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the thing that makes skam so good is how long they make you wait for resolution. in this clip, any other tv show would’ve probably made you wait a minute or so before the girls showed up and everything’s great. in skam, they made us wait for six fucking minutes with tension building the whole time. they dragged it out until it hurt that the girls hadn’t come, and then when they finally appeared the relief and joy is just so much more. i love this show.

I Hit The Glass With My Face

Pairing/Character: Taron Egerton x Reader
bit of blood, a bit of good old banter
Taron has his eye on one of Ed Holcroft’s friends, you, a nurse. While on set, Taron gets into a minor accident and you treat him. (Requested by @queen286)
Word Count:
This is posted on Sunday, October 8th which means IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! MY PRESENT TO YOU GUYS <3 Some flirtatious lines inspired by that one interview where he compliments the interviewer and makes that face hahaahha!!!

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lokthaire  asked:

So I have a question if you're willing to divulge the information (and it's perfectly understandable if you don't wish to!), but a friend and I were having a discussion about reptiles and we got talking about Iguanas and although we were both youngish at the time you would see them EVERYWHERE cheap and being panned as these great animals (to ME Iguanas are a reptile for masochists) but anyways, this lead to us realizing that Tegu are starting to become the new iguana.. 1/2

2/2 they’re starting to become readily available, cheap, and have a cool factor to them. So if possible -and any larger reptile owner feel free to add to this! Would you be willing to tell of what your weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses as well as anything else that popped up that you didn’t expect just to show people that it’s not just a cool looking animal but a potentially and certainly expensive reptile to own? I understand this can be a personal topic and understand not wanting to share.

OH MY GOD I FEEL THE SAME WAY tegus really do not need to become the new iguanas. This is a fantastic question and I’m thrilled to answer it.

SO. Weekly expenses… don’t really work out because a lot of purchases are made in bulk (food, etc.) every month or couple of months, but here’s a basic overview of how much things cost the first year I had her. Well. If I’d done things ideally- remember, I was foolish and tried to free roam her. HAD I done things appropriately with a cage, here’s how much it would have been. As it was, I did end up spending more than this trying to make free roaming work. Which most of the time it absolutely does not and I’m glad I stopped when I did.

Enclosure- I spent about 130ish on the grow tent and another 60ish bucks in materials to fix it up. That is absolutely the cheapest tegu setup you can make, and it’s not ideal for everyone- most enclosures you should plan for the 600+ dollar range. A PVC cage from a place like BeegerBoxes runs about a grand. I buy two 60 dollar lightbulbs a year, plus another 11 for her halogens and 10 for her CHE. The four dome lights cost me about 60 in total. The substrate I use costs 66 bucks every time the entire thing gets changed out. The swimming pool was about 25 and her water dish was I wanna say like… 20? Her big fake log was 35 and… ok I have no idea how much that footstool she stole is, but the crinkle tube was about 10 bucks. 

Total initial setup cost: 527 (in nearly ALL cases it will be more, I just lucked out with the grow tent idea.)

Then there’s vet checks! I needed a carrier, and the one I liked best (has a harness clip, comfy fleece pad, and places for heat packs if necessary) ran me about 35. I spent about 80 a visit and she goes at least once a year.  But wait! She hurt her lip! Add another 200 in followup visits and medication! I keep a few hundred bucks in an emergency savings account for vet visits. That’s non-negotiable. I put that aside in the first year I had her- it’s sitting pretty at 400 plus interest. 

By the end of the first few months, I’d spent about $832. Factoring in the savings account, that’s $1232. That’s not even including Juju OR the nonessentials. All the extra stuff? That cost more.

Then the food. I have some receipts for this- in the first year alone, Kaiju ate about 60 dollars’ worth of rats, about 100 dollars’ worth of reptilinks, and god only knows how much fruits, veggies, fish, and other stuff I could get at the grocery store. Let’s call the annual food bill 240? I might be lowballing that. So by the end of the first year, that puts her at like… $1492. Almost fifteen hundred dollars in the first year alone. Over twelve months, that works out to about $124 a month. Putting that in perspective: that’s about the cost of two additional Comcast bills. It’s like paying for two extra internet connections from a company that sees price gouging as a way of life. Can you afford two extra Comcast bills an entire month for a year? If no, then probably don’t get a tegu.

