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But do you feel like a Young God?
                You know the two of us are just Young Gods.

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                    If you wanna go to heaven,
                                    you should fuck me tonight. (x)

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just saw a gif of Youngjae & Jaebum while they were filming dream knight & youngjae linked arms with Jaebum & then Jaebum put his hand in between Youngjaes thighs & i died

Hello, anon!

Ahh, I actually have to thank you for this ask because I think about this moment all the time, but your message motivated me to finally make it into a GIF set like I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

I totally understand how you feel about this interaction! The way they are together here is just so soft and adorable!! Like, the fact that Youngjae insisted on linking arms with Jaebum, and then snuggled into him so cutely??? My heart can’t handle it! And Jaebum moving his hand even closer and then them both smiling and being so content… before Jaebum’s hand ends up between Youngjae’s thighs and Youngjae traps it there…

2jae were obviously in such a good mood this day, and it makes me so happy to see them acting so relaxed and comfortable with each other!! It also makes me smile so much to see Youngjae being so playful and affectionate and cuddly with Jaebum even though he’s so shy sometimes!!


bob & sidekick reunion at kings of con, aka rich, rob bumb in to ron livingston

also rich & michael cudlitz + gil

Sherlock as John’s Baby joke...

How come Sherlock didn’t get the “little joke” that Greg and John were having in 4x01 about taking care of a baby…

when Sherlock made the same joke in 3x02 when he told John and Mary that they were pregnant…”You’re already the best parents in the world, look at all the practice you’ve had. Well you’re hardly going to need me around now that you have got a real baby on the way.”

And then simultaneously became very sad when thinking this was going to happen, that he was going to be replaced with their new baby…

And then not to discount Mary in any way, but now it’s Sherlock and John that are raising the baby together.