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The Ghost of You

Ghosthunters!Avengers au

Ghost!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Reader has the ability to communicate with the dead and uses her power to help ghost move on with the popular ghost hunting team, the Avengers. Steve leads the group to his old home to try and reach his recently deceased best friend, Bucky.

(A/n- This is part one in what will probably turn put to be a pretty long series so this is just sone background before we get to tbe good stuff. Tell me what you think and if you want a part two!)


Some people called your ability a gift. Other called it a curse, or the sign of the devil. Some said you were lucky and envied you, while others accused you of being the antiChrist. And then there were some who just called you an outright fraud.

See, you had a particular ability. You could see dead people. You’d had  the power for as long as you could remember. Infact, one of your earliest memories was a moment when you told your mom about how your grandma would read to you before bed, and your mom told you your grandma had died months before you were even born.

From then on things only got worse. As you got older, it was harder for your parents to justify what they thought was just a wild imagination. You would approach random people and tell them that their friend who had passed wanted to say hello, or their parent was proud of them and loved them. It was often greeted with angry, confused adults and a pair of very embarrassed parents.

So they sent you to therapy. And for the first half of your life you were treated like a crazy person. So eventually you believed that they were right.

So you stopped with the message relaying. Ghosts would beg you, but you refused. Some got angry and some understood. Many times you had mysterious scratches or bruised after having to fight off an angry ghost. Though luckily, they only had so much energy, and physical touches took a lot out of them.

Through your years, you made friends with a lot of nicer ghosts, your favorite being a girl named Suzy who had died in the 70s in a car accident. She was around your age at the time of death and liked to hang around with you. She was your best friend, considering you weren’t the most popular girl in your school years. They called you ghost girl, or exorcist, and dozens of other dumb ghost related things (your personal favorite being Zak Bagans).

Up until your first year of college, you kept your abilities under control and a secret. Before you left, you had decided to help Suzy pass on instead of leaving her lonely, as she refused to leave your home town. She said she was unable to pass on because she never got to apologize to her mother who she had had horrible a fight with before she died. So you tracked down her mother, who was in a nursing home and hardly responsive to anyone. But you told her anyways, hoping she could hear you. She did. And she cried then she thanked you.

And Suzy was able to pass on.

And you, having forgot how amazing it felt to help the spirits, started doing it again. Though, now, you asked permission first rather than springing it on unsuspecting victims. This usually ended up with a much better response from people, and the fact that you weren’t a little girl anymore helped too.

All your life you had been told that what you saw was not real, and you were made to feel like a freak. The memories of therapy and the way your parents looked at you like you were an embarrassment haunted you (pun intended) so you went home, to try and make it right. You told them about your grandma, things no one knew, things that would’ve been impossible for you to know. Things she had told you. You relayed a message from your recently deceased aunt on your mother’s side, as she had asked you to say goodbye for her.

And your mom cried. She told you how sorry she was for never believing you and putting you through all that. But your father, still the skeptic that he always was, refused to believe. The death of your mom’s sister had been very hard on her, and he said you were just using those vulnerable feelings against her. He got angry at you for working up your mother and refusing to accept the truth. You got in a huge fight  and you left. And you hadn’t been back home since. The moment that was supposed to fix your past relationship instead ruined your future one.

You had never felt more alone. That is, until they contacted you.

A man named Steve Rogers wanted to talk to you. He was the leader of a ghost investigation team and they had been tracking you down for a while.

They had heard the stories and wanted you to join their team.

You were shocked. Never before had you even thought about going to professional investigators. Though, now that you thought about it, your skill would be very useful in that field. So you agreed. And you flew to New York where you met the rest of the team.

There was Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, they were the brains and the scientists of the group. They built and designed all their equipment.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were the researchers. They found the places and looked into the history.

Then there was Thor. He was the muscle and the camera man, though he wasn’t too good with electronics, he knew how to aim the camera.

And finally, Steve Rogers, the head investigator.

And there was also the interns Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, but they were there mainly to learn and get coffee.

