clip art for teachers

Voltron Cast in Secondary School/High School

 Lance - 

Acts like a Lad TM but isn’t part of the popular Lad TM group. 

Says “Hey Ladies” and fingers guns to every pretty girl/s in the hallways. Thinks all of them secretly want him. They do not. 

 Pretty smart but the teachers don’t like how much he messes around. Always has like 20 smart remarks to add to every sentence that he whispers (badly) to the rest of the table. 

Also whispers the answers to ppl under his breath if the teacher is giving them a hard time. Except Keith ofc. 

Wears his tie loose and never tucks in his shirt, every time he gets a detention for it he starts calling himself a Bad Boy. He is not. 

Talks shit about Keith all the time but no one pays attention to it. Except Keith. Who gets infuriated.

Hunk - 

Used to be rlly anxious, mostly overcame it in last year. People want to sit next to him because he’s really smart and they want his answers. But they stay because he’s really funny.

Let’s his mouth run away with him, interrupts teachers midsentence to correct them “Well actually sir-”

 Hangs out with Lance, no one understands,, when anyone asks why he says “ He’s better without an audience” . No one believes him. 

Always bringing cool shit in with him at lunch times for him and Pidge to mess around with, ask him about it and you get a really enthusiastic lecture on it. 

The Food department’s favourite student, always gets great marks on his work. 

Pidge -

That weird nerdy kid who hangs out with the older kids and has one (1) acquaintance she talks to in her own year.

Basically teaches herself science at the back of the class while the teacher goes through the actual spec at the front. 

 Sits cross legged in her chair, nearly topples over when she sticks her hand up too enthusiastically. 

 Cannot WAIT until she doesn’t have to take humanities subjects anymore.

 Gets all the “ ah so your Matt’s sister, lovely young man” comments from every teacher who’s ever taught him.

 Sticks her middle finger up at Matt every time she sees him in the corridors. 

Gets Hunk to explain to her what they’re studying so she can get a two year head start. 

 Keith -

 Quiet, vaguely mysterious enough most of the time to seem cool. “Oh Keith? Yeah he’s cool… don’t know much about him tho, I think Shiro is his brother?" 

Also really smart but doesn’t focus enough for teachers to like him, does well in PE but tends to day dream and stick to his own projects in other lessons.

 "Oh…there was homework?”

 Used to hang out with Shiro in the staff room when he was younger but sits with Allura and sometimes the others now. 

HATES being partned with Lance for group projects, he always picks at everything Keith suggests and they BOTH get in trouble when Keith gets annoyed. 

 Allura - Prettiest girl in her year, everyones a little bit in love with her, but she’s too dorky to fit in with the popular girls.

 Is kinda bad at socialising with other kids her age in general, tends to be too forced or too enthusiastic and never learnt how to open up to others.

Moved to the school in yr 9 and slowly befriended Keith.

 Does netball and gets Scary competitive. She’s really sweet and friendly until it comes to classroom debates, team sports or group presentations, unless you’re on her side and are willing to put in 100% effort. 

Has the nerdiest victory dances. Pulls her hands into fists at her chest and dances from foot to foot cheering. 

Also has issues with daydreaming during boring classes. 

 Puts too much pressure on herself to be great in everything, she thinks it’s what Alfor wanted of her. 

In reality, Alfor just wanted her to be happy. 

 Shiro - 

Used to work at the school as a P.E teaching assistant for work experience. Really firm but encouraging. 

 All the lads get on with him because he goes through all their individual points to improve on.

 Shiro: *Makes the kids warm up for an hour, everyones sweating, panting and cursing their entire existence* 

Shiro: right then! Now that’s warm ups over lets move on to the first few drills! Up and at em!“ 

 Students: * collectively take everything nice they’ve ever said about him ever* 

(Coincidentally he’s one of Allura’s favourite teachers, and her his best student) 

Coran - Everyone’s favourite history teacher. 

Except for the kids who actually want to finish the specification and pass their exams. 

Really easy to get off tangent, this gets exploited mercilessly. 

 Makes all his own teaching resources. Weird presentations with old photos of him at historic locations, random clip art images, "learning games”. 

That one teacher that gets you to “learn through doing ”, gets classes to make music videos about topics to help them remember. 

Alfors old family friend, alwyas picks on Allura to answer first, they sometimes talk after class about Alluras childhood , or Alfor when he was young. 

 One of the few teachers Lance gets on with. 

Memes are wild in like 20 years kids are going to take contemporary post post modern art history class and the teacher will show a clip from Mario Kart 8 and explain, “Ah yes. The frowning Luigi meme sprang forth in mid 2014 and clearly symbolizes the youths dissatisfaction with their lives and the dwindling economy.”

unicornzzz14  asked:

I watched a clip from triangle (or upstate forgot) where the art teacher says "I owe you an apology ms.Hart" then Maya says "everybody does" do you know what she meant by that?

A lot of the people in her life have done her wrong at one point or another, basically. It’s funny though. A lot of fans get super salty over people saying that Maya’s been given a really raw deal and they even try to argue that she hasn’t been, that everyone treats her wonderfully.

And yet, the writers made a point of having her character say that everybody owes her an apology for one thing or another.

It’s interesting.