The Wolf (Part 1)

A.N: Okay so here is the first real part of The Wolf! It ended up being a little longer than expected but not by that much so it should be okay! I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: The team try to track you down.

Warnings: Language (when is there not?), Strip Murder (What kind of warning is that anyway!) 

Words: 2297

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The Curtain, part 4

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You had been Steve Rogers’ best girl for many years, until he took down SHIELD and proclaimed his allegiance to Hydra. And that was when your world came tumbling down. Now you were part of the Underground - a group of rogue heroes and civilians that wanted nothing to do with Hydra. The Mount was the secret headquarters where you lived now, as you all try to find a way to get the world back. And where you try your hardest to forget Steve Rogers or at least the man he is now, but could you ever?

Characters: Hydra! Steve Rogers, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Viv Vision.

Warning: If you don’t like the Hydra Steve currently in the Marvel comics, don’t read. Won’t be tagging anyone unless they asked to be tagged. Spoilers for Secret Empire.

A/N: This is mostly based on the comic Secret Empire and most of the characterization is based on comic book counterparts - or at least a mix of the two for those also in the MCU. Also, this is just a mini-series - not sure how many parts.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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anonymous asked:

Phil makes a deal with the devil for the greater good. Clint is the devil who has been lonely for thousands of years.

Author’s notes: many thanks to @embraceyourfandom, @avidreader6 & yakkorat for their comments, encouragement and ‘bouncing’ enthusiasm for this fic. You gave me a lot to think and write about. I hope it lives up to your expectations. And, of course yours, Anon. Thanks for the great prompt.

I’ve put in a cut because of the length. There’s some canon typical violence and mentions of blood but nothing too graphic. Hope you enjoy.

~ Lola

As he reloads his weapon, the SHIELD agent flicks his eyes up to take a quick scan around the village. It’s not good. His mouth is turned down in grim determination; despair is slowly creeping up on him but he’s holding it off… for now. Half his team has been wiped out in the first assault. The rest, like him, are covered in blood and sweat and dirt doing their best to keep themselves and the civilians alive. And, more importantly, to keep the 0-8-4 out of enemy hands. Alien hands. Hands that would use it to destroy worlds including his own.

So far they’ve held their defensive position such as it is, but it’s getting harder with each new attack. The alien forces are greater in number and don’t seem to care much about the loss of life amongst their own. Apparently the 0-8-4 holds more value. 

Although SHIELD reinforcements are on their way, instinctively he knows they won’t reach them in time. The battle is almost over. Almost lost.

He has the artefact. He has explosives. He’ll die on his own terms when the time comes.

He’s not concerned for himself but for his agents and the innocents who have been dragged into this thanks to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He almost laughs. This village is their home. How could it possibly be the wrong place at the wrong time? And yet it is. The terrified screams and shouts of the injured; the grunts of pain and exertion from those still in the struggle tell him that. The smell of weapon fire and burning buildings in his nostrils and the iron tang of blood in the back of his throat all tell him that. As does the constant ache of his body. He’s wounded in more than one place but he ignores the pain as best he can. He has to. He has more urgent things to worry about.

The agent wipes away a trickle of sweat from his temple, smearing more blood and dirt into the skin and takes up a firing stance again.

It’s his fault. It’s SHIELD’s fault. SHIELD stepped in to retrieve an object of unknown origin, one that has been successfully hidden for thousands of years, and pulled them into this battle. Actually, that’s a little simplistic. It was already in enemy hands and SHIELD had been in the process of getting it back but they’d fucked up. They’d fucked up by bringing the artefact here en route to The Slingshot and they’d been intercepted. That’s why the agent and his team had been called in. To unfuck a fuck up. But it was too late. The damage was done.

He sees another villager fall along side one of his agents. He’s had enough now. Physically he can do no more.

“Help me. Please,” he begs. He’s not sure upon whom he’s calling to broker a deal but at this point any deity who has the power to grant his wish will do. He’ll deal with the Devil if he has to. “Help me keep them safe and I’ll do anything you want. It’s not much of a trade but… you can have my life for theirs.”

At his words everything goes still and silent around him; frozen in time. Everything except him.