You were there to help coax out the ghosts and communicate with them. Even for you, they had to want to be  seen. You traveled around the world visiting notoriously haunted places and helping all the spirits you could. It was the happiest you had ever been. Yet, there was still something off. The team was great, but they treated you like a piece of equipment, not a real person and you knew if one day you just disappeared, they wouldn’t even notice your absence until they needed you to bring out a ghost. It was hard, but it was a job where no one judged you or called you a freak or a liar. It was worth it in your eyes.

“(Y/n), look alive!” Tony shouted as he burst into your room. While taking breaks or between travels, the whole team usually housed at Tony’s place. He was rich and had a huge home so he didn’t mind renting it out as long as we didn’t break anything.

“Ya, thanks for knocking. I could’ve been naked or something, you know?” I said, sitting up from my spot on my bed where I had been curled up with my laptop.

“Ya but you weren’t. C’mon kid, Steve wants us all in the living room and he was making that weird leader face again.”

“The one he makes whenever we all get our picture taken or he’s in an interview?”

“That’s the one.”

Tony and I walked out together, him having always been the one I was closest to. He treated me the same as he would anyone else and I liked that. He was like the cool older brother I never had.

We were the last members of the team to arrive in the living room and Steve did not look too happy with the wait. Him and tony had always butted heads, both being great leaders, but they just had different styles and personalities that didn’t mix well.

“So here’s the thing guys,” Steve started when we were all sat down, “When I was a kid I had a friend named Bucky. He was my best friend and we did everything together. But we had different carrer paths and when he turned 18, he enlisted into the army and was sent off somewhere classified. About a year later, his mom got a letter saying he was missing in action and was believed to have been captured by the enemy. We were devastated, but there was nothing that could be done. Time went by and we came to terms with the fact that he was gone. He was pronounced dead and that was supposed the end of it. But a few months ago, they found his body in a camp. And autopsy showed he had only died a few days before. And now his mom contacted me saying she’s been hearing and seeing some weird stuff around the house. She thinks it’s Bucky.” he paused looking around, but everyone was silent, “We don’t need to add it to the blog or anything, but I think it would really help her and me, and Buck of course, if we could just talk to him. Maybe help him pass through?” he asked looking towards me in the end.

I shrugged, “I’m in.”

Everyone else agreed, and Steve’s smile could’ve lit up a night sky on its own, “Great pack your bags, we’ll head out first thing tomorrow morning.”


Wow i know i posted about this originally like a month ago then I made you all wait and I would give you an excuse but i honestly don’t have one. Hope you enjoy, and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!

If the MCU writers make Tony fucking Stark apologize to Captain Fuckoff I’m going to be pissed. Tony was, for once, trying to do things without violence or anything else he was trying to do it the right way. Steven Rogers ignored over 100 countries telling him that they didn’t feel safe without some kind of safeguard on the Avengers but somehow Rogers knows better than all of them? I don’t think so. Steve Rogers is one man and he has an insane god complex, he can’t stand it when anyone stands up to him or argues with him which is all Tony does. Tony has had to listen to the praises of Steve Rogers since childhood, there’s a saying that you should never actually meet your childhood heros and this is exactly why. Did Tony make mistakes? Yes. Yes he did but did he run from them? Hell no. Tony does not deserve the shit he gets from this fandom. Tony is a man who suffers from severe panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and god only knows what else yet I’ve never seen anyone actually stop and ask the man if he’s okay or if he needs help yet Bucky, who was brainshwashed, gets coddled and told it’s not his fault. 

The Accords were going to happen with or without Tony’s signature so he just signed so there wouldn’t be any trouble because he knew he could try to get a better deal and get them amended once they were passed. Did Cap even read them? Because as far as I know he did not read that fucking long as book called a document. As far as I know none of Team Cap read the Accords, they just followed Captain America. Yet they had no trust in Tony. It’s funny because Tony got called out for not trusting authority yet in the one movie he does everyone else calls him a coward and traitor for it. Steve Rogers called him out on keeping secrets and then what do we have here? Steve Rogers kept a secret! He kept the fact that Tony’s parents were not only murdered but also murdered by the very man he’s disregarding everything for and then tries to lie to Tony about it? 

