clint will not win this war

Prank Wars

Request: Can you do something that bucky and the reader hate each other and bucky starts a prank war with the reader( and there like mean pranks). Sorry if this doesn’t make sense @ 123olivia

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Pranking Bucky had to be the highlight of your day, night, life even. He had started a prank war with you and you’ve been going at it for a week now, seeing who would end up claiming the winning title.

You’ve gone through his bedroom, moving everything an inch to the side and you even ruined a date for him by storming in, make up smeared on your face, wearing a wedding dress you borrowed from a friend. 

Bucky was embarrassed and you thought you had won the war, but Bucky isn’t one to give up so quickly. 

Later that night, you had woken up on top of the roof instead of your warm bed. You’re a heavy sleeper but it’s nothing against the cold winter temperature of New York City. Steve had helped you warm up with a cup of hot chocolate while Bucky was laughing at your shivering state.

You had grown tired of going back and forth with Bucky and you almost gave up the winning prank war title. That is until you had the best prank idea.
You were in Tony’s lab, working on a small device to make Bucky’s metal arm completely immobile and under your control.

Tony stopped in his tracks when he saw you perched up on his table, deep in concentration. “Kid, what are you up to?” Tony questioned, walking over to you and peeking over your shoulder. 

You help up a finger, sticking your tongue out as you finished the final touch. The wires connected and you smirked. “Done.” You closed the small device and picked up its remote. 

Tony started smiling. “Y/N.” He said, already knowing what it was. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked just in case. You looked up at him and hopped off his table. “Oh yeah.” You said, handing it to him. 

He inspected the small device and you wiggled your eyebrows. “You’re so gonna win with this.” Tony chuckled, handing it back to you.
You smiled proudly and held the remote in your other hand. “Well, gotta run!” You said, taking off up to the kitchen. 

It was noon so Bucky would be making himself lunch. You casually walked out of the elevator and saw Bucky facing the island, making a sandwich. You purposely bumped into him, tagging his metal arm with the small device.

Bucky grunted and sighed. “Sorry.” You muttered with a smirk. “Watch it, two left feet.” Bucky grumbled. You held the remote in your hand tightly, not wanting to start yet. 

A few others on the team came into the kitchen now. Sam and Steve were laughing at Clint. “I’m not joking! He’s real.” Clint said frustratingly. Sam scoffed. “Bigfoot is not real.” Steve nodded in agreement, leaning against the counter across from the island.  

Bucky finished making his lunch and sat down on a stool. Clint sat beside him and Sam stood at the edge. You stayed near the other side of the kitchen, holding a glass of water. 

You were waiting for the perfect moment to start controlling Bucky’s arm.
You made different options on the remote. Grip, punch, slap, and throw.

You were listening in on the conversation and saw Bucky put his sandwich down. He lifted his metal arm to grab his glass of orange juice and you pressed the ‘throw’ button. 

Bucky’s arm whirred and immediately chucked the glass against the wall, just shy of hitting Sam in the head. “What the fuck is your problem!?” Sam yelled, stepping back. 

Bucky sat there shocked, not sure what to do. “I-I” He stuttered, looking down at his arm. You had tagged the device on the back where he couldn’t see it. You held in your laugh and Steve and Clint looked at you. 

You took a banana from the fruit bowl to keep yourself busy so they wouldn’t think you were doing this. 

Bucky shook his head and went back to eating. Sam angrily sighed, going back to finishing his conversation with Clint. 

“All I’m saying is that he couldn’t possibly be real.” Sam stated. Clint groaned and hopped off the stool. “I saw him, Sam. You’re not a believer of Bigfoot but you literally know Thor. Come on.” Clint said, resting his hands on the other end of the island. 

You pressed the ‘slap’ button and Bucky’s arm whipped around and slapped Clint’s shoulder. He yelled and held onto his arm. “Bucky, what the fuck!” Clint yelled. 

Steve’s eyes got wide, as did Sam’s and Bucky’s. “What’s gotten into you?” Steve asked, concern on his face. “It’s not me!” Bucky yelled, getting off of his stool. 

Bucky looked down at his metal arm, flexing the fingers and the plates shifted. “I need to go to Tony and see if he can find out what’s going on.” Bucky said lowly. 

