clip on hair

Introducing, the secondary iconic diva, Myr’ayne Tal’trissa

Name: Myr’ayne Tal’trissa
Aliases/Titles: Voice of the Voiceless, Myr
Age: 120
Gender & Pronouns: Female || She/They
Orientation: Panromantic Polyamorous Pansexual
Class: Bard, Diva Archetype
Race: Drow
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 140 lbs

Appearance:  Like most drow, Myr’ayne’s skin is dark, her long white hair in striking contrast. Generally kept up with the use of a clip, Myr’ayne’s hair appears to reach the middle of her back, reaching just past her butt without. Her bangs hang to the sides of her face. Her face is heart-shaped, with bright, round eyes, light purple in hue. Her nose is Greek in shape,  perfectly straight and marked by narrow nostrils. Her lips are thick, the ends tilted slightly downwards, giving her a pouty appearance. She tends to accentuate them with bright colored lipsticks. 

 Her height is displaced evenly between her torso and legs, and her body is pear shaped. She favors thick skirts, pairing them with flowing tops that tend to rest off of her shoulders. She wears thick walking boots, black in color.

 Myr’ayne usually wears a few bracelets and necklaces, and her most notable accessory is her brooch. She also wears various accessories upon her head, like simple jeweled crowns and clips.

 She tends to favor blues and greens, and darker colors.

Pets: A black and white kitten named Or’eo

Notable/Other Items: Myr’ayne’s most notable item is an ornate, flower shaped brooch that stands in contrast to her thick, usually black cloaks and coats. She carries no instruments, relying solely on the strength of her powerful voice.

Bio: Myr’ayne’s background is well known to the public. Born to a favored slave family of the Freghym clan, she was the designated protector twin of a certain noble daughter that was heir to the family name. Treated like garbage by her twin, she was raised learning to sing and dance like any other Freghym child, and was given similar treatment. 

 But the way Phyr’ssyn’s mother regarded her was hardly similar. It was very clear that she only had Myr’ayne adopted to one day die for- or at the hands of- Phyr’ssyn.

 She was never expected to live into adulthood.

 One day, Phyr’ssyn did try to end Myr’ayne’s life, but her spell fell short. Myr’ayne took the opportunity to flee. She ran away to the surface, retaking her family’s surname, and vowed to one day return, and free her family and the other slaves in the Darklands. She made a name for herself singing in surface taverns, and speaking against wrongdoings on the surface. She became heralded as a voice for the voiceless, and was held in high regard by many.

 Quickly accumulating a strong following, she currently waits for the right kind of group of fighters to help her free her people. 


Fenris: I saw you casting spells inside. I should have
realized sooner what you really were.