Yep! That’s the man I want to follow! 

Tony offered Cap a way to bring in Barnes legally and without consequence when he offered that 24 hour grace period and Cap shoved it back in his face. Cap didn’t even ask the others on his team what they would have wanted and as far as I could tell he didn’t even tell them that Tony tried to compromise with him. He just let them all think that Tony was being unreasonable when in fact he gave him several chances for all of this to go away and to not happen. Let’s also not forget the fact that Cap injured several CIVILIANS in that pursuit with Bucky, that was not an Avenger’s mission that was a Cap mission. And we had no clue that Bucky was innocent at that time. Cap found out evidence later that could have given Bucky his innocence in the eyes of the law but he didn’t tell anyone that. He hid information which he should have shared, more secrets on his side!

And can we talk about Wanda please? Am I the only one in this fandom who thinks that she should be controlled? Yes I know that she didn’t mean for her powers to go out of control but when she was working for Ultron and turning the Avengers inside out she didn’t seem to have any problems with her powers then. But now she doesn’t fully understand them and Tony keeps her locked up, without her permission yes, because he’s trying to protect her! If you saw someone with that kind of power that obviously couldn’t control it on the streets wouldn’t you be scared because I would. What if someone had attacked Wanda and made her defend herself? That wouldn’t have helped anyone not be afraid of her, in fact they probably would have grown to fear her even more. She keeps blaming Stark for her parent’s death but really is it his fault? Yes Tony might have designed that missile but he had no reason to attack her country and he said that once he saw the true harm his weapons were doing that he shut down the weapons manufacturing for good. Now look at the time frame, that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Wanda lost her parents about 20 years ago, TONY DID NOT DO IT. Does ignorance equal innocence? No but he also shouldn’t be help accountable for it. 

And how dare they make Tony smile at that piece of garbage letter. That wasn’t an apology, that was Rogers rubbing it all in Tony’s face. I guarantee you that if someone asked Rogers if he would change anything he did in that movie he would say he wouldn’t change anything because he believed he was right. “The Avengers are your family, maybe even more so than mine.” Are you fucking serious. How many Avengers sided with Tony in this debate? In this series we had Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Black Widown; that’s who started out. Hulk and Thor are MIA in this movie and Cap and Iron Man are obviously on their own sides so that leaves the two spies. One of which sides with Cap the other sided with Tony and then backstabbed him and accused him of letting his ego get the better of him. Yep. One hell of a family. 

Then we add to that fact Vision, Wanda, Falcon, Ant Man, Spider Man, War Machine, Black Panther. Vision is basically Tony’s son so yes he sided with him. War Machine has been his friend for over 20 years so yeah he’s with him. Ant Man has never met him yet hates him because someone said never trust a Stark when he has no idea why he’s even fighting Tony, just blindly follows Cap. Falcon just follows Cap because he’s never interacted with Tony really. Wanda hates Tony so yeah not with him, Black Panther is only after Bucky at this point, yes he’s for the Accords but at this point he just wants Barnes dead so if you can say he’s on Tony’s side then I guess. Spider Man was just there to help clean up, he was not supposed to get into a fight with a Super Soldier. WHO DROPPED A LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECT ON TOP OF A KID WITH NO REMORSE. 

In the end most of the Avengers end up with Rogers in Wakanda while Tony ends up with a crippled War Machine and heart broken Vision while he himself recovers from a fight with TWO SUPER SOLDIERS. Both of who tried to kill him yet Tony could have used his repulsors and DID NOT USE THEM. He was pulling punches in that fight don’t even say he wasn’t because his suit still had power when Cap was on top of him and he had his hands up but didn’t shoot when that sheild was brought down on his Arc Reactor. That isn’t pulling punches, that’s going for the kill. 

Captain America was trying to kill him.  

Infinity Wars had better not have Tony apologizing or using that phone to call Rogers for help. 

Rogers had better go to tony for help because Tony has no reason to protect those people anymore. 

Tony can and will pull through without the Avengers, without his FAMILY, because they all back stabbed him when he needed them.

