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Gone - Part 4

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Part 4!!!


The first-time Bucky tries to touch your stomach, Natasha attacks him and Thor puts him in a restrictive hold. It had been innocent, just Bucky wanting to feel the baby kick, and suddenly your two self-appointed protectors are flying across the room and restraining him.

“Oh my God!” you yelp, “Tasha! Thor! Stop it! Let him go!” Neither of them listen to you, and Natasha starts growling at Bucky in Russian, “STEVE!!!!”

Steve runs into the room, and lets out a put-upon sigh when he sees Tasha and Thor. “Guys, let him go”

“He hurt her once, I won’t let him hurt her again” Tasha snarled, but she slowly let him go.

Thor released Bucky once Natasha had. The god still glared at Bucky, but he stepped out of the room at Steve’s insistence.

“Ow” Bucky groaned sitting up from his position on the floor.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sweetheart, I’m fine. Just have a few new bruises”

“Help me up and we can go to my room. You can feel our son kick there, hopefully no one will attack you when we’re there.”

Bucky smiles and gently pulls you up from the couch. Two weeks after Bucky had found everyone in Ireland, you had decided to move back to New York. You didn’t have to hide from Bucky anymore so there was no point to be out of the country. The two of you head to the elevator and JARVIS takes you up to your floor.

Once you close the door to your floor, Bucky turns to look at you, hope in his eyes, “I can really touch you?”

You smile softly, “Yes you can.” Ever since he had been back, you had barely let Bucky touch you. At first it had been because you were skeptical, you didn’t quite believe his story about Rumlow and Hydra. You didn’t believe him until he showed you the files and the plans that Hydra had for you and your son. Hydra had used one of their undercover nurses to find out about the pregnancy, Bucky had taken care of her, and they had intended to use your breakup with Bucky to bring you back to Hydra.

Bucky gently nudged you backwards until your legs nudge against the bed, then he helps you up onto it. Bucky arranges you so you were laying on your back and supported by a bunch of pillows.

His hands hover over the hem of your t-shirt, which is really his shirt, he looks up at you with big, desperate grey eyes, “Can I …”

You pull up your shirt and tug your yoga pants down slightly, exposing your stomach in its entirety. Bucky’s fingers tremble as he brushed them gently along our stomach. You were lucky, there weren’t very many stretchmarks on you, and you made sure that your skin stayed silky soft. Bucky let out a soft sob when you took one of his hands and pressed it flat to your stomach. After a moment, the baby kicked, right where his hand was.

“The baby just kicked me!” He gasped, eyes wide with delight.

“Yeah babe, he did”

Bucky leaned down and pressed a kiss just below your belly button, nuzzling closer when the baby began to nudge him again. Suddenly Bucky looked up at you with tear filled eyes, “I so sorry I haven’t been there for you” he sobbed, “I missed so much, I missed you so much”

“Come here, baby”

Bucky crawled up the bed and tucked himself tightly against your back, a pillow supporting your stomach. You lace your fingers with his and lay your hands over your stomach.

You can feel Bucky nizzle the back of your neck, laying quietly with you for a while. After about an hour he sits up, “Doll, I gotta tell you something” he pulls you up into a sitting position

“What is it?”

“I need you to stand up for a minute”

You heave yourself onto your feet. Bucky drops down onto one knee, and hesitantly reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small black box. You gasp, your eyes widening, one hand rising to cover your mouth. “Buck, is that …”

“Just give me a minute” He takes a deep breath. “I know that I’m a major fuck up, that I can never seem to do the right thing when it comes to you. But, I love you with everything I have. I love you with all my soul, and I love our child even though they aren’t even here yet. I know that I’ve done horrible things, and that I can never escape that, but you make me better. You make me whole. Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

You gasp, “Yes! Oh, my God, Bucky, yes!”

With a delighted laugh, he slides the ring onto your finger and wraps you with a tight hug. You laugh when he spins you around, he’s strong enough to lift you even with your added weight. Suddenly you feel a warm, wet sensation in your pants.

“Bucky …”

“What is it, doll?” Bucky sets you down, still grinning. His smile immediately falls when he sees your concerned face

“My water just broke” you whisper

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you”

“My water just broke, Buck. The baby’s coming”

Natasha has been alerted, and Bruce is on his way. James, if you would kindly sit Y/N in a chair and breath, sir. It would be most unfortunate for you to faint

“I’m calm, I’m calm” Bucky rushes. He quickly scoops you up and gently sets you down in a chair, gripping your hand with his.

Tasha is the first one to get to the room, “Y/N, where is your bag?”

“In the closet.” You gasp as you feel your first contraction. It isn’t the worst pain you have ever felt, not yet, but you can tell that eventually when they come closer together it’s going to feel like hell.

Tasha pulls the blanket and sheet back, laying out a waterproof cover onto the bed. She then lays down another sheet and several towels. You were going to give birth in the tower, Tony and Bruce had the most advanced technology in America, and since Bruce was technically a doctor he had agreed to help you. Soon everyone was gathered in the room, Bruce wheeling in an IV pole, and Tony bringing in a heart monitoring system for you and the baby.

Bucky gently smooths your hair out of your face, “How ya doin’, doll?” he whispered

You chuckle, “As well as I can be right now”

“Barnes, help Y/N onto the bed, she needs to get into her gown. Everyone but James, turn around” Tasha snaps

Bucky helps you strip down and get into a nightgown. As soon as you put your hand onto the bed you feel another contraction squeeze through you.

Bruce quickly put on a pair of gloves, “Your contraction are 7 minutes apart, Y/N. That’s a little close, I’d like to check and see how dilated you are.”

You nod quietly and finish getting onto the bed. Bruce is quick at checking your dilation, “You’re 5 almost 6 centimeters dilated. Your labor is progressing rapidly, but you need to be at least 10 centimeters before you start pushing.”

“It’s probably the serum speeding everything up” Steve says, sitting down beside Bucky.

You nod quietly and try to relax into the sheets. Thor and Tasha sit on the other side of the bed, Clint and Tony taking seats at the end, and Bruce rechecks all his supplies.

“I need to move; I need to kneel” you whimper after about 30 minutes of labor

Bucky helps you into a kneeling position, crouching in front of you, allowing you to support yourself on his shoulders. Bruce checks your dilation again, “9 centimeters, Y/N. Just a little while longer and you can push”

You rest your hands on the bed so you are on your hands and knees and gently rock yourself back and forth. Tasha puts your hair up into a bun, and Thor grabs some ice for you to chew on.

“I need to push” you gasp out 20 minutes later

Bruce quickly puts on a fresh set of gloves and checks you one last time. “Alright, you’re fully dilated, you can push on the next contraction”

You raise yourself up and grab onto Bucky’s shoulders, spreading your knees a bit wider. At your next contraction, you start to push, letting out a sob as you bear down as hard as you can. You keep pushing until the contraction fades and even then, you give tiny little pushes, ready to meet your child. You had decided to keep the gender a surprise, but you had a feeling that you were going to have a son.

You have only been pushing for about 15 minutes when Bruce spoke up, “The baby’s beginning to crown, if you reach down now you can feel the head.”

You do as Bruce suggests, releasing one of Bucky’s shoulder and reaching down to feel your baby, you let out a chocked sob when your fingers come in contact with hair.

“You’re doing so good, doll, so good. I’m so proud of you” Bucky whispers, kissing your forehead.

At the next contraction, you push even harder, crying out when the baby’s head is free from your body.

“Don’t push, Y/N. Bruce has to get the fluid out of the baby’s lungs” Tasha whispers, quickly handing Bruce another towel.

You nod quietly, trembling as you resist the urge to push. Once he baby’s lungs were clear, you were given permission to push again. The baby’s shoulders were quick to deliver and once the shoulders were clear, you quickly reached down to catch the baby as the rest of it slid out.

“Alright, Y/N, swing your leg up and roll onto your back, you have to deliver the placenta”

You obey quickly, Bucky helping you keep your balance when you refuse to let go of your baby. Once you are on your back, Bruce hands Bucky a towel to wipe off the blood. You quickly glance at the baby and gasp when you see that your baby is a little boy.

“Bucky” you whisper frantically, “We have a son, Buck, we have a little boy! Guys, you have a nephew!”

Tony and Thor shout with joy, clamoring to get a peek at the newest Avenger.

You stifle a giggle and glance over at Steve, “Looks like you’re a grandpa, Steve!”

