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“You did what?!” You demanded red in the face.

“I may or may not have hinted off to Sam that you have the hots for him” Clint laugh. You were so close to choking the archer but all of a sudden Sam himself walked into the room.
“I’ll leave you guys alone” Clint smirked.

“Bastard” you grumbled under your breath.

“Sooooo Clint talked to me” Sam began.

“I know. If you don’t feel comfortable…”.

“Actually I’d like to take you out sometime” Sam grinned. Damn you were shocked.

The Mission

Hey guys! so this a new short story. I will post the first part today. I hope you’ll like it. Pairing Peter Parker x reader. Let me know what you think ;)

Short description: 

Y/N and Peter aren’t that different form each other. Peter has two lives, so does Y/N. However, they both keep it secret and try to live their mundane life as normal as possible. But will they be able to keep their professional life and their private life apart form one another?

After losing everything that mattered in my life, I had no purpose anymore. Until I met Master Khar, who picked me up and trained me to become one of the great masters that were able to control dimensions and time. Eventually, I became his best student and his most important partner, all by the age of 19. My main objective until now was to help master Khar to defeat Doctor Strange, who worked with the Avengers, who were therefore indirect enemies of ours. However, my life wasn’t all about being one of the masters, I also had a private life. Hard to believe, but you need some sort of balance. Making use of the dark power was dangerous and only if you had a certain balance you were able to not become insane like Khar and the others… So I’m actually an architecture student at NYU.

Y/N POV present

It seemed to be a normal day like every other. I woke up and was on my way to college, when I got a call from Khar. „Y/N, where are you? You are needed.“ were the first words that sounded through my phone.

„Geez, somebody is grumpy today. I was about to grab a coffee and go to school, but I guess I’m about to change my plans, am I right?“

„Come to the temple, now. There is a new mission“, those were khar’s only words a second later he hung up. I was in the middle of the street, so I first had to get out of here to open a portal, I decided to open the portal in an empty classroom since I was halfway there. I was rushing through the hallway when somebody crushed into me.

„I’m so sorry, I’m a bit in a rush“ I apologized sincerely.

His backpack was half open and a few of his books fell out and a mysterious object that was glowing. „No, I am terribly sorry..“ he said while packing his stuff, you tried to help him. „You don’t have to help me nor apologize“ he answered nervously and took his weird object with him. He hadn’t seen you until then that’s when he started rambling. I didn’t listen, even though I wanted to, but he was kind of cute and his flushed cheeks distracted me.

„I need to go, sorry“ the only words that left my lips and I abandoned the handsome stranger in the hallway. As soon as I entered the next classroom I opened the portal.

„What took you so long.“

„I’m here now, what’s the emergency“

„Our infinity stone was stolen“

„What?! How!?“

„The avengers. Well let’s say some of the avengers and master strange were able to break your spell, located the stone and came for it.“

I clenched my fist. Nobody was strong enough to break my spells.

„tell me what to do“

Peter’s POV

„Spiderling you found your way home“, Mr. Stark’s first words as soon as I entered the apartment. „ I’m truly sorry, Mr.Stark, I got held up after the fight“ I answered. After my encounter with the mysterious girl today, I couldn’t find a way to shut my thoughts and stop thinking about her. I don’t think that I ever saw her around NYU. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, she seemed pretty stressed herself.

„Well, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Where should I put the infinity stone?“ I took it out of the backpack.

„First of all, did somebody follow you or see that you had the stone with you?“

„No, nobody saw the stone.“

„Very good Parker.“ Mr. Stark took the stone and put it into a high tech case.

„Mr. Stark who were those people that we fought today. One of them mentioned a few things about Doctor Strange. It seemed like they knew each other… Am I even allowed to ask?“

„Listen Kiddo, it’s complicated… Strange used to be one of them, but he went his own way and joined us. The Cult masters of whatever, are divided. there are the ones that are like Strange, the ones who only use “the right“ source of power and the ones who use also the dark power, which is a pretty nasty thing to do. Anyway, don’t think too much about it. You did a great job today.“

„So am I right to assume that this wasn’t the last time we’ll see those people…“

„nope, I think we’ll even see them pretty soon. They need our little gem“

Mr.Stark walked out of the office, I followed soon and made my way to the living room to do my homework. Time passed fast, but I didn’t seem to be productive. My mind kept drifting to the mystery girl that I had met today. She was really attractive… Sometimes I do ask myself how my private life will develop. It’s hard to live a double life. Especially, if you are a superhero. I don’t think that I’ll ever have a so called love life. Who wanted to deal with all of this shit. Honestly, this was pure madness.