Now, that does peter down over the years- I don’t start from scratch every summer. But I do change out that bedding four times a year (or more if she doesn’t brumate), and I do buy two new MVBs every year- those are the 60 dollar lightbulbs. And she still eats probably about 300 dollars of food a year. She also gets an annual wellness visit. So that makes the minimum yearly cost about $764 (the ASPCA averages small dogs to be about $580 per year, to put that in perspective) and that’s again not counting extra stuff I buy to make her life more interesting. That’s about $64 a month… which is almost one additional Comcast bill. Can you afford an additional Comcast bill every month for the next 10+ years? Tegus are not cheap pets to maintain; to have a good quality of life, they need some seriously good care. There’s ways to do it cheaper, but if you’re impulse-buying a big reptile, you very likely do not have the know-how to do safely! You can certainly breed and grow much of your own food- that’ll help save money- but that also has initial startup costs, and requires the time and space that a lot of people just don’t have. I’m not saying they aren’t amazing pets- I mean, Juju’s the best thing to ever happen to me- but I am saying that they’re a commitment that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

And THEN there’s another monthly cost: Energy bills. Mine are included in my rent so I don’t actually know how much that is. So I can’t be much help there, unfortunately!  But that can get really expensive.

TL,DR: First year? Two extra Comcast bills per month. Rest of her life? One extra Comcast bill per month. If you can’t commit to that, then don’t get a tegu.

If you akin aversive based training methods (prongs, shock collars, chokes) to abuse, you need to sit the fuck down and actually go work for a rescue pulling actual abused dogs out of bad situations. I will bet you that while some may not agree with the methods, they will laugh at you if you suggest dogs are abused from these methods.

Some people can make these methods abusive, as you can a flat collar, a harness, etc. A tool does not automatically make something abusive.

Yes, some of these methods cause minimal pain to earn the response you want. A pinch is not the same as beating your dog. A quick shock is not the same as starving your dog, not providing care, etc.

If your battle with aversive tools is based solely on ‘well they cause pain’ then you are ignoring the fact there are hundreds of dogs that are in actual abusive situations that are life threatening, but you’d rather focus on a collar.

If your argument is ‘well other countries have banned them’ then you need to check out how many countries have banned crates and other things like them as well.

If your argument is ‘well they’re dangerous’ then you need to look into the fact that head collars, front clip harnesses, etc. generally are more dangerous than prongs, and are, in fact, fucking aversive as well.

“But they don’t cause pain, Grace!” If you’re telling me a dog that has its head jerked around when it wants to look at something (not even saying the owner jerks, if the dog gets to the end of the leash, it’s gonna be whipped around /by its head/) is not painful and potentially dangerous, you’re blind. Dogs are not built like horses, folks.

Leave people alone if their dogs are healthy and happy. Using a prong is not abuse. Feeding ‘lesser’ food is not abuse. And so forth.

Clipping Wings

Is Like:
• Declawing a cat
• Stalling a horse the majority of its life
• keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl
• stalling a cow for veil
• forcing a dog to stay with you and only move to where you want it

Is NOT like:
• cutting hair
• trimming nails
• leashing a dog for safety

Clipping a bird’s wings is detrimental to their health and completely unnecessary except for a select few medical reasons such as surgery. While it is painless if done right, there’s a good chance you can do it wrong and cause your bird to bleed to death since their blood doesn’t clot, and when done at all it could completely ruin your bird’s health and happiness. Flying is as natural for birds as running is for horses. When we take that away from them because it’s “dangerous” or inconvenient because we don’t want to bother teaching them a basic command like recall it does far more harm than good.

Clipping leads to permanent muscle deterioration and greatly increases the chance for fatty liver disease. It does not reduce or limit the chance of a bird flying away or escaping, in fact it increases it since the bird has far less control than if they had all their feathers. It leads to a bird becoming dependent on you for mobility and getting frustrated when you insist on it being somewhere it doesn’t want, leading to depression, feather plucking, and mutilation.