Steve lets out an indignant sound, “No way! I’m the same age as the kids’ dad! I’m gonna be the best uncle ever! If anything, Thor would be the grandpa, he’s over a thousand years old!”

Thor lets out a booming laugh, “Ay, I am”

You chuckle, “Alright, alright. Everyone can be aunts and uncles, if anything Phil or Nick can be the grandpa”

Tony lets out a roar of laughter, “That’ll be the day! Grandpa Fury!”

Bruce smiles, “I think that the baby needs a bath, and you, Y/N need a shower. Tasha and I will give the baby a bath, Clint and Tony can clean up, and Bucky you will help get your fiancé clean … oh! And think of a name of the little guy!”

You look up at Bucky, reluctantly handing over your baby, and heading toward the bathroom, “Have you thought of any names?”

“Umm, Richard? No, then his nickname would be Dick, not happening”

“How about Christopher?”

“Yeah, Christopher, I like that. What about his middle name?”

Bucky blushes, “Can his middle name be Steven?”

“Yeah, I think that’s a fitting name” You start rinsing off, “You know Steve’s gonna cry when he finds out the name”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the bastard cry” Bucky chuckled, ”So his first name is Christopher and his middle name is Steven”

“Yeah,” you whisper, “Christopher Steven Barnes”

“I love it, and I love you” Bucky whispered, leaning in to give you a kiss.

You kiss him back, “I’m all clean, now we need to get out so I can get back to our baby, and so we can tell everyone his name”

Once you and Jason finish drying off, you walk back out into the bedroom. Tasha was holding her nephew, whispering Russian endearments to him. You walk over and scoop the baby up, nuzzling his cheek, “I’m going to feed him, can’t have the little prince go hungry!”

Everyone gather back into the room as you settled down. Tasha once again perching on the side of the bed, “What’s his name?”

You glance over at Steve, “Christopher Steven Barnes. Chris for short”

Thor grinned, “A fine name for a prince! A mighty name for a mighty warrior!”

Steve stands there, his mouth open in shock, “Did you … did you …?”

“Yeah, Cap, we named him after you, thought he might get some of your good luck and old fashion charm”

Steve sniffles and tries to hold back his tears, “I’m … so happy”

Bucky pulls Steve into a hug, “You’re my best friend, of course I’m gonna name my first son after you”

Steve grins, “We’re gonna call in some food, do you want anything?”


Bucky chuckles, “What the lady said. Y/N and I’ll stay here with Chris for now. JARVIS will let us know when the food gets here”

Everyone files out of the room quietly so you and Bucky are left alone. You glance over at Bucky, who climb into the bed beside you. You look up at your new fiancé, and then down at your son. All of the people you love are in the next room. You couldn’t think of a better way to bring a child into the word, so loves and so full of potential. Everyone who matters is here, everyone has come home.


I wrote the birth scene as well as I could. I have never had a baby, but I have witnessed several being born!

So this ends the Gone series. If anyone has any ideas for another series I can write please message me! I need some ideas! Just send them to my inbox!

Storms (Chapter Six)

One of my favorite chapters. Couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. The healing is wonderful and the sweetness is wonderful. Love these two.


Enjoy :)


So it still wasn’t easy, not even close, but things were getting better, finally.

Thor made three meals a day, and true to his word, Tony ate a little bit each time. Sometimes he was sick almost immediately after, and other times, he would rub his stomach with a sort of pleased look on his face and Thor would grin so broadly he thought his face would split.

Thor made him go outside, taking walks to get fresh air and sunshine on his face until Tony’s cheeks were red and his hair was windblown. Tony even started coming along on grocery trips, picking out what he wanted to eat, even going so far as to pick out things he could cook, and every once in awhile Tony would make a meal just for Thor.

He smiled more, never those heart stopping, full on charming grins from before, but small private smiles just for Thor in little moments of humour or when Thor was being especially sweet.

They kissed most days, when Tony would tug on Thor’s hand shyly and tilt his head up for one. Most times he wouldn’t kiss back, just smile a little and pull away. But sometimes, something would spark between them, and Thor was helpless against it, when Tony would suddenly kiss him back eagerly and make that soft little noise like he was desperate. Those were the moments it took a large amount of Thors self control to pull away, those moments when Tony was pressing against him for more, scratching his nails down Thor’s chest and nipping at Thor’s lips to deepen the embrace.

Thor stayed with him almost every night now, too, as long as Tony was sober. He refused to sleep in the bed if Tony was drunk, not willing to put either of them in a position to go too far and give Tony a reason to be upset in the morning. The bad days were coming fewer and farther in between, and Thor counted each good day as a victory.

Keep reading

Surprise! Baby Dragon Egg

When Clint had first learned that his boyfriend was secretly a dragon in human disguise and that his life was just one giant urban fantasy novel, he’d naturally freaked, but then he got over it. In fact, learning that Tony was dragon had explained a lot. At first Clint thought Tony liked to collect old computer parts and such to build robots and the like (which Tony did); however, Clint soon realized that collecting such things also soothed Tony. For Tony, just having a old camera from thirty years ago was calming, even if he never used it and it just sat on one of his shelves forever.

Tony being a dragon also explained his possessive tendencies and need for Clint’s attention whenever they were in a crowd together. It also explained why Tony’s mouth tasted like an ashtray even though Clint swore he’d never seen Tony smoke.

And for all the peccadillos that came from Tony being of a different species he was still one of the most loving boyfriends Clint had ever had. He loved going on adventures with Clint, and usually let Clint pick whatever activity they did for their dates. He pampered Clint with gifts, affection, and praise. He liked to feign a devil-may-care attitude at times, but whenever Clint was in distress, Tony was right there by Clint’s side to help.

It was because of all of those good traits that Clint was doing his best understand and come to terms with his current situation, a situation which consisted of him seated in bed, just barely awake, and a large dragon egg in his lap.

“So wait,” Clint rubbed the crud out of his eyes, “what happened while I was asleep? How am I dad now?” Clint was pretty sure he’d heard Tony say that they were adopting a baby dragon. “Is this even legal?”

Tony, who was seated at the foot of the bed, watched Clint and the egg with yellow-slitted eyes. Patches of red scales creeped along the edges of his face. He was just on the edge of taking on his dragon form. “The law doesn’t know about my kind, and I found the egg while I was stretching my wings. The scent of its bearer has faded. It’s been abandoned.”

Clint yawned. He wrapped himself around the egg. It radiated warmth like a heater blanket. Clint hugged the egg to his chest and flopped over onto his side. “Too tired for this. Sleep, then talk later.”

The bed shifted and Tony’s shadow fell over Clint.

Clint squinted open his eyes and grumbled. “What?”

“You don’t have to keep the egg warm. I’ll do it.” Tony looked away and frowned. “I shouldn’t have surprised you like this.”

Clint huffed and closed his eyes. He curled tighter around the egg. “Nope. Mine now. So warm. You can have it when I’m done sleeping.”

“You don’t mind?”

Clint snored in an exaggerated manner.

Tony chuckled then lay down next to Clint. His arm snaked around Clint, pulling Clint and the egg in close so that the egg was nestled between their bodies. Tony kissed Clint’s forehead. “Thanks.”

Clint grunted. “We’re still going to talk about this. I just need more sleep first.”

“Understood.” Tony kissed Clint’s forehead again, and Clint sank into a deep sleep.

anonymous asked:

what's your fav stucky fanfic of all time?

So I only started bookmarking/reading stucky fics in, hm, December-ish, and then super getting into them in the last month or so. I mainly started with a small handful of writers and read a bunch from them, so a lot of my faves are from certain writers because I haven’t read a ton yet. That said, let me give you an impromptu Fic Rec Friday!

( Ok I realized after making this that out of 32 bookmarked/read fics, I’m reccing 10 of them. I think my star rating system has evolved since I started it with TWolf fics, but the takeaway is that I thought these were really good??? )

- Six Stars (out of Five) -

NOT Just Married by relenafanel  | 7.6K | M 

“Don’t worry,” Steve says, clasping his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “I’ll take care of you.”

“I’ve heard that before, too,” Bucky points out in a sarcastic tone. “Look, just… don’t let me hook up. With anyone. No matter what I say. That seems like the safest bet.”

“See you on the other side,” Steve says, downing the first shot of many.

Bucky raises his own in a toast.

“You’re both being overly dramatic,” Falsworth tells them.

(Famous last words, Steve thinks.)


Also known as the feel-good fluffy ficlet relenafanel promised after the end-credit scene of new Bucky feels from hell… Because I have your back and know you need recovery comedic AUs about BFFs being dumb in Vegas.

