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Freeze You Out

( PROMPT: You’re a superhero and I’m a supervillain and we ‘meet for the first time’ as civilians and you’re oddly familiar somehow but hey you’re cute so )

A/N: I’m going to London in a few weeks and I am so excited!! ( Please send me requests I can work on during the 13 hour plane ride!! )In other news, my assignments are almost done, and I am already celebrating my new freedom! I hope that I’ll get to meet Tom Holland there in London. Guess who’s a thirsty desperate hoe?

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“We really have to stop meeting like this, Spiderman,” You croon, your voice raspy and hoarse from the cold. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you were in love with me.”

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Royai Week 2017-Day Two: Black Tie

“Why am I here again, sir?” 

He turned his head to study her stony expression. For a reason he was still trying to ascertain she had been acting cagey and agitated during the event. She wouldn’t tell him the reason no matter how he asked, instead Riza gave him half answers and deflected the question.

“I had a plus one?” Roy guessed, keeping his eyes on her as he spoke. She wasn’t looking at him, instead her eyes were fixed determinedly on the group of people on the far edge of the room. Her hands occupied by the shawl she held to herself.

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The monster child

Name: Eris Eclipse.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Age: 21.
Height: 5'5.
Emblem: A rusted blade imbedded in a skull.
Aura: a soft azure with lavender.
Theme: Don’t stop the devil by Dead Posey.
Birthplace: Vale.
Lives: on her estate on the outskirts of Vale’s borders.
Occupation/Experience: was trained by masters of swordsman ship, marshal arts, and even some huntsmen.

Appearance: She has baby blue eyes that pop with the mad glint in them. She has a bright crimson red mane of curly hair that resembles a lion’s mane that falls down to her shoulders. Her face is very angular and beautiful, with pouty lips and a button nose, having a refined youthful elegance to it. Her skin is a pale rosy white, being pink on her cheeks and giving her the look of a porcelain doll. Her body is built rather limber and willowy, being lithe like a ballerina and her chest is of average size. She has several piercings in her ears, two studs and a clip for each ear, and a navel piercing.

Personality: the best way to describe her is that she is a psychotic murderous rich bitch. She had a air if arrogance or of being better than everyone around her. She seeks joy from suffering and misery, either by watching it happen naturally or causing it herself, almost like she’s feeding off the misery or chaos around her, it’s almost like she gains a sort of arousal or pleasure from the suffering of others as well. She is very cunning and deceiving, able to trick people onto believing almost anything she tells them.

Traits//skills/habits: She tends to lick her lips when she’s enjoying something and will bite her bottom lip or move her hands over her body if it’s extremely arousing to her. She tends to enjoy drinking tea with honey in it when she’s having a conversation with someone. She is a trained in martial arts, swords woman, herbalist, seamstress, medic(simple medical skills), and ballet.

Clothes: She wears a white Renaissance shirt underneath a dark red woman’s tuxedo with a long ruffled tail in the back, along with a small clip on red triangle hat with white feathers, and also a pair of dark reddish brown high-waisted pants and some black heeled boots.

Weapon(s): her weapon is a very uniquely designed saber named rusted kiss. The blade of the sword is rectangular in shape, being about 3 inches thick on the center of the double edged blade and have a flat blunt top that reveals a barrel that is closed unless the weapon is on gun mode, the hilt of the sword is about a foot of the entire weapon’s length, which is four feet in length entirely, and the hilt has two long bow like guards on either side of the hilt that are positioned underneath the blade. Clicking either one of the trigger guards will fold the sword into it’s rifle mode, where the blade opens up the barrel and the edge on top folds back to make a strong rifle stock while the hilt turns into the grip and trigger for the rifle.

Semblance: the base trait of her semblance is more of a subconscious draining of negative emotions, that help fuel her semblance when in use. She can create illusions and manifestations of one’s fears and phobias. She can see these fears as they manifest to the victim.