Steve stopped him before he could leave. “He left, he had to go somewhere with Bruce.” Bucky sighed, standing beside Steve now. He leaned against the counter and you pressed the grip button. 

You moved Bucky’s metal hand to Steve’s crotch and it gripped onto him. You watched Steve shout and Bucky gasped, pulling his hand away. Sam and Clint burst out laughing and Bucky’s face turned red. 

“Buck! You’ve got to stop! What was that!?” Steve yelled in a higher pitched voice, holding onto his groin. You laughed and they all turned to you. 

You smirked and held the remote up. “Surrender?” You asked Bucky. He looked embarrassed and angry. Bucky walked over to you and you wiggled the remote in his face. 

Bucky towered above you and you smiled proudly up at him. “I can’t believe you.” Bucky seethed. You shrugged your shoulders and moved Bucky’s hand over to his own crotch. 

He quickly tried to move it away but before he could, you pressed the ‘grip’ button. Bucky’s metal hand gripped onto his own crotch and he groaned out. “Fuck! Okay, stop! I surrender!” He yelled, hunching over in pain. 

You pressed the off button and smirked as you took the device off the back of his metal arm. “Thanks.” You said, skipping out of the room with your new title. 

You heard the others laughing. Bucky shot them a glare, clenching his metal fist. They all shut up, remembering that he could use his own arm now.

Note: omg i hope this doesn’t suck! i wasn’t sure how to make this turn out, so i hope you like it. .c

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steve rogers is a poor loser.

like, clint comes up with the brilliant idea of Avengers Game Nights. “for team bonding,” he says but maybe it’s for his own entertainment too.

so they play monopoly (the Ultimate Family Destroyer, according to sam) and everything is going great, at first. and then slowly, steve starts getting mad because he’s about to go bankrupt and tony just bought his sixth hotel and natasha is somehow winning and he starts ranting about how unfair the game is and wHY IS TONY ALLOWED TO BE BANK HE COULD BE CHEATING.

or they play ludo and steve is doing really shitty and keeps getting send back home immediately and then he finally gets close to his goal but then someone sends him back and he’s furious aND JUST WHAT THE FUCK NAT I WAS RIGHT THERE OH THIS MEANS WAR BUCKY GET MY SHIELD I’M STARTING A WAR BECAUSE THEY’RE BEING BULLIES STOP LAUGHING AT ME TONY AND STOP RECORDING THIS CLINT DO NOT PUT IT ON TWITTER

(#CapRage trends on twitter an hour later)

no one talks about the time they played uno.

and then twister gets played and steve just straight up refuses to give up and it’s just him and nat competing because everyone else has given up. it takes hours, probably, before natasha gets bored and just lets steve win (subtly though) and steve gloats for hours.

everyone agrees that steve’s gloating is a lot worse than when he loses.

twister gets played again and this time, it’s bucky and steve left and they’re just wrapped in each other and neither are willing to give up because they’re both stubborn assholes, even though they’re in an awkward position and way too close and whoopsie that’s my ass steve and it’s definitely not a red space get your foot off of it.

(bucky ends up with steve’s ass in his face and steve wins (in more ways than one) and everyone groans and rolls their eyes when steve starts gloating)

(twister mysteriously ends up shredded and in the trash)

domestic avengers headcanons:

-they all live in stark tower or the new avengers base
-Vision not understanding some stuff and Thor of all people trying to explain
-Pietro shows back up somehow and asks Clint, “You didn’t see that coming?”
-Thor actually placing his hammer in an elevator
-Wanda bonding with Vision cause they are weird
-Pietro stealing everyone’s food cause of his fast metabolism
-Rhodes and Sam starting prank wars
-Rhodes and Sam losing the prank wars against Pietro and Clint
-Clint having his own “nest”
-Thor and Vision being “cape bros”
-Steve feeling like a babysitter at times
-Natasha eventually giving in and joining the prank wars
-she wins
-Captain America: Civil War aka someone stole Steve’s socks of freedom
-no really they are made of freedom
-ok they have the American flag on them and came from the dollar store
-but Steve doesn’t know that
-Sam and Clint are the “birds of prey” bros
-Wanda is legit at Wheel of Fortune
-Bruce and Tony reunite and check up on vision
-for science
-Tony and Thor still argue over who’s girlfriend is the best
-Natasha keeps score
-Wanda is actually a great cook
-Vision tries to help her
-Pietro didn’t sabotage parts of Stark tower
-at least that’s what he said when Tony walked in covered in glue and feathers
-also did you see that huge spider Rhodes took out this morning?
-yeah neither did anyone else
-but it was big

The Signs as Civil War Characters + Quotes

Aries: Tony Stark (Iron Man) “Obviously you can quote me on that, I just said it." 