- This is something that I 100% could see happening in a modern setting

A Myriad of Misdecisions by Darksknight  | 21.1K | M

c-is-for-circinate’s AU: “My parents thought I was working for an insurance company in New York when really I was joining the CIA so I just sort of never mentioned when I met you on an assassination-gone-wrong and now we’ve been married for five years and they still don’t know you exist, this has gotten wildly out of hand and you won’t stop laughing about it”

- The premise and execution of this is hilarious

4 Minute Window by Speranza  | 87.9K | Works: 10, ongoing | E

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

- I cannot stop thinking about this series, and I’m looking forward to whenever it updates again!

We Made Ourselves by notoska  | 153.2K | Works: 2, ongoing? | E

Then Bucky licks his lips, tip of his tongue just grazing the sensitive skin of Steve’s ear and Steve moans. Nothing close to the surge of lust behind his ribs, but a tiny, breathy sound all the same. Bucky doesn’t react—he must not have heard. Though a minute later he curls his fingers and extends them again, moving just slow enough for it to be a caress.

Just tip your head into his touch. He’ll take the lead and trace the folds of your ear with his tongue until you can’t keep quiet any more. Then he’ll smother your desperate little noises with his mouth, fingers twisting in your hair. Kissing deeply, tongues reaching to declare your filthy intentions. Find his knee with your hand and slide wolfishly up his thigh until you reach the bulge behind his fly. Palm him through his trousers until he’s panting in your mouth, until he’s pressing his forehead to yours, hips bucking, and you can see his dark eyes, glinting in the screen’s flickering light, pleading—

Steve jolts back to the present. The credits are rolling and Bucky is reading them as well. The screen blacks and two fluorescent lights buzz to life. Bucky loosens his hand from Steve’s head, welcoming the world back in.

- Like I said before: the slowest of slow burns. This could be the template that all slow burn fics look to… And then the second part delivers with 1000% intimacy and relationship porn (and porn)

- Five Stars -

The Way Out Is The Way Down by Speranza  | 17.6K | E

“We’re alive in defiance of the law, now,” Natasha said bitterly.

“Well,” Steve said, and pushed his plate away. “We’ll just have to break in and get them.”

“Right, let’s take it from the top,” Natasha said wearily. “The Raft is a fully submersible supermax prison—“

“We can do it,” Steve said.

- If you were left wanting after CA:CW, this is really satisfying

Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches by Sena  | 26.7K | M

Steve lives in Stark Tower and doesn’t have much to do when he’s not going after Hydra strongholds. He attends charity events to make Pepper happy. He goes hiking with Sam. He hangs out with Clint in Bed-Stuy and watches Dog Cops. Sometimes Tony gives him super alcohol in a sippy cup. Sometimes he sees Bucky out of the corner of his eye and wonders if it’s real or if he’s starting to lose his mind.

Alternately, the one with terrible jokes, a foot chase through the Lower East Side, and a tiny little robot named Shitcan.

- Steve’s characterization in this is aligned much more with how I imagine him to be, also Everyone is a Good Bro

Sweet & Simple Things by Allecto  | 42.5K | E

It’s 1870, and when Bucky Barnes arranged for passage from Russia to the United States for himself, his sister, and their good friend Natasha Romanoff, he didn’t know there were strings attached. Now Alexander Pierce has informed Bucky he’s to be married to a rancher struggling to raise two orphaned boys. Bucky’s job is to make the house a home for his new sons – and whatever else his husband asks of him. But when his husband turns out to be none other than his childhood best friend, Steve Rogers, Bucky discovers that maybe, just maybe, his new family has made a home for him, too.

- Here, have a Western/Historical AU with kiddo!Tony and Rhodey

Out of the Dead Land by emilyenrose  | 62.7K | E

Someone is building machines that look and act like people.

Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier tries to be Bucky Barnes.

- Kill your robot double! Also I think people forget that these people are spies for a living

Winter’s Children by Neery  | 66.8K | E | AO3 Accounts only

When their attempts to recreate the super soldier serum failed, Hydra started trying to breed Captain America clones from his genetic samples. Unfortunately, the serum’s effects aren’t passed down genetically, so instead of an army of tiny Captain Americas, they get a bunch of tow-headed, asthmatic, allergic, immuno-compromised little Steves.

And then the Winter Soldier stumbles across Hydra’s failed experiment…

- I just love this so much, so many Steves and Bucky has to deal with them all going fiGHT ME

THE Steve Rogers PROBLEM by relenafanel  | 83K | Works: 4 | E

Meet SSA Bucky Barnes: Hostage Rescue Team member extraordinaire. He loves his job, his body, and hooking up. He hates civilians and local enforcement officers trying to do his job and fucking everything to shit.

Meet Bucky Barnes: fan of the television show The Howling Commandos extraordinaire. He loves writing fanfic, creating fanart, and staring at Steve Rogers’ ass. He hates the long journey of doing the necessary physical therapy on his arm (and also that no one told him he knows Steve Rogers).

Meet Bucky Barnes: Steve Rogers’ boyfriend. He loves Steve. He hates the idea of that being his sole identity.

- Bucky is one of us, and understands us, and when he doesn’t he still has a Steve Rogers PROBLEM

How Would You Feel?

Post fight and the team were all sprawled on the couch, the previous battle and exhaustion washing over them as JARVIS had put on some random tv show that was playing. Every fight, they usually were too tired to go towards their room so now here they were.

Steve and Tony were on the couch, fingers linked even though they were not pressed together. Once in a while, Steve would squeeze his hand and Tony would return the favour.

Natasha was staring blankly at the TV while gently caressing her fingers through Bruce’s hair, his head in her lap. Thor had disappeared into the kitchen with Sam for some food because battles can make norse gods really hungry apparently.

“I swear to god Barton, the next time you jump down from a god damn building, I won’t let Stark save you!” And Cue Bucky and Clint coming into the living room, a dangerous glare on Bucky’s face as Clint pulled a face at him.

“He was just below me, Buck! How should i know it was going to swerve to the right at the last minute” Clint mumbled the last part and winced when his arm hit the couch.

Bucky glared at Clint’s arm like it was responsible for every reckless thing that Clint has been doing.

“Can’t you just love your life, Barton?” Bucky sighed, taking Clint’s good arm and dragging him onto the unoccupied couch.

“Well, why should i? I have you for that” Clint grinned, following Bucky without a fight.

Natasha’s lips curved into a small smile at Clint’s statement.

“He’s got a point there, Barnes”

Bucky didn’t reply, only wordlessly took the first aid kit that Sam gave, two big bags of cheetos in the other hand.

“Ooo, gimme one!!” Clint reached out for one bag but Bucky made an indignant sound and pulled Clint’s outstretched hand and put it on his lap with a look that said ‘move and i’ll make sure you don’t have that arm’ which made Clint pout and sigh.

Sam shrugged and took a seat at the couch that Steve and Tony occupied which made Steve scootch closer to Tony, resting his head on Tony’s chest.

“Man, i am single as hell” Sam mumbled miserably, ripping one bag of cheetos with too much vigour.

“Fear not, friend sam! For my jane is not here tonight, we can be together!” Thor exclaimed as he sat next to Sam.

Sam’s eyes widened when Thor winked at him and the team burst into laughter. Instead of Bucky of course, who was still glaring at the now bandaged arm.

“Hey” Clint called out, voice soft and quiet as the volume of the tv increased.

Bucky looked up into his eyes, mouth pressed into a frown. Clint didn’t like that, he liked it better when Bucky was smiling, when his eyes were - as cliche as it sounds- sparkled with happiness and joy.

Clint’s fingers fleetingly touched the side of Bucky’s face.

“Buck, i’m fine” Clint insisted, voice earnest as his eyss locked onto Bucky’s stormy grey ones.

“You could have died, Clint” Bucky said and Clint was taken aback at the raw vulnerability in those words.

Man, Bucky really does love Clint’s life more than Clint loves his own.

He felt like he had reached another level with Bucky. Being friends with him for 2 years now has been like a never ending up and down ride with achievements unlocked and higher level.

Bucky took his hand that was resting on the side of his face. He was shocked, not realising his hand was still there and tried to ignore the motion that his tummy was doing. It was swooping down and up and all around and it was only them holding hands.

“Well, Tony and I are heading to bed.” Steve suddenly announced and was shocked back into reality.

Oh right, they weren’t alone.

