clintasha au


STRIKE TEAM DELTA AUfirst mission together: infiltrate a building, damage the bad guys’ servers. Except it turns out that someone has to jump down the ventilation shaft to get there, right past the giant spinning blades of death. Mission control has decided it’s going to be Clint, citing ‘You’re HAWKeye right? Fly there or something. You’ll figure it out~’

Some more cute au's for all your otp needs

“We take a dance class together and our next routine calls for partnerwork, and we got put togeth-STop standing on my foot!” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room I’m really sorry oh my god you’re naked” AU

“We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU

“We sat next to each other during a really sad film and now we’re sharing tissues silently whilst we cry at the cinema” AU

“You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

“I was on my balcony playing music and you were walking past and stopped to listen because it’s your favourite band too” AU

“We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another spiderman reboot” AU

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU

Neighbors AU Prompts
  • I come home and find your cat in my sink after I get home from work.
  • I just moved into the building and I found banana bread on my doorstep. I probably shouldn’t eat it cause I have no idea where it came from buT IT’S DELICIOUS 
  • I work at home and I haven’t left my house in a while and you think I’m dead in my house.
  • Your cat always fucking pisses on my doormat. 
  • I can always hear you singing Phantom of the Opera so I decided to sing the duet with you.
  • It’s the middle of winter and my heater went out and you let me stay at your place so I don’t freeze to death. God bless you.
  • You’re so sweet and nice to everyone and I wanna be your friend but I’m basically a hermit. 
  • I heard constant coughing in your apartment it sounded like you were choking so I panicked and kicked down your door to come save you. Wait, you’re not choking and just have a bad cold? Oh my god I’M sO SORrY. I’LL PAY FOR THE DOOR. I’LL ALSO MAKE YOU SOME SOUP.
  • I know this is really creepy but I can always hear your music through the walls and I noticed we like all the same music. There’s a music festival coming up and I have an extra ticket. Do you wanna go? 
  • I broke my coffee maker and you noticed how miserable I’ve been, so you let me come over and have a few cups of coffee. Thank you so much.
  • Why are you crying in the hallway?? Are you okay?? Let’s go to my place, I have ice cream and Netflix.

Imagine the reverse of Clint Barton’s and Natasha Romanoff’s backstories.

Imagine Clint, an orphan, raised from childhood as a notorious assassin. “Watch out for Hawkeye,” they say, “you can’t hide from him, he sees everything.”

Imagine Natasha growing up in a circus, an acrobat. The Black Widow, the posters say, this tiny black and red thing in her web of ropes and ribbon. Imagine Natasha turned vigilante, turned Shield agent.

Imagine that they send Natasha to take down Clint.

Imagine that she traps him, but before she makes her move, she sees something behind those all-seeing eyes.

Imagine that she makes a different call.

so y’know that soulmate au where their first words are tattooed onto your skin? have you ever wondered how the handwriting style is determined? because it seems like it’s always ‘perfect cursive’ or ‘neat print’ or ‘stilted script.’ it’s automatically a matured style of writing.

but think about it; as you grow, even year by year, your handwriting changes so much.

so how about a soulmate au where their first words are tattooed in the handwriting style they have when they die?

like imagine getting your words and having them appear in a messy little second grader’s script with wobbly letters and uneven words, and just realizing that your soulmate is going to die a child.

imagine what that would be like.

Marvel Hogwarts Houses

So this happened.

Tony Stark: Ravenclaw
- I’ve seen a few people describe him as a Slytherin and I will personally have to tell you that you are very much wrong. Muy Wrongo. Tony is a genius, he likes showing it, he connects best with other Ravenclaws, and he enjoys learning new things. Most Ravenclaws also tend to be very sassy so thar ya go.

Steve Rogers: Slytherin
- NOW HEAR ME OUT. I am a Slytherin and can firmly say that NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE EVIL MASTERMINDS. The term only means that we’re ambitious and cunning. NOW LETS TAKE A LOOK AT LIL STEVIE. He lied THROUGH HIS TEETH on any enlistment form out there in order to get into the army, he lied to SHIELD about what happened to Nick Fury, and he even went against the government and started a CIVIL WAR because he thought that being restrained was bullshit. He may bleed red white and blue but you’ll be DAYUM sure that he is a green-blooded Slytherin.