Taurus: Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) "I can’t control their fear, only my own." 

Gemini: Scott Lang (Ant-Man) "I’m shaking your hand too long. Wow, this is awesome. Captain America! I know you, too, you’re great! Geez." 

Cancer: Steve Rogers (Captain America) "He said ‘Bucky’ and suddenly I was that 16-year-old boy from Brooklyn again." 

Leo: Clint Barton (Hawkeye) "As much as I hate to admit it, if we’re gonna to win this one, some of us might have to lose it." 

Virgo: Vision "Our very strength incites challenge. Challenge incites conflict, and conflict breathes catastrophe." 

Libra: Peter Parker (Spider-man) “When you can do the things that I can do, and bad things happen…And you don’t…Then it is your fault.” 

Scorpio: T'Challa (Black Panther) "Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me." 

Sagittarius: Sam Wilson (Falcon) "Are we supposed to just take that and be okay with it?" 

Capricorn: Rhodey (War Machine) "Okay, now I’m pissed!" 

Aquarius: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) "Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.” 

Pisces: Bucky Barnes “I remember all of them.”

“Ready soldiers?“ Steve asks. You all nod as the truck (driven by bucky) Shakes.

“We will win this.” Wanda smirks. You couldn’t blame her for wanting to go against Tony, but sometimes you think she might want to kill him.

“Ready as i’ll ever be. but tell me why again we’re fighting them? we won’t get anything out of this asides pain.” You ask. you didn’t want to fight. You would’ve held back, but if someone got hurt you wanted to help. And you truly believed in what this team stood for. Just not in this way.

“Because they’re wrong, and we have to show’em who’s right.” Clint says. You sigh in response.

“Guys, I’m really glad You let me help out!” Scott smiles. oblivious to what’s going on. “Not now, TicTac.” Sam shushes him.

“Halfway there!” Bucky yells from the front. 

You could tell this was going to be a long day.

Hawkeye please…

I love that he’s a muppets fan.

Honestly marvel should put these two together more in the a+X series going on.

Friendly Fire (pt. 8)

part onepart twopart threepart fourpart fivepart sixpart seven

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little prank war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 1,142 lmao whoops

Warnings: none 

Notes: this is the end! :D im considering writing an epilogue depending if you want one?? if so, then i could “introduce” the next thing im planning on writing, which is probably going to be a one shot. anyways, im going on vacation to Mammoth Lakes from the 18th - 22nd. i cant bring my laptop (i know omg) so i cant write and post. when i come back, ill start my writing up again! 
i hope you guys enjoyed this series, as much as i did writing it ♥

There was no way you were going to stay. This entire mess was because of you, so the least you could do was try to fix it and apologize to Bucky. And Sam, for dragging him into this.

You went back to your room to grab your shoes, and began to leave. On your way out, you passed by Wanda’s room and noticed that the door was ajar.

I can’t just leave like that.
I should at least let someone know where I’m going

“Hey, Wanda? I’m going to check on the guys” you called out, only to receive silence back.

You poked your head through, taking note that she wasn’t there. Now that you thought about it, you hadn’t seen her, or anyone else all day. The last time you saw her, was this morning when she told you about your prank being a bad idea.

Great. She’s probably upset with me too.

You left her door slightly open, just like how you found it and left. Once you stepped onto the grass, you began running towards the trees, to the spot that you watched Natasha disappear into. The entire facility was almost hidden by trees, but it wasn’t dense forest. The trees were rather evenly spread out. As you approached the trees, you noticed something peculiar.

Is that.. Music?

A confused expression spread along your face. After all the times that you’ve walked along the edge of the trees, not once have you ever heard anything, especially music. You started walking further, slowly stepping over any branches to keep from making any sound.

