or hopes to be. Whether you find yourself on the left or right end of the spectrum, few can argue that her speech wasn’t ground-breaking and memorable. 

If you haven’t heard of Blogilates yet, you are certainly missing out. Named the Best Healthy Living Blogger by Self Magazine, Cassey Ho’s exercises come packed with a punch. She’s upbeat, knowledgable, and inspires you to get in shape, one fun workout at a time. 

The workouts are targeted and totally manageable and challenging, whether you are just beginning or a pilates pro. Check out this Pilates Bootcamp video straight from her Blogilates series and you’ll see why we love it! This one’s for sleek and sexy arms.

Yoga to some can feel awkward, but to others, it represents a beautiful simplicity, which combines mind and body in perfect synchronization. Talents such as the woman featured in this video demonstrate just how artful yoga practice can be. And while we all might not look so elegant performing complicated bendy poses, as least we can imagine that even for split seconds we emulate the beauty of yoga mastered. 

If you hadn’t yet figured it out yet, Taylor Swift has gone beyond a young sensation who’s time passes as quickly as it comes. She just sold a record number of copies of her new album RED, only surpassed by N'SYNC when they made it big - like really big.

Now, you see, Ms. Swift is growing up, and it’s as if we have a front row seat to her transformation, Innocent yet coming of age, she croons and delivers sweeping ballads as well as upbeat dance mixes that virtually please everyone. Is nothing Taylor Swift can’t do?

Check out this latest video to se exactly how whimsical this young talent can get.

It’s no wonder surf culture has been idealized and romanticized ever since its popularity in the 50’s and 60’s. Set against the backdrop of unmatched scenery, the warmth of the sun, the cool air, and the rolling swell - the beach causes us all to sigh in appreciation. There is a reason surf culture is what it is today. Surfing stands out as the ultimate freedom, where it’s just you and the wave - the sea and the sky, and the unknown beneath. It’s exciting, exhilarating, scary, and peaceful all at once. Quite simply - it’s perfection… if only you could learn to surf like the guys you see in the videos….

In every corner of the world - music not only unites, it brings a soul to wherever it’s found. Joy, sadness, celebration, or an everyday bit of background, music holds up the tones, feelings, and special nuances of our lives. 

A song like this, for example, can take you to a different place - what music lifts you into the present, with only the focus of music to enjoy? Video:

Why yes, this is the man most commonly known as the “Ice Dude”. While many stunts capture the hearts and imaginations of many a video watcher, this video goes that extra mile in providing a stunt so painful looking and unplanned, that one has to wonder if this doesn’t happen more often in cold locations throughout the world. It’s got all the elements of a good ‘caught on camera’ clip…

What may be funnier still is the camera man’s reaction to his friend’s bout with incredibly bad luck and bad judgement. When combined, both luck and judgement can end in a little something like this…….. enjoy.

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner, and as such, we all get excited drumming up the many culinary possibilities in our head. Whether we are left to watch football and smell the goodness emenating from the kitchen, or if we get to man the entire operation, it’s important sometimes to mix it up and add the unexpected to some good ol’ classics.

And what could be more classic than the turkey? Take those 1950’s images of the perfect glimmering turkey just out of the oven and add…. why BACON of course! What better way could there be to improve a recipe than the salty goodness of bacon? 

Check out this clip to see exactly how to go about creating your own TurBaconEpic….

The political buzz surrounding this recent Mitt Romney clip has made its way around the world. In perfect/disastrous timing for the Republican presidential nominee, the words of this potential president has stung the ears of all who have heard it. Never in history has a president so blatantly dismissed half of the population that he wishes to represent. It’s quite interesting what politicians will say behind closed doors…

Most people have definitely heard of Burning Man, but not many know how it began and how it continues to be completely centered around art. While yes, it is a party in the middle of nowhere… in the dessert no less, people come from far and wide to exhibit unique peices of art that are unlike any you would see anywhere else. Your art must be approved by the Burning Man committee, and it’s becoming incredibly deifficult to be accepted, as every year the competition gets tougher and tougher. 

Aside from that though…. Burning Man is a lot of fun - which this clip proves.

While this may or may not have been shot by a GoPro, we are finding that those tiny little cameras attached to more extreme athletes like surfers, racers, and the like are becoming ever more present. In this way, we get to see a first hand perspective of what is like to really be in these amazing positions and moments. Isn’t it amazing what technology affords us? What are your favorite GoPro moments?