It is November 13th, aka two weeks since Halloween. (I am totally still using Halloween as my excuse.)  Let’s assume, for the sake of consistency and tone (ahahaha), that Clint has had a very boring thirteen days of being half-a-horse, and when what was supposed to be a very minor bit of Avengering was available, well, who actually thought that telling him he couldn’t come would work?

Anyway, there were not supposed to be lasers.


So this one time on Tumblr – hee! – I dressed up as David Aja for Halloween and drew Clint as a centaur.

AND THEN IT GOT BETTER, BECAUSE skandrae. She made this and it is so very majestic (MAJESTIC.JPG) that I am inarticulate with delight. The center portion is about the size of a standard piece of paper, all those details are TINY and FUCKING AMAZING.

Forget about prying this out of my cold, dead hands: you will have to cut a padlock off my coffin.