clint is too much

“Okay I borrow Tony Stark’s shrink ray and then put Tiny Phil Coulson in my pocket for safe keeping” 

That’s how four of the avengers meet Darcy. The teams walks into the common room late after rescuing the city again to a drunk Astrophysicist and her equally drunk assistant. Clint instantly knows the voice and smiles. Thor also grins. The rest of the team shoot each other looks.

“How do you know Tony Stark has a shrink ray?” Jane counters still upright and contemplating her drink. 

“Are you kidding? Of course he does!” Darcy scoffs. “and He might get lonely so I’ll shrink Clint to keep him company. and Black Widow to keep them safe!”

Clint almost can’t keep his laughter back at Natasha’s face. Tony and Bruce also look amused. Steve looks confused but is watching them with interest. Thor has moved to Jane’s sight and the tiny scientist smiles and makes grabby hands at him. 

“And then I’ll shrink her one of Tony Stark’s zoom zoomers so she can keep going on missions. and people will be like Darcy why do you carry a hot wheel around and I’ll look at Tiny Black Widow and we’ll both laugh!” Darcy laughs now at the idea. 

“I thought she was in your pocket?” Thor chuckles from his new seat under Jane. 

“Hey Thor, and no! She’d like my shoulders better I think. Like my own good and bad angle.” This makes Bruce snort loudly. “Plus if she was in my pocket she’d see Phil and Clint kissing.” She whispers and proceeds to laugh even harder. Clint’s eyebrows merge with his hairline. Oh. Darcy had never been subtle about her crush on Clint but this was a new train of thought was far as he was aware. 

“We kiss?” Clint asks drawing Darcy’s attention to the rest of the team hovering in the door. Darcy’s eyes focus on Clint and despite not having move she looks dizzy for a moment. 

“You should.” She shrugs. “Yo!!!! You!” She pointed suddenly at Tony. He paused pointing at himself in question. “Yea you beardy. I need your Shrink Ray!” 

“At your service Short stack!!” 

“Told you Janey!! What kinda science magician doesn’t have a Shrink Ray?”

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

Clint and Nat absolutely found all seven secret passages within a year of being friends and they would absolutely always be in trouble except the teachers can never pin them for their crimes

Thanks to friends on here, @celestial-leia @olor-et-luna cough cough, I’m having some Winterhawk feelings.

Clint is tired of what he thinks is UST between Steve and Bucky and he is going to force them together to save all their sanity. So he bugs Tony until the two of them make cupid arrows. They are tipped in what is basically sex pollen but you know nice friendly sex pollen where it will just help them admit their feelings - it is a totally cool blend of truth serum, endorphin kick, and smells like strawberries, totally cool and harmless (just you know please don’t tell Phil we made this).

Clint debates wearing wings but figures no, too much, and he has to be subtle. Only of course damn Avengers. Every arrow he’s tried to hit Bucky with, the bastard has caught - stupid cool arm and crazy reflexes. He thought about going for Steve, but frankly he wasn’t as much fun to stalk - follow, follow, he wasn’t stalking his friends. The skulking in vents and around corners was something everyone did.

But his stalking (dammit his following) was getting interesting, because even though Bucky wasn’t letting an arrow touch him, he was going interesting places, fun places, and making it a challenge for Clint. He appreciated that. Bucky was running through the city and Clint was chasing him on roofs. And a couple times when Bucky stopped, caught the arrow, and walked away, he had left food for Clint at his spot.

Clint was never going to turn down a breakfast burrito (and sorry Wilson, burritos better than tacos any day).

But now it was Valentine’s and he was getting Bucky some happiness, if only he could find the bastard. Clint stalked (again, not stalking) the usual places and then finally, finally found him.

Dressed up all nice, with flowers, and a cocky grin. Huh, maybe he didn’t need to hit the guy. Maybe he and Steve had finally figured it out. 

Only there was Steve his arm around Darcy, and then laughing and waving to Bucky as they went through the door.

Clint hopped down from his perch. “What the hell is he doing with Darcy?”

“Going to a picture show?” Bucky replied.

“He’s supposed to date you!” Clint shouted. “You guys are bloody soulmates if you’d get off your asses.”