Instead of letting go, Bucky held on as he brought their hands to his lap.

“Yeah, us too” Natasha stood up, giving Bucky a look that Clint could not decipher, Avenger and Shield Agent or no, no one could really decipher whatever Natasha Romanov was trying to tell you with her eyes if it wasn’t meant for you but Bucky clearly did because he shrugged at her. Bruce followed Natasha wordlessly and Clint waved to them.

Thor and Sam left two seconds after, something about milkshakes and burgers and then there were two.

Still holding hands.

“I’m sorry” Clint said suddenly and Bucky squeezed his hand, sending a jolt of electricity down his spine before letting go.

Clint frowned at the empitness he felt.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Clint” Bucky mumbled before leaving Clint alone with his thoughts and god forbid, feelings.

Bucky was still mad. Obviously. Because he handed Clint his normal morning coffee without a cute smile or a smart comment about his bird’s nest hair.

And Clint was in a bad mood because Bucky was mad at him which meant that he was playing video games with Thor and Sam without any good natured threats and complaints.

“Lovebirds still not talking?” Natasha asked as she watched Clint wordlessly play video games and Bucky talking to Steve at the other side of the room.

“Looks like it, if not they would have been squished together on the couch already” Tony shrugged, sipping his coffee.

“You know they’re not actually together right?” Bruce walked in next and Natasha leaned into him as a greeting.

“They might as well be, they’re practically married” Natasha shrugged.

Tony perked up at that, looking like he had the brightest idea ever which made Bruce shake his head immediately.

“Tony” Bruce said in warning but it was too late because Natasha was catching on because she too had a little smirk on her face.

“God help us” Bruce muttered as he left the two of them to their devices.


“So how long can you actually keep this up?” Steve had asked that evening in the middle of a spar with Bucky.

Bucky was sweating, droplets of it dripping down his face but he still wouldn’t give up. He needed the distraction anyway. His feet were sore and his arms needed a rest but he wasn’t going to give up until he won.

“It’s like you just met me Stevie” Bucky grinned, going in for another kick but missing Steve by an inch which made Steve chuckle under his breath.

“Not this, Buck. I meant with Clint”

Bucky kept quiet, going in for a punch but Steve caught his arm and twisted so Bucky was kneeling down, mouth agape as he stared up at his childhood best friend.

“Okay Stevie, you can let go now” Bucky huffed, tugging at his arm but Steve was giving him an amused smile.

“Talk to Clint” He said in that no nonsense Captain America voice.

Bucky rolled his eyes and Steve pulled at his arm a little.

“Okay okay, I’ll talk to Clint! Dear god, let me go” Bucky mumbled frustratingly.

Steve let him go as Bucky mock saluted him and left him there to regain back his energy.

“Young love ” Steve sighed, shaking his head.

“Captain, Sir would like me to tell you that you should and i quote 'get your sweaty ass down here, Rogers’ preferably now”

Steve grinned. “Speaking of love right?” he mumbled to himself as he picked himself up from the training mat to make his way down to Tony’s workshop.

Clint was testing out new arrows. Feeling that sense of satisfaction and joy every time it hit the bull’s eyes but never getting enough even if he tried different positions.

He hates fighting with Bucky. Hates it down to his core because his whole day just turns upside down and downside up and even video games and new arrows couldn’t bring his good mood back.

Its a wonder how he survived life without Bucky before he came into his life. He groaned and took another arrow. He pulled the bow and aimed.

“Tony made you those?”

Clint missed. He turned around to watch Bucky nonchalantly walk in the training room with freshly showered hair and his t-shirt clinging to his god damn toned body.

Clint swallowed and averted his gaze.

stupidly attractive super soldier, he thought bitterly.

Bucky ran a hand through his wet hair, recently cut short because Clint commented about how his hair was getting longer again.

Clint felt his heart beat faster when Bucky came closer so he turned around to grab some more arrows.

“Clint” Bucky called but Clint was too busy adjusting his arrows to even look at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes at Clint’s usual stuborness and waited for the blond to shoot the arrow before reaching out to grab at Clint’s arm.

Clint didn’t flinch from the sudden contact so that was a good sign and Bucky softened his hold, hand lingering down Clint’s until he reached his fingers.

Clint was looking at their linked fingers confusingly, eyebrows furrowed together. He pursed his lips, trying to ignore the tingling feeling he felt from his fingertips all the way to his arm where Bucky’s hold was on him.

“Steve wanted me to talk to you” Bucky said, tightening his grip on Clint’s hand.

“So talk” Clint mumbled.

Bucky chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
“I tried to think of what to say in the shower and came up with so many things
but when i saw you, i came up blank”

Clint’s lips quirked into a small smirk. “Speechless by my good looks i guess”

Instead of Bucky’s usual insult and shove, he looked into Clint’s eyes and Clint was frozen as his own eyes bored into Bucky’s.

“Definitely” Bucky nodded.

Clint’s eyes went wide as he laughed nervously.

“I- i was just kidding Buck” Clint laughed, trying to untangle his fingers but Bucky was stronger so he pulled Clint closer to him so he was pressed up against Bucky’s body. Bucky smelled like lavender soap and citrus shampoo, it was intoxicating.

Bucky usually did this, he pulled Clint close and he would hug him so tight until Clint all but melted into his embrace. But then, that was it. He would let Clint go and it left Clint confused about well, everything.

But Bucky wasn’t making a move to hug him, he was just staring into his eyes and holding him really really close. Clint was trying to figure out what he was thinking but he came up blank.

“I’m not Clint, you’re extremely good looking. And i look at you every day and i become speechless at how attractive you are. And you make me laugh with your stupid puns and somehow it makes you even more attractive that i sometimes question my own sanity” Bucky said, his breath ghosting over Clint’s face through the little gap that they have between their faces.

Clint was shocked, mouth agape and eyes wide as he took in what Bucky was saying.


“How would you feel… if i told you..” Bucky cut him off, a hand going up to rest on Clint’s cheek.

Clint gulped nervously as Bucky leaned in, lips brushing his ear and Clint closed his eyes.

“- that i loved you” Bucky’s voice was close and Clint’s heart rate picked up.

“Do you mean it” Clint whispered and Bucky pulled back to smile at his best friend, his partner before he pressed his lips with Clint’s.

Clint melted into him easily, responding to the kiss quickly as a sigh escaped him. It was slow and gentle and so unlike Bucky that it made Clint cling to him tighter, arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck. His fingers gripping Bucky’s hair when his tongue started tangling with his, exploring his mouth slowly until Clint felt his knees going weak.

He didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t because he’s been imagining this for so long it was a bit unreal.

When they pulled away, they were both flushed and their lips were swollen.

“It took a near death experience for that?” Clint asked, laughing as he buried his head in Bucky’s neck.

Bucky’s hand tightened on Clint’s waist when Clint started kissing his neck, teeth scraping the skin as he bit lightly.

“Quite a few, actually-” Bucky let a groan escape him when Clint started working on a real hicky on his neck.

Once Clint was satisfied with his hickey and Bucky was a groaning mess, gripping Clint’s hips so tight it made Clint press his hard on Bucky’s thigh, he pulled away to kiss Bucky hard.

“I love you, Bucky” Clint took the opportunity to mumble in the middle of the kiss.

Bucky smiled and Clint felt his heart bloom like god damn flowers in spring.

“Yeah, i definitely love you” He said before kissing Bucky again.

IronHawk (Part Six)

Tony goes into heat again…annnnd we all know what that means! So if ABO Heat smut isn’t really your thing…just stop reading at the cut :) you won’t miss anything relevant to the plot!

Have to divide this up into two parts since it’s well over 6000 words long, so posting half now and (hopefully) half tonight!

If you already aren’t in love with Clint, you will be now because Alpha!Clint is the absolute sweetest to our bratty, insecure, omega!Tony. Lots of smut, lots of fluff and feels, these boys are the cutest.

Thanks so much for all the comments/messages on this fic, you guys are the best!

Please please REBLOG for me and share the love!

If you need to catch up, here’s the MASTERLIST.


Tony felt the first symptoms of his next heat within a few days.

His body temperature was steadily climbing, to the point where he walked around just in his jeans as he worked in the lab. Bruce hadn’t commented, but he had certainly stared for a while and Tony had shrugged. “Feeling warm.”

Next came the hunger, and he was grateful yet again for sweet, dependable Pepper, who made him an army’s worth of food when his stomach growled non stop for a good twenty four hours.

