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Systematic racism will be the downfall of US Soccer. (and YES I am including the Women’s National Team too

In contrast to other countries, soccer in the United States caters itself towards white, suburban, upper-middle class kids. Premier clubs and other expenses have single-handedly priced out those in lower-income neighborhoods. Can you imagine how many Messis or Martas we lose annually, just because of the pay-to-play structure of youth soccer? Immigrant families, who come to the United States bearing an avid love for the game, are unable to pursue their dreams due to the outrageous costs. (X

American soccer players come from places where incomes, education and employment rankings, are whiter than the US average, while the basketball and football players came from places that ranked lower than average on those same indicators. (X)

In regards to the United States Women’s National Team…the success of our team is indisputable. But ask yourself this, how much longer do you think we’ll be able to maintain our dominance if we continue to ignore lower- income, or, dare-I-say, minority athletes? Just take a look at USMNT for the answer on that one.  

Imagine waking up next to Clint

This happened because someone asked me how hot Clint was. And I answered with: I want to be his best friend, drink beers with him and then the two of us would have drunk sex and be like,“OH SHIT,” in the morning.

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Your head was pounding, throat dried and your body was sore.

Damn sore. 

What the hell happened last night?

You tried to recall the events that led to this massive hangover, but all you could really remember was staying late at the bar with your best friend, Clint. The others had left around 11, but the two of you stuck around drinking well into two in the morning.

“Fuck,” a low voice came from underneath the covers next to you. “My head is pounding.”

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Natasha ran her hand slowly over the letters carved into the wood.

(Clint is #1) they read in deep grooves on the far right corner of Starks overly expensive kitchen table.
Every morning, over countless breakfasts, Clint would sit there and retrace his name with the edge of a knife as he ate his cereal.

Tony had threatened to snap his knife in half if Clint didn’t stop. Had threatened to kick his arrow shooting ass out to the curb. Had actually tried to call the police to have Hawkeye arrested for vandalism, but the dispatcher had thought it was a crank call and had hung up.

Her full lips curled in a smile remembering when Bucky had moved in and Clint had sat him down and showed him the perfect pressure to use to write his own name in the wood. The soldier had stared at him in surprise, then carefully started carving. Buckys name wasn’t as deep yet, but it was getting there.

She dug her fingers into the “C”, swallowing against the wave of emotion, thinking about just the other morning when Clint had pulled her into his lap and told her she should start carving too. She had rolled her eyes and pulled away and told him she didn’t need to deface a table just so people remembered her.

Clint had stuck his tongue out at her, then checked to make sure no one else was in the room before pulling her down for a long kiss.

It seemed like the other morning, but it was almost two months ago now, and she couldn’t quite handle that.

“Clint.” She whispered, and her voice didn’t sound like her, choked and hoarse and angry, and she wanted to throw the table out the window because it WASNT FAIR that he was gone and she had to still be here.

“I miss him too. We all do. Two months and it hasn’t gotten any easier.” Tony spoke from right behind her and she straightened her shoulders.

“I didn’t realize anyone was–”

Tony just cleared his throat to interrupt her, and handed her a small pocket knife.

Natasha took it with a tiny smile, smoothing her hand across the table before starting to carve her name into it, right above Clint’s.

And underneath she carved a date from several years earlier, before the Avengers, before the war, before everything had gone so wrong.

“Can I ask?” Tony said softly.

“It’s Budapest.” She answered, tightening her hand around the knife until the blade started cutting into her fingers, until blood started dripping from her palm.

“Hey. Hey, come on.” Tony pried the knife loose, closing it carefully and taking her hand. “Come on, Ms Romamoff.” He tried to tease her gently, tried to make her smile, because she hadn’t been quite right since the memorial service several weeks past and he was worried about her. “Lets get you cleaned up, and then a drink and maybe to bed. I know you haven’t slept since the–”

“It’s Mrs Barton.” She said dully and he blinked a few times.


“It’s Mrs. Barton.” She said again and her shoulders started shaking as tears rolled down her face.

“Since when?” He whispered, and she stared down at the table, at the name carved deep enough that it couldn’t be sanded away.

“Since Budapest.”