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Dating Clint Barton would include

⦁ You had just moved to a rural New York for college, you thought being away from the city a bit would help you focus
⦁ Your neighbor saw you carrying boxes twice your size and offered to help. When the boxes were in the house, you thanked him, he laughed and said, “no problem princess. my name is Clint.”
⦁ You quickly found out about his hearing impairment, and as soon as you left you went to the local bookstore and bought books to help you learn sign language.
⦁ He spent a lot of time at your house helping you fix it up.  You felt bad about him doing so much, but he said it kept him feeling sane.
⦁ You quickly became friends with tons of flirting
⦁ “If i fix the heating, i get to take you out to dinner.”
⦁ Heating? Fixed. Dinner? Amazing.
⦁ Your first kiss was in your backyard while the two of you were trying to build a picnic table
⦁ He would stay at your house one night a week
⦁ Barton liked to sit with you while you did your homework
⦁ You noticed sometimes he would be gone for days. when you confronted him about it, scared he was cheating on you, he told you about his day job.
⦁ Being close to Natasha
⦁ Being called princess unless its serious (but even then he would sometimes call you princess)
⦁ You were the only sense of normal in his life
⦁ Slow kisses
⦁ Him almost crying when you showed him how much asl you had learned
⦁ Sleeping in one of his T-shirts
⦁ Your parents adore him
⦁ Clint cooks when he gets stressed, but he loves to surprise you with breakfast in bed
⦁ You loved listening to him talk about his childhood
⦁ He is so insecure about the almost 25 year age difference, he is so sure you would leave him for a college kid
⦁ “If i wasn’t so proud of my princess for trying to become a lawyer I would insist you quit school because I miss you sooo much.”
⦁ Dates with Natasha totally being a third wheel because why not
⦁ Clint and you deciding your first time together should be when you get married, he was more traditional when it came to relationships
⦁ Slow dancing to old songs
⦁ Planning a future that involved kids and a large farm house with a garden
⦁ Deep conversations on the porch swing on the back porch at two in the morning in summer
⦁ He decided to sell his house and move in with you after a year
⦁ Horrible, awful, painful jokes that you absolutely love
⦁ So much Taylor Swift
⦁ Teaching you archery
⦁ “Natasha go home, you’ve been here for seven hours, im ready for bed.”
⦁ Him introducing you to Pietro and Wanda and then immediately asking if they could stay with you for a few weeks.
⦁ Okay so you basically end up adopting two kids who are five years younger than you, but you just adore them.
⦁ “Clint Barton I wanna marry you.” “Just give me a date princess. I am more than ready”

Avenger’s Favorite Disney Ride

Tony Stark (Iron Man)-

Pic Credit @themagicof-wdw

Test Track

Tony loves cars and that translates into an indescribable love for the fast paced adventure that this ride gives. He has a hard time deciding if the best part is designing the small car at the beginning, racing around the outdoor track at the end, or waving to small children who are staring at him with wide eyes and open mouths. He also takes special joy in the screams of surprise he hears from friends when they face the model of a semi truck about the crush the ride car. 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)-

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Spaceship Earth 

Bruce loves Disney because of its bright colors and the happiness that seeps from the place. It’s a nice break from the stress and anxiety that he often feels in his every day life. He can’t go on any of the more exciting rides because the increase in his heart rate could be dangerous, so he finds himself hanging around Epcot the most. He always makes sure to ride Spaceship Earth at least once. It’s a calm ride with enough of a story to make it interesting. Plus it’s an indoor ride with AC so it’s a nice place to go when it’s really hot. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)-

Gif Credit: @jessejamesandthegiantpeach

The Great Movie Ride

Steve missed a lot of movies while he was asleep so the Great Movie Ride fascinates him. He recognizes that the ride isn’t great. The animatronics are old and it shows and overall it’s a boring ride, but it’s quaint. The ride isn’t incredibly overplayed like many of the other rides and attractions at Disney and it introduced him to a lot of movies that his friends may not have thought about showing him. 

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)-

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Toy Story Mania

Clint makes a lot of money off of this ride. He tries to tell people that he has the highest score of anyone who has ever ridden the ride, and that he could beat anyone, but everyone he ever tells think that he’s joking around or lying. So of course the only way to settle the argument is to visit Disney and show off his skills. He wins every single time. Outside of his personal gain he truly enjoys the fast paced game aspects of the ride and finds it even more enjoyable if he’s with a friend or a SO that he’s spending time with. 

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)-

Pic credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Railroad

Natasha doesn’t need any more excitement in her life. She’d much rather sit back and watch the scenery pass by than sit in line for a 2 minute long ride that’s supposed to make her scream, but never quite does. That’s why she enjoys the railroad. She can sit comfortably on one of the cars and watch the diverse people walk through the parks. She sometimes sits on the train all day, just leaning against the side and enjoying nice weather. 

