clip art for teachers

Memes are wild in like 20 years kids are going to take contemporary post post modern art history class and the teacher will show a clip from Mario Kart 8 and explain, “Ah yes. The frowning Luigi meme sprang forth in mid 2014 and clearly symbolizes the youths dissatisfaction with their lives and the dwindling economy.”

unicornzzz14  asked:

I watched a clip from triangle (or upstate forgot) where the art teacher says "I owe you an apology ms.Hart" then Maya says "everybody does" do you know what she meant by that?

A lot of the people in her life have done her wrong at one point or another, basically. It’s funny though. A lot of fans get super salty over people saying that Maya’s been given a really raw deal and they even try to argue that she hasn’t been, that everyone treats her wonderfully.

And yet, the writers made a point of having her character say that everybody owes her an apology for one thing or another.

It’s interesting.