“We know that.” Bucky said easily. “But lots of types of soulmates.” he then frowned. “This was you trying to get me with Steve?”

“Yeah, why?” Clint was confused. Why did Bucky look so bummed out.

“I thought it was how you dated.”

“You thought this was us dating?” Clint was stunned.

“Well, you are weird. And crap at dealing with people. So thought this was how you courted.” Bucky shrugged. “Guess I don’t need the reservation. Have a good night Clint.” Bucky started to walk away.

Clint was pretty sure he was wearing Natasha’s pants and the shirt had a hole in it. “Can I go like this or do I need to change?” he asked.

Bucky smiled and gave him the flowers. “You look fine.”

“No I don’t.”

“Okay no, but I don’t care.”

Huh. That was a new thing. But Clint decided to roll with it. He had a Valentine’s date because he stalked someone into thinking they were dating.

Oh god he was Edward Cullen. He needed to die.

Bucky grabbed his hand. “You aren’t a creepy stalker. Relax.”

“How did you know I was thinking that?” 

“Lucky guess. Come on, let’s get you some pizza.” Bucky pulled him out of the building, leaving the arrows behind.

but what i love is the way clint delivers the line though like: yeah i know i look ridiculous fighting robots with my bow but just get ready to have your minds fucking blown! he’s like the coolest badass ever asfksjffgg

soooo I suck at drawing but here have this

Magnet Prank (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by rohgers

It started out as a joke, a cheesy little joke. Clint thought it was a fun idea to stick a magnet to Bucky’s arm. Something the male didn’t notice until Stark laughed and pointed it out. From there Clint and Natasha both got the idea of playing a game to see how many magnets someone could get on Bucky’s arm without him noticing. Meaning if you got caught you were out. It started out at random times. One person would go and then wait for a couple hours. You were clearly taking the lead in it. You could also keep a straight face when Bucky came to whine to you. He didn’t understand why there were magnets on his arm. You would pull them off and only shake your head. Clint and Natasha were having too much fun with this. In the middle of reading your book, you hear an angry sigh and your door being pushed open. Not even a second later, Bucky is crawling onto your bed and sitting next to you, a disappointed and annoyed look on that puppy dog face. Putting your bookmark in place, you move to look at him.

“They get you again Buck?” you question softly. He only nods and looks away from you. Taking a breath you scoot closer to him and begin to pull the magnets off his metal arm. It whirrs under your touch as the plates move. He looks down embarrassed at the fact you had to pull magnets off his arm. Once all the magnets are off you discard them onto you bedside table. Turning back to Bucky you reach up and run a hand through his hair gentle.

“Who is putting magnets on me?” He mumbles leaning into your touch. Holding in your small ounce of a laugh wanting to come out.

“I’m not sure love, I’m sure we can figure it out.” You smile soft. From there Bucky crawls further onto your bed. His arms wrapping around your waist as he nestles his face into your stomach. Smiling soft,  you had become accustomed to this. Whenever Bucky has a bad day or nightmares? The man was always crawling into your bed and needing to be near you. Something you didn’t mind whatsoever. It became a ritual of the sorts anymore. That night Bucky slept in your room and that was okay. You eventually fall into a deep sleep yourself.

Morning comes and Bucky is gone when you wake, he was either out on his morning run with Steve or in the gym. Stretching, you get into your morning routine and are dressed by 8a.m. Upon reaching the kitchen, Natasha is jumping on you, a small yelp coming from you as you almost go down. Grumbling under your breath you roll your eyes. Natasha lets you go, a smirk clear as day on her lips.

“So, did Bucky come into your room last night?” Her eyebrow raised.

“Tasha, she’s not going to spill the beans if they hooked up.” Clint’s voice comes from above. A dark crimson fills your face as you hear his words.

“Well she’s red in the face.” Nat speaks up. Without another word, you are on Natasha and getting her down to the floor. She nevertheless flips you so you are pinned to the floor and she is tickling you. Clint finally comes in and laughs before shaking his head. You are yelling in protest as you try and push the red head off of you.

“Just admit it (Y/N). You liiikkkeeeeeee him.” Clint sing songs.

“I do not!” You squeak. Natasha finally stops but sits ontop of you.

“Yes you do. Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Natasha raises an eyebrow.

