By the way,

if anyone wants to help me with monster suggestions for the Spooky AU, feel free to join me <D

Here’s what I got so far:

Tony is a cursed vampire thing, Steve is a human (to begin with, wink wonk) visiting Europe, Nat is a giant spider lady, and Bruce is a scientist that moved into a little cottage near the castle after an experiment went wrong (think Dr. Banner and Mr. Hulk). We also have witchy Wanda, Harpy Sam and Clintaur (thanks for that one). Bucky is the voice of reason, trying to convince Steve to leave the hunted monster castle to monster hunters (aka him).

All of Tony’s friends are long dead, but they also got kinda screwed over by the curse, so Rhodey is a ghost inhibiting an armor, Jarvis is your everyday ordinary butler ghost (Bucky freaks out about him having no feet, Steve says that’s rude), and PEPPER??? EERRrr also ghost, but I want everyone to be something different, so maybe a nature spirit or somethings I’M NOT SURE


So this one time on Tumblr – hee! – I dressed up as David Aja for Halloween and drew Clint as a centaur.

AND THEN IT GOT BETTER, BECAUSE skandrae. She made this and it is so very majestic (MAJESTIC.JPG) that I am inarticulate with delight. The center portion is about the size of a standard piece of paper, all those details are TINY and FUCKING AMAZING.

Forget about prying this out of my cold, dead hands: you will have to cut a padlock off my coffin.

It is November 13th, aka two weeks since Halloween. (I am totally still using Halloween as my excuse.)  Let’s assume, for the sake of consistency and tone (ahahaha), that Clint has had a very boring thirteen days of being half-a-horse, and when what was supposed to be a very minor bit of Avengering was available, well, who actually thought that telling him he couldn’t come would work?

Anyway, there were not supposed to be lasers.

everstriving  asked:


PFTAHAHAHA, well ok, I was sitting here wondering what I had done that suddenly messages appeared in my inbox and this is what I find!


So I got Fraction to sign the Steve and Lil (Lily and Steve) that intosnarkness made for me, here is a picture of Lily and Steve (Steve and Lil),

And this is, alright this is before the Narnia bit but it is relevant, Fraction made a DELIGHTED NOISE and he showed them to Kelly Sue and he took a picture to send (he said) to Eliopoulos, but the really horrid is when he was dancing them along the tabletop and then he made them go <3 smooch <3 and I am like,

matt fraction you are a bad bad bad man.  

I didn’t say that.  But I thought it VERY LOUDLY.

So anyway I am like LAUREN MADE THEM and then Lauren, usually snarkness, was like SHE DREW MY SHIRT because she was wearing the Clintaur shirt.

So Fraction says OH I REMEMBER THAT! and he got this Thoughtful Intense Writer-y sort of look on his face and he said ‘That should be a story.  Just a fun thing, like Clint and Kate end up in Narnia,’

–you could see him composing it in his head, it was fucking amazing–

‘And Clint is a centaur and Kate is……. Kate is a pixie? NOoooooo…. Kate is a harpy and she’s like don’t even fucking start,’

And if he said anything after that, you’re gonna hafta ask snarkness if she remembers what it was because I was too busy trying not to DIE LAUGHING.