Finally the exhaustion hit, and he nearly fell off his stool one night as he tried to finish his steak.

“Hey hey hey, I got you.” Clint had jumped the breakfast bar when he saw Tony weaving, and barely managed to catch him before he smacked onto the floor.

“Hey…. bird man.” Tony slurred, already half asleep, but managing to be snarky. “You got here fast. So glad those wings are more than just decoration.”

Clint laughed, and picked Tony up, cradling him bridal style in his arms. “I’m going to put him in his room, alright? We will see you ladies in a few days I guess.”

“Clint!” Pepper called, her face pale with worry. Of course she was aware that Clint was planning on sharing Tony’s heat, but the idea still stressed her out. Tony was… so much more fragile than he ever used to be, and she hadn’t stopped worrying about his emotional and mental health for weeks now. “Clint listen, he needs to sleep before his heat takes him completely so-”

“I know, Pep. Sleep first, then heat.” Clint reassured her. “I’m just going to lay him down and get a few more things ready.”

“Will you be there when he wakes up? Starting a heat alone is hard enough, harder when someone is supposed to be there with you.” Pepper chewed her thumbnail nervously.

There had already almost been a catastrophe when she and Natasha had sent everyone away that morning, including Clint. They didn’t think the team was ready to know that Clint and Tony were spending his heat together, so the archer had taken off with everyone else, promising to return within an hour.

Tony had re-entered the common area to see Hawkeye gone and had collapsed into a hysterical mess, asking why his Alpha would leave him and why didn’t Clint want him, and Pepper had had her arms full of a sobbing shaking Tony for close to half an hour. Natasha had called Hawkeye back as soon as she could get ahold of him, and he had flown right through a window, tucked his wings away, and gathered Tony in his arms, spending the better part of an hour on the couch holding and soothing the emotional omega.

It had very nearly been a disaster, and Pepper was terrified another would happen without her there to fix it.

Of course I will be there. Pepper, we’ve been over all of this about a hundred times.” Clint sent her an exasperated look.

“But if he–” she started in anxiously and Clint rolled his eyes.

“Natasha!” He hollered for the red-headed Alpha. “Come get your mate, she’s driving me crazy.”

“Come on, love.” Natasha put her arms around Pepper and started pulling her away.

“But Tasha-” Pepper was protesting, her protectiveness for Tony overriding everything else, and Natasha sighed a little.

“Honey, Clint is going to take good care of Tony. You and I have a few days booked in the mountains, so let’s go and we can pretend it’s your heat. How does that sound?” Pepper giggled then, and Natasha sent Clint a look over her shoulder.

“Seriously though, Hawkeye.” Her green eyes flashed a murderous warning. “I will fuck you up if I come home and he’s crying.”

“I got him.” Clint looked down at the Omega already sleeping in his arms. “I got him.”

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anonymous asked:

Please write a short piece of President Barton. Just - it will make a lot of people feel better. Please? (I understand if you don't, but please?)

(This is also somewhat to fulfill Mem’s request for a winter story post-election, which has been in my inbox for like a month. For reference, the rest of the “Clint Barton becomes President” AU is here: Leader Of The Free World.)

The first new snowfall in Washington DC in 2017, a few weeks after the Inauguration, brought icy road advisories, the roll out of the salt trucks, and Vice-President Steve Rogers banging on the window of newly-minted President Clint Barton’s bedroom, which was on the second floor of the Residence.

“Agh, God,” Clint mumbled, rolling over and coming face to face with Steve, wearing a jaunty knit hat and pressed up against the glass. “What is he doing?”

Maria, who had already been up for an hour (”Executing the queer agenda requires getting up earlier than the Republicans, darling”) and was putting her earrings in at the vanity, said, “I think he’s waving madly and asking if you want to build a snowman.”

Clint sat up, rubbing his bristly hair the wrong way. “HOW DID YOU GET PAST THE SECRET SERVICE?” he yelled at the glass.

“LIKE THE SECRET SERVICE WOULD STOP ME?” Steve yelled back, muffled. It was a point. The Secret Service had already given up stopping Steve doing anything.

(There is a readmore below! Read More!)

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Assassins Daughter Prt 6

Summary: Post mission, reader and Bucky fight, other stuff occurs.

(A/N): OMG I am so sorry nice been gone lately college apps are killing me, and school in general is killing me. But my after school activities have ended for a while so I should be able to write more. Thanks for the feedback it’s always appreciated also this has all been posted on AO3 if you would rather read it there but it’s all the same stuff.

Warnings: PTSD violence kissing mental health stuff memory wiping/loss

Originally posted by starkactual

“I told you she shouldn’t have come.” Bucky said bursting into your hotel room. “She got shot. Damn it Steve I said it was too dangerous!” You laid on the cheap motel room bed Bruce stitching up your arm where you got grazed by a bullet. “First of all it’s a graze trust me I’ve had worse, second if I wasn’t here Natasha probably would have actually gotten shot.” Bruce cut the thread and started to bandage your arm. “The stitches are precautionary. Try not to make it bleed again. If you guys need me I’ll be in my room.” He packed his bag and headed out.

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@mewithanie asked for a pneumatic avenger

Tony coughs himself awake before dawn and keeps at it so long he starts to panic.

He can’t breathe and his chest is on fire.

“J– J–”

Steve bursts in, followed by Bruce and Thor, and Steve is kneeling on the bed, pulling Tony into a bridal carry when Natasha and Clint show up. “Clear the way,” Steve demands, and they press back against the walls so he can pass. It’s hugely embarrassing, but also a relief because he’s not going to suffocate to death, they won’t let him.

It still feels like it for awhile.

“Take it easy, Tony,” Steve mutters as they all pile into the elevator, “you’re going to be okay.”

He says it with such conviction Tony can’t help but believe him.

He’s not sure how long it is before they get him settled and drugged up, an oxygen mask over his face, but it feels like an eternity and he’s exhausted by the end.

“Pneumonia,” the doctor sighs. “Mr. Stark, you’re going to have a hard time with your lungs the way they are. We may need to put you in a hyperbaric chamber if you get any worse. It’s imperative that you rest, though I suspect you’ll feel so terrible it will be a non-issue.”

“Great,” Tony croaks. He suspects the doctor is right. All he wants to do right now is sleep, but he’s still coughing too much to properly relax.

“We’ll keep an eye on him,” Natasha says.

When the doctor leaves, Natasha pushes him to the side so she can sit on the bed, their shoulders pressed together. Steve deflates like the air has been let out of him. He takes his fingers through his hair.

“Last time I heard someone cough like that…” He smiles crookedly at Tony. “It doesn’t matter. Get better quick, huh?”

“Can’t will it away,” Tony tells him, “believe me, I’ve tried.”

“Lucky we’re in for the long haul then,” Clint says.

Tony smiles despite the way his chest feels like every scrap of shrapnel in his chest is a pocket of acid eating away at him.

He’s been through hell, he can handle this.

I Didn’t Say You Could Leave  (Clint Barton x reader)

Request:  Hi I LOVE your fanfics and I was wondering if you could do one where Clint is severely injured on a mission and the reader is his girlfriend, and a doctor, but doesn’t think he is going to make it. But he pulls through in the very end? Clint x reader

Hope you enjoy!  You guys really like the heavy stuff, huh?  :)

“I think you and I need a vacation.  A real vacation.  If we get this excited about a quick cross-country flight in a cramped jet, that smells like sweaty old gym socks, we need a vacation.” Your nose was crinkled up at the thought, seriously considering asking for a jet for just the women on the team.

“Hey, come on!  It’s a nice jet!  I really like this one.”  Clint’s face looks genuinely hurt by this.  “And I don’t smell anything.”  

Laughing, you pointed your finger at him, gently poking his arm.  “See?  That’s my point exactly!  You guys don’t even notice!”  Your laugh slowly died away, leaving you to contemplate Clint’s original thought about finally getting time for a vacation.  Even a short time away from the team and the pressure of missions would be invaluable.  “So, where should we go?”

He opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by a call from Tony.  “Hey, lovebirds, did you guys get there yet or you taking the scenic route? Again.”  

‘We’re about 15 minutes out, Stark.  Calm down.” You stood to prepare your gear, your goal to make a silent entrance and a quick getaway.  “I’ll signal you when we land, and when we’re clear.”

