Hot Or Not: Return Of The Clipboard

What happens when tangible images ripped from the pages of your favourite magazine and other inspirational bits and bobs collide with the somewhat antiquated tool known as the clipboard? Why a stellar display is born of course. Quicker than building a collage, easier to swap out on a whim and a wonder and economical way to add a little display to your space. We’re happy to say the clipboards on a back!

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So I worked for a theatre company that uses all child actors from the age of 5 to high school, and our performance space is an outside amphitheater. During one of the performance we got caught in a sudden down pour, and because of that my clipboard got wet and will need to be replaced soon.

Hearing that I was going to get rid of my clipboard anyway, some of the younger actors decided to steal it while my back was turned and sign it. For a few minutes I was beside myself for not having my clipboard but I recovered. Thank you actors.