“He’s in love, mad love with you chicky bird.” Clint smirks.

“Fuck off Barton!” You groan covering your face.

“Language!” Steve grumbles as he walks into the kitchen only to find you on the floor, Natasha ontop of you and Clint nearby.

“Sorry Stevie.”

“Admit it.. Tonight.” Natasha whispers and pecks your cheek before helping you up. She pulls you up a little too hard and you are flung into someone’s chest. Clint snickers and Natasha smirks. The blonde super soldier only raises an eyebrow, you on the other hand were flushed. Instantly knowing it was Bucky.

“You okay doll?” He asks as you step back.

“Yeah.” You manage to get out before stumbling on more words.

Smooth (Y/N), real smooth. Bucky only raises an eyebrow not quite understanding what was going on. Shaking your head, you disappear from the kitchen. You were going to kill those two, oh and it was going to be a sweet revenge.

Two days go by and nothing happens, two whole days to plan your surprise attack. You would get them back. You are half asleep in bed when your door creaks open. Hearing it close you don’t focus on it much. The bed dips and he is nudging you, eyes opening again you make a soft noise. Bucky nudges you again and makes a soft noise.

“Hmm.. Buck what is it?”

“They put magnets on me again.. While i was sleeping.” he whines. Pushing up you realize your hair probably is just about everywhere. Not having a care in the world you absent mindedly start reaching for him. Your hand brushing the cool metal as you feel up it. Finding each and every magnet. Too tired to turn on a light and see them. His flesh hand meets your neck gentle as he moves it along your skin. A light shiver makes its way down your spine as he does so. Reaching up he tucks a strand of your beautiful messy locks behind your ear. Smiling shyly you finally get all the magnets off of him. His fingers stroke your cheek tenderly, your eyes slipping closed. Grazing your lip carefully with his thumb, your heart jumps in your chest. Could he hear how loud your heartbeat was? He moves closer and lets his forehead meet yours. You could feel his breath against your face. Was he nervous? What was exactly going on in this moment. Before you could question him, those sweet lips brush against yours ever so timid.

This was happening, he was kissing you. James Buchanan Barnes was kissing you right now. His hand cups your face as he deepens the kiss. He finally pulls back to let you breathe, a smile crossing his lips.

“I uh.. I didn’t.. I like you doll.” He manages to get out finally. Chuckling you pull back to look at him.

“James Buchanan Barnes, terrified of admitting his own feelings?” You gasp playfully. Bucky narrows his eyes a little and attacks you. A giggle comes from you as he presses kisses along your skin ever so sweetly.

“I’m in love with you (Y/N).. I have been since Steve first introduced us doll. I never once thought i could love someone again. I mean look at me.. I’m.. I was the Winter Soldier.. That’s something i will never live down..” He takes a breath and you cover his mouth.

“Stop Bucky, stop that.” You pause. “I don’t care about you having a past with Hydra. That’s not who you are to me. To me you are Bucky, that sweet fragile guy that was so shy when Steve introduced us. Bucky i love you. I’ve been in love with you for a long time. Maybe it took Nat and Clint putting magnets on you for me to realize that, but you mean the world to me. I love you and I’m sorry it took me so long to admit that but if you want, I’ll help you get revenge on Clint and Nat.” You smirk.

“You mean Natasha and Clint have been putting magnets on me?” He frowns.

“I’m sorry Buck.. it started out as a prank and then they got competitive. If it counts I only put two on you without you noticing.” You chew on your bottom lip. Bucky narrows his eyes and before you could say a word he has you pinned beneath him.

“You think it’s funny to put magnets on me doll?” He raises an eyebrow as he straddles you. You gulp and Bucky leans down close enough to almost kiss you. “Huh sweetheart?”

“I’m sorry!” You stifle a giggle. Bucky nips at your jaw and then tickles you. A squeal comes from you as he doesn’t let up. When he finally does Bucky moves to his side and pulls you to his chest.
“I love you (Y/N).” He whispers kissing your temple. “Sleep doll. Tomorrow we get our revenge.”