You could hear the exasperation in Tony’s voice, even over your comm.  “Okay,” he sighed, “okay, but make it fast, kids.  The item you’re looking for is a highly unstable power source. It should be-“

“Woah, woah, (Y/N)! Buckle up!  We’re taking fire!  Can you see from where?!”  Clint was frantically pulling at the controls, trying to level out the jet. “Stark, I think we’re gonna need some backup here!”  But his words were never heard by Tony; the comm system was no longer working.  You could only hope that the sudden radio silence would clue him in to bring help; help that would take two hours to even reach you.

Searching the terrain below, you couldn’t spot the source.  It was heavily wooded, and not the best place to try to safely land an out of control jet.  “It’s too dense down there, I can’t see anything.”  The jet rocked as you grabbed the roll bar next to your head. Adrenaline was now surging thru you, your hands beginning to shake just a bit.  “You know, it’s times like these that I wish I had just stayed working the ER. ‘Avengers Team Physician’ doesn’t sound so prestigious anymore.  Last time I let my boyfriend talk me into things like this.”  A small wave of nausea washed over you, your sense of direction now just a jumbled mess.  

“You can’t say no to this face, sweetheart!”  The jet began to shake violently now, Clint’s hands barely able to maintain their grip. As another shot hit, the controls went blank.

“Hang on, (Y/N)! We’re going in!”


“(Y/N)?”  Your eyes opened as you heard Clint, his voice quiet and strained.  How long was I out?  “(Y/N), say something, please.”  Groaning and struggling to move, you rolled to your side to see your boyfriend, broken and bleeding at your side.  He had carried you from the jet after the crash, a safe distance away, but unknowingly right into the line of fire.  His bow was broken and lying next to him, his arrows spent. “I think I got ‘em all.”  He coughed with his words, wincing in pain with each breath.

“Hey, hey, I’m awake. I’m right here.”  Pulling yourself to your knees, you crawled to him.  The pain in your head was getting worse; you put your hand to your forehead, pulling it away covered in your own blood. “Ugh, no wonder that stings.”  

Looking him over quickly, you began removing his uniform to see the extent of his injuries.  “Honey, I need to get supplies from the jet. Clint, open your eyes and look at me, okay?”  He opened one eye slowly, for only a moment.  “I’m going to be right back,  I promise.”

As you pulled yourself along the side of the crashed machine, you felt for your earpiece, somehow still intact.  “Tony? Tony…” your voice wavered as dizziness grabbed you, making  you stumble. There was no reply.  You could only hope that he was on the way after your communications went down.  Once inside the jet, you grabbed your medical supplies and made your way back to Clint.

“Okay, I’m back. Clint, stay awake.”  His breathing was labored and shallow, and his heartbeat irregular.  Focusing on the wounds that were more severe, you flipped your bag over, spilling the supplies out in front of you, enabling you to work faster.  His chest wasn’t moving as he tried to breathe, and you could hear gurgling in his throat.  “Ok, Barton, listen to me.  You have blood building up in your chest.  That’s why it’s hard to breathe.  Do you hear me?”  He let out a soft groan, nodding his head slightly.  “Babe, this is gonna hurt, and I’m so sorry.  I have to get that out of there.  I’ll give you a shot of pain meds first, but it’s all I can do.”

He was losing a lot of blood and you were beginning to panic.  As the injection began to work, you could see his body relax, and you knew it was time to work.  As you inserted the tube into his chest, he barely made a sound, but it was clear that he was being strong for you.  A few seconds passed before the fluid began to spill out and his breathing eased. “Okay, Clint, that’s working. Stay with me.”

“(Y/N)?”  A static-covered voice was finally in your earpiece.  “(Y/N) come in.  Where are you?”

“Nat, we’re down, but I don’t know where.  Clint’s been hurt, I need help quick or he’s not gonna make it.”  Tears began to moisten your cheek, but you fought them off, trying to stay focused on the task at hand.  “Just find us.  Hurry.”

You spent the next few minutes splinting his broken leg, when you saw him begin to shake violently. He was going into shock, and you weren’t sure if you could stop it.  Frantically inserting an IV, you began squeezing fluids into him as fast as you could. Ripping off the outer layer of your own uniform, you wrapped it around him to try to conserve his body heat.  

“Nat, please tell me you’ve found us.  Please.”

Tony roared overhead, turning sharply to land next to you.  He threw open his suit, kneeling down at your side.  “What can I do?”  Throwing the IV bag into his hands, you began to give directions.  “Squeeze that in as fast as you possibly can, and when that’s done, you do another, and another until we reach help.”

You could hear the jet very close now, relief daring to come over you, but you knew better than to believe it.  “Honey, you’ve lost a lot of blood; I need to check for other sites.  Barton, open your eyes!”  He moaned as you pushed your hands against his abdomen; you stopped and pulled your hands away as you found another major injury.  

“Dammit.”  Glancing at Tony, you began to quietly sob, unsure if you could save your boyfriend from this.  “Stark, hand me that clamp, right over there.”  He handed you a small clamp that looked like a tiny pliers.  “Sweetheart, I need you to breathe, and I need you to lay still.  I…I just need you, okay?  I’m sorry for this.”

Your fingers entered the wound carefully, searching for the vessel that wouldn’t stop bleeding.  Once you found it, you placed the clamp and held your hand there to ensure it wouldn’t release.  He was clearly in agony now, but trying his best to lay still. He gave a quiet cough and a moan as he turned his head to look at you.  “So, I guess that vacation ain’t gonna happen, huh?”

“Shut it, Barton.”

“(Y/N), if I don’t make it thru this…”

“I said shut it.”

With a weak chuckle, he continued, “(Y/N), this doesn’t look good, does it?”  He took small breaths as he spoke.  “It’s okay…just…just tell me.  If I’m gonna go, at least you’re here with me.”

You gave him a stern look. “I didn’t say you could leave, now did I?”  A tear dropped down from your face to his.  “I didn’t put all this work into you just for you to give up, you hear me?”


The ride back in the jet was the longest of your life.  Clint was still holding on; that was all that mattered to you.  Your hand was still holding the clamp inside of him, Bruce had been tasked with keeping the chest tube steady, and Tony was in charge of the IV.

“You know,” you began, “this isn’t the kind of teamwork I was expecting when I took this gig.”  Now that the excitement had died down, and your adrenaline was diminishing, the pain in your head was excruciating. Holding your head with your empty hand, you rested against the wall behind you, your eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“(Y/N)?  You okay?”  Bruce stood to look at you, clearly worried.  

“Yeah,” you sighed, “yeah, I’ll get checked out as soon as I know he’s okay.”

The jet landed on the hospital helipad, a gurney and surgeons waiting to receive Clint.  With your hand still in place, you followed along side as they wheeled him away, relaying information with your fellow physician.  “Blunt force injuries to the chest and abdomen.  Right hemopneumothorax, blood loss of approximately 2 liters after chest tube insertion.  Portal vein laceration, clamped and bleeding appears to be stopped.  Left fibula fracture has been splinted.”

“Thank you, Dr. (Y/L/N). We’ll take it from here.”  The surgeon took the clamp from your hand as they rushed to the operating room.  Standing in the hallway, looking down at your boyfriend’s blood on your hands, you finally succumbed to your own injuries.  Tony caught you just before you hit the floor.


You woke in a hospital bed, covered in monitors and surrounded by incessant beeping.  Looking to your side, you saw Clint, bandaged and bruised, but alive.  Pulling off the monitors, you slowly stood, grabbing the bed rail to steady yourself. Your feet shuffled as you made your way to your boyfriend, needing to see him for yourself.  His vitals looked good, his heartbeat felt strong, he looked relaxed; like he was only sleeping.  Bending over slowly, you kissed his lips gently, trying not to wake him.

“Get your ass back in bed, young lady.”  Tony was quickly by your side, holding your arm.  “He’s gonna make it, thanks to you.  But we both know he’d be pissed if he saw you out of bed right now.  Move.”

You hesitantly crawled back into your bed, reapplying the monitors that you had hastily removed. Once Tony was satisfied that you would remain there, he kissed your cheek goodbye and left you to rest.


“Clint?”  Your head snapped to the side, unsure if you actually heard him or not.

“I never got to answer your question.”  His voice was a whisper and strained.  “We’re going to Barbados.   As long as these scars don’t ruin my bikini body.”     

anonymous asked:

Your WinterIronPanther fics are amazing, I officially can say this is in my top three pairings. Anyway could you write something else, maybe pic up where you left off with Sam discovering Tony in Wakanda. Maybe team reactions and T'Challa and Bucky head of the TonyStarkDefenseSquad

Sequel to this

P.S. Xhosa is the language I believe used as “Wakandan” in MCU, so I used that for this. Translation here.



Sam watched Bucky closely the next time he saw him. He joked with Steve, heckled Clint, acted like nothing at all was up. Like he wasn’t fucking Tony Stark, like he hadn’t been keeping it a secret Stark was here.

Sam went and sat next to him on the couch, glanced back to make sure the others were occupied, and murmured, “I haven’t said anything. But you can’t hide it forever.”

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Imagine Darcy Comforting You

For stormyace (Feel better!)

“You will never believe what I just saw (Y/N)! Wade Wilson was, get this, making morning after breakfast for Peter!” Darcy rattles of after bursting into your room. Usually gossip like this would excite you to no end but today you’re just not in the mood.

“Funny” you deadpan.

“It’s not just funny it’s a huge relief. Clint owes me fifty bucks now! I said they’d crack and fuck like bunnies before the end of the month he said they wouldn’t! That and Steve and Tony are inns be so pissed!” Darcy exclaims. “They are going to ground Peter forever.”

“Uh huh” you mumble and Darcy looks at you with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey what’s wrong? You usually eat this stuff up.”

“I had a bad night” you grumble.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Darcy asks and crawls onto you bed next to you.


“Wanna watch sad movies and eat then?” Darcy questions and snuggles into your side.


“Okay. Jarvis call my boyfriends tell them I want comfort food up here stat and please play Brokeback mountain on the tv” Darcy orders.

“Yes ma'am” Jarvis says and the TV turns on with the movie playing. Minutes later Steve and Bucky arrive with an assortment of junk food.

“Thanks boys. Now o we are watching a gay sad movie!” Darcy clips.

“Why watch that when you can watch us doll?” Bucky retorts.

“Out you horny super soldiers!” Darcy demands and throws a pillow at them. They both chuckle and walk out. You start to feel better already.

anonymous asked:

I read all the depression/PTSD!Steve fics you guys have in your tags and I was wondering if by chance you had any more to rec? I'm a sucker for Steve not being as well-off as he seems.

here are some more that aren’t in the tag

Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches by Sena

Steve lives in Stark Tower and doesn’t have much to do when he’s not going after Hydra strongholds.  He attends charity events to make Pepper happy.  He goes hiking with Sam.  He hangs out with Clint in Bed-Stuy and watches Dog Cops.  Sometimes Tony gives him super alcohol in a sippy cup.  Sometimes he sees Bucky out of the corner of his eye and wonders if it’s real or if he’s starting to lose his mind.

Alternately, the one with terrible jokes, a foot chase through the Lower East Side, and a tiny little robot named Shitcan.

cascades. by orange_crushed

“Holy shit,” Howard says, crackling through the speakers. “You alive in there?” Lying is a sin, of course, but Steve’s not sure what else he can do. He’s already lied to the government and Bucky and God Almighty; and himself, himself most of all. He ought to tell the truth. That he’s not quite what they hoped for. That perhaps they should put him back into the ocean.

“Probably,” he says, instead, listening to Howard’s tinny laughter; and waits for the blast doors to unlock.

The Amazing Adventure of Bucky Barnes by nouvellenouveau    

Steven G. Rogers writes and illustrates the Amazing Adventures series, a set of super obscure children’s books about superheroes. Bucky’s daughter thinks these books are the best thing to grace the earth since hot chocolate. Unfortunately, they’re nearly impossible to find. But when Nat asks for a signed copy of the new book for her birthday, Bucky promises to do whatever he can to make it happen.

It all sort of escalates from there.

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) by spitandvinegar

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

Just Give Me One More Horizon by perfect_plan

Steve Rogers returns home after eight years in the military and finds it hard adapting back to civilian life.

Sleeping Habits

Tony doesn’t actually pass out in his lab as much as he claims he does. He just thinks it sounds good.
He likes to go to sleep on his side, but usually wakes up on his back. And he rolls around A LOT during the night. His caterpillar impression is bad enough that Pepper has her own blanket in addition to the one they “share.”

Pepper likes to sleep with her head on Tony’s shoulder. She doesn’t usually get to, though, because he claims he can’t sleep on his back (he really does have a nigh impossible time falling asleep that way).

Steve sleeps on his back, usually. He spends more time staring at the ceiling than actually sleeping. He snores a little. Despite being a super-soldier, he can sleep through just about anything (though he’s never managed to sleep through an actual threat).

Bruce sleeps in the fetal position most of the time. If it’s hot, though, he sleeps on his stomach. He talks in his sleep sometimes.
To this day, he’s a little afraid of the dark, and prefers to sleep by the window so that the starlight/cityglow can shine on him.

Natasha sleeps on her side, and lightly, with a gun under her pillow. She doesn’t always face the door of the room, despite having been trained to do so. She’s fast enough to not need to anymore.

Clint sleeps on his back and prefers not to have a pillow. Unless he’s upset. Then, he has a lot of trouble sleeping, and can only manage it sitting up (usually with his bow in his lap).

Nick Fury sleeps on his stomach. And he drools. His wife teases him about it sometimes.

Thor sleeps on his back, always gets himself tangled in his blankets, and snores like an enraged buzzsaw. When he was small he was very afraid of the dark, and would always try to get his brother to come sleep in his bed so he didn’t feel so scared. He grew out of it pretty quickly, and now he’s forgotten (he’d remember if somebody reminded him, but the only person who knows is Loki, and he’s sure as hell not bringing that up).

Loki sleeps in the fetal position, wakes up every time he has to turn over, and doesn’t ever snore (or make any noise at all, really). It creeped Frigga the f*ck out when he was small - she had to constantly check to make sure he was still breathing.
When he was a kid, he used to get lonely a lot and sneak into Thor’s bed. By the time he was a teenager, he swore it never happened.

Phil sleeps on his side, and hugs a pillow. He really likes to cuddle, but he’s also one of those space-heater people, which means very few of his girlfriends have actually put up with being cuddled all through a summer night.

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Hey Sam, I have a fic prompt for you if you don't mind :) Steve/Tony hurt/comfort ficlet after one of them is either kidnapped or presumed dead

“You should go talk to Steve,” Clint said, when it was all over.

Or rather, it wasn’t over – with two sprained ankles and a broken wrist it would be a while before it was over for Tony – but the bad guy was behind bars (or foot-thick shatterproof plexi) and everyone was safe, now, so. Beggars, choosers.

“Well, I would,” Tony said, laying down four of a kind to Clint’s pair and pulling the tongue-depressors they were playing for over to his side of the tray table. “But I can’t exactly jog down the hall and say hello. What, should I phone him?”

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Don’t Cry.

Author’s note: LOTS OF FLUFFINESS. That’s all…and like some cussing. But I’m sure you guys saw that coming. It’s Friday night and in my house it’s movie night. So I thought I’d do an Avenger’s movie night drabble for you (plus Bucky fluff – cos why not?) Hope you enjoy!

Movie nights were a treat in the compound. It brought all the Avengers together, even when they’d had weeks where all they did was argue.
You and Bucky had spent the afternoon getting the food together. At first when he arrived in the tower, he was shy around you, but then as months’ past, he became more confident in your presence. He became your regular cooking partner, especially for movie night.

‘Oh my goooooood, what smells so good?’ Tony drifted his way towards the kitchen, nose sniffing the air like a puppy.
You smiled ‘Must be these cupcakes, Stark’
He went to grab one, you slapped his hand away ‘Hey! Not until tonight mister!’
Tony looked at Bucky for help, he just shrugged ‘Gotta do what the little lady says Stark’
He turned away, swiftly making his exit muttering to himself ‘swear they’re two peas in a pod…’


The night crept upon them, Vision, Wanda, Sam and Bucky all placed the food out across the lounge table. Tony sat in the corner chair, frustratingly trying to explain to Clint why it was impractical to make a huge cupcake. ‘C’mon Stark, imagine all that frosting!’

Tony rolled his eyes ‘All I can imagine is the diabetes you’re gonna get diagnosed with and your pants splitting because your ass won’t fit in your custom made pants’

‘Be totally worth it though’ Clint grinned.

‘Tell that to Laura’ Natasha interrupted.

‘So what’s the movie gonna be?’ Steve asked.
Everyone’s eyes fell to you, as you sat next to Bucky on the couch. ‘How about we watch Toy Story 3? I mean we watched the other two, we should finish the set right? You replied.

