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Ok. So requests are closed and I know you're busy with "the thing" but I just see Nat and Wanda sharing a cup of coffee, complaining about "the boys" for International Women's Day.... as soon as I pictured it I thought of your adorable sketches! Have a great day you wonderful woman! Love, anm

This was originally going to be posted some time next week but since it’s your birthday today, I’m posting as soon as it is done! Happy Birthday @avenger-nerd-mom!!!

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A teammate helps Steve groom himself while his arms/hands are injured.

This is Steve’s third attempt at getting help brushing his teeth.

Clint had told him to open his mouth and then poured toothpaste and a bunch of water in. While Steve’d choked, he’d told him to gargle it. Steve had spat and left, ignoring Clint’s shout after him of, “It’s just like brushing!”

Tony, unsurprisingly, had called over DUM-E. Not that Steve didn’t appreciate the little droid’s help – it was kind of cute, after all, waving around a Little Mermaid toothbrush and squealing in a distinctly excited-to-be-helpful way – but after it had jabbed him in the back of the throat twice and he’d had to fight back vomiting, it had been time to find someone else.

So here he is in Bruce’s patchouli-scented apartment, letting the man talk to him about Tony’s latest attempt to split him from The Hulk – something about trapping The Other Guy in a mirror – while he gently scrubs Steve’s teeth with a toothbrush he’d unpackaged specially for Steve.

“How long did Dr. Cho say your hands would be out?” he asks, helping Steve wipe his face after he’s spat.

“Just overnight,” Steve says. “She says I need at least eight hours of sleep, but I can’t fall asleep without clean teeth.”

“Routine.” Bruce nods. If anyone gets it, it’s him. “Do you need help with anything else?”

Steve shakes his head and jerks his head, trying to gesture at himself. “Clint helped me change and JARVIS will help me with the lights,” he says. “Thanks, Bruce.”

Tony Stark's Daughter-Part three

Tony’s POV
Nat and I had found an abandoned building to stay in whilst we figured out what we were going to do next.

I was looking at my daughter who lied unconsciously on the bed, she was so grown up, the spitting image of her mother.

“Are you okay,Tony?”Nat asked.

“Define okay” I said my eyes never leaving Y/N in fear that she would just vanish. Nat just smiled sympathetically at me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“What’ve they done to her?”I asked, hoping that somehow I’d be able to get my daughter back.

“Probably the same as what they did to Bucky” Nat stated.

Rhodey and the rest of the team knew where we were, even Steve and his team, we’d decided to put the treaty to the side and figure out how to help Bucky and Y/N first.

Bucky’s POV
Steve and I were at an abandoned house with the other avengers. Tony had rung Steve saying that something had happened and that he needed our help, which surprised both everyone. I didn’t know much about Tony Stark but I knew that he never really asked for help, unless it was extremely important.

Steve and I walked into the house cautiously, looking around to see if this was a trap.

We were greeted by the avengers team as we entered the house.

“This better not be a trap, Tony” Steve said to him.

“Oh believe me, Cap, it really isn't” I heard Tony say.

We all walked into the living room.

“Why are we here, Tony?“ Sam asked. There was a long pause before Tony explained that he’d found his daughter..I didn’t even know he had a daughter…And then he said that she was being controlled by Hydra, at that point everyone looked at me, assuming that I must’ve known her.

“Bucky, do you know someone called Y/N?” Natasha asked. Y/N,Y/N was Tony’s daughter?

“Buck?” Steve asked. I just nodded in reply not being able to get any words out.

“What did they do to her?” Tony asked, looking directly at me, his voice quiet, scared even.

“The same stuff that they did to me…” I muttered. I didn’t need to explain it, they all knew what I meant by that.

Me and Y/N were good friends, sometimes we were more than friends, but I didn’t think that it was a good idea to tell Tony that.

Everyone was talking about how all of this was going to work out, but because I was still classed as the ‘enemy’, no one was really talking to me,so I decided to look around the house and that’s when I found Y/N.

