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Daily Dose of Fiction: Loose and Tight in All the Right Places

“I think that he would be an excellent addition to our merry band,” Thor said. “And not simply because he wished to play Led Zeppelin.”

“He’s really good,” Bruce said. “Like, crazy good. And not an asshole, which helps. We have enough assholes in this band.”

“Pepper?” Tony asked.

She wanted to fake him out, but it seemed pointless, so she just nodded. “I like him,” she said.

“Yes, excellent,” Tony said, with the gleam in his eye he always had when he got his way, and he flung the door open and called down the hall.

Steve walked in a moment later. “So?” he asked.

“I’m doing this against my better judgment,” Tony said, “letting another hottie into the band. Might cut into my action.”

Loose and Tight in All the Right Places

by clio_jlh, 15k words

Additional Pairings Natasha/Pepper, Clint/Coulson

An AU in which The Avengers is Tony Stark’s band and they’ve been around for a while. When Steve joins as their new guitarist, it change the band for the better and suddenly they have the attention of SHIELD Records. Of course, this happens at the same time Natasha and Clint finally get their own band rolling, and now the two are in competition for the spot.

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Daily Dose of Fiction: just another (drop in the ocean)

“Where can I find him?” Fury asked, his one eye narrowed.

Logan took the last swallow of his alcohol and waved for another. “Don’t know,” he shrugged.

Fury sighed, “Name?”

A tiny smirked curled over Logan’s lips as he repeated,” Don’t know.”

“How am I supposed to find this ‘mysterious person’ then?” Fury growled, patience drawn out to breaking point.

Logan’s smile dropped and he leaned in, folding his arms on the table. “You need to catch the Ironheart,” he said, “They say that there’s nothing that her Captain can’t find.”

He pushed away from the table and nodded at Fury, “And that’s all I can tell you, Admiral. The rest is up to you.”

- just another (drop in the ocean)

by lincesque, 17k words

Additional Pairings Phil/Clint

An AU in which Tony is captain of the pirate ship the Ironheart, Steve is a captain of the Imperial Navy, and if Steve doesn’t get Tony back to the ailing King in time, everybody is in very serious trouble.

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