Backstory: She was born to a very wealthy family who lived just outside of Vale’s borders in a village that was on a good trade route, her father taught her how to be a business woman so she could take over when he passed, her mother had passed upon her birth due to complications. From a early age Eris felt like she was above everyone and everything in the village and so she made it a game of pitting the other children against each other, she would always start fights between them with gossip, the teacher caught on quickly and would tell her father but he wouldn’t believe a word of it and always sided with his daughter, who had him wrapped around her pinkie. As she grew up, her games became less childish, she started to enjoy it when people from smaller villages would stumble into town whenever their village was destroyed, or when a loved one passed and the town would mourn them, she loved the thickness of sadness in the air, but it didn’t come often enough for her liking and so she would start to try and recreate it. Her first attempt was when she pushed a boy around her age off a tree into the nearby river, the surge of emotions from the village when they found him dead made her feel amazing, she kept this going on, occasionally killing or injuring someone, but in a way that wouldn’t get her caught. When she turned 15 her father decided that she needed some training in combat skills in case of Grimm, as when she started doing all of this, the Grimm would increase in the surrounding forest. She learned quickly from the people who father hired, she saw this training as a way to improve herself in ways that she hadn’t realized she needed improving in. When she turned 18 she had learned all she could from the masters she had, and she put those skills into practice when she could. On her father’s 52 birthday she decided it was time for her to inherit the manor and all the family wealth, and so she poisoned him, smiling at dinner as he died before her. Once he was gone she fired the staff, and redecorated the manor, only keeping a few loyal staff who she could trust to turn a blind eye.


// CFTD inspired by Hiyao Miyazaki //

// The Secret World of Arrietty //

Costume for the day:

- Thrift-store maroon chiffon dress with mandarin collar, knife pleat skirt & embroidered yoke

- Hand-dyed maroon vintage slip (belonging to my mother)

- Thrift-store super hero boots

- Sock dream brown slouch socks

- Lost Apostle Etsy acorn choker necklace

- Madewell gold thimble stud earrings

Wishing I had had a chip-clip for my hair ;-)

Late Winter

A/N: Wow I’m so glad you liked my little one-shot! I know this is short but this is what you got! Btw, this is the second installment to “Early Summer”!

Author: SirDragneel

Pair: NaLu

Lucy couldn’t help herself from feeling disappointed as Natsu hadn’t stopped by in the past few days. Whenever someone walked in, she would eagerly turn to the door, expecting pink hair and warm smiles, only to see another disgruntled business man, much to her dismay.

It was already getting late, so when the small bell at the door chimed at the entrance of another person, she didn’t even bother looking up.

“Welcome to Magnolia Cafe, what can I get you?” She said, turning, but then her heart stopped. And not in a good way.

It was the same guy who had harassed her last week.

“For the love of-” Lucy started, but sighed, calming her nerves “Just order and leave.”

The dark haired man smirked “All I want is your number, baby” he said suavely, making Lucy take all she had to not vomit at his failed attempt of being “smooth”.

“I said I’m not interested.” She snapped, gripping the pad of paper in her hands in a death grip, glaring daggers at the guy, who seemed unphased.

“What reason do you have to not accept one date?” He asked, with a superior smirk that made Lucy positively furious.

What could she say to get rid of him for good? She pondered, and smiled as she got an idea.

“I have a boyfriend.” She stated firmly, with a smirk of her own.

The man faltered, and went quiet for a moment, before finally thinking up his answer “Ok, call him so I can make sure this isn’t an excuse” he said, making Lucy gape. Just how determined was this loony?

“No need!” A warm, familiar voice wafted in through the small cafe, and there he was, like he rode in on the sunshine itself.

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Fawn Halloween Makeup (using cheap ass drugstore shit)

This look was originally all over Reddit and Pinterest, so I definitely needed to try it. Although, I of course needed to add my own flare to it, by adding some fawn-style ears and accessories. 