Readers POV
I was back to normal, well as normal as I could be and by that I mean that Hydra wasn’t controlling me anymore. My body ached as I moved and opened my eyes.

“Where the hell am I?” I whispered to myself as I looked around for the room, it was a bare room, nothing much in it except the bed that I was on.

“You look terrible, doll.” And that’s when I saw Bucky, standing by the door.

“You don’t look too good either, Buck” I replied,with a chuckle in my voice as I tried to sit up, which was a terrible idea because it hurt like hell.

“You shouldn’t move, it’ll hurt more.” Bucky said as he walked over to my bed, and sat down next to me, wrapping an arm round my shoulder.

“What am I doing here,Buck?” I asked.

“There are people that want to help you, babe.” He whispered into my hair.

“What type of people?” I asked nervously.

“People like your dad” he replied.

“My dad?” I questioned, Bucky kissed the top of my head.

“Yeah, doll, your dad” Bucky whispered, looking up to the door, I followed his eyes seeing the man I hadn’t seen in nine years. My dad.

“Heya kiddo.” He said, tears brimming his eyes.

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Avengers Preference: Drunk avengers

A\N: another one with the extended gang!


Clint: Goads everyone into doing ridiculous stunts and will take no blame when it ends less than poorly. Scotch is the name of the game for him and there are no rocks in his drink, though he may need more than a few to support him by the time he’s on his fifth glass.

Pietro: This is the one time he actually winds down. The burning liquid somehow soothes his rapidly firing metabolism and coaxes him into a stupor. Soon he is nothing more than a snoring mess curled on the couch.

Steve: It may take a full bottle of the Asgardian stuff, but once all Steve’s sobriety is washed away with the burning liquid, you’ll find him up on the table. Mr. Righteousness also serves as his stage name when the stripping and dancing begins, while Sam encourages the performance with catcalling and spare change from his pockets.

T’challa: As King, he is required to keep his tendency to pick fights under a careful eye. Once the effects of a few fire whiskey shot kicks in, however, he will range from threatening a particularly frilly lampshade to swearing he can take on all the Avengers at once. Whoever dares accept his challenge faces those surprisingly still dextrous muscles in boxing matches so quick even Pietro is impressed.

Tony: Woe to the person who thinks they can outshine this superstar when it comes to pulling daring, if not suicidal, stunts while intoxicated. Clint’s taunts only serve as provocation for what Tony planned on doing originally. Jump off the roof? Add a motorcycle. Juggle wearing only socks? Why not throw in a few priceless breakables? The duo bring nothing but headaches for Pepper all night.

Scott: A bit of a lightweight, it only takes a few drinks to make him tipsy and stimulate his munchies.Can be found holding philosophical debates with empty bag of doritos in the very back of the pantry. Wakes up in the morning with a can of spray cheese stuck in his mouth and an army of friendly ants carrying away the crumbs all over his body.

Thor: Thor will get right in your ear to tell you just how lovely you smell tonight, except it comes out as a shout because once drunk the god forgets volume is a thing. Even though he says only sweet nothings, his yelling can be heard all the way in Asgard.

Bucky: He is very affectionate. He can be found kissing all over everybody in arms reach. Hand, cheek, lips, nothing is off limits once this man has had a holy portion of spirits. By the time the night draws to a close, he can usually be found hanging off Steve’s neck, babbling about how much he loves all of his friends.

Sam: A feathered hat and saber could not have made Sam any more of a Don Juan when he’s intoxicated. The man flirts front, back, and sideways with everyone in the room with more pickup lines than Clint has arrows. His touches and words are sloppier than normal but the charm more than makes up for it.

Wanda: She offers the perfect balance to Clint’s antics and gently informs someone when they are on their last drink of the evening. If look closely, however, she is definitely hoarding a personal bottle stashed in her purse for her own pleasure. No amount of puppy eyes or flattering will convince her to share it either, Sam has tried.