Thor Odinson-

Pic credit: Disney

Kilimanjaro Safari

Thor spends so much time protecting Earth that he’s never really had the chance to learn about it’s complex ecosystems and the creatures that live in them.That’s why he loves safaris. Just watching the animals go about their daily business is fascinating to Thor and he even enjoys the times when the animals do nothing but lie around and sleep the day away. Thor is also one of the most engaged members of the safaris. He loves to ask questions about the animals that he sees.  

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)-

Pic credit: @neverland-dreamland


Bucky used to enjoy the adrenaline fueled rides that he and Steve rarely visited back in the day. But after the amount of action he’s been forced to endure he doesn’t feel the need to subject himself to artificial adrenaline. But Soarin’ to Bucky is the perfect mixture of exciting and relaxing. Being suspended high above the ground was a little nerve wracking for the soldier at first, but the security of the ride allowed him to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He enjoys himself immensely every time he rides.

T’Challa (Black Panther)-

Pic credit: Disney

Mission: Space

There’s no concrete reason why T’Challa loves this ride. He just does. Maybe it’s the fact that being surrounded by technology reminds him of home, even if the space ship looks clunky in comparison. For some reason the idea of space exploration is thrilling to T’Challa and it the experience is only made even better because he visits the parks with his SO during his first visit. The ride is the perfect blend of a story and a thrill ride. 

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)-

Pic credit: Joe Burbank

Living with the Land

Wanda recognizes that for most people this ride is incredibly boring. After all it’s just an automated tour through an expansive greenhouse. But there’s something about the calm sound track and the surrounding greenery that enchants Wanda. She feels at peace as the boat floats calmly through the plants. The first time she visits Disney World she rides the ride three times throughout the day. She also loves that some of the food throughout the park is made using the food that they grow in the greenhouse. 

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)-

Pic credit: Disney

Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Pietro is a speedster and he has been even before he was given his powers. He doesn’t enjoy any of the slower paced rides at Disney so he ends up spending most of his time in line for the faster rides. And inevitably he loves the fastest ride the most. The combination of rock and roll music and the blur of neon lights just does something for him. It’s not as satisfying as running at his own speed, but it’s a way to have the thrill without being responsible. 

Weekly Reading List #25

Hello there!

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It’s Sunday again and I’m glad to finish my Weekly Reading List for you! It’s not that short this time, especially because some fanfictions are multiparter. I hope you gonna enjoy them!

Unfortunately it’s a busy time for me right now due to work and my honorary office (is it called like that? I hope so). That means I don’t have enough time to work on my “Favorite of the Day”-series and that’s frustrating me a lot. I just hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon, because there are a lot of good fanfictions I like to show you! And I’m thinking about writing some fanfics on my own, but there isn’t really much time for that now. Maybe I should hurry up and find me a new job, a job with regular working time and free weekends… but even for writing a job application I need time… vicious circle.

But thanks to you and this amazing writers there are a lot of small things to cheer me up and I hope they do it to you, too! Until next week!

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James “Bucky” Barnes

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Lord of the Rings


Interlude                                                 @bkwrm523

Real Characters

Chris Pine

“Her” Guy                                               @avidfanficwriter

Sebastian Stan

The Demons Guide to Deal Making      @abovethesmokestacks

Star Trek

James T. Kirk

Bride on the Bridge                               @janeykath318

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Contagious                                            @medicatemedrmccoy

Getting Drunk with Jim and Leonard     @imaginestartrek

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Accidentally                                           @goingknowherewastaken

In the Midst of Nothing                          @thevalesofanduin

Oceans Between Us                             @medicatemedrmccoy

Stargazing                                             @antivanfishwife

Nyota Uhura

Crush by Garbage                                @youre-on-a-starship


My Human Mate                                   @mission-enterprise


Dean Winchester

Imagine                                                @supernaturalfreewill

Turning Away Chapter One

Marvel Masterlist / Turning Away Masterlist

A/N:  Alright lovelies, here is the first chapter of Turning Away! This is way more developed than the first draft that was posted. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to be tagged in the upcoming chapters let me know. I would love some feed back as this is my first major story.

♥♥ Prologue ♥♥

♥♥ Chapter One ♥♥

The warm summer air was a much-needed welcome as you parked your motorbike in the parking lot. You undid the tie-downs that held your duffle bag to the back seat and made your way towards the front door of the school. A warm fuzzy feeling entered you as it was like walking back into your past.

As you opened the door to the school, the first thing you noticed that it was rather empty. Glancing down at your watch you noticed that you had perfect timing, everyone would be in their classes. Smirking, you closed the door behind you and made your way towards your old bedroom to drop you bag off.

The only person that knew you were coming up to the mansion for a week, was Charles. You wanted to surprise the rest of them, as you hadn’t been back to the school in what seemed like a life time, it was at least before the Battle for New York.

You dropped the duffle bag on your old bed, and looked around. You noticed that they had kept your room the same way it was when you left all those years ago. However, there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. As you walked over towards the dresser you noticed a manila file folder on top of the dresser. It appeared to be well read, and worn. Your brow knitted together as you picked the folder up and noticed the first thing that was stamped on the folder Classified.

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One Hell of a Morning: Part 2

Summary: When Bucky Barnes wakes up from a wild night out, he thinks nothing of the two bite marks on his neck. But as the days go on, it’s clear that something is changing within him. The sun burns his skin, he can talk to bats, and crosses give him goosebumps. What could it mean? Who, or what, is Bucky Barnes becoming? Based on this Tumblr post.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark

Warnings: curse words

A/N: So this is a nine-part series, and I’ll release a new part each day! Please let me know if you want to be tagged! As always, thanks for reading!

Part 1

Bucky spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, watching TV and avoiding things that made his skin burn. He chalked it up to a bizarre incident and was content to veg out in front of the TV with his new Netflix obsession, The Vampire Diaries, in total darkness . He had binged through almost two seasons in as many days.

Just as Damon and Elena were having (yet another) argument, he heard something shuffle against his ceiling. A small shadow was illuminated by the glow of the TV as it traveled from one corner of his living room to the other.

“What in the-?” Bucky paused his TV show and carefully moved towards the light switch. The shadow was still on the opposite side of the room as he flicked the lights on. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

A bat!

“Holy cow,” Bucky breathed. Instead of feeling an immense fear for this creature, he couldn’t help but find it…completely adorable!

“C’mere little guy,” Bucky cooed, holding out his hand. The bat turned its head towards Bucky’s voice as it continued to flap its wings. Before Bucky could even blink, the bat was clinging for dear life on his arm. Its fur was brown and poofy, and two big, black eyes stared at Bucky. Tiny little claws poked at his skin as it hung upside down, but he was too enamored with his guest to notice.

“Aren’t you a cute little fella?” Bucky reached his other hand over to pet the bat under its chin. It almost seemed to smile at him and relished in the newfound attention. It let out a little squeak of appreciation, and Bucky’s heart melted.

“Do you wanna watch TV with me?” Bucky asked his new companion. The bat nodded its tiny head, and Bucky’s eyes widened. “Can you understand me?” he whispered. The bat seemed to nod again.

Bucky walked into his kitchen and stared at the bat. “No way,” he said. “There’s no way a bat can understand me.” The bat squeaked again as he opened his fridge for some food.

“See something you like?” he asked it. The bat extended one of its wings towards the chunks of watermelon in a plastic container. “Watermelon? Sure, why not?” Bucky pulled the container out for the bat and grabbed a slice of leftover pizza for himself.

He walked back to the couch and pulled out his phone. “Steve’s never gonna believe this!” he chuckled, angling the camera for a selfie with the bat. “Say cheese!” He snapped a picture and texted it to Steve.

Buckster: Check out me and my new pal! <3

Stevie: Is that a freaking bat?!?!

Buckster: Yup! Found him in my apt. We’re cute right?

Stevie: We? All I see is the bat. Unless you got uglier.

Buckster: HEY! Be nice to Matrix!

Stevie: You named your bat Matrix! Are you obsessing over Keanu again?

Buckster: Zip it. Keanu Reeves is a classic actor. But for real, you can’t see me?

Stevie: Nope. Just Keanu.

Buckster: It’s Matrix. And damn, I need to get better at taking selfies.

Stevie: Go to sleep.

Buckster: No way! Elena and Damon are about to go at it!

Stevie: You’re watching that show again!? Have you even slept yet this weekend?

Buckster: Shut up punk.

Bucky smirked as he tossed his phone on the couch cushions. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you want, Matrix,” he said as he watched it suck on the watermelon juice. Bucky yawned and considered taking Steve’s advice on some sleep.

“Just one more episode,” he murmured, pressing play on his TV remote.

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Number 13 in a series. I just now am noticing that Phil’s hair is crooked. Argh. Sorry about that. 

Clint/Coulson, which I do believe I’ve seen called “Phlint”, ugh. I love Coulson and Barton together just so much. And of course, Clint’s hand is on Phil’s ass, and if there weren’t a camera  pointed at them, Phil would have elbowed Clint playfully. He prefers displays of affection to be private.


I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.

Chris Hemsworth comes across a bunch of @marvelentertainment action figures

Hilarity ensues

Src: Chris Hemsworth on IG