If you want a bird that doesn’t fly, get a chicken or heavy breed of pigeon. If you’re worried about it hitting windows, put decorative stickers on them, use window markers, or get blinds. If you like taking your bird outside (which is far more dangerous with a clipped bird) then harness train it or take it out in a cage. Just please, don’t clip your bird’s wings for your own damn convenience. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

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Do you or any of your followers have recommendations for harnesses for Bully breeds? My dog is an American Staffy mix and she's a bit overweight too. All of the harnesses I've tried (petco brands, freedom harness, barkbusters harness) seem to move around on her, are tight in some areas and too loose in others. She's a puller and doesn't like a head halter. Thank you!!

Here is a link to a review of 10 or 15 different front clip harnesses - and they used a bully breed to test them! Their top three were the Balance Harness, the Ruffwear Front Range, and the Perfect Fit Fleece Modular.

(Their review dog wearing the balance harness)

I hope this review helps you! I personally really like how they accounted for a bunch of different factors, and rated on a scale from four paws (best) to one paw. I also liked how they outlined the pros and cons for each,

Good luck anon! -C

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could you draw more pastel olly because that is something i'd like to see more of

ahah This is so late sorry! He hates it but Glam and Ruca are havin’ fun at least! The original pastel Olly post here  Thank you sweet evil anon <3

Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training post, as requested by a few asks.

I’ll be honest, the biggest reason I’ve hesitated to post this is because I don’t feel like getting into an argument. I’ve had enough of those, I’ll talk about this in detail but I would like at least one of my posts to go without screaming.

Recently, I’ve taken on a reactive client- a young dog I’ve known for about a year when she came through my puppy classes at 4 months old. L*, like most of my reactive dogs, is poorly matched with her current owner. She changed hands 3 times before she came to me as a puppy, each because she is ‘too much’. She is a rottweiler/bullysomething owned by an elderly couple who’s biggest and most energetic dog was a yorkie, and they are largely unprepared for what it means to own a working breed dog. They’re more than a little afraid of her and misread moat of her signals, which compounds the problem.

L is not only reactive, she is also a bad puller. She was started in a front clip harness after panicking in a halti no matter how desensitized she was to the pressure, and while her walking skills improved, she quickly figured out how to stand on her hind legs and slip it when she was reacting to an incoming dog. Clearly, that was no longer going to work.

For two sessions, I tried Creed’s prong on her, giving her a clear and consistent consequence for poor behavior. The majority of corrections were self inflicted, and her stress lowered as she quickly caught on to the more strict 'rules’ of a walk. I taught her owner how to use a prong, making sure that he understood not to hurt her or be unfair with it, and made him practice with it several times before allowing him to buy one himself.

He practiced keeping his emotions either upbeat or neutral, he practiced walking in a sterile area and then outside the store with no other dogs present with her at low stress and giving calm focus, we talked about threshold and timing and rewarding good behavior to replace the bad and LAT/LAM, and then last week… we added a dog. Creed, to be specific.

Her owner was dubious that she was ready, but I was more worried about whether HE was ready. L started off by roaring at Creed, he moved her away, and she deliberately chose to disengage. He kept his head and she continued to choose correctly again and again. She would look at Creed and stiffen, then offer the behavior of huffing, taking a step back, and gazing intently at her owner. (Me: reward that! Right now!)

L, a dog who, 4 weeks prior, could not even glance at another dog or dog-shaped item 50 feet away from her without having an explosive reaction, was more than capable of walking about 10 feet away from Creed side by side in a perfect heel, calm and relaxed and without stressing, tail and butt wiggling happily when he glanced down at her and scratched her ears for doing SO well and trying SO hard just for him. Her owner, who came in 4 weeks ago trying to get me to take her off his hands, was laughing and smiling and playing with her, calling to me how proud he was of her and how amazing he thinks she is.

L has a long way to go before she’s done. She’ll be coming to a few of my BAT workshops where I have group walks specifically to help dogs like her, and when she’s stronger with that we will wean her off of the prong and settle with a martengale since she is a collar-slipper. She is still fairly mismatched with her owner, but this has made him feel far more capable of handling her into adulthood and has prevented her from going through a 4th upheaval prior to turning 2.

I see repeated on here frequently- don’t use corrections for reactivity, reactivity and aggression is based in fear, corrections make fear worse. I would agree that SOME reactive or aggressive dogs are acting out of fear… but some are not. L started out as a frustrated greeter puppy. When she became a teenager, her frustration in being held back on a flat collar or harness in greeting morphed into reactivity. Changing her emotions towards Creed would not help here, as the problem was that she wanted to be social and was lashing out at the barrier preventing her from reaching her target. Unfortunately, to most people, this looks like serious dog or fear aggression.

Away from public eyes, I have had conversations with various dogblrs that perscribed to positive only training end up with a dog that was reactive and not out of fear. These folks work for months and sometimes years, just like I did with Creed, getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvement with +R and finally trying a prong, slip, or e collar… and the dog’s stress plummets as it is taught that the behavior is unacceptable please try performing something else.

Note that I am not saying to slap a prong on all reactive dogs and call it a day. I’ve used +R BAT on the vast majority of my reactive clients because those have been fear based. But those that aren’t, sometimes a different method is necessary. It’s always better to change your methodology to match the dog, rather than try to force the dog into the neat little box you want it to exist in.

Central Park

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     You were strolling through central park with your dog, Maisie, when you felt the harness on your dog slip off and all of a sudden, Maisie went running. You took off after her, your feet stomping on the pavement trying to catch up with her, the wind blowing your hair in all different directions. She finally slows down and starts trying to play with a young mans dog.

     “ I’m sorry about her, shes a little rambunctious.” You told the young man whit clipping the harness back on her and tugging it a bit to get her to come back to your side. 

     “It’s okay miss.” He tugged his dog a little closer to him as you saw his body tense.

     “Service dog?” You questioned him.

He slowly lifted his head to look at you, squinting his eyes from the sun he looked down again, pulling his baseball cap over his eyes more, a hint of red forming on his cheeks, he had never seen anyone as beautiful as you before. 

     “Yeah, he keeps me grounded.” He whispers while looking at his dog. 

     “Mind if i sit down?” You asked him with a softness in your voice not wanting to make him uncomfortable. 

     “Go right ahead doll” The word doll slipped out of hi mouth without even thinking about it. The use of the nickname making your head go fuzzy.


     “I-I’m sorry, it just slipped out, I didn’t think about it” He replied, nervous of your reaction.

    “It’s okay, I liked it. Whats your name mystery man?” You teased.

     “James, but people call me Bucky.” He looked up at you with hope in his eyes not knowing how you were going to react

     “I’m Y/N.” You reached out to shake his hand with a warm smile on your face and he hesitated, his mind was running crazy, you had to of known who he was. He brought up his left hand for you to shake.

     “Well, why don’t you say we go get some coffee yeah? a bit too chilly for my liking.” you nudged his shoulder with yours and started to stand up.

     “…So Steve, had to defend that girls honor, the little punk always wanted to be the hero, ended up getting a broken nose. I had to come in and get him out of the fight.” Bucky laughed with a faint smile playing on his lips, reminiscing about the old days. Coffees long gone, and its been about an hour, and the two of you were just walking around central park with your dogs. Every now and then you’d steal a glance at him, taking in the stubble on his face, and the way his eyes looked in the sun. 

     “That is quite the story James.” You shook your head a little. A gust of wind came by and chilled you to the bone. 

     “You cold doll?” He asked with a hint of worry in his voice. 

     “Little bit, colder than i thought it was going to be today.”

     “Here. Take this.” He tarted taking his jacket off and putting it around your shoulders. You couldn’t help but take in the smell from it, he smelled of outside with a hint of vanilla. 

     “Thank you, I appreciate it” At this point you were stopped, both facing each other, there was a comfortable silence that hung in the air. You never thought talking to a stranger could feel so familiar. So easy. He took your hands in his and brought them up to his mouth and he started to blow warm air on them. He tilted his head up a bit and that’s when he really noticed you. The way your eyes looked at him with no fear. The way your lips were parted jut a little and he couldn’t believe he was here with you. 

