clip rock

@fineillsignup has a fanfic where Lee and Sakura take after their senseis and become Eternal Rivals 2.0. I love this idea so freaking much, so of course I have to draw it! So here they are, doing thousand laps around the village or something. (wearing shoddy-looking wrist weights…)

(The only thing that bugs me about this one is that they don’t look like they’re running fast. I guess it’s because they’re running properly, and not doing the standard “Naruto-run”…. I mean. They’re using their arms for God’s sake, what kinda amateur ninja are these two?)

I think this scene alone is evidence enough that Revy worries too much about Roanapur changing Rock. Sure, his marks as a salaryman in Tokyo didn’t literally have a gun to his head, but he’s always had a mind for strategy and known exactly what he needs to say to get what he wants when he’s truly motivated or backed into a corner.

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