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The Maze Runner Imagine (Newt)

Request: Could you do a newt imagine where he likes me but I’m really close to Jeff &newt gets really jealous so he starts to be overprotective of me &he won’t let me talk to Jeff anymore until we have a fight and he actually tells me how he feels? Tysm

Note: There you go! I hope you like it :)

„(Y/N)!“ I turned around by the sound of my name. Jeff was standing outside the med-jacks hut, waving wildly. It seemed to be urgent.

Just as I was about to walk his way, someone shouted my name from across the Glade. This time it was Newt. “I quickly need your help in the gardens.” My eyes darted from one to another.

Since the best things came in threes Frypan also seemed to need me as fast as possible. I should help him with the arrangements for dinner. What was more important? Maybe saving a life? Picking strawberries? Or cooking? „Oh god, why does everybody need me?“ Hopelessly overcharged I threw my hands up in despair. “I don’t need you,” Gally replied as he walked past me. Rolling my eyes I slightly punched his upper arm. “I don’t need you either.” Chuckling he continued his way to the west doors of the Maze. “See you later, shuck-face.” “Yeah. I can hardly wait.”

“(Y/N)!” Newt’s voice made me startle up. “Are you coming now or what?” Uncertain who I should choose I looked over to Fry and Jeff. The latter waved again. My gut feeling told me to help him.

So I apologized to Newt and Fry and sprinted across the Glade to the med-jacks hut. “What’s up?”

A worried expression was plastered across his face while he led me to the backside of the hut. I expected the worst scene my brain could imagine but there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. No bleeding or nearly dying Glader. Just yawning void. “Jeff?” Interrogatively I placed my hands on my hips. He smiled innocently. “What?” “Why did you call me when no one’s here? I thought it was an emergency. I ditched Newt and Fry to help you,” I sulked. “Forget these two shanks. It was an emergency!” He insisted and grabbed my hand to pull me closer to him. I looked up. “Really?” “I was on the edge of dying. Clint said he needed a pause since nobody was here all day. You can’t imagine how bored I am.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re such a slinthead. What do you intend to do now I’m here?” He shrugged his shoulder purposelessly. “Maybe you could help me tidying up.” “That’s exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon!” I cheered sarcastically. His eyes narrowed. “You definitely spend too much time with Minho.” “No. I definitely spend too much time with you.”

We continued to tease each other for about half an hour. Of course we also started to tidy up the hut. We put jars on the dedicated shelves and placed bandages in the drawers underneath. Everything went smoothly until I accidentally dropped a glass of medicine.

Screaming we tried to catch it at the same time and banged our heads together. Another screech escaped my lips as I landed on my butt. Jeff hovered over me, laughing like mad. Unfortunately we weren’t able to save the jar but we had fun. At least till the door flew open revealing a shocked looking Newt. His eyes first met us, then the broken glass and finally us again. “What happened?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.

Jeff pulled himself together. “Thanks,” I mumbled as he had helped me to get back up. I felt myself blushing. God, how embarrassing. “Nothing,” Jeff answered evasively. “However. Dinner’s ready.”


Dinner went by fast. As always Frypan had exceled himself. I sat at a table with Jeff, Clint, Chuck, Thomas, Minho and Newt. Gally sat two tables further, pulling faces at me which made me laugh.

Newt turned around to shot him a death glare. Of course he didn’t stop. “Gally, stop it. You bloody shank!” At this moment we were all taken aback by Newt’s harsh tone. Even the keeper of the builders paused his actions. “Newt what…,” I started but he avoided my gaze and stood up instead. “I gotta go.”


He acted strangely the following days. Especially around me and Jeff. On the one hand he ignored me, but on the other he seemed more protective about me than usual. He literally fobbed every single Glader that crossed the invisible boundary line for just one millimetre off.

Slightly I suspected that it had something to do with the incident in the med-jacks hut. I really felt terrible therefor. The scene looked different from what it actually was. Nothing had happened but this fact didn’t want to fit in Newt’s head. He was such a stubborn person! S

uddenly I heard a knock on my door. I heaved myself off of my comfy bed to go and answer it. “I don’t have time now, Jeff,” I sighed as I opened the door. Newt stood, to my big surprise, in front of it. He greeted me with a brief nod.

“Do you still show me the cold shoulder?” I asked and took a step back so he could enter my room.