This is the same look I posted to my Reddit account: /u/rumpus_ruffled

(Just to cover my bases before someone accuses me of plagiarism.)

What you’ll need (for just the makeup):

  • All your basic makeup, that you’ve probably already got.
  • Black liquid eyeliner 
  • White eye pencil
  • Bronzer
  • White clown face paint (or something similar like white powder)

What you’ll need (for the ears and accessories):

  • Hot glue
  • Aligator clips
  • Earring studs and backs
  • Fawn-like fake foliage (I used berries and pussy willows)
  • Brown and cream colored felt 
  • White acrylic paint

The makeup is honestly pretty simple, you just need to have patience. Feel free to spice it up, or adjust parts if you get too pissed off during the process. 

I don’t know why I didn’t take step-by-step pictures of this, so please reference the picture while reading the steps.

  • Put your foundation on.
  • Take your white powder or cream makeup and run it across your forehead/eye region (including your eyelids), down your nose, and a little above your upper lip. 
  • Then take your bronzer, and line the top of your forehead/hairline, and bring it down onto the apples of your cheeks. 
  • Remember to blend. No one wants a cheap looking fawn.
  • Take your white eye pencil and give yourself some cute-ass dots on your cheeks and above your upper lip. I’ve added a couple more here and there. (They’ll pop more if they’re on top of the bronzer.)
  • How I did my nose was a total bitch. But you can easily achieve the same affect with a simple black nose, and some contouring using your bronzer. 
  • Follow that contouring up to your eyebrows. (Seriously, reference the picture for this one.)
  • Then just do your eye makeup however you normally would. I kept it simple with just black eyeliner and mascara. 

I really should have taken photos of how to do the ears because they’re a lot more complicated to write out than they seem. But basically, you just need to:

  • Figure out the shape you want.
  • Cut out the patterns, and glue that shit together. 
  • Attach it to some alligator clips.
  • Paint the tips of the ears white, and add little dots. Similar to how your face should look.
  • Look cute as fuck with those bitches on your head. 

The earrings and hair piece are seriously the easiest thing in the world. 

  • Glue some foliage to your earring studs.
  • Glue some foliage to your extra alligator clips.
  • Look fly as hell. 


Now, go frolic in a field, you fawntastic bitch.

Going Solo 

Get ready to get your pirate on next season, because it’s all about the solo earring!

We’ve all been there. You lose one of your favorite earrings. It’s heartbreaking but what can you do - wear just the one and look like a pirate, a la Johnny Depp? Well, this season you can! Celine and Louis Vuitton have made it totally acceptable to rock the solo earring look, by showing intricate, drop earrings (but just the one) on the Fall 2014 runways. And where Louis Vuitton and Celine lead, we follow! 

Instantly update your look with our top picks below. But remember, just wear one!

1. Ippolita Small Wavy Disc Modern Snowman Clip-On Earrings

2. Kate Spade Estate Garden Earrings

3. Oscar de la Renta Faceted Chandelier Clip-On Earrings

4. House of Harlow Sunburst Button Stud Earrings

5. 18K Gold Rock Candy Teardrop Lollipop Earrings

6. White Drop Earrings with Brushed Golden Finding

7. Alexis Bittar Sodalite Doublet Earrings

8. Lana 14k Gold Reflector Crescent Earrings

9. Lana 14k Large Affinity Hoop Drop Earrings

10. Alexis Bittar Golden Maldivian Orbiting Teardrop Earrings

What do you think of the one earring trend - yay or nay? Let us know below!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.8.15

lace-and-metal accessories by thisilk

  • talaria // lace-and-brass earrings
  • oaxaca // bracelet with lace, brass bird, and navajo weave accent
  • daze // lace, brass and brass findings hair accessory

i’ve been a fan of thisilk’s unique jewelry pieces for a looooong time — and these new styles are even more special than their original pieces, if you can believe it! this creative seller combines lace and metal for super-unique looks that you’ll cherish.