clip on ties

Delete Clipart

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Spoilers: up to Episode 8

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Rating: G

Words: 1,607

Summary: Viktor Nikiforov wore clip-on ties. Yuuri had somehow failed to notice this.

(Thanks @samumenco for the idea <3)

Viktor Nikiforov, five-time Grand Prix gold medal winner, hero of Russia and veritable prince of the international men’s competitive figure skating circuit, could not tie a tie.

Yuuri had learned this, as he learned most things about Viktor, completely by surprise.  The two of them had been trying to leave the hotel for dinner when the ubiquitous mob of press had surrounded them, and Yuuri had been tired, and hungry. He hadn’t eaten much that morning, over-correcting for the nervous pull to eat too much. Viktor, smiling to pretend he wasn’t worried, had forked his own eggs over onto Yuuri’s almost-empty plate before Yuuri had noticed and rapped Viktor’s knuckles with his spoon.

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That’s all you need, boys. (x)

and if this IS (hopefully) real will we log in to find the whole episode or will the game continue? will we get clips? what if we get like a clip of john tied up somewhere and he’s giving us clues and it turns out to be a skip code and we find the next clue and the next video?

5 things tag

thanks @weytani for the tag! i miss u buddy!


  • hair ties
  • a hair clip, in case the ties break
  • bus pass
  • nail file
  • lip balm


  • so. many. plushies.
  • funko pop figures
  • lots of cushions
  • my fave books
  • …clothes on the floor


  • write a book
  • publish the aforementioned book
  • get a dog
  • travel the world
  • …..i kinda…. wanna write a tv show….


  • jane the virgin
  • voltron
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • kdramas
  • moana


  • write my book
  • write the fics in my inbox
  • finish my wips (LOTS OF WRITING TO DO)
  • go visit my friends
  • go home for a weekend


  • i am tallish
  • i rly like my hair
  • i h*cking love merchandise oh my god
  • i own an appa and a naga plush
  • i just bought tikki and plagg plushies

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Can we talk about Kaiba with long hair?

Like he grows it out bc he’s way too busy to get it cut, so it creeps up on him.

Mai brings him some hair stuff (those huge clips, hair ties, sparkley barrettes that Mokuba likes to put in both Kaiba’s and his own hair), and he just kinda has it pinned back in one clump at the back of his head all the time.

Anzu offering to braid his hair and he’s like “um no” but then he goes to a sleepover with the Dweeb Patrol because they’re friends (although Kaiba will never admit it out loud) and Anzu braids it while he’s asleep. 

Just like 19-year old Kaiba running a business meeting in a suit and tie and his hair all tied up 

Just think about it

Impregnation Fantasy

I am lying in bed next to my boyfriend and am about to fall asleep when I hear a drawer open and he crawls on top of me. He takes my arm and attaches a leather cuff to it. He quickly clips it to a rope tied to the bed and then pulls to me to the center so my arm is stretched out and now immobilized. Grabbing my other arm he puts the second cuff onto it and clips it to the rope on his side of the bed. Both my arms are now restrained and I am cannot free myself. This itself is not unusual and is a favorite of mine. He slides down to my hips and begins pulling my panties off. As he reaches my foot I feel him strap something to my ankle and then hear him clip it to a rope. He ties my other ankle to the other corner of the bed. He leaves just enough slack that I can pull my knees off the bed several inches.  

Climbing back onto the bed he gently drags his fingers up my leg. When he reaches my hips he begins to talk. “So babe we have a bit of a problem right now.” He says while caress my stomach. “You see this belly here is to flat. I think that it is time we use it for what it is intended for. I am going to fix this flat belly problem tonight. Now I now that it will take sometime before it really starts to grow but I know that you will round out very nicely in a few months.” I start to say something, I don’t even know what. He grabs a gag and puts it in my mouth. “No, no not tonight you are mine and tonight I am doing all the talking.”

I am both excited and panicked. There is nothing I could do to stop him now as I am completely tied down and gagged. I know that he has picked the perfect night to do this and my chances of conceiving tonight are high.

He begins to massage my breasts. “Now just because we have an agenda tonight doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to enjoy this” He knows every spot to kiss and where to touch to make me ready no matter how nervous I am. He checks to see if I am wet enough and decides that I need more stimulation. With his head between my legs he brings me right to the cusp of cumming. He quickly pulls up and thrusts into me. I moan hard behind the gag. I pull against my restraints in ecstasy. I lose all tract of time as he goes hard into me. When he cums he pulls my hips tight against his. He stays there for a while rubbing my legs. He reaches over and grabs a spare pillow. Picking my hips up he places the pillow to elevate them. Both of us are drenched in sweat and panting. He rolls over to be next to me and removes the gag. “Now” He starts caressing my stomach again, “you are going to stay there for a few minutes while I get us some water.”

He comes back after a few minutes with two glasses of water.  Setting them on the night stand he walks to the foot of the bed and unties my feet. He removes the pillow from my hips and unbuckles the leather cuffs. I pull myself into a seated position as he hands my one of the glasses. I drink it while smiling, hoping that I will soon be pregnant.     

anonymous asked:

KuroKen and IwaOi headcanons for their relationships with eachother (and also nsfw ones if you do it?)

holy shit i love to kuroken i LOvE ALL SHips


Kuroo really likes to buy Kenma hair accessories. After Kenma had dyed his hair, he was looking into boutique shops for Hello Kitty clips and cat hair ties. Sometimes Kenma uses them to keep his hair out of his face, but they usually remain untouched, much to Kuroo’s dismay.

Kenma isn’t great at telling Kuroo what he wants. So instead he does it by text. If he’s feeling lonely and would want Kuroo to cuddle him, he’d send him a text, even though Kuroo is practically a foot away on the other side of the couch.


Iwaizumi treats Oikawa’s wounds after hitting him. He apologizes afterwards but Oikawa tells him it’s okay, because it’s the violence and the love that Oikawa fell in love with in the first place.

Oikawa kisses Iwaizumi whenever he can. There will never go a day where Oikawa’s lips have been on Iwa’s face at least five times. He always tells Iwa that he ‘just loves him so much!’, but he also loves to see Iwa’s full face blush.


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