A deep growl escaped his throat. “I need to talk to you.” “About what?” I crossed my arms over my chest. “About Jeff.” His voice was cold, his expression frozen. “Is he alright?” “Yes, don’t worry. I just came to tell you that the times of your togetherness are over now.” “You kidding me, right? This is a joke,” I laughed incredulously. Soon I realized he wasn’t joking. He was dead serious. “You can’t do that!” “Yes I can. I talked to Alby about your lack of work lately and he agreed with me. You stay away from him from now on, got me?” “You’re not my boyfriend.” “I’m second-in-command.” “I don’t shucking care. Jeff’s one of my best friends in the Glade. You can’t forbid me to see him!” I rose my voice automatically.

“Listen, (Y/N). The thing is, your effort in the gardens became very slack because most of the time you hang around the med-jacks hut. I’m tired of it.” “Personally I think the thing is that you’re jealous,” I raised an eyebrow, knowing exactly that I had hit the mark.

He let out his breath in disbelief. “Jealous? Me?” “You just don’t want me to spend time with Jeff because thereby I give you less attention.” “Maybe in your dreams,” he pushed himself off of the wall, ready to leave.

Quickly I locked the door. “You don’t leave this room until you confessed that I’m right.” “Fine. I got no problems with staying the night,” ostentatiously he made himself comfortable on my bed. I ran a hand through my hair. “Newt, that’s ridiculous. Jeff’s a good friend of mine. We aren’t dating and if it makes you happy I try to focus more on my work and less on him.”

“I don’t want you to spend less time with him. I want you to spend more time with me instead. I miss you,” the sound of his voice cracking made my heart ache. “Newt…” “What? You miss me too. I can see it in your eyes.” The only thing he could see in my eyes at the moment were the slowly forming tears. “I know, somewhere deep inside you, you return my feelings,” he laid his hand on his chest. Right above his beating heart.

“Your feelings?” I slung my arms around my upper body, trying my hardest not to let any tears escape my burning eyes. “I love you. It hit me like a lightning stroke as I helped you out of the box. You were and still are beautiful. Even when you’re standing in front of me crying,” he gently wiped the now rolling tears off of my heated cheeks. Nearly immediate I gave up my resistance and allowed myself to fall into his arms. “We shouldn’t argue. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. You were right. I was jealous. But who wouldn’t be? There are fifty other guys fighting for your attention.” “They don’t mean anything. You are what matters the most.” “You mean…,” I chuckled quietly at his widening eyes. “Yes, I love you too.” “God, you can’t imagine what load just dropped off of my shoulders.” My lips brushed his. “Believe me. I can.”

TMR Keeper of the Med-Jacks - Chapter 4

Chapter 3:

Newt x Y/N

Warnings: swearing

(Not my pic!)

Gally came back from crossing George’s namefrom the wall.

At lunchtime it has been so quiet on all of the tables that you could’ve as well just been deaf. Everyone was either shifting their food from one side of the plate to the other or pretending to eat, but every now and then everyone glanced over to the dark soaked piece of ground. On the opposite side of your table Chuck considered a piece of potato on his fork, but then laid it back onto his plate. “Y/N, say… does this happen a lot here?” He raised his head and looked into your eyes, then shortly over to the bloody blotch.

As you were chewing on a piece of grilled eggplant that you couldn’t swallow, you looked around at the others on your table. Alby, next to Chuck, squished a piece of bread in his hand distantly. Minho who hadn’t gone running today repeatedly impeded his steak with a knife. At that moment Gally came back from crossing George’s name from the wall, dropped his chisel onto the table and sat down next to you without saying a word, looking down at his palms. You breathed in deeply looking down at your plate before whispering: “Rarely…  Look, Chuck, it’s our biggest concern to create the most pleasing life we can for the shanks on the Glade and keep up the hope in everyone by sending out the Runners, day by day.” Minho looked up. ”But sometimes shanks lose that hope. Mostly Greenies. They just give up.” Newt sitting next to you recognized you were really upset, though you were pretty good at overacting it, so he took your hand in his calloused, strained hand, looking into your eyes mildly. “So George had been new to the Glade?” Chuck asked carefully. Alby left the table abruptly, plodding to the Homestead hastily. It didn’t surprise you, since Alby and George had been close friends. You assumed that he sensed guilt about George’s death, because he didn’t read the signs.