„overthinking again, Parker?“ Cap entered the room

„yeah, kinda.“

„School? or today’s mission?“


Cap sat next to me. That’s when we heard an explosion and felt the ground shaking. „What the hell..!“

„Go put you suit on, Parker. We have some guests“

We ran out of the building. Chaos erupted in the city. People screaming and fleeing from the buildings. My spider senses were tingling. Our enemy had to be near. „They are close, I can feel the..“, I informed the others. That’s when the weird shit got started. Buildings turning upside down and really messed up things happening with our surroundings. all of a sudden hooded people appeared from every corner and their leader coming down the main street right in front of us.

“Okay, is this the Tibetan version of Matrix?” I asked.

“Sort of” Stark replied.

I didn’t know if they were actually shaping our reality or if they were doing some kind of psychic voodoo like the Scarlet Witch does. Anyway the weird monks were coming closer, they were all wearing some sort of yellowish hoods. To be honest they did look pretty bad ass.

Mr. Stark started shooting at them but they were able to stop every single one of them. So high-tech didn’t impress them much. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do. One on one fighting.

Stark, Cap and I were doing the best we could, but there were too many. We were trapped. Even if I fought three, four or five at the same time, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Like Father, Like Son

From this request: can you do one where the reader is Tony’s son but he’s a genius and is constantly hacking into shield and gets caught and gets in trouble with fury and he basically spends the whole day trying to get the other avengers to hide him cause fury is scary af



Fury had been upping the security in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s file system—made you work half an hour longer than usual. But you’d still managed to break through.

It’s not like you were looking for anything in particular. You weren’t wanting to steal information. Hell, this time, you weren’t even wanting to add information (like the program that made All I Want For Christmas Is You play every time someone flushed the toilet). No, today you were simply testing your skills, trying to keep yourself from getting rusty.

It was hard to get rusty when your dad was Tony Stark. You’d been raised on computer programs and tech intel since you were three. You were nowhere near as smart as your dad (yet), but you still had a knack for things like he did.


Apparently, Fury wasn’t only increasing security—he was increasing the amount of time he spent watching carefully to make sure it wasn’t breached.

“Where is he?! Where is Stark jr?!”

You quickly grabbed your phone from the desk and scurried down the hall.


“What are you doing?”

You looked up, finding Clint standing next to you. “Um… admiring the view?”

“Hiding from Fury? Again?”


Clint nodded. He dropped to the floor, sliding his legs over the edge of the catwalk, resting his arms on the railing, mimicking you. “Thought I was the only one who knew about this spot.”

“You were. Until about two weeks ago.”

“What happened two weeks ago?”

“I found you hiding up here on the security cameras.”

Clint looked up, noting the small red blinking happening across the room. “Is that the day you hacked in and redirected all the cameras so they were facing walls instead of hallways and rooms?”

“No, that was the day I added little animated birds to all the feeds. Anytime anyone was on screen, birds flew around them.”

“Is that some sort of joke?”

You laughed. “Only if you want it to be, birdbrain.”

At that moment, Clint’s phone rang. He answered on the second ring.

“Yeah? What? No, I haven’t seen Y/N today. Why?” Clint looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. You quickly got to your feet and fled the scene.


You crept down the hall, hoping that Fury was nowhere near.

Your heart nearly stopped when an arm grabbed you, pulling you into an empty room.

“What did you do this time?”

You looked at Natasha. “Nothing. I swear.”

“If you didn’t do anything, Fury wouldn’t be looking for you.”

“Okay, so maybe I hacked through his firewalls. But honestly, it’s his fault. If he didn’t make them so weak…”


“Hey, he should be looking at it that I’m helping him. Now that he knows they’re breachable, he should take better precautions.”

Natasha sighed. “You truly are your father’s son.”

You flashed her a smile, one that many people had told you was a winning one, just like your father’s. “Does that mean you’ll help me out, just like you help my dad out?”

Natasha stared at you for a few moments. “Go,” she finally said, nodding to the hall. “Fury will be here in two minutes. If you’re lucky, I’ll tell him you went the other way.”

“Thanks, Nat!”


You found your way to the lab where your dad and Bruce spent most of their time. True to form, they were in there, tinkering with different things. They both looked up when you entered.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” Bruce asked.

“Hiding from Fury,” JARVIS’ voice said over the speaker.

“Hush,” you said, looking up as if to find a person to scold.

“What’d you do this time?” your father asked, barely glancing up from his latest suit.

“Hacked the firewalls.”


“Can’t help it.”

“How long?”

“Forty-five minutes.”

Your father finally looked up, a slight smirk on his face. “Sounds like you’re getting rusty, champ.”

“Fury’s getting better.”

