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Avengers infinity War

filming on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh right now outside St Giles’ Cathedral. I’m fanboying so much!!! 


My Theory is that Thanos sends The Black Order to retrieve the Mind Stone from Visions head.

Here set videos!

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While elsewhere…

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Chris spotted in Atlanta *.* Avengers Infinity War is coming!!
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How the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel heroes defeat Thanos

If Dr. Strange’s Ancient one is played by a white man and not an Asian man, Mary Jane can be played by an African American female since the actor’s race doesn’t have to follow comics :) 

Scarlet Witch Joins The Fight In Avengers: Infinity War Set Videos

With all of the cast members reporting to set and speculation of who the mo-cap actors are playing, it’s hard to keep track of all the news coming out about Avengers: Infinity War—currently’s 2nd Most Anticipated Movie.

We previously learned that Josh Brolin’s Thanos would have some backup when he goes against the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the actors are currently shooting on location in Edinburgh, Scotland, we’ve seen portions of the battles that are sure to showcase in the forthcoming film.

Now Elizabeth Olsen has been seen at the shoot, pulling off some chaos magic as the Scarlet Witch.

She’s going up against some presumed members of the Black Order, it appears, as we’ve been able to make out Corvus Glaive’s trademark staff being wielded by one of the mo-cap actors. New videos here!

Olsen’s stunt double was spotted previously, but now she’s on hand for what should be a substantial portion of the film.

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Scarlet Witch during the break.

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Will Thanos’ goons get their grubby alien mitts on the Vision’s Mind Stone? Or will Scarlet Witch prevent them from accessing it from her teammate? And if the bad guys do succeed, what will that mean for the Vision?

In another planet…

Finally!!!! #Thor #AvengersInfinityWar

                                                           To be continued! In the next episode….

A movie about Sam Wilson would be amazing. We would get to know why and how he became Falcon and it would be a nice change from most Marvel movies. There would be no superpowers, no big villain to defeat, just backstory for Sam. Maybe Marvel could start a little origins thing on Netflix. Just a series of 1 to 2 hour long episodes that give us the back stories of our underrated heros like Rhodey, Clint, Karl Mordo, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Sam Wilson, maybe even the howling commandos. It would give us a look into the stories of these amazing people.

The Fandoms of Tumblr Right Now
  • Sherlock: AW! Our babies getting married!
  • Supernatural: 200th EPISODE
  • Harry Potter: *slowly loosing sanity from eternal hiatus*
  • Merlin: *cackling because sanity is gone*
Great Mysteries of Tumblr

1. How did Sherlock survive the fall?

2. What actually happened in Budapest?

3. How does the Supernatural fandom have gifs for everything?

Back when goalies served their own penalties, Clint Benedict got in a scrap with tough Cully Wilson. They both were sent to the box (at the time, a bench with no divider between opposing players).

“[Wilson] seemed to have had enough, so when he politely invited me to enter [the penalty box] first, I did. … [Then] he hit me with a beautiful right in the jaw. You couldn’t trust anybody in those days,” recalled Benedict.

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