I’m sorry for this guys.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Michael and James ships mcbender and cherik. James leans on Michael's shoulder and they smile blissfully. My life is complete. I don't care how the writers write xmen. cherik is canon as long as the actors say it's canon because cherik is getting married in america with rainbows and unicorns over their heads because charles will love erik no matter how much he hates him despite his on going shit about killing humans even if magneto finds a wife and go live in the woods like clint barton and starts a family or whatever shit cherik is still canon
Imagine The Avengers

Imagine waking up on you bathroom floor, drooling on your bathmat. “Nice,” You groan, pushing yourself up from the floor. 

“Good morning (y/n),” Nat coos, a smirk plastered on her face, “Have a nice snooze?” 

Clint snickered, prodding you with a wooden spoon with a red tie around his head. “Wild night, huh?” 

You rubbed your head; the room was spinning, god you was going to vomit. ‘Fucking Darcy..’. You remember how ‘the shit hit the fan’ (as Fury would put it)- Darcy arrived with brownies- brownies - and the night went crazy soon after Tony began throwing alcohol at everyone.

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“Okay,” You sigh, propping your self up against the bath tub.”What did I do, hit me.” 

“Well,” Nat began, failing to suppress her laugh. “You had a bath with a rubber ducky and still had your shoes on. You went fishing for bubbles with a dust pan,”

You threw the brush at Sam-” Clint choked, throwing himself to the floor and clutching his stomach. You suspected he probably got to the brownies. Again

“Thor made a runner with the chocolate fountain, Tony programmed FRIDAY to speak in a different language so now no one can understand her, Steve threatened to arrest Rhodey because he said that ‘American laws and customs alike are based on the dreams of spinsters’, Pietro tried to murder Sam with a chopstick because he called him ‘Dicksilver’, and we lost Wanda, and found her this morning wondering the woods with Thor’s cape on.”

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“Honestly I think some of us are probably dead-”

Haaaaa, Wanda was wandering the woods…” Clint whispered to himself. 

“I’m going to need so much coffee. I’m going to write a fucking novel about this.” You yell, jumping to your feet and disappear down the hallway. 

Lesson? Darcy + Tony = Absolute no no.


Paring: avengers x reader

Characters: all the avengers + bucky

Summary: when a camping trip to the woods goes wrong, the avengers find themselves in another world with new creatures, new people, new culture and a queen to learn about. War brews below the surface and the team arrives at the wrong time. 

Word count: 2k

A/N: new series! summary sucks but it’s an interesting story and will have no romance, just a strong female character who will lead her people with the help of the avengers to victory. 


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“It’ll be fun!” Tony insisted. “After this whole Ultron thing and the Civil War we had. It’s about time we all do something together, as a united family. That includes you, Freezer Boy.” Tony pointed to Bucky who looked genuinely surprised that he was a part of this said family.

“Spending a week in the woods is your idea of bonding?” Natasha asked.

“There will be tents, we can set up our own and have a campfire. S'mores! Good old fashioned hunting and fishing so Clint bring your bow, it’ll be handy.” Tony continued. “And I found the perfect spot! No park rangers, no boundaries, no city life and more importantly no people. Completely off the grid.”

“What if we get attacked?” Pietro asked.

“Oh please, if a bear ever attacks us, you’ll take Wanda and run her to safety.” Tony replied. “Besides, I’m sure Cap here can wrestle the bear to the floor. Or Freezer Boy here, he has that metal arm.”

“I’m not killing a bear,” Bucky mumbled.

“Who said anything about killing?” Tony dragged a hand down his face.

“What if something happens while we’re gone?” Steve asked.

“That’s why we’re leaving Vision behind. If things get out of hand, he can just ring is up and we’ll come right over. So what do you say?”

Sam shrugged, “I’m game. We can use a break.”

Tony brought his hands together, “Great! It’s settled then. Everyone pack up we leave tomorrow, early in the morning, so get a good night’s rest on your bed for the last time.”

“Tony are you sure we’re going the right way?” Natasha asked as she ducked under a trunk.

The leaves crunched under the team’s boots that Tony had equipped them with. There was no trail  and the group was constantly getting prickled with twigs. The afternoon was cloudless and the sun burned brightly, making Pietro wish he had rubbed on sunscreen like his sister told him.

“I’m positive!” He exclaimed. “FRIDAY this is the right way, right?” He asked the AI under his breath.

“Correct,” FRIDAY replied.

“Let’s just use Google maps, feels like we’ve been walking in circles,” Clint complained.

“No technology, Barton. Embrace the nature. Let your surroundings be your guide,” Tony noted.

“How did you find this place?” Sam asked.

“Crash landed.” He said bluntly.

“How?” Sam continued.

“Aha!” Tony pulled away a single branch and stepped into the clearing. The group followed. One by one they tugged down the branch for the person after them. Bucky however, thought Sam would hold the branch. He thought wrong. Sam let go of the branch and it hit Bucky square in the chest.

“Look how amazing!” Tony proudly put his hands on his hips and took in a deep breath. “Smell that? That’s nature.”

Wanda wrinkled her nose, “It smells like feces.”

Clint made a face and nodded in agreement.

Tony clapped his hands together, “Let’s begin. We need to find a water source. So we’re gonna split up. Wanda, Natasha-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Pietro had zipped out of there, leaving a trail of blue behind him. He came back shortly after. “There’s a waterfall about a mile away.”

“Thank you for that, Speedy. But we’re still going to split up. The twins, Natasha, and Freezer Boy, go find some lumber. Cap, Sam, Clint and I will get food. We meet back here in two hours. Also, Wanda, Pietro, you both are in charge of setting up the tents.”

“Why us?” Wanda asked.

“Cause you have your magic and your brother has the speed. Together it’ll be faster,” Tony explained.

The two groups split up. Bucky lumbered behind Wanda and adjusted the cap on his head. Natasha led the group and Pietro walked by his sister’s side. Bucky heard rustling in the leaves and they collectively stopped. Natasha shared a look with Bucky, she had heard it too. They prepared for a fight, but it was Wanda’s sudden sucked in breath that made them relax.

A small fawn peered out from behind a tree. It’s big doe eyes were full of fear. Wanda crouched and stuck a hand out full with peanuts. Bucky watched with amazement as the fawn slowly walked towards Wanda. She smiled widely when it began eating the peanuts. When the fawn had full trust in Wanda, she softly stroked it’s head.

“He must be lost,” Wanda spoke out.

“How do you know if it’s a boy or girl?” Pietro asked. He leaned down carefully and looked between the animal’s legs. “Never mind.”

“We should take him to his mother,” Wanda continued.

“We could,” Natasha bit her bottom lip. “Lumber shouldn’t take too long, right?”

Bucky smiled, “guess we really are gonna play superheros.”

On the other side of the woods, Clint was constantly complaining.

“We still have half a mile?” He groaned and threw his head back.

“You’ll survive,” Tony said and reached into his backpack. “Here,” he tossed Clint an apple. “Eat this and stop whining.”

He mumbled under his breath but bit his apple and continued to trudge through the leaves. Though against Tony’s will, Steve brought along his shield.

You never know what’ll happen,” The super soldier had said.

“Look alive, gentleman,” Tony continued. “We’re in the eyes of Mother Nature.”

By the time they reached the river, Sam, Clint and Tony were all drenched in sweat. Except Steve who hadn’t even broken a sweat. The water cascaded into the stream, flowing down and following the current. They were several feet away from the waterfall, but it was heard so clearly.

“How do we know there’s fish in the river?” Sam asked.

“Where there’s water, there is fish,” Tony said.

“That’s terrible logic,” Clint noted.

“I don’t see you coming up with anything,” He snapped back.

“You didn’t bring any fishing poles,” Sam stated.

“That’s why we brought Hawkeye here,” Tony smiled and roughly patted Clint’s back.

“Step back and let me do this,” Clint nocked an arrow and crouched by the river before staring intently at the moving current.

“Well, I’m glad we did some good justice for today,” Wanda smiled as she carried three logs in her arms.

Pietro nodded, “The mom deer was so cute.”

“Hey look, they haven’t come back yet. Didn’t think fishing would take so long,” Natasha smile sheepishly. “Bucky and I will start a fire and you two can set up the tents. Sun’s probably gonna set in an hour or two.”

Together, Wanda and Pietro set up the tents. Though Pietro set up his four tents faster than his sister, Wanda was almost as fast to set them up. By the time they were both done, a campfire was already burning in the center.

Wanda sat on the grass and wrapped herself in a blanket. Bucky tended to the fire and smiled kindly at Wanda when they made eye contact.

“The food has arrived!” Clint exclaimed and held a large bucket.

“Did you catch it all yourself?” Wanda asked.

Behind Clint, Steve emerged out of the tress, drenched from head to toe, “No, he did not.” Steve mumbled.

“What happened to you?” Bucky asked.

“We kind of made a bet that Steve couldn’t catch three fish with his bare hands,” Sam began to laugh. “Obviously we lost.”

When the sun set and their stomachs were full, they all sat around the campfire and began to recall memories that made them laugh and smile.

Steve looked up to the sky and furrowed his eyebrows. Bucky noticed this and followed his best friend’s gaze. He realized why Steve had a confused look.

“Tony, this isn’t the Milky Way galaxy,” Steve spoke up.

This brought up the rest of the groups attention to the sky. Instead of usual nebula that was streaking across the sky, it was a blue planet. A nebula claimed the night sky, but it was a mixture of red and purple.

“What the hell?” Tony said slowly as he stood up. “FRIDAY examine the premises.”  

“That…..that isn’t normal,” Clint added. He pointed to a giant fire ball that was rotating slowly in the sky above. But even that didn’t match the moon. It was blue and bigger than the usual moon. The heavens above looked ethereal. Otherworldly even.

The temperature seemed to drop twenty degrees. The fire in the center singed out as if it were a candlelight. However the moon above created enough light to illuminate the camp just as florescent lights would. The group looked at each other curiously. Suddenly, the leaves crunched deep in the woods. Wanda tensed up and Steve noticed this.

“Circle up,” Steve ordered and the team followed.

They pressed their backs against each other in a collective oval. Steve held out his shield, Natasha pulled out a gun, Tony readied his repulsor, Clint nocked an arrow, Pietro readied his stance, Wanda formed a ball of red energy in her hands and Sam prepared for a fight.

A pair of glowing green eyes appeared in the shadows of the trees. Tony sucked in a breath and watched as a giant wolf/tiger like animal emerged from the woods. It was bigger than an average wolf, it’s fur stark white. Another appeared and another, soon they were surrounded by these same creatures. One with gray fur, another with black fur, but all had the same glowing menacing green eyes.

“Tony, what are these things?” Steve asked.

“FRIDAY, analysis.” Tony stated.

“These creatures are not registered under any SHIELD or government files of any kind,” The AI responded.

“Oh goody,” Clint mumbled.

The animals bared their teeth and dug their claws into the dirt, ready to pounce.

“Tony, I don’t hurt animals. No matter how freakish they are,” Wanda remarked.

“Well I don’t either but we don’t have a choice here!” Tony added.


The voice broke through the open air and the animals halted. They continued to stare at the group, but took a few steps back. Tony and Steve shared a look of curiosity.

A girl came into view. She stood tall, with inhuman glowing Y/E/C eyes. Her hair was silver, bright like the metal itself. It glimmered under the light of the moon. Her body was lean and agile. The muscles on her arms proved that she was strong. A golden wreath crown sat on her head. Her eyes darted back and forth, examining the group, drinking in the view. She held a spear in her hand. The handle matched the gold on her crown, the blade was silver to match her hair. It was long and had an extremely looking sharp point. She spoke in a tongue that none of them recognized.

“FRIDAY, translate please,” Tony stated.

“Language not recognized,” FRIDAY replied.

“Even fictional ones? Check all the books,” Tony added. “Also check for any cosplayers in the area.”

“Still not recognized,” The AI said.

The girl rolled her eyes, “Why are you here? Who are you and why do walk on my land unrecognized?”

“Your land?” Steve asked.

“Where are you from?” She continued.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think the outdoors is really yours to claim,” Tony added.

“You, are standing on the land of Arystia. My land. My kingdom.” She said firmly.

“This is earth,” Tony stated slowly.

She laughed, “That explained it. You’re from earth.” She paused and took a deep breath. “Come, unless you decide to stay out here in the Woods of Toridia and be eaten alive by the the Borid Lion.” She turned on her heel and marched back into the woods. “Ba surik!” The creatures looked at the group once more and left with their queen.

The group looked at each other.

“Should we go?” Wanda asked. “Maybe we really aren’t on earth anymore and we need answers.”

Pietro shrugged and began to walk into the shadows. Wanda followed him. Slowly they all began to follow the mysterious girl.

“Think she’s being serious?” Tony asked Steve.

Steve looked up, “This definitely isn’t earth and I don’t plan on getting eaten by any Borid Lions.” He sighed. “C'mon, let’s follow them.”

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