Give me Tony who realizes that for once he did the right thing and doesn’t take Rogers’ sanctimonious shit for even one second. 

Tony Stark does not deserve this and Steve Rogers does not even deserve to be in the same hemisphere as Tony Stark as far as I’m concerned. 

So I was watching Jimmy Kimmel the other day and they were playing this game called, “Generation Gap.” It was basically two people from different “generations”, or rather having quite a large age gap and they had to answer questions from the other’s generation. And I think that would make for a pretty cool avengers headcanon.
Steve and bucky are on one team and the rest of the avengers on the opposite team. (Thor is pretty much left out and resorts to interrupting the game with sarcasm and anecdotes about Asgard) And so the rest of the avengers go pretty easy on steve and bucky, you know hollering and taunting but to everyone’s surprise they totally smash the game. Steve and bucky spend most of their free time studying, making notes and flashcards to beat the others asses. And they have an arsenal of obscure 1900’s facts that take so much deep digging and research, you’d have to use an ouija board because those facts aren’t to be found anywhere. But Tony’s not one to back down and he put Jarvis to it, who very vocally disregards his efforts. Sam doesn’t participate per se, he’s just there to spit out ancient insults at bucky while bucky is the new master of insulting internet acronyms. Natasha just tags along for a chance to make fun of the boys and Clint is mostly asleep.

Avengers AU where the team are vigilantes or mercs.

Obvs Tony Stark is the money behind the team. If someone who requests their services can’t pay for their travel etc or can’t pay at all, Tony foots the bill, plus keeps their gear updated and better than anything they might come up against.

Steve is the team leader, calls the shots etc. not that everyone always listens to him of course.

Natasha is the first one in a situation. She maps out the locale, talks to locals, goes undercover etc bc she’s a badass spy.

Clint goes undercover with Nat sometimes. Occasionally he’s the first one in, if they’re going somewhere that she’d be recognized. He might get mocked for using a bow and arrows, but he’s a crack shot and he get deployed when they need to make a distance shot without noise.

Bruce is their medic and wild card. He doesn’t always fight with them, but he’s always somewhere behind the scenes in case he’s needed.

Thor isn’t always around to help out, but if there’s a situation where they really need him, he’s a call (and a plane ride) away.

Here’s the kicker: they aren’t supposed to know each other’s identities. In case something goes bad or someone starts working for the other side etc is the bullshit reason Tony gives when they start. But c'mon, Nat and Clint have known each other for years; Clint won gold in archery in the Olympics three years prior and Nat was a rather famous ballerina. Steve Rogers was the face of the USO for a couple years. Bruce won a Nobel Prize in medicine. And when Bucky gets recruited, of course Steve recognizes his best friend. Everyone in the team is 99.9% sure that ‘Iron Man’ is Tony Stark, of Stark Industries. But they pretend that the masks keep their identity secret and go their separate ways after missions, waiting for their Stark phones (really, Tony?) to go off.

Avengers Preference: Favorite Thing

Tony: Hands

As a guy who works on machines and tech quite a lot, Tony can appreciate a nice pair of hands when he sees them. He likes to take hold of yours when he can, often walking around a room and dragging you with him, just to keep the contact. He likes the feeling of lazily interlaced fingers, your palms and his fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. And he’s such a sucker for when you cradle his cheek in your hand; he feels like you’ve paused the whole world and it’s just the two of you in endless space. Tony never slows down for anything, but the second you’ve got a hand on him, he’ll drop everything for you.

Thor: Lips, smile.

Thor smiles a lot; the guy has a heart of gold and is precious and adorable and there’s nothing he loves more than seeing you smile too. It feels like a reflection of him, but so much lovelier. Sometimes it’ll be a small tilt of your lips, or a fleeting smirk and Thor will melt, softly pressing his lips to yours with an even bigger smile curling on his face. He likes when you smile with all your teeth the most; a giant infallible grin to match his own. It makes him feel special to see those kinds of smiles, because you don’t give the out often, and Thor doesn’t take any expression of yours for granted.

Bucky: Chest

Bucky’s absolute favorite thing to do is just lay down with you, his head resