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- Growth - (a Stony fanfic)

(“Soulmate"AU where you get a tattoo for every person you fall in love with)

Pepper’s tattoo is on her hip. Well, the one that isn’t faded yet. 

There are five dull, grey ones scattered across her body, seemingly random and different in shape and size, but what do they matter? They’re done.  It’s over. The only one she looks at these days are the sunglasses on her hip. They’re big. Obnoxiously big and shiny and she knows who they’re for, of course she knows. Tony has a little stiletto to match, right there on his ankle, bright blue and sparkly and the first time he showed her, she nearly apologized. It’s hideous and the both know, but it means love, so who’s gonna complain? 

Understandably, no one is happy when the sunglasses start losing colour. At first, it isn’t even visible, the fade from black to grey barely noticeable, but then the grey becomes off-white and the glass loses its shine and Tony leaves, a bright blue stiletto still sparkling on his skin.

But Tony is fine, he said. Its fine, he’s fine - he’s always fine.

And Pepper sighs and strokes the steering wheel on the back of her hand that just appeared the day before.

Tony is fine.

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Prompt! "I'm just gonna lay down and die for half an hour, okay?" (Clint/Natasha?)

“I’m just gonna lay down and die for half an hour, okay?”

“Clint, no.”

“Nat, yes,” Clint says as he flops down on the couch. He covers his eyes with his forearm, sighing as his body relaxes against the firm cushions. Back from a mission, back from S.H.I.E.L.D., and back from medbay, only to be told they’d be shipped out on yet another mission in the next 24 hours. It’s the life of a spy, the life he signed up for, but damn was it tiring.

“Clint, c’mon. Get up. Wouldn’t you rather be in bed?” Natasha asks, standing by his side. She was as tired as he was, but not about to show it. At least, not until they made it to the mattress. Weariness of their caliber deserved something soft and comforting, she thinks, not something lumpy and small.

“I would, but I’m dead. Half an hour. Then bed.”

Natasha rolls her eyes. “Clint.”

“Join me?”

“What?” Hands on her hips, the redhead stares at him.

“Yeah. Join me. Half an hour, tops, then we’ll relax in bed. Order some take-out. Watch some movies or something.” Lifting his arm, Clint grins at her. He can see she’s considering it. Though her lips are pursed, her eyes seem to focus on the couch and him.

When (just ever so slightly) she gives him a small smirk, he knows he has won. “Half an hour. That’s it. Then bed.” Natasha crawls on top of him and settles on his chest. She cuddles him just as his arms wrap around her. As she lets out a relaxed sigh, he kisses her forehead.

It’s cozy, both the couch and what they have. They’re safe and secure in the comfort of one another. No words need to be said for them. They know through looks and actions how they feel about one another. There’s nothing normal about their relationship, but their life wasn’t normal either. It all fit together so well.

So maybe, Natasha thought, just a little longer. “An hour,” she whispers against his neck. She can feel Clint’s chuckle rumble in his chest. “Then we’ll head for the bed.”

[Prompt taken from here. If there are any others, please let me know!]

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: The girls are supposed to be Marine Biologists. I know nothing about that profession. I am doing a bit of research for it, but if any false information is given, I sincerely apologize. Also, please don’t expect a lot of fluff in this. Honestly, this isn’t really going to be a romantic series. The mermaids/mermen in this fic are predators and will act as such.

“Nat, see anything on the radar?” She sighs in response, disappointed with the results after an hour of scanning. “Not a single thing. We’re not even picking up fish in the area. We should have spotted one of the pods by now.” Y/N starts flipping through the charts from the past few years. “This makes no sense. They’ve been coming here every year. Where the hell are they?” The door to the cabin opens and Wanda steps in after scouting the waves for breach sightings. She grabs one of the papers sitting on the desk and then looks over the map. “Well we’re definitely in the right spot, but I’m not seeing anything out there. You think they relocated?” Y/N shakes her head, “Doubtful, the waters here are rich, perfect for breeding and raising their young. Something must be wrong.“ Nat grumbles something under her breath before turning and heading downstairs. “I’ll radio the guys. Maybe they can find something on the males we tagged last year.”

Y/N drops down to her chair and runs a hand down her face, frustrated that they have not had any progress in the past few hours. “What do you think happened, Wanda?” “The thing that really comes to mind is climate change, but everything has pretty much been the same. Only other possible conclusion is that maybe a bigger predator moved into the area.” “Girl, they’re Orcas. Nothing is above them in the food chain, except asshole humans. Giant squids? Maybe, but the Orcas hunt in packs and squids are solitary creatures so I don’t see how that would keep them away.” Wanda hums for a bit, trying to think of anything else. She smirks when a thought pops in her head. “Megalodon?” Y/N glares, inwardly cursing at her for even bringing up such a thing. Especially when they were currently adrift on a boat that’s probably small enough to be swallowed by one. “What the fuck, Wanda? Are you trying to terrify me?” She goes into a fit of giggles as Nat comes back up to join them. “Clint says that the pod isn’t even close to this location right now. They’re apparently sticking to the deeper waters. He has been watching they’re movements and it seems the pod is moving back and forth at the edge of the shallows. Something is keeping them from getting closer. There’s also news, that one of the males is dead. His tracker hasn’t moved in the past two weeks.”

Nothing is adding up. What could possibly keep Orcas from traveling into their natural breeding grounds? “Do you think whaling could be involved?” Nat scoffs and shakes her head at the question. “They would have to be really idiotic. Whaling on the coastline would make them a very easy target. Anyone could spot them.” Wanda hops up from her spot on the couch with a smile on her face. “Well, I have an idea, but you guys might not like it.“ The girls turn towards her, giving her the sign to continue. “Lets get our gear on and head in. See if we can find anything strange.” “You were right. I don’t like it. That is a horrible idea. We are not about to jump into the sea with who knows what might be out there that the whales are afraid of.”

Nat starts pacing, “She has a point though. We have to find out what the problem is, one way or another, right?” “Or…you know, we can leave it to some other professionals who might have some kind of weapon in case something big is lurking down there.” The conversation comes to a halt when a sound comes through the hydrophone. All three girls freeze and listen closely as the sounds come through a second time. It was a low rumbling, almost as if another boat was passing by. However, when Y/N looked out through the windows, there was no one around them for miles. There was a sudden thud that came through the speakers, alerting them that whatever made the noise was now underneath them.

“Oh god…” Wanda looked frightened as she stared Y/N in the eyes. “I knew I should have warned you guys this morning before we left.” Nat gives her a look, “It better not be something I’ll kill you for.” “I was watching the news last night and they mentioned finding abandoned boats all across the coast these past two weeks. Whatever got our whale probably got those people too.” Y/N throws her arms in the air, “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Nat places a hand on her arm, in an attempt the calm her. “Relax. Chances are the people from those boats probably got drunk and fell overboard.” Another thud came through the speakers, the rumbling noise picking up again, but somehow more drawn out. “Yeah, we are going home.” “We can’t just leave, Y/N. We have to find out what it is. Imagine what it could bring to our research!” Nat sighs in exasperation and stares Wanda down. “Sweety, I love you, but what you’re suggesting…well, that’s how people end up dead.” “Come on! It could make history today. Look, we don’t have to get in the water, just drop the camera in and see what we can find.”

“The water is too murky for the camera to pick anything up, but sure if it gets you to agree to just go home.” Y/N reluctantly picks up the equipment and heads outside, both girls following close behind. The sounds had stopped, but they were all wary of whatever could still be around. The camera is slowly lowered into the water and the girls stare at the screen. Nothing could be seen no matter which way it was turned. The water was just not clear enough. “Well this was a complete waste of time. At least we can g-” Before Y/N could finish speaking, the camera and the rest of equipment was yanked out of her grasp. The girls jumped back and almost stopped breathing. “Okay, yeah…that right there was some horror movie type shit. We are going home, NOW.”

As they turn to head inside, something slams into the boat and causes them to lose their footing. Y/N ends up slaming her back against the rails while Nat and Wanda are sprawled out at her feet. “What the fuck was that?! I almost broke my spine!” “No idea, but it definitely is not friendly.” Y/N scoffs at Nat’s response as if it wasn’t obvious enough from the beginning. “Lets just get the hell out of here.” Two more slams violently rock the vessel, throwing Y/N right over the edge of the rails. The last things she hears right before hitting the water were the screams of her friends as they try reaching for her and the blood curling screech of whatever was waiting for her below the surface.

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26 "Far too long since we've seen each other" hug for the ship of your choice. ;)

When she wants to be, Natasha is a difficult woman to find. She was trained to be a ghost in the system, after all, and it’s habit to her to change aliases every so often, with which she’ll rent safe houses, paying in cash to avoid being linked to any account. Her ability to disappear and fly under the radar is what makes her a valuable spy, but when she decides she wants some time away from friends as well as enemies, it’s a pain, to say the least, to try and track and her down.

Clint is more practised at it than most. And he has the advantage of knowing her – knowing the kinds of places she likes to disappear in, the types of identity she prefers to use. Others would take weeks, maybe months, to begin piecing together the clues to find her. He can do it in a matter of days, now.

Some days he thinks he should add up all the time he’s spent looking for Natasha. But the time isn’t what’s important.

What’s important is that she always lets him find her.

He can tell she’s here as soon he opens the door. Her jacket is hung up on the rack in the corner, her shoes are haphazardly discarded nearby, and the smell of her perfume still lingers in the air. Clint smiles a little; she tends to favour this place – a small apartment on the Californian coast – after a long mission. From what he gathers she got back about a week before he did, making it three months in the end.

After taking off his own coat, he heads into the kitchen. He’s just taken the containers out of the bag he’s carrying when a stronger waft of perfume alerts him to Natasha’s presence behind him (even if she didn’t move as quietly as a cat, his hearing is nowhere near good enough to detect the soft padding of her feet).

“That Chinese place you like was closed, so I got Indian instead,” he says by way of greeting, turning around to look at her.

Her hair’s slightly damp, curling around her shoulders, and she’s wearing shorts and a loose tank top. The silver arrow necklace he gave her gleams in the hollow of her neck. There are faint shadows below her eyes and she looks tired. So does he, he’s sure. That’s what the job does.

“Just tell me you got samosas,” she says, stepping up beside him.

“What am I, an idiot?”

Natasha grins. “Do you really want me to answer that?”

In reply he puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her close. Her arms slip around his waist, fingers bunching into the material of his shirt, and rests her head against his chest. He bends down to press his own face into her hair, breathing her in, feeling the slow drum of her heart beating in time with his own. For a moment they just stand like that, tension slipping from their bodies as their shells crack open and they allow themselves to be vulnerable – something they only ever really are with each other.

When they pull back, Clint brushes a kiss against her forehead and she trails her fingers over his back before turning back to the counter and grabbing the food containers.

“Come on. I rented Casablanca. We can watch while we eat.”

Clint follows with a smile.

It’s always like this between them, warm touches and soft looks saying what they don’t with words. But for Clint, who spoke with his hands before his mouth, and Natasha, who grew up with more lies than truth, they say everything they need to know. 

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Clintasha (avengers)?

1. Their first kiss: Natasha grabbed his face and just planted one on him
2. Asked out first: They asked each other out at the same time.
3. First Date:They tried to have a normal dinner but ended up getting shot at.
4. Said “I love you” first: Natasha
5. Can’t stop touching the other: Neither
6. Pays for dinner: It alternates
7. Cooks: Clint
8. Is always jealous: Neither
9. Takes things too seriously: Natasha
10. Is a hopeless romantic: Clint
11. Proposed: Clint
12. Pet names: N/A

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME » favourite relationships [3/15]:

clint barton/natasha romanoff       [from marvel]

“Before I worked for SHIELD, I, uh… Well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn’t care who I used it for, or on. I got on SHIELD’s radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me. He made a different call.“

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Hi! I just checked your AO3 and saw that you have a few Clint/Natasha. They're one of my otps! So I was wondering if you can share your headcanon of Clint/Natasha and Tony/Steve while double dating??? (My phone froze so I'm not sure if you got my earlier ask. If you did pls ignore this and I'm sorry)

Hey! Yes, Clint/Natasha is one of my loves, and I just adore their dynamic. 

I feel like they might try double dates at the start, when Steve and Tony first get together, but then they realise what a huge mistake that was because those stupid boys are still in their honeymoon phase and so the entire meal is just full of sickly-sweet pet names and far too much PDA for Clint and Nat to be able to stomach.

They got over their own honeymoon phase two years ago. They can kinda see why people avoided them for those first few months, when they look across the table and see how sickeningly in-love and pathetic they must have looked.

Clint actually speaks up and says something along those lines (Natasha is definitely sure the exact words ‘sickening and pathetic’ were used)- and that’s what starts it all.

The PDA war.

Tony scoffs, and says that the two spies couldn’t be this affectionate if they tried. 
He really should have known not to challenge two of the most competitive people in the world.

Natasha shoots one raised eyebrow their way, before winding her hand around Clint’s neck and pulling him in for a positively filthy kiss, her fingers sliding up the man’s shirt teasingly and pulling a soft whine of surprise from Clint’s lips.

When they finally break, Tony just scoffs, looking to Steve and having a non-verbal argument with eye-contact and hand-gestures only, before Steve finally seems to concede and roll his eyes. 
“That the best you got? I’m disappointed, Romanov. Let me teach you how it’s done,” he says, before lifting himself off his chair and swinging a leg around, until he’s straddling Steve’s lap and kissing the life out of him.

“Oh, it is on, Stark,” Clint mutters, grabbing Natasha’s chair and spinning it around, their lips crashing together fiercely. 

This continues, with each couple trying to one-up the other, until eventually a waiter spots them (Tony’s hands are down Steve’s pants while Steve is sucking a hickey into Tony’s neck, and Clint is currently holding Natasha up against the wall while they heavily make-out) and starts yelling.

Long story and seven threats to call the cops later, they get thrown out. Tony and Natasha try to ask the waiter who was behaving worst- but they just get a door slammed in their face.

“Worth it,” Tony declares, winking at Steve, who just blushes even harder.

“We totally won that, anyway,” Clint says, holding a hand up, which Natasha high-fives without looking.