After ten minutes of steady stepping, the trees finally started breaking. The sound of music became more clearer. There were lights that shined through the leaves, causing them to illuminate soft hues of greens and yellows.

You took a deep breath, and ventured the last few steps past the trees.

“What’s going on?” you asked out.

Almost everyone was here. Clint and Natasha were sitting at the large wooden round table, with matching chairs. They were in some kind of deep conversation, not even noticing you. Nat’s legs were on Clint’s lap, while his arms rested on them.

Wanda was sitting on the grass, showing Vision how to make a flower crown from the little flowers that grew around them. Steve and Sam were by the grill chatting, while Tony stood by with a drink in hand, making sure Steve didn’t break the grill again.

“Well hello, doll”

Your gaze moved to the opposite side, landing on glacier blue eyes. Bucky had this playful smirk on his face, the kind that made it difficult not to look at.

“Buck.. What’s going on?” you questioned him, “What happened to you and Sam?? How is-”

“The sweetest kind of revenge” he chuckled.

“What?” you replied, still confused as hell.

“Look’s like someone isn’t good at following orders” Nat called out from the table, causing Clint to shake his head playfully.

Steve handed the spatula to Tony, and walked over to you with Sam. You met them halfway, and quickly started circling Sam. You placed your hand on his face, turning his head in all directions before stepping back.

“Where are the cuts and bruises??” you asked Sam.

He shook his head, chuckling, “Oh that? I got some of that super soldier serum baby, it’s all healed.”

Bucky shot him a look, lifting his eyebrow up. Natasha came up to you, with Clint by her side as well.

“Can someone please explain? Seriously, I’ve been here for like ten minutes already and I’m still so lost” you begged.

They all looked at each other for a moment and laughed.

“Alright, I think she’s suffered enough” Steve said, nodding at Natasha to explain.

“Well you see, this was all Bucky’s plan” Nat began with.

After a few minutes of explaining Bucky’s elaborate plan, you were quiet. This entire thing, was a prank. From Sam’s kiss, to the fight that him and Bucky staged.

“What about the hole in the wall?” you asked Bucky.

“Wait, what hole??” Tony asked, giving Bucky and Sam a wide stare.

“Oh, uh yeah about that” Bucky explained, “I might’ve gotten a bit carried away.”

“A bit? We almost crashed into a damn tree because you couldn’t grab both my legs!” Sam exclaimed, bursting into laughter.

Everyone began laughing once more, bringing up their favourite moments of the prank. As the laughter died down, the music began to roam the air. A slow song started playing, something from maybe the 40′s or 50′s? You already knew that Steve was the one who chose the playlist.

“Would you like to accompany with this dance, Wanda?” Vision asked softly.

Wanda blushed lightly, before getting up and moving to the open space.

Clint looked at Natasha, nodding once to the side. Nat smiled, and they both followed Vision and Wanda. You watched as they became tied into one another, slowly moving to the rhythm of the song.

“Care to dance, love?”

You looked up to meet Bucky’s hand placed out in front of you. He was smiling softly, not breaking eye contact. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk.

“You at least owe me, for kissing Sam” he replied, gently chuckling.

“Technically, that was on you Barnes” you said, taking his hand.

As you made your way to the open space, Bucky gently placed his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. Slowly dancing to the song, you couldn’t help but wonder.

“Hey, Buck?” you asked. Your head was laying along his chest, acknowledging his steady heartbeat.


“Did you really have a crush on me, or was that a part of the prank?”

He stopped dancing, and placed his metallic hand under your chin, lifting you up to face him.

“Actually, I do” he quietly admitted, “I have, for quite a while now.”

“Then why the pranks?” you questioned.

“I guess you just brought the kid out of me. After all those years I spent trapped, I lost who I was. I forgot the little details about myself, but being around you, reminds me of the good times I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, being around Steve is great too but I-”

You couldn’t help yourself; you placed your hand behind Bucky’s head and pull him in close and gently kissed him. It was a soft, simple kiss.

“Truce?” you smiled.

Bucky pulled you back in, placing his lips along yours once more. His hands moved to the side of your face, his thumb subtly caressing your cheek. You passionately kissed him, your hands intertwining in his hair. He broke the kiss, causing you to miss the warmth of his lips. He laid his forehead against yours, smiling.


thoughts? comments?