Bucky Barnes: Hufflepuff
- BAD. ASS. BADGERS. I mean, did you see the scene in Steve’s first movie when Steve wandered off at Stark Expo? “You see that? Flying cars, that’s really something isn’t i- STEVE!? OH NO WHERES STEVE. STEVIE COME BACK. GIRLS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IF HE INHALES SOME POLLEN AND DIES!?” He is a total hufflepuff.

Thor: Gryffindor
- Brave? Check. Chivalrous? Check. Friendly? Check. Wears a shit ton of red? Check. Yes he does learn humility and what it truly means to be kind at the end of Thor and the entirety of Thor: The Dark World but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t a real personification of Gryffindor. Most Gryffindors I personally can’t stand but Thor has a bit of a soft spot in my heart.

Loki: Slytherin
- Now his brother(ish) on the other hand… He is almost the exact opposite. Cunning, Sly, Ambitious TO THE FUCKING MAX. Hell he even DRESSES IN ALL SLYTHERIN COLORS. “He likes to… um… fiddle with the circuits… Of the entire planet! And likes to see which lights go out” - Tom Hiddleston

Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw
- Brucie is a bit of an enigma in the Ravenclaw community. He is smart and he does enjoy learning about new things but he doesn’t share the common “I am right and everyone must know it” personality. He would prefer to just learn in his little study while Tony prefers loudly shouting to all who can hear about how correct he is. That’s not bashing Tony, it’s just a fact.

Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin
- Did you not expect this? Really? My bae and I are both similar Slytherins. Lying and manipulation galore! Plus we both share the syndrome that makes us constantly look like either a depressed cat who gives no shit or a murderous angry serial killer.

Clint Barton: Hufflepuff
1) MY GIRLFRIEND JASMINE AND I (well she doesn’t know that we’re dating yet so shhhhhh)


Pet AU Prompts
  • You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwords. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay . You’re still cute though?
  • You dog always sneaks into my backyard at the same time every day.
  • I feed your dog once and now he likes me more than he likes you. I’m so sorry.
  • Your fucking cat keeps on stealing my spot on our bed and every time I try and lay down, it hisses at me. My back hurts from sleeping on the floor.
  • Your parrot spilled the beans that you like me. I’m so happy cause I really like you. Wait, should I be listening to a parrot?
  • I’m at the vet because my dog needs a checkup after it’s been sick for a while. Oh hello. You’re a very attractive vet. I wasn’t expecting that.
  • “Hey cute dog. Is someone is stuck in a well?” Aka Lassie situation.
  • Our dogs had babies together . I kinda wanna have babies with you. Wait what, did I say that out loud? Fuck.
  • I work at pet smart and every 2 weeks when you get your paycheck, I see you buying more and more accessories for your hamster. I’m a little concerned about your finances.  
  • I work at a shelter and you walked in drunk and crying, saying “I just want to pet a dog. Is that so hard to ask for?” 
  • I was at your house for a party and kinda stole your dog? It’s a long story. I’m so sorry.
  • My pet rat accidentally got out of it’s cage a few days ago and I’ve been really worried but then I heard you scream “RAT”
  • You’re getting really annoying about our strong Cat Vs. Dog debate. I kinda just wanna fight my mouth with your mouth.

wow so apparently this one is super popular so here’s an extra long one for you guys <3

“I don’t date my co-stars,” she tells him bluntly on the first day when he shows up at her trailer with flowers in hand, inviting her over for dinner.

“Dinner between friends,” he tells her easily. “That’s all it has to be.”

She agrees grudgingly, wishing he could be one of the ones who looks down on her, treats her like an inferior, because it’s always harder for her to keep her heart guarded when they treat her like an equal.

The fact that he’s an amazing cook really doesn’t help.

“Can I ask you why?” he says hesitantly as he carries their empty plates to the sink.

“Why what?” Natasha pretends not to understand the question, buying herself time.

“Your rule about co-stars,” he says as he slides back into his seat across from her, holding her gaze with his own. “Who hurt you, Natasha?”

“No one specific,” she mumbles, looking away from his eyes that are too honest, asking her for answers that she doesn’t want to give him, doesn’t want to give anyone. “It’s just that it always ends, you know? I’m sick of it ending.”

“Yeah,” he says quietly. “Well I hope you find it one day. Something that doesn’t end.”

Her breath catches in her throat as she whispers, “Me too.” She stares at the surface of the table, saving her tears for later, because she doesn’t want him to see her cry.

“Natasha.” Clint holds up the coffee pot with a question in his eyes and she nods wordlessly, thankful that he isn’t pushing her for information.

“Hey, Clint?” she asks quietly when he sets a steaming mug down in front of her a few minutes later.


“Thanks for understanding.”

“I’ve been where you are,” he tells her softly, sliding the sugar across the table. “It’s so easy to get caught up in one of the hundreds of lives you live. It’s hard to come back from that.”

“Yeah,” she responds, stirring her coffee absently. “Life’s easy when all you have to do is pretend.”


“Focus, Natasha.”

“I’m trying,” she growls, frustrated.

“Can we take a break?” Clint asks the director, glancing over at Natasha with concern written across his face. 

He nods reluctantly. “Get back here as quick as you can. We’re on a schedule.”

“Hey.” Clint places a hand on Natasha’s back, guiding her gently off to the side. “What’s going on?”

“Sorry,” she says quietly, trying desperately to choke back her tears because she doesn’t want to appear weak in front of him, not when he’s making this so damn difficult already.

“It’s fine.” His voice is gentler than she deserves considering he’s already been putting up with take after take of her messing up the same short scene. “You’re fine. Just tell me what’s going on.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“Natasha you must’ve done this hundreds of times before. How can this be any different? It’s just acting.”

“It’s not,” she whispers.

“Are you saying…?”

“I’m saying that it’s a lot easier for me to kiss someone that I don’t care about.” She looks away because she can’t stand the hope in his eyes. The last thing she wants to do is give him hope and then tear it away.

He reaches halfway towards her before deciding against it and her heart aches because while part of her wants to run and hide from whatever she’s feeling, another part of her wants him to hold onto her and never let go.

“Let’s get through today,” he says finally, sighing deeply. “We can figure this out later, let’s…let’s just get through today.”

Somehow, they get through. Natasha escapes to her trailer as soon as their director calls cut on the final scene of the day, forcing herself to take deep breaths as she tries to hold herself together. She’s almost managed to calm down when she hears a gentle knock on her door that causes her heart to start pounding again.

“Hey,” he says softly when she opens the door. “Can I come in?”

She swallows nervously. “Yeah.”

He brushes by her as she lets the door swing shut, standing there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. “Natasha, I…earlier when you…”

“I want to kiss you,” she blurts out, cutting him off abruptly. “I want to kiss you and I want it to be me and you and I want it to be real.”

“Does that scare you?”

“Yeah,” she says honestly.

He takes a step closer, eyes burning into hers, and Natasha can feel her heartbeat in her throat as he asks her, “Then what are you waiting for?”

