tawghasa  asked:

Does the 'horses do things because they feel good' stuff play into Clintaur and UniKate at all? Like, Hawkeyes seem to do things because they're a good idea at the time (or the most appealing idea, even if they know it's such a bad one).

No?  Yes?  Not… always?  Hawkeyes are more like.. Pinky and the Brain, only they swap off and sometimes they’re both the Brain and sometimes they’re both PInky, but they’re always Hawkeye.

tawghasa  asked:

I saw a post on fb about writing your mobile no on a horse's hoof during a natural disaster if you can't evacuate it, so people who might find the horse can contact you. Anyway, Clincher w various phone numbers and "pls return to" scrawled over him.

You could do that or you could hit the hardware store for a set of number stencils and a can of very purple spray paint.  Anyway the glitter still hasn’t worn off Clintaur’s hooves and it’s too crunchy to really write on.  It’s Clint that uses a Sharpie to add FOR A GOOD TIME CALL above the phone number neatly stenciled down his (horse) ribcage because Clint is 33 going on 12.

Think it through next time, Clint.  

Kate answers her phone at 1am and it takes her five increasingly confused minutes to figure out where the caller got her number and what they’re hoping to … do… as a result.  

Think it through next time, Kate.