Your mind was going everywhere and before you cold say another word he brought his lips to yours in a short but wonderful kiss. Your eyes were wide when he pulled away and panic rose in him. He immediately dropped your hands and backed away a few inches.

     “Wait, James-” He cut you off.

     “No, Y/N, I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have kissed you. That was uncalled for. I’lll just go.“ He turned to leave but you couldn’t;t let him, even though you just me him, you were already crushing on him. You grabbed his wrist gently and turned him around, bringing your hands up to his neck you brought his head down and planted a kiss on his lips, it took him a second, but he started kissing you back.

Needing air you both pulled away, out of breath and you laid your hands on his chest.

     “Wow” He mumbled. “But I thought, you’re not scared of me?” He asked in a small gentle voice, as his hands were on top of yours.

     “Not at all James” You whispered back and one side of his lips tipped upward in a smile. He brought his hand to your head and brought you in to his chest. He kissed your temple and you two stayed like that for a short while, arms wrapped around each other.

     “So… what is Tony Stark really like?” And you felt his chest rumble with laughter. For the first time in a long time, Bucky was able to relax.

Story Time!

Story time with Wesley. This is a client I have worked with for roughly 6-ish months, we’ll call them L - a now 14 month old neutered male lab/mastiff mix - and A - L’s owner who wants what’s best for her puppy.

L and A came to me as a referral around six months ago. A adopted L from a shelter, was told he was a two year old pit bull mix, and has never had a dog before. A lived with a roommate, and L was about 65-70lb. She came to me because L was extremely reactive to people and other dogs, and was cowering away from her roommate and any people who came close to him. She specifically stated she wanted no harsh corrections, no prong collars, no shock collars. I invited her in for an evaluation so I could see what L was doing in person; upon arrival, L was very clearly NOT two years old and not a pit bull. He was very likely somewhere in the 8 month old range, mostly labrador, possibly some mastiff/molosser type mixed in, no bull breed I could discern. He was also extremely underconfident. He shook as he came into my ring, refused all but the stinkiest of cheeses, and peed if I came within about five feet of him. A was almost in tears and told me she hated seeing L so terrified. When I brought Rogue out as a test dog, L erupted into barking and lunging, but could be redirected if he was on the other side of the store. I told A that we could work with him, but it would be a long journey and she would need to go at his pace. She agreed and we started.

The first week I didn’t bother touching on his reactivity. We did confidence building games, engagement games with A, and I even got a tail wag out of him after our first hour. L was a very curious puppy and we were able to get that curiosity to override his fear through small games and easy choices. I learned at this time that A’s roommate was shoving L in his crate and banging on the sides of it when he was in it, and that A had made plans to move back in with her parents when she learned of this. I agreed it was best for both of them. I sent her home with games to play, reintroduction to the crate, and some basic recall/focus/loose leash walking (we found turning around and Premack’s worked best with L for loose leash training).

L recovered quickly once at A’s parents’ house and began to slowly accept his crate. We added in a front clip harness because of L’s size and reactivity - A had a hard time controlling him and I was worried of him injuring her. We started on BAT and LAT for his reactivity toward dogs using Rogue and Remy as decoy dogs. Associates were brought in from the store with stinky cheese and junk food treats to reward when L chose to interact with them - something he picked up on quickly! After a few weeks we were able to do entire classes on foundation work with Rogue on her mat about eight feet from L without him stressing (sometimes Rogue would even get a wiggle and play bow from him). A reported only a few incidents on walks, and all involving dogs rushing straight up to L, but she was able to redirect and get him a safe distance away.

After several months of building up L’s confidence, the once-timid lab mix puppy found his stride. We ditched the front clip harness as A no longer needed it and L now walks on a flat collar and 6ft leash. Recently, A reported that L’s jumping and biting/mouthing was increasing as he grew more confident. We did impulse control games (It’s Your Choice) and implemented 5 second time outs as well as more redirection, but L persisted and A was starting to bear the brunt of his enthusiasm. When she came in with bruises and cuts down her legs, I decided it was time to add in a correction. L would only latch onto her when he would get over excited on his walks - and he would bite her boots and not let go. We continued to work on an out command, impulse control, and A’s ability to recognize when L was going to have a tantrum, but we also added in a basket muzzle (to which he took to wonderfully after the adding of string cheese) for safety and a light leash correction. He responded well to the correction and didn’t display signs of stress. He would refocus better and finish his walk more or less peacefully. 

We have since removed the muzzle and A is now recognizing L’s excitement limits better. She still employs the leash correction if appropriate, but has reported that walks have gone well. We are continuing to work with him on impulse control and channeling his exuberance into good life choices, but I’m really, really happy where A and L have come. In L’s training, A and I have both compromised and found solutions that fit L the best and have created a happy, loved family member. All four quadrants of operant conditioning have been used with L, along with counter-conditioning, Premack’s Principle, 300 Peck, and BAT. We also are working on some focused heeling and tricks for fun! 

It’s been a long journey for L and A, but clients like them are why I do what I do, and why I keep an open mind and train the dog in front of me. 

Zip-Line - Part 2

First half.  Wrote this after I learned about the zip-line in Paris.  Can’t do the other half just now, so please enjoy this part.  Also on AO3

Part 1 is here

Marinette heard her friends talking just outside the bathroom door.  It sounded like most of her class was out there.  She’d checked in quickly with Tikki, who was equally excited about trying the zip-line.  

“What’s taking so long?” Chloe demanded.  "Is she chickening out before she even gets up the tower?“

Shaking her head, Marinette finished drying off her hands and went out to join them.  "Sorry to disappoint, Chloe,” she said calmly.  "I just wanted to go to the bathroom.“

"Afraid you’ll pee your pants?” Chloe crowed.

“Not particularly,” Marinette brushed off the taunt.  "But I’d like to enjoy the ride without distractions.“

"Where do you want us to wait for you?” Adrien asked.  "Need anyone to go up the tower with you?“

"I’m getting a good spot near the center of the line,” Alya said.  "But that’s a good point.“

Marinette shrugged.  "Maybe the end, so we can head back together?”

“Well I’m going to escort you to the Eiffel Tower,” Chloe said.  "I want to make sure you go up, and I want a front row seat when you back out.“

"Why are you so certain I’ll back out?” Marinette asked.

“You’re plenty brave here, with your feet on the ground, when you’re trying to impress people,” Chloe said with a sniff.  " If you manage to impress them, I want to make sure you have the guts to do what’s right, and I’m not sure you do.  This will prove it.“

Marinette stared at Chloe for a moment, then nodded quietly.  This went deeper than the veneer of bullying, something the spoiled rich girl had reined in abruptly nearly a year ago.

"What are you talking about, Chlo?” Adrien asked, not quite a demand.  "We all know Marinette’s amazing.  Why would she need to impress any of us.“

Chloe shot Marinette a smirk.

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  • Thomas Jefferson x Reader
  • Modern
  • 2-153: Are we relationship goals yet?
  • 2-154: You beat me by 1 point. That doesn’t count. It’s literally 1 point.
  • Request: 153 & 154 of list two with Jefferson is you can!
  • Requested by anonymous

A/N: So it’s a little short but I hope it’s still good. This is pure fluff and nothing else. So enjoy a fluffy Jefferson imagine.

Word Count: 2,185
You had been dating Thomas for a little over a year now. The two you had been on every kind of traditional date more than once now. Dinners and movies and parties. For a while now you had been telling him that you wanted to go on a more unique date. He hadn’t hinted at any interesting dates yet. Until he texted you saying he’d pick you up tomorrow for your date but to dress casually. So, wearing a tee shirt and some jeans, you waited for Thomas to show up.

He knocked on your door. You opened it, finding him for once not wearing a suit, or button up, or slacks. He was also in jeans, grey ones, and wearing a navy blue v-neck. His curls were left down as usual, his beard and mustache were cleanly trimmed but you expected nothing less. He smiled at you before leaning down to kiss you. “You look great, but that’s normal.” Thomas said as he pulled back.

You gave him a dubious look. “I’m wearing a tee shirt, not even remotely dressed up.” You told him.

“It’s not the outfit. You’re just naturally beautiful.” He charmed. “Ready to go?”

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