Before you knew how to continue Minho slammed his knife into his steak aggressively causing a dent to appear in his metal plate, and hissed: “No, Greenie, he wasn’t. He had been at this shuck place for longer than most of you other shucky slintheads!” With that he stood up and hurried away from the kitchen tent as well, leaving you, Gally, Newt and Chuck, sitting at the table still, while he was running his fingers through his hair angrily. Chuck winced and sank down a little. “I’m sorry, Chuck, he doesn’t mean it.” Newt took the floor and you turned back to the table. “George came here, the month after Y/N did. As you may already know, the first persons to come up here have been Alby, then me, then Y/N, George, Minho and then Gally. We all have been really close to George, you must understand Minho’s reaction.” He squeezed your hand a little before you stood up. “I don’t know about you, shanks, but I’m going back to work now. I can’t get down another shucky bite anyways.”

You’re day went by in a creeping speed. As you got back to the medic tent you firstly unpacked the new medication that came up with Chubby-Cheeks. After that you bandaged Winston, who had sliced into the heel of his hand deeply, immediately followed by Gally, who went in with four bruised and swollen fingers which he had squashed under a log, the pinky finger obviously broken, since it stood away from the others in an unnatural and dreadful way. Everyone seemed absent-minded today, you thought as a third and an unconscious fourth shank were brought in. As you were finished with them you checked the medication supplies with Clint and wrote a list of the things you would need to order from the creators; then you sent him and Jeff away for a break.

You leaned at a tray and massaged your throbbing temples, as Newt stuck his head in at the door before entering. “Oh, are you ok, Newt? Somehow everyone’s managing to get injured today…” He approached the table next to the tray you were leaning against and sat down on it. “Don’t worry, I’m okay… I’m just kind of welching to labour on…” With that he leaned forward to take your hands and pull you closer. Little sparks seemed to go up your arms. “And I need to get something off my chest.” “What is it, Newt? Tell me.” You impatiently blurted, afraid of what he was going to bring up. Something about his suicide attempt? Newt locked his fingers into yours as if he had read your thoughts and now was trying to calm you. “Y/NN, look, I know that we’re really good friends and I trust you more than anyone in this bloody place. But that’s not enough for me… ”

He looked up from your tangled hands straight into your eyes. You’re heart slightly jumped and you squeezed his hand a little, to convey him to go on. “I don’t want you to be my friend anymore. I want you to be mine.” A warm feeling spread in your stomach as you were watching Newt waiting for you to reply: With his tilted head, tousled hair and slightly opened mouth he just looked irresistible so you grabbed him at the back of his head pulling him into a kiss. As he understood what was going on he immediately kissed you back with one hand in your hair, the other one on your lower back, pulling you closer to the table. Newt freed himself from the kiss shortly, whispering “I had no idea-” but you just pulled him back in, and to intensify the kiss, you opened your lips to invite his tongue in, which he thankfully accepted. After your tongues exploring each other’s mouths tenderly, you rested your forehead on his, closing your eyes and mumbling “I love you.”

As the sun had gone down, a huge bonfire was built for George. It became a tradition for all the Gladers to congregate on the evenings of the arrivals of the Greenies and in order to honor a deceased Glader. The atmosphere on the Glade had improved a lot compared to the morning: Shanks were laughing, raising their glasses to George, fighting again. You were sitting in a small ring together with your closest friends: Alby, Minho, Frypan, Winston, Zart, Gally and Newt of course. He had pulled you close, now placing a kiss onto your forehead. “Heey, when did that happen?” Frypan warbled half-cut wiggling his finger back and forth between you and Newt. You just rolled your eyes at him, laughing, and placed your head in the crook of Newt’s neck. As the others weren’t paying attention to you two anymore, talking about the day, Newt gave you a quick peck on the cheek, smirking and whispering “I love you.” into your ear for the probably twentieth time today, and if it was up to you, he could say it fifty times more. “I love you, too.”

Then a deafening, horrifying scream shrilled over the Glade, causing everything to stop.


The Maze Runner Imagine (Newt)

Request: Hey there! I have sort of a weird imagine request here, sorry XD now could you pretty please write about the reader being the only girl in the glade, arriving a bit after newt, but with a dog? A really cute one? And everyone mistrusts the dog (spot) And everyone but newt wants to banish spot? And the reader has a crush on newt and finds it really cute how protective he is over spot? And then ben attacks gally bc thomas isn’t there yet, and spot saves gallys life? Okay this sounds rlly weird

Note: I loved the idea of the imagine! I’m really sorry it took me some time to write it! But I hope you like it :) If you want me to include a few more ‘scenes’ with Newt just write me a message :)

“Help!” Desperately I banged against the metallic walls. “Someone help me!” 

Suddenly the lift, I guessed, I was trapped in stopped and the grid above my head was pulled open by a couple of hands. My eyes were confronted with bright sunlight causing me to fall to the floor. I heard whistles and laughter. 

“Oh god,” I mumbled into my slightly shaking hands which got removed from my burning face shortly after. “It’s a girl!” A boy’s voice reported. 

I risked a quick glance. He was tall, blond and generally pretty good looking. “What’s your name, love?” 

Sorely shocked I recognized I didn’t remember. “I-I don’t know.” 

“No worries. You’ll remember soon. I’m Newt by the way.” For the first time I actually got the courage to look up. “Where am I?” He reached out to grab my hand. 

Just as he was about to help me out of the lift, a dark skinned boy rose his voice. “What the shuck is this?” The gazes of the other boys followed his extended forefinger. We turned around as well. “Is this yours?” 

At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about but then I spotted the little, fluffy ball in the corner. An excited squeak escaped my mouth. “Spot! Buddy, come here.” The boys watched me with different expressions but most of them looked warily yet terrified. 

“What?” I asked slightly confused as I straightened myself with the puppy in my arms. Since no one made an attempt to answer, Newt went on to help me out of the box. 

My feet hadn’t even touched the grass properly as Spot wriggled out of my grasp and scampered away barking loudly. 

“Okay and now, would someone be kind enough to tell me what this place is?” “Sure,” Newt’s arm sneaked around my shoulder. “Welcome to the Glade.”

The “Glade” turned out to be a gigantic green area surrounded by four big walls made out of stone and vegetated with ivy. The “Maze” hid behind them. Newt forced me to promise him to never put a step further than the entrance. Not a single one. 

“The doors close every night,” he had rammed down my throat. “And believe me, you don’t want to be trapped behind them.” 

“Why?” I just had to ask. “Nobody’s ever survived a night in the Maze.” 

“What happened?” “We call them grievers,” a mysterious tone resonated in his voice. “They come out at night to comb through the maze.” 

“What are they searching for?” “I think that are enough questions for one day,” he shrugged me off. “But,” I tried to protest and get him to tell me more about the frightening creatures living behind these walls. 

“Gotta get back to work,” winking he turned around to limp back to the gardens. “Slinthead,” I muttered and noticed for the first time the Glader slang that crept unobtrusively into my vocabulary. 

Sighing I sat down and crossed my legs. It didn’t take long till Spot made himself comfortable on them. Starring up at the formidably walls I stroked his fluffy fur. “Oh, Spot. Where did we get ourselves into?” He grumbled. “I’m going to interpret this as an ‘I don’t know’.”


After some time I noticed two things. First, accepting the job as a med-jack was probably the best decision of my life. Second, the boys didn’t really seem to like Spot. They avoided him like poison except from Newt. He would try to protect him any time he could. I think it was pretty cute though. 

Whenever something happened, mainly bad things, the other Gladers always blamed Spot. 

Someone stole food from Frypan? It was Spot. 

The newest building crashed down? For sure Spot had his paws in the pie. 

Minho almost didn’t make it back before the walls closed? It was Spot’s fault. 

If they could just see how ridiculously they all acted. For shucks sake, he was a dog! Not a criminal. Unfortunately no one wanted to understand. 

“(Y/N)!” Gally’s voice pulled me away from my thoughts. 

“What?” I replied in the same volume. “My hammer’s missing!” 

“What do you want me to do about it?” I crossed my arms over my chest to show my annoyance. “Your stupid dog stole it. I’m sure.” 

For some simple reasons I economised myself a refutation. I didn’t want to instigate a fight again. So I elegantly turned on my heels and head off to the homestead, where my ‘stupid dog’ was currently sleeping in my separated room. 

Halfway through the Glade Newt crossed my path. “How’s it going, love?” He asked. A cheeky smile forming on his reddish face. 

“Good besides the fact that everybody wants to see Spot in the slammer because of things he wouldn’t even been able to do.” “Like?” 

“Stealing Gally’s shucking hammer.” “That shank. He left it at the west doors,” chuckling the blond boy shook his head but as soon as he noticed I didn’t join him, he stopped, slung his arm around my waist and buried his face in my hair. “Oh, (Y/N). Take it easy. Sooner or later they’ll all realize how idiotically they act.” 

“Yeah,” I nodded desultory. 

“It just takes time. Don’t be down in the mouth!” 

“You know, you could easily work as a motivational coach.” My peck on his lips made his cheeks light up even more. “But seriously, thanks Newt.” 

“Always at your service, love,” he suggested a bow and kissed the back of my hand.


And he was right. As days and weeks crawled on, more and more Gladers dared to take a closer look at Spot. Among them Jeff and Clint. My two med-jack colleagues actually appreciated the company of the puppy since the hut was empty most of the time. Zart also found a proper job for him. Weeding. Only Gally’s been a thorn in my side. But not for much longer. 

It was one of these days where the sun shined relentlessly at our already smoking heads. Everybody minded their own business. Nothing suspicious. Well, apart from the fact that Ben hadn’t shown up to work today. He was nowhere to be found. Until now. 

Aggressively steps and cracking branches caught my attention. The Gladers in close vicinity to the forest interrupted their doings to watch. A person broke out of the thicket. Ben! 

Gally let his recovered hammer slid to the ground. “Ben! Where have you been, man?” His friend didn’t answer. 

“Something is wrong,” I thought worriedly. My mouth was open, ready to scream but no sound escaped my throat. Instead I stood at the entrance of the med-jacks hut, Spot beside me, unable to move. 

“You heard…” The keeper of the builders was cut off by a bloodcurdling scream. Ben swooped down on him, dragging him to the ground. Immediately the whole Glade awoke from its rigidity and lunged towards them. Spot and I included. 

Alby and Newt were the first ones to arrive at the two combatants. Each one of them grabbed an arm of Ben to try and get him off of the boy but he was to strong. 

Even from this distance I could tell that he had been stung by a griever and I could also tell that Gally was about to lose. Ben tightened the grip around the builder’s neck and kept squeezing. 

“Ben! No!” Newt groaned as he tugged with all of his strength. 

“Spot,” I let out a short whistle. His eyes shot up at me. “Go. Come on, buddy. Save that stupid shuck-face’ life.” As fast as his little legs could carry him, he hopped across the lawn to hurry to Gally’s rescue. A few boys jumped out of the way. 

I doubled the speed. Why didn’t I become a runner? Oh right because nobody wanted to be alone with my ‘killer machine’. The ‘killer machine’ who was about to save a life right now. 

“Spot! Bite him!” I cried while desperately trying to catch my breath. Maybe that was a reason too why I was a med-jack and not a runner. Anyway I was drifting off topic. 

Against all expectations my little puppy succeeded to gain Ben’s attention by barking at him. Alby and Newt jumped at the chance and pinned him to the ground. Other Gladers helped them. To really make sure that Ben was incapacitated, Spot bit his right leg. 

While they carried the stung boy away I called my dog back and kneeled next to Gally. “Are you alright?” 

He based himself on his elbows. “Yes. Shocked but okay.” 

“Well, looks like my stupid dog saved your life,” triumphantly I stroked Spot’s head. “I uhm…” 

“Don’t you think it’s time for an apology?” 

He sighed devotedly. “I’m sorry for all the times I called him stupid or whatever. You’re satisfied now?” 

“Ask him,” smiling I shoved Spot forward. 

He repeated his question and earned a little bark and a wet ‘kiss’. “Eww,” groaning Gally whipped his cheek dry again. 

“He likes you. Maybe you’ll get best friends now.” 

“No, thanks. I still can’t stand him.”

Stop thinking short term. Stop thinking “six pack abs” in a month, stop thinking sculpted chest in 3 weeks. Quit thinking 12 weeks to bowling ball shoulders like you read in every single men’s health magazine. Start thinking reality. Start thinking long term. Start thinking honest progress. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, and it’s going to take you time and hard work.
—  Clint Darden
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