“Really?” Your father was truly surprised.

You shrugged. “Better. Not impenetrable. But it’s about damn time.”

“Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.”

“You shouldn’t encourage him so much, Tony,” Bruce said.

“How can I say ‘no’ to that face?”

Clintasha Advent Day 6: ‘Missions’’

Previous installments can be found on the AO3 here or on tumblr here

This one takes place BEFORE all the others.

“You know, next time, you can be the damsel in distress,” Clint muttered under his breath, smiling at a passing waiter and grabbing a flute of champagne to hold. He grabbed the champagne flute for two reasons:
the first, to blend in with the other guests
the second, so that he had something to hold. If he fiddled with his cuff links any more, someone was bound to start questioning him.
He shook his head when he heard Natasha’s laughter through the earpiece. “You’re not under distress.”
“Yes, yes I am. I’m in a room full of people who would very much like to kill me.” Clint looked around, noting the various doors and how well they were being guarded. “And no exit options. Very damsel like.”

[continued under the cut]

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Who am I now? (Part4)

Summary: The quinjets land at the facility and you deal with the first aftermath of the mission.

Pairing: Bucky x reader.

Warnings: geeky/nerdy reader, tension, blood, weapons (knives), wounds, flashback of fights, fear, shock, that’s all… I think.

Notes: As always, the italic parts are the reader’s thoughts. [Y/L/N] stands for “your last name”. I would appreciate any feedback.

Word count: 1111

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The quinjets land quietly at the compound. You rush out from the aircraft to check on the rest of the team. You freeze at the scene.

Steve is helping Sam out the quinjet, a red stain on the second man’s trousers. Bruce, who evidently wasn’t on the mission, enters the quinjets’ harbour with a wheelchair. Sam sits on the chair, pain flashes on his face. Bruce steers Sam away, you presume towards the medical bay, and is followed by Wanda who has just been joined by Clint. You see her holding her left arm with the right hand, blood leaking through the fingers.

Doesn’t matter what Clint has told you, a feeling of guilt runs in your veins. Warm fingers caressing your left arm startle you. You turn. Bucky is looking down at you with worried eyes but he’s smiling. You return the smile and start to move.

Tony, Rhodey and a man in a weird red and grey suit exit the same quinjet from which have come Steve, Sam and Wanda. You stop dead in your tracks while your eyes search the interior of the quinjet. Where’s Thor? Flashes of the Hydra facility’s screens dance in your mind. He wasn’t there.

—Hey, kid. — Tony salutes you.

—Hi, Tony. — your voice betrays your exhaustion.

As the billionaire extends an arm around your shoulders, Bucky leaves your side and joins Steve that is holding open the lift’s doors.

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Music [Tag]

@lovelyladylilac tagged me to post songs I’ve been listening to recently, as she was tagged by @bioforensics! When I’m writing, I normally listen to a Spotify playlist that emphasizes the mood I’m trying to encompass, and more often than not, it’s mostly instrumental. So aside from miscellaneous playlists that I don’t even have saved, I’ve had this album on repeat for weeks, pretty much since it came out.

I’m not even sure what the original tag was, if it was anything more than just listing your recently listened to music, but since this blog is just Marvel fic and related posts, and since nine times out of ten my brain automatically associates any song I listen to with a character, I thought it would be fitting to include who I think of when I hear each song and why I automatically made that connection.

(Honestly, I’m so sorry. I can’t even do a fucking tag without it being 1k+ words. WHY AM I LIKE THIS. Also, wrote 80% of this on my phone and it’s 2:34am, so proofing this is just not going to happen. Apologies if something is waaay off base, doesn’t make an ounce of sense, or for just errors that I’m sure slipped in.)

01: Back From The Edge
Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers
It’s the anthem of a man who was put through hell but came back stronger, and even though he lost a lot of his life and his will, he’s starting over and doing what he has to do, what he wants to do, now that he’s out from under the thumb of the devil. I feel like it’s more fitting for Barnes, but it’s good for Rogers too after he comes out of the ice.

02: Say You Won’t Let Go
Steve Rogers, to Bucky, Peggy, and anyone else he’s ever loved
Steve is a lover through and through. He falls for and clings to kindness, honesty, a kind smile, sparkling eyes, a sense of humor, a generous act… This song is romantic as hell, but I think it’s just a good expression of how much Steve loves his lovers and his friends, and that he’s devoted his life to loving them.

03: Prisoner
Tony Stark
This man… he tries so damn hard. Tries hard to be the best, tries hard to be bad, tries hard to be good, tries hard to NOT try hard… No matter what the hell he does he always seems to end up with a drink in his hand and a defensive smile on his face, hiding the pain that he feels every day. No matter what he wants to do, the demons he faces just won’t let him, but damn it, he’s still going to try, and it’s what I love the most about him.

04: Can I Be Him
Bucky Barnes to Natasha Romanoff
I have such a deep rooted love for them and have sought out/idealized so many parts of their relationship that at this point I don’t have a clue what’s canon and what isn’t. Regardless, this song would absolutely be Bucky’s thoughts towards Natasha if he saw her for the first time in years, possibly not remembering their past together, and just hoping with everything in him that he could be enough for this beautiful woman who reminds him of who he could be, reminds him of the best moments in his life. She’s his light, and though he doesn’t know it, he very much is hers as well, and that’s all he wants to be.

05: I Am
Natasha Romanoff
It’s the nature of her job to be anyone but herself. She’s been many things, sometimes all at once. Very few people know the real Natasha, know who she is in her heart in her darkest moments and loneliest nights, knows which laugh proves her joy and isn’t just a flirtatious tactic. She knows that everyone she’s ever met is going to know her differently, and that some will never know her at all. Some days, she’s not even sure she knows herself anymore, but she always finds herself and that’s all that matters.

06: Train Wreck
Bruce Banner
I hate it, so much. Hate thinking about how broken Banner has felt. If he were to sob to a song in his self-induced isolation or after a bad accident with the big guy, I think this would be it. That thought shatters my heart into a million little pieces, but I can’t deny it. It’s a beautiful notion that he’d still want to be pulled out of the rubble and live, though.

07: Safe Inside
Scott Lang
For some odd reason, my first thought was Scott to his daughter. When he’s not there with her, he always has an underlying fear that she’s going to end up in the wrong place or with the wrong crowd, or that despite how hard he’s tried to prevent it, she’ll still end up like him before he turned his life around. Especially in her late teen and young adult years, he always just wants to make sure she’s safe.

08: Sober
Tony Stark
Tipsy, flirty, happy Tony is my favorite Tony. *grabby hands*

09: Phoenix
Daisy “Skye” Johnson
A beautiful and reckless song to represent a beautiful and reckless transformation. Simple as that.

10: Let Me Love The Lonely
Wanda Maximoff and Vision
I never decided if it’s from her to him, or him to her, but either way… It’s them. It’s the uniqueness of their relationship, it’s their unparalleled understanding of each other, it’s the light and comfort they bring each other in a way no one else could.

11: Sermon
Sam Wilson
So many times this man has unquestioningly, undoubtedly committed to taking on someone else’s bullshit and helping them through it. If you’re on his list of people he cares for, your burdens, problems, and worries are his, and he’s not going to rest until you’re taken care of. He doesn’t need excuses nor apologies, he doesn’t need to be paid back. He just wants to love and be loved.

12: Remember Who I Was
Clint Barton
I didn’t think this would be the song I chose for him, but the more I listen to it, the more I feel it’s right for him. He’s been through some awful shit, and he’s put himself in some awful situations. He’s pushed away the ones who love him the most time after time, because he just can’t help it. He loses himself, half the time. But he always comes back to himself, to Lucky, to Kate, to the team… He’ll always remember who he was, and even when he’s sad or he runs out of coffee, he’ll always try to be that man again.

13: Finally
Loki Laufeyson
My heart can’t handle the weight of what he’s gone through, living his life so desperately wanting to feel loved and accepted, to feel like he’s worthy, to feel like his father is proud of him.

14: The Truth
Phil Coulson
If this isn’t Phil coming to terms with the fall of SHIELD and finding himself in that chaos, I don’t know what is.

15: Skeletons
Jessica Jones
From herself, to herself. Normally after one too many drinks, alone in her apartment/office.

16: If Only
Thor Odinson to Loki Laufeyson
I don’t doubt that Thor has spent countless nights pining for a better relationship with who he considers to be his brother. If only they could see past their differences, if only they could see each other, if only Thor could trust him.

17: Coming Home For The Summer
Peter Parker
Low-key I think this might just be because CA:CW and what I expect of him in Homecoming, but I picture sitting in bedroom after hours of homework, looking out the window on a rainy day and just counting down the weeks, days, minutes until summer. Aunt May has convinced him to not miss inexcusable amounts of school, so he hasn’t been able to really see the Avengers or do anything with Tony since Germany, so he’s just waiting until summer break so he can truly feel at home again.

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Let’s Be Honest-- Clint/Hawkeye is Totally Underated

He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man

And his sass is undeniablly one of the most entertaining parts of the films.  Its such simple humor but that is what makes it so fantastic

And he is arguably one of the most relatable, loyal, and moral of the characters.