deaf!steve modern au
  • steve’s not the best at lip reading as a kid, so bucky forces his parents to find someone who can teach the both of them ASL so bucky can communicate with steve when he doesn’t have his aids in
  • whenever steve stays the night, bucky makes sure he has a case on his bedside especially for steve’s hearing aids
  • he also makes sure he always falls asleep facing steve, so that when they wake up they can communicate immediately
  • when someone at school starts picking on steve for needing his aids, instead of helping him find more inconspicuous ones (’you shouldn’t be ashamed of ‘em, stevie’), he starts turning up with huge ear muffs on so people stop snickering at steve
  • fireworks sometimes hurt for steve to listen to, so every fourth of july he takes the hearing aids out and rests his head on bucky’s shoulder and watches all the colours explode; and bucky falls in love with him a little more each year
  • in high school, steve gets so tired of listening to tony ramble on about science or being his usual flamboyant self that he sometimes just slips his hearing aids out and literally tunes out - bucky thinks it’s the funniest thing on earth, but it takes tony years to figure it out
  • steve and clint like to fuck with their friends by pretending that they can’t hear what someone’s saying when they totally can
  • bucky insists that every single one of their friends learns at least some simple ASL not just for steve, but for clint too
  • to nobody’s surprise, natasha’s been learning since she was a kid
  • when bucky starts to play piano fluently, steve likes to place his hands on the side of it and feel the vibrations with his eyes closed instead of listening; bucky watches him the entire time with a smile on his face
  • after bucky kisses steve for the first time, he takes a step back and points to himself, crosses his forearms over the other and lets one of them drop, then points to steve with his palm up - signing ‘i love you’ with a timid smile on his face
  • (steve’s too overwhelmed to respond as such, and with tears in his eyes he just brings bucky in for another kiss)
  • at their wedding, they both recite their vows at the same time they sign them
  • and if they make up their own translation of ‘til the end of the line,’ that’s their business
Target AU Prompts
  • You’ve been wandering around at Target for awhile and I’m starting to get concerned…are you okay? Can I help you?
  • I chose the cutest cashier, well hello those.
  • I’m sorry I don’t work here…I just happen to be wearing a red polo shirt and khakis 
  • “Alex from Target” situation or Aka why am I going viral I’m just doing my job.
  • You’re a cashier and you always see my weird purchases because I’m always at target. Aka please don’t ask questions on why I need a pizza pool floatie, cat food, a power tool, and duct tape.
  • I work here and you’re at Target everyday and it’s actually pretty entertaining (and kinda cute)
  • Oh HELL NO! I’ve been trying to buy [item] forever but it’s always been sold out, like hell I’m going to let you just walk away with it. 
  • I just started working here and I got stuck working on Black Friday. You’ve worked here for a while and saw me struggling when I was arguing with an angry customer who tried to fight me. Thank you for saving my life. 
  • I spent so much fucking time making sure everything was in it’s place and organized aND YOU KEEP PICKING STUFF UP AND DROPPING IT OFF AT RANDOM AREAS. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP EVERYTHING STOCKED CORRECTLY.
  • I know this is weird but can I get your opinion on how these clothes fit? I’m not sure how I like them yet and I need a second opinion. 
  • You’ve been staring at the same tub of ice cream for about 30 minutes straight….are you okay??
  • “I’m sorry but you can not purchase a lizard at target.” aka I’ve been having an argument with you for 45 minutes on why you can’t buy a lizard here.
  • I’m a cashier and you just came up to my register with 3 shopping carts filled with random shit. What the fuck dude. Were are you going to put all this? Oh how you need help putting this all in your very small car? Oh god.

(i’m combining the two of these) // soulmates au


“In position,” he responds as his handler’s familiar voice crackles through his earpiece. The cold air whips through his thin jacket and he shivers, wishing he’d had the foresight to wear more layers. His breath crystallizes in front of him in the night air and he has to clench his teeth together to prevent them from chattering.

A small movement on the roof below him draws his eye and he freezes, staring intently through his scope. “Target acquired,” he grunts, reaching behind his back to draw an arrow from his quiver. Poison-tipped. It’ll take over her bloodstream in minutes and she’ll barely feel a thing. He already hates what they’re asking him to do, so he figures he might as well make it as humane as possible.

“You know what to do,” Coulson says quietly.

Clint’s aim is as steady as ever as he nocks the arrow, draws back, fires. It’s not until after the arrow embeds itself in her left shoulder, just above her collarbone, that he notices her hair. Or, more specifically, the colour of her hair.


He’s not sure how his mind has a word for it. He’s never seen the colour before, never seen any colour before, but somehow he knows this one intimately. He’s already on his feet, even as she crumples to the ground. He knows exactly how much time he has. Six minutes. Six minutes he wouldn’t have if he hadn’t insisted on carrying the antidote with him.

“Shit,” he whispers to himself. “Shit, shit, shit.” Clint flings himself off of his perch, landing catlike on the roof below him, rushing to her side, fumbling in his coat pocket for the small syringe he’d hoped he’d never have to use.

“Barton!” comes Coulson’s voice in his earpiece. “Clint, report.”

Clint tears the earpiece out of his ear, letting it dangle from his collar as he grabs the arm of the girl lying motionless at his knees, plunging the needle into her wrist. “Come on,” he whispers, squeezing her hand, pointedly looking away from the vibrant red of her hair. “You can’t die on me. Not now.”

Her pulse flutters under his fingertips. Once. Twice. Her eyes blink open, widening as she looks up at him.

“Do you see it?” he asks her quietly, running his fingers through her hair, reveling in the feeling of colour.

She nods breathlessly. “What do we do?”

He gestures sheepishly to the dangling earpiece. “I already defied orders. But…come with me?”

She nods. “Anywhere.”