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Before the Line (Prequel) Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 709

A/N: This is a multi part prequel drabble series for To the End of the Line (Part 1). Hopefully it makes up for all the angst? :) and yes I’m going to be bitter about Nicole winning for a while

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Whoever said retirement was the best thing to happen obviously lived a boring life. It’s been two years since SHIELD fell. Two years of no missions, and I was losing my mind. The plus side of this situation was that had I saved enough money to live comfortably and the government provided me with a generous salary for doing absolutely nothing. My days have been filled with booze, trash tv, and occasionally going out with former coworkers. I get up off my couch and make my way into the kitchen, figuring I might as well make myself something to eat. I scour through my cabinets to see what there is, only to come up with  bananas, a half eaten jar of Nutella, and bread. I really needed to go grocery shopping. Maybe I’ll go later.

I make myself a Nutella banana sandwich and head back to the couch that probably had a permanent butt print to continue watching the season finale of Big Brother. The jury was finally voting on who would win, Nicole or Paul. I’m really rooting for Paul to win, and I think he might have a chance. I lift the sandwich to my mouth to only stop halfway when I heard a knock on my door. Not expecting anyone, I get up hesitantly and take out the combat knife I keep underneath my couch for situations like this. I get to the door and look through the peephole, only to see my good old friend, Clint Barton. I eagerly opened the door and threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around.

“Hey there, buddy. Missed me that much?” he asked.

I let go of him and tell “Boy am I glad to see you, Barton. I’m losing my damn mind,” while making my way back into my apartment, him right befhing me.

He walks into my apartment and notices how everything was in a different spot from when he was last here. When you have two years of no work, redecorating often seems like a great idea. Clint takes a seat on the couch and says “Nice redecorating. What else have you been up to?”

I take the seat next to him and I can tell Clint wasn’t here for just a personal visit just by his poor choice in casual conversation, there was a reason behind this visit. “Nothing at all. So what’s up, Clint? SHIELD falls and it’s radio silence from you and now you’re criticizing my decorations?” I joke.

“Have you seen the news recently?” he asked.

I didn’t have to ask what he was talking about. The news, social media, even the old lady down the hall was talking about it. The Accords meeting with the Avengers that went sour with the bombing of the UN.

“Yeah. I can’t believe someone would do that. Then again, it was the Winter Soldier so I shouldn’t really be surprised, right? Why do I get the feeling that’s why you’re here?” I questioned.

“Well you see, kid, Cap needs your help” Barton started. Just at the mere mention of Captain America, I was in.

“I’m in” I responded immediately.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“If Captain Star Spangled Ass is involved, I’m in.”

Growing up, I always admired the heroism of Steve Rogers and what he gave up for his country, including his best friend who was like a brother to him. When the news broke of his survival, I couldn’t have been more excited. The man who I admired, my role model, was still alive. I was put on assignment to watch over him and monitor any changes in him when he was asleep. The one day I had off was the day Captain Rogers woke up. Since then I have only met a handful of times, the last time being the day SHIELD fell and the Winter Soldier went missing.

“Alright then. Grab any essentials you need and I’ll meet you downstairs in the van. We need to make another stop,” with that he got up and left.

I got up to go get ready only to notice that Nicole won and Clint had swiped my sandwich. “Goddamnit” I muttered in frustration and went to get ready.

Part 2

my feelings towards characters in Civil War
  • STEVE: wins most unhelpful person of the year award and most hypocritical and most lying
  • TONY: pls go to a hospital because i'm literally scared you're gonna keel over
  • NATASHA: oh look! a voice of logic and reason, thank god!
  • BUCKY: you deserve so much better
  • SAM: bless you beautiful soul even if i don't always agree
  • RHODEY: bless you beautiful soul and i totally agree with you on everything!
  • T'CHALLA: another one who found logic and reason, woo!
  • VISION: my sweet summer child
  • CLINT: fuck u
  • WANDA: sometimes i love you, sometimes you infuriate me to no end, what do i even do
  • SCOTT: just shut up
  • PETER: my sweet summer child #2
  • SHARON: i still sigh at some of your choices, but at least you have logic and reason too, score 3 for team logic and reason!
  • THUNDERBOLT ROSS: you sneaky clever bastard
  • EVERETT ROSS: i'm so sorry you got stuck with all these idiots and you have to share your last name with a creep
  • AUNT MAY: a new sass god has arisen
  • RUMLOW: wish you stuck around longer
  • T'CHAKA: the ultimate leader of team logic and reason, the hero we needed and deserved
  • ZEMO: very clever, I'm impressed
  • STAN THE FEDEX MAN: a true hero

I really like Civil Wars portrayal of Clint and Natasha for one reason. they’re not useless.

there are so many times where i have seen people say they are and it’s so aggravating.

they have limitations. Natasha cannot be expected to kick Cap’s ass and Clint cannot be expected to take Vision down. So they use distractions, team mates, special weapons to give themselves a one up. a chance to actually win. 

Sam does the same thing a few times when he notices that he can’t win this by playing fair. they are NOT fiar players. they’re not going to get into hand to hand combat without cheating a little. they arn’t going to use weapons without finding an edge that gives them some sort of advantage and i LOVE seeing it.

these are human characters with no significant advantage over everyone else other than actual military/spec ops training. the only other character who has that training is bucky and Rhodey. Rhodey has a suit so using that training is hard. Bucky however uses it all the time and it make’s him leathel af.

i don’t want my hero’s kicking ass all the time. i want them to use their brains. Natasha beating Scott when she can’t even really see him. 

Clint taking down Tony and Vision by making himself a diversion. getting Scott to Tony’s suit. using exploding arrows on T’challa cuz he has seen him long enough to know he has quick reflexes but not long enough to know that exploding arrows won’t hurt him. 

and they can STILL hold their own. Natasha absolutely thrashing people in the beginning of the movie even after she gets a beat down. Clint ‘pulling his punches’ against Natasha cuz weather he knows she can kick his ass or not he still doesn’t want to hurt her at all and he can. they can definitely hurt each other cuz they know each others moves so well. Clint holding his own against T’challa and not even getting his ass kicked, just his weapon smashed before T’challa runs off cuz Clint isn’t his target.

Natasha and Clint are amazing because of their abilities to adapt. to be in a fight where everything is stacked against them. everyone is stronger than them except one person who they’re on even ground with completely. 

they adapt to use their team to their advantage. to use their weapons to give them an edge. to use their brain to give them a chance that someone who just has the brawn and skill can’t get by on

Natasha and Clint are amazing cuz they’re not just fighters like Steve, or thinkers with amazing tech like Tony, but they’re both. they’re spies. they’re fighters and tacticians who can use a situation to their advantage no matter what they have to use to give them that edge.

you can give me steve beating people up all day if you want, or Tony blasting people away with his amazing Tech, or Wanda with her amazing powers, but Clint and Natasha and Sam and T’challa are the best for me. they have the skills, the brains, the training and the though process to say “what can i do to give me an edge?” and you see them use it countless times in the movie

and i love it so much

I'll Make an Avenger Out of You

I decided to parody Mulan’s ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ in preparation of Spider-Man’s eventual debut into the Marvel Cinematic universe. So… Here it is.

Agent Coulson: Let’s get down to business, to defeat Doc Oc
Why’d they send me a Spider, when I asked for Stark?
You’re the lamest hero I’ve ever met, and I have met Clint Barton too.
Somehow I’ll make an Avenger out of you!

Superhuman powers, but a child within.
Once you lose your uncle, you are sure to win.
You’re an angsty little child at heart, and you don’t know what to do.
But Peter I’ll make an Avenger out of you!

Black Widow: He’s never gonna make the cut.
Iron Man: 20 bucks says he’ll adore me.
Deadpool: Really don’t know but I think that I love him. (Everyone: he must pull through!)
Captain America: Civil War’s gonna scare him to death.
Deadpool: I don’t wanna lose such a cutie!
Deadpool (again): I just wanna be in the MCU with him!

Everyone: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: I must be as swift as Pietro (Deadpool: he’s fast!)
With all the sass of Clint Barton, too. (Deadpool: Not me?)
I’ll need the angst of Bucky and Banner. (Deadpool: I have angst!)
I really just hope that Cap will help me too! (Deadpool: Wait you don’t need him, you’ve got-)

Coulson: Time is racing towards us till Thanos arrives.
Listen to Nick Fury and you might survive.
You’re unsuited for Infinity War, so pack up, go home, you’re through.
How could I make an Avenger out of you!?

Everyone: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: I must as swift as Pietro (everyone: he’s fast)
With all the sass of Clint Barton, too.
I’ll have more angst than Bucky and Banner.
I just hope my hero Cap will help me too! (Deadpool: I’ll help you, Spidey!!!)

Everyone: He must be as swift as Pietro (he’s fast)
With all the sass of Clint Barton too. (Deadpool: Oh please, I have WAY more sass!)
He’ll have more angst than Bucky and Banner.
Let’s hope than he can be an Avenger too.

Deadpool (spoken): Don’t listen to them, Spidey, you can be anything you want as long as you let me come with you!
*everyone stares at Deadpool. Spidey face palms*
Deadpool: Yikes, tough crowd!

I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about it but Clint Barton and Maria Hill having one of the best relationship of all shield.

Clint Barton going to a mission in the army and meeting that 20-y-o angry little bird Maria Hill was. Maria Hill starting to have doubts about the reasons of his presence. Clint Barton saving her life. Then Maria Hill saving his.

Clint Barton talking to Alexander Pierce about Maria Hill. Clint Barton talking to Nick Fury about Maria Hill. Clint Barton making Maria Hill be a shield agent.

Clint Barton meeting Maria Hill within shield. Maria Hill deeply thanking Clint Barton for giving her a purpose. Clint Barton doing trainee sessions with Maria Hill. Clint Barton winning against Maria Hill. Clint Barton loosing against Maria Hill.

Clint Barton introducing Maria Hill to Peggy Carter. Clint Barton putting joy in the eyes of Maria Hill for introducing her to a great female war hero.

Clint Barton not understanding why Maria Hill don’t trust Nick Fury. Clint Barton teaching Maria Hill to trust Nick Fury. Clint Barton being a proud mama bird when Maria Hill becomes the second in command of Nick Fury.

Clint Barton seeing the rage in the eyes of Maria Hill, sometime. Clint Barton seeing a part of himself in the eyes of Maria Hill. Maria Hill talking to Clint Barton about her dad. Clint Barton talking to Maria Hill about his dad. Clint Barton and Maria Hill working together on their anger issues and dad problems.

Clint Barton telling Maria Hill about Laura. Clint Barton trusting Maria Hill enough to tell her about Laura. Maria Hill becoming friend with Laura. Maria Hill visiting the Barton from time to time. Maria Hill organizing little surprise parties with Natasha Romanoff for the kids birthdays.

Maria Hill thinking that having been a victim of domestic abuse give you too many risks to be a domestic abuser yourself. Maria Hill not wanting to make a family because of that. Clint Barton proving her you can be the best parent ever no matter your past. Clint Barton teaching her she can chose not to have a family but her past is not a good reason not to.

Maria Hill being the one who put Barton in the Initiative Project file because she can’t think of a better candidate. Clint Barton trying to explain he’s not good enough and Maria Hill insisting he is.

Maria Hill creating a trauma help service for those who’ve been under Loki’s control. Maria Hill being there to help Clint Barton. Maria Hill spending weeks at the Barton farm to help Clint Barton and reassure his family. Maria Hill teaming with Natasha Romanoff and Laura Barton to help Clint Barton feeling better.

Maria Hill checking on the Bartons after the fall of shield. Maria Hill and Clint Barton mourning shield together. Maria Hill telling Clint Barton about Coulson and the new shield.

Maria Hill visiting Clint Barton at the farm once he’s retired. Maria Hill respecting his choice to lead a new life. Maria Hill helping him starting his new life. Maria Hill eating at the Barton’s every other Saturday.

Maria Hill and Clint Barton having one of the greatest relationships of all shield.




















concept: the only posts i see about nat in civil war stop being about how people want her to be a double agent because of [insert ur preferred dude here] and all miraculously turn into posts talking about how nat might not agree with tony but she understands that they need some goddamn accountability while also being torn because yes she loves clint and steve and part of her agrees with them but her head wins out over her heart