Annoying love

Request: anonymous: So, reader is an avenger and they all live together at the tower (including Clint’s dog, damn you MCU for not having Lucky) and Clint and the reader are always annoying each other, Clint is more laid back during missions while reader is kind of paranoid and when they get teamed up together, this go south. Reader gets injured and Clint feels really guilty, then they fight because he apologizes too much and in the middle of it he confesses he loves her.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Word count: 1.286

Warnings: swearing, injured reader (getting shot)

A/N: I feel like I stretched this one out to far. What do you guys think?

Originally posted by mayawolf

“BARTON!” your angered voice sounded through the Avengers tower, causing Sam to stick his head around the corner in curiosity. He quickly retreated his head when you stormed past him, face flushed with anger and hands balled into fists.

“Oh dear, she looked exceptionally angry this time.” He muttered and looked over to Steve, who hurried to finish his coffee. “What ever he did, we better not be in the line of fire. Wanna take Lucky for a walk?” said man asked in between sips of his drink.

“You bet!” Sam answered and together they hurried out of the kitchen.

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  • Me: *calls up marvel* Hey, favor.
  • Marvel: what--?
  • Me: So I'm going to need you to get on a few things ASAP: One, Steve Rogers. Bi af. Make it happen.
  • Me: Two, give Black Widow her own movie. C'mon, do I need to list all the 192947392+ reasons why that needs to happen?
  • Me: More Sebastian Stan speaking Russian. Or, better yet, more Sebastian Stan.
  • Me: oh! Almost forgot... fix that whole 'Pietro is dead' misunderstanding. Kinda getting on my nerves.
  • Me: Nat and Bruce is nice and all but let's just get back to smashing things and showing everyone that Black Widow can be an independent woman who doesn't need a love interest.
  • Marvel: ...
  • Me: Glad we're on the same page. *hears Hayley Atwell screaming in the distance*
Sound of Your Escape [Part 4 / ?]

Post Winter Soldier Series

[Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three ]

Warnings: Intense Violence, Intense Gore, Suggestive Themes, Character Death, Explicit Language, Angst, and Illegal Shit.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, Brief Mentions of other Avengers, and Kokov (OC).

Pairing: Bucky x Ex-HYDRA!Reader

Word Count: 5k+

A/N: FINALLY! This is the most intense part of this series and is often jumping between time-frames so make sure you keep track of what’s going on. So buckle up babes, you are in for the worst. x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

           The surprise on Steve and Natasha’s faces when you recognized the metal-armed soldier was enough for them to lower their weapons. Bucky was breathing heavily and his eyes were wide, staring at you with eyes that swirled with thousands of emotions. Steve stepped forward and you immediately recoiled, hands up to keep them away from you.

           “D-Don’t come n-near me, please…” You begged, feeling the ground as you scooted back farther. You froze when your fingers slid through the warm slick of fresh blood, and your gaze dropped in horror to see the red pooling closer to your form, your hand pressed into the small puddle. A sharp whimper racked your chest and you stumbled to your feet, backing up farther as you stared at Kokov’s blood on your hands.

           Natasha broke the silence, “Y/N…”

           Your gaze snapped up to her form, realizing she was the one who pulled the trigger on Kokov. Natasha was your friend, but it was hard to believe as you didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. The only thing you knew for sure was that Kokov was dead, and you trusted him.

           “Y-You killed him.” Your voice rattled with a high tone.

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Brawling Love (End)

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: too much fluff for my poor heart, swearing probably

A/N: I’m binge watching Law & Order SVU while writing this it’s pretty lit. I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow, I’m really tired so ima go to sleep. I hope you like this :)

It wasn’t ‘real quick’ like the doctor said which made Bucky grow irritated. He didn’t leave the room, holding your hand no matter what. He felt that if he let go of you at any time, he could lose you like he almost did two days ago.

When the doctor was done though, he left the room and Bucky let out a sigh, Finally, he could talk to you. He caressed your hand and squeezed gently, making you look at him.

“So..” Bucky starts off with a smile. “I believe we have a lot to talk about.”

You chuckle. “I believe we do.”

Bucky stared at your connected hands, thinking very hard about what he was going to say to you. “I’m sorry.” he sighs. “I did everything I could to keep you from Ben but that was because I like you and I didn’t want him near you.”

“I’m sorry too.” you respond. “When you told me you liked me I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I thought you just said that so that I would choose you over Ben.”

Bucky pursed his lips as you continued. “I do like you though. I’ve liked you for the longest time. The only reason I seemed to hate you was because I was mad; jealous even. I tried hinting to you that I liked you but you didn’t pay attention to me. You always brushed me aside and went on dates with girl after girl and it frustrated me that you wouldn’t even spare me a glance.”

Bucky scoffed. “You’re joking right? The only reason I hated you was because I thought you hated me. And the only reason I constantly argued with you was because I thought that was the only way I could ever get your attention. That and you’re pretty cute when you’re annoyed.”

You playfully roll your eyes and punch his shoulder, causing him to laugh.

“So it’s settled then? You like me and I like you.” you say and Bucky nods at your words. “So when are you taking me out on a date?”

Bucky lets out a laugh at your forwardness. “Slow down, Doll, we still need to discuss my.. outburst a couple of weeks ago.”

You frown. “Bucky, we don’t have to-”

“No,” he stops you, “we need to. You just let it happen, we never discussed it and we need to.”

“Okay.” you nod, allowing him to continue.

He clears his throat as he caressed your hand that he was holding. “That day, I was mad at you. I was mad at you because you ruined my date. Then when we got home I got even more riled up and said all those things. I didn’t mean them, I just wanted to hurt you. I didn’t even think I’d hurt you. You’re always so tough, so guarded. I didn’t think my dumbass would ever hurt you let alone make you cry. I thought you were gonna say something mean back or even kick me in the balls but you cried. And when I saw you cry, I knew I fucked up. I didn’t mean to make you cry Y/N. You’re a great recruit to the team, everyone loves you and you are way better than Nat and Wanda combined, in my opinion; don’t tell them I said that because they’ll literally kill me.”

You chuckle at his words and he continues. “Those four days where you didn’t speak to me; didn’t speak to anyone, it killed me. I missed hearing your voice. Everyone was so mad at me and I don’t blame them. It was my fault. I should’ve kept my mouth shut. You have to realize that I didn’t mean any of that Y/N. I like you, so so much. my anger just took over in that moment and once my mouth opened, I couldn’t stop.”

You give him a pursed smile, looking down at your hands. You take a deep breath and close your eyes, ready to speak. “I’m an insecure girl. Always have and probably always will be. I never felt pretty when standing next to Nat or Wanda. I think that they’re way prettier than me. In school there were so many people who were smarter than me, prettier than me, better than me in every way possible. I grew up hating myself. I was never one to grab a guys attention.”

You look up at Bucky who kept his eyes on you the whole time you spoke. “So when you basically said I wasn’t as pretty as Nat or Wanda it hurt. You picked at my insecurities without knowing. I tried for so long to keep them hidden so that I didn’t seem like some kind of little bitch who couldn’t control her emotions. I pushed them way back in my head and focused on work, I nearly forgot about my insecurities until you brought them back up. I didn’t mean to break down in front of everyone, it just happened.”

“Y/N.” Bucky breathed. His face showed sadness and you give him a small smile, squeezing his hand for reassurance.

“It’s fine. You didn’t know. Like you said I was tough. I had built up walls.” you respond.

“I’m sorry.” he breathed, standing up and leaning over then bed to hug you properly.

“We both fucked up, Bucky.” you shrug. He pulls away slightly, enough for him to see your face and for you to see his. He stares at you, eyes glancing down at your lips every so often. He was debating whether or not to kiss you right then and there. Was it too soon? Should he wait? Fuck it. He waited long enough.

Just when he was about to press his lips to yours, the door burst open and the whole team enters the room. Bucky immediately backs away, falling down onto the chair behind him as he watched everyone flood in.

“Sorry, are we interrupting something?” Tony grinned as he held flowers in his hand.

“Fucking cockblock.” Bucky muttered, rubbing his face.

“What was that Bucky?” Tony questioned with a smirk.

“Nothing.” he says loudly, looking up at Tony with a smile. “I said nothing.”

Tony turned his attention to you, handing you the flowers. “Here kid. These are apology flowers. Sorry for not looking out for you like I should’ve been.”

You smile, looking at the flowers before responding. “It’s fine. That guy came out of nowhere.”

Tony gave you a pained smile, sitting down on the small spot next to you. “You scared me.” his eyes brimmed with tears and he tried his best to fight them back.

“Tony.” you murmur, putting the flowers down only to pull him into your arms. He held you tightly without hurting you as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Don’t do that again.” his voice quivered. “Next time I tell you to stay with me, you stay with me.”

You let out a laugh. “Yes sir.”

You both pull away from the hug and Tony wipes away his tears before looking at everyone. “And for the record I wasn’t crying. Tony Stark doesn’t cry.”

“Whatever you say.” Natasha rolled her eyes and Thor stepped up to you.

“Lady Y/N, you’re okay.” he smiled, leaning down and hugging you gently. “My brother has told me to send you his regards.”

You pull away from the hug and your eyebrow quirked up. “Loki’s wishing me well? Loki. The guy who tried to take over the world.”

“He was going to make you his queen which was why he didn’t hurt you.” Thor responds. “My brother has a liking towards you.”

“No, nope.” Bucky cuts in. “Tell Loki to fuck off, Y/N’s mine, I’ll fight him if I have to.”

Everyone around you laughed at his words. Your eyes landed on Wanda who also gave you the same pained smile that Tony did. “Wanda come here.”

She walks over to you and you pull her down for a hug. “I got so scared. I couldn’t lose you, not after losing my brother.”

You smile, squeezing her a bit. “I’m not going anywhere.”

After you hugged everyone else, you all talked for a bit before deciding that once you were able to leave the infirmary, you all would spend a day together doing something.

“Hey,” Clint suddenly says, grabbing everyone’s attention. “What were you two doing before we came in?”

“Classified.” you respond. Clint raised his eyebrow.

“I was going to kiss her but you know, you guys are a bunch of cockblocks.” Bucky shrugged.

“Oh gross, thank god we came in.” Tony replied.

You rolled your eyes, a smirk tugging at your lips as you pulled Bucky towards you. “What’s wrong-” you cut him off with a kiss. Your hands cupped his face and his metal arm was planted firmly on the bed beside you while his human hand tangled itself in your hair. You heard cheers from the others along with Tony who was making gagging noises.

“Damn,” Sam laughed. “Get some, Barnes.”

You both pulled away and you caressed his cheek as he smiled at you. “Well that was long overdue.”

You chuckle. “Sure was.” you murmur before your eyes widen. “Shit, Ben. I have to tell him that it’s not working out between me and him and that-”

Bucky placed his finger over your lips to shush you. “Do that tomorrow. Right now just kiss me.”

You smile, shaking your head as you pulled him into another, much needed kiss.

A/N: AAANNNDDDDD IT’S OVERRRR. I hope you guys liked this series as much as I loved writing it. Thank you so much for reading it and giving me feedback.


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Since Disney owns the MCU:

Merida is actually the daughter of Clint and Nat. The Winter Soldier kidnapped her as a baby and Hydra used her in a time travel experiment. She ended up in medieval Scotland.
Meanwhile, her parents were heartbroken. So, Fury erased their memories and told Clint that he was married to Laura and he and Nat are just friends. Only Fury and Laura know the truth.
Before Bucky goes back under, he states that he remembers Clints daughter and Clint has a memory relapse.


I’ve had the same 6 backgrounds rotating on my laptop for the last three years. That has to be some kind of record. And i kinnnnnnda want to switch it up (esp cause l was rude and didn’t include katie kate), but nothing I’ve found/made has been good enough. 

Cuddle Me!

Feeling lonely you decide that you need a good cuddle. But sadly nobody seems to have time for you.

Warning/s: None

Frowning you wandered through the Avengers Tower, a pillow closely hugged to your chest. The sun was setting and you suddenly felt lonely. You sighed as you entered the kitchen. Tony was leaning against the counter, seemingly drinking something.
“Cuddle me?” You asked in the desperatest tone you could muster. But the billionare was deep in thought and just absently shook his head. You huffed and decided to continue your journey.
Out in the hallway you nearly ran into Natasha.
“Cuddling?!” You asked her but she just half-smiled and quickly ruffled your hair.
“Sorry, Fury needs me.” She explained and rushed away. You shrugged and continued to walk. Tasha was always busy so you weren’t really suprised by her awnser. After a while you found yourself in front of the gym. You poked your head in and saw Steve, restless as always.

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