Natasha: Wing woman of the century. She makes sure everybody that wants to finds someone to bring home. Once someone becomes a target, they don’t stand a chance against her slightly slurred words and murmured offer.

Peter: The only alcohol he can handle is the kind drenched in fruity flavors – strawberry daiquiris to be exact. Complete with garnish and a tiny umbrella, you can find Peter suspended from the ceiling bragging to everyone about how he’s the king of Queens and if only Aunt May could see him now. Don’t worry, before long he’s safe and snuggled against Pietro snoozing. (PSA this is not us condoning underage drinking. You get to do that when you’re a superhero.)

Bruce: Finds everything fucking hysterical. Will laugh for hours on end. You could be discussing the weather and he would laugh so hard tears would form in his eyes. This is one of the only times he lets all his inhibitions truly go.

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How about Clintasha have a run in with paparazzi/fans on the street?

In the back of her mind, Natasha had known participating in the so-called Battle of New York had the possibility of putting her out in the public eye to some extent. An attack of that scale was going to draw attention regardless, and only having a handful of people to save the day (around Stark Tower, no less, like Tony already didn’t draw attention as is) particularly put the Avengers in the spotlight.

Still, while she and Clint were laying low on SHIELD work both until the Avengers hype died down and Clint was in a better place, they knew how to blend in with the crowd as they tried to make the most of their down time for at least a few weeks in the city.

He had his go-to sunglasses and a favorite purple shirt on for his casual look. Natasha had also gone for sunglasses, paired with a blouse and floppy brimmed hat.

It caught them by surprise when a young girl, her mother only a few feet behind her, specifically caught their attention on the sidewalk.

“Are you… are you Avengers?” the girl asked.

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-Bucky is in the kitchen having a conversation with Clint and Wanda-

Clint: So how is your sister holding up?

Bucky: *sighs* She keeps getting into a lot of trouble. Her curiosity will be the death of her.

Wanda: Well you can’t blame her. She has to learn a lot from over the past few years.

Bucky: I know and leaving her with Nat is a horrible idea. The woman is trying to corrupt my sis.

Clint: *chuckles* Trying? She doesn’t just try, she IS corrupting Rebecca.

-Rebecca comes running through the doorway and holds up her wrists which are hooked together by leopard print, fuzzy handcuffs-

Rebecca: Look at what Nat gave me! Isn’t it cute?!

Wanda: *starts giggling like a mad woman*

Bucky: *groans* NAT! COME ON!

Nat: *walks in behind Rebecca and smirks at Bucky* What? She has to learn, no? Besides, it’s just a small gift. Pietro seemed really happy about it.

-Bucky narrows his eyes and Wanda covers her mouth to hide her smile. Clint continues to sip his coffee as if nothing is even happening-

Bucky: I’ll kill him.

Wanda and Rebecca: No you won’t.

Bucky: Wanda, tell your brother to stop going after Becca.

Rebecca: You’re being overprotective again, Big B. I happen to like Pietro.

Bucky: It’s not happening.

Nat: Oh for fuck’s sake, Buck. She is an adult.

Bucky: I don’t care.

Rebecca: *scoffs, turning around, and runs out of the kitchen* STEVIE! BUCK IS BEING AN ASSHOLE TO ME!

Bucky: Goddamn it, Becca, no! *bolts after her*

Clint: I swear, for people nearly a hundred years old they act a lot like children.

-The girls nod in agreement, trying to hold back their laughter while imagining Steve going mother hen mode on Bucky-

sometimes i remember that hawkeye is canonically deaf in the comics and the mcu erased his disability. that they ignored his abusive childhood and gave him a family - erasing his attachment issues. in the comics hes this self-destructive goofy disabled depressed guy who drinks coffee by the pot just to stay awake and is always covered head to toe in band-aids. sometimes i remember that the mcu erased everything about clint barton but the bow and arrow. and it ruins my whole day.