‘Toy Story 3 it is! And before we start, I’d like to thank you and Frostbite for slaving away in the kitchen all afternoon and delivering us this masterpiece’ Tony said as gestured across the table.
You blushed, settling yourself underneath the shared blanket with Bucky.


The first argument of the night was started by Sam.
‘Look I just don’t understand after 17 years, Andy doesn’t know those toys have been moving and watching him’ He stated.

‘That’s because they’re clever and don’t get caught’ Natasha replied.

‘Or y’know it could be the fact it’s a godammn kid’s movie Sam!’ Tony sighed.


The next one was started because Steve took the last cupcake.
‘Look I picked it first, it’s mine!’ Steve argued.
‘I made it though’ Bucky replied.
The cupcake sat on the table, lonely in the midst of the two soldiers arguing. Steve looked back at the table and it had gone.

‘What the hell?’ Steve yelled out.

‘LANGUAGE!’ Tony laughed.

Bucky looked at you, and saw you harbouring the cupcake under the blanket. You lifted you finger to your lips and pressed it in a ‘SSSH’ motion. Bucky chuckled ‘Secret’s safe with me doll’


The last argument consisted of why Woody trusted Lotso to turn off the conveyor belt switch.

‘He’s literally being an asshole to them through the entire film and Woody still trusts him’ Clint pointed out.
You laughed ‘Maybe it’s because Woody thought he would change, even in the darkest of times, people are still willing to change’ Bucky glanced at you, his lips curved into a smile. Is that why you had been so trusting to him over the months?

‘I call bullshit. That fluffy little bastard knew what he was going to do. Stupid cowboy.’ Clint shot back, jokingly.

The movie started to draw to an end. Tony had fallen asleep in the chair, Clint had bailed a few minutes earlier with stomach ache. Natasha and Steve had curled up together, their eyes heavy with sleep and Vision and Wanda had retired to bed.

‘So long, partner’ Woody said as the car drove away.

Bucky looked at you, tears streamed down your face, which you tried to hide behind the blanket, you sniffed. He lowered his head; closer to your ear and whispered ‘Hey Doll, don’t cry’
You mumbled ‘But he left his best friend behind’ Bucky gave a small smile, wrapping his arm around your shoulder, pulling you in closer to console you.


The film ended, Bucky carried you down the hallway to your room. You were still curled up in the blanket, eyes half shut. He put you on your bed and made his way to the door. ‘Bucky?’ You murmured.


You lazily drape your arm over the side of your bed, motioning Bucky to come back. He kneeled down beside your bedside. ‘What’s the matter?’ He asked.

‘Stay with me. Don’t leave me like what Andy did’ You whined.

Bucky dropped his head down and started laughing.
‘Okay sweetheart, for you, I’ll stay’  

Preference #2 How you sleep together

Note: Thanks for waiting. I finally finished this one and I feel so bad for taking so long, sorry for any errors.

Tony: Tony doesn’t sleep much since he is always working on his suits but sometimes he allows you to drag him to him to bed where you guys cuddle. Tony loves to be the little spoon when you sleep together, it makes him feel safe and makes his nightmares go away.

Thor: Thor loves having you close to him since it assures him that your fine and no one has taken you away from him. He likes to have you either on his side or on top of him since he feel you and he buries his head in your neck so he can feel your heartbeat and that helps reassures him also.

Clint: Clint doesn’t go to bed as early as you do, he usually reads a book on the couch while you make yourself comfortable on his lap or chest. When he is done reading he carries you to bed where you guys fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Natasha: Natasha likes to cuddle with you when you guys sleep together. She likes having your legs intertwined and your body pressed together with her head on top of yours.

Bruce: You and Bruce first lay facing each other and just talk about how your days went and tell stories. After you guys are done talking Bruce pulls you in close to him, rests his head on top of yours and you guys fall asleep.

Steve: You sleep on Steve’s side with your head and arm on his chest and one of his arms on your waist and his other hand over your hand on his

Pietro: You and Pietro like to get as close to each other as possible when you guys are sleeping together. You guy tangle your legs with each other and pull each other closer and then wrap your arms around each other, and in the mornings neither of you can leave the bed without waking the other one up.

Wanda: You and Wanda sleep facing each other with your legs tangled and her hand stroking your hair back. She does this so she can make sure you don’t have nightmares, so you are not exhausted in the morning.

Bucky: Bucky likes to sleep with his head on your chest listening to your heartbeat and playing with your fingers while your other hand is stroking his hair. He claims that this helps him sleep better at night.

Stony Prompt #41

Anonymous sent: Hello! Can you write a high school au where the avengers and their classmates go on a school trip for couple of days? And at nights they (all 6 of them) sit around in each other’s rooms and talk? And Tony gets so nostalgic and sentimental at some point, because he LOVES those people to death. But he’s scared about what will happen soon, because they finish High school in couple of weeks. He is afraid of being alone. They see how anxious he is about something and make him spill his guts (lots of fluff pls)

I can most likely write this! thanks for sending me this prompt - and sorry that it took so long ;7;)/<3

They’re all gathered in Tony’s room. The sun just vanished from the sky; last bits of orange still piercing through the dark clouds that creep up at the horizon.

Tony is almost sitting in Steve’s lap already, but the blond doesn’t mind one bit. Clint and Natasha seem to be one argument away from getting into an awesome fight – Thor loudly cheers on them already. Bruce is the only one who sits quietly, a bit off to the side but obviously enjoying himself as well.

It’s comfortable and just like Tony imagined it. The trip is one of the last big events they have before high school will be finished; a thought that the brunet pushes away. It’s their third night at the cheap hostel already; three more are still ahead. As always they have met up in one of their rooms, talking until the teacher comes in and reminds them to actually go to bed.

Steve nudges his shoulder, giving him a wide smile. “Hey, want to bet I can beat Clint in an arm wrestling match?”, he asks and Tony finds it hard suddenly to focus on an answer. His crush on Steve is almost embarrassingly obvious – for everyone but for the blond.

Clint looks up, or at least he tries to. Natasha has him in a headlock, but he’s not fighting back. “Unfair, Cap!”, he calls. “With these muscles I’ll most likely break my arm trying to beat you!”

Which is true. As the Captain of the school’s football team, Steve has a very nice body, with defined muscles. No doubt he’ll grow up into a very handsome man – Tony might have run calculations on this. He’s a genius, after all – and right now he dreads this fact. His father already disapproved of his decision to join high school at all. He’d wanted to send Tony off to college right away.

And now…. Now they only have this trip, a couple more weeks filled with exams and prom left.

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Imagine Bucky rescuing a dragon with the ability to change its size, from some testing facility. It just follows him around like a puppy and when Bucky wakes up shaking and screaming after a nightmare, the dragon is there to comfort him and lay on his stomach like a cat. When Bucky gets better and starts fighting alongside the Avengers, the dragon is there - Just 3 tons of angry teeth and claws plowing its way through enemies to help Bucky out of a sticky situation.


like, okay, he finds this really smooth blue stone on his way out after a mission, and he thinks nat will like it so he picks it up and takes it with him, except halfway home it starts to crack and shake and it gets warm to the touch but that’s okay because bucky has a metal hand that can’t feel heat so he holds the stone in his left hand and it breaks open !!

and then he gets back with a baby dragon wrapped around his neck and everyone just quietly watches him and he clears his throat and says “i wanted to bring nat home a pretty rock except it was an egg and i think it imprinted on me so now i have a dragon?”

tony is really worried that it’s going to destroy things except the baby (it’s a girl- bucky names her daenerys and the others nickname her “khaleesi, mother of all”) doesn’t seem to be able to breathe fire, and she just follows bucky around and steve and sam figure out that she likes to play fetch and clint introduces her to lucky and at night she curls up between nat and pepper because they know exactly where her favorite spots to be scratched are. she’s like a puppy. except she’s a dragon.

and, yeah, she curls up on top of bucky, which continues even when she gets too big. tony has to reinforce the bed so dany won’t keep breaking it.

the battle in question is a tight squeeze, and all hope is lost when all of a sudden an alien goon smacks bucky into the side of a building and they all hear a loud roaring and daenerys bursts out of the special hole tony had installed in case she ever got her wings to work properly (she’s still really young, even though she’s about half a ton) and she shoots at the aliens and just plows through them and sam just yells “KHALEESIIIIIIIIIIIII”

and when the smoke clears they find her curled protectively around bucky, one wing sheltering him from the worst of the rubble, and maybe having a dragon on their side isn’t such a bad thing after all.