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Imagineers Horrifyingly Close to Building an Animatronic Donald Trump for Hall of Presidents

As the United States election looms ever closer, Disney Imagineers are becoming increasingly horrified at the prospect of having to build a Donald Trump animatronic figure for the Magic Kingdom attraction The Hall of Presidents.

“Like, imagine bringing your family to the Magic Kingdom, going to the Hall of Presidents, and Donald Trump is fucking there,” cried Imagineer Joe Rhodes at a press conference on Saturday. “If this guy gets elected, I wanna make it a Muppet-themed show. I can’t bear the thought of Trump on that stage.”

For reasons that are more than obvious, it is unknown whether or not the show’s current Morgan Freeman narration would remain should Trump be elected. Proposed replacement narrators include Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and Clint Eastwood. The show’s current glorification of President Andrew Jackson is expected to remain regardless of the electoral outcome.(x).