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Merry Christmas Aj!!! 

I was your Secret Santa. :) I hope that your holidays were wonderful and I hope that you like your gift!

@inuykago @inusecretsanta


Didja Miss Me?! - little by little, did another short clip of my human design for Bill Cipher. And GIF version:

First animation

Asuramaru needs more love ♥

for our design workshop preliminaries. our professor wanted a ///colorful/// typographical portrait of a famous celebrity so i had chosen benedict cumberbatch as sherlock holmes from the abominable bride

illustrator cc

I drew something! :D
This is the first project I’ve finished in a looong time. Good thing I Iove Alphinaud Heavensward enough to actually finish stuff like this >o> Kinda went overboard on the effects, but eh. it’s pretty. I’m happy with how it came out. Took like, 3-4 days ish.

Please ask me before doing anything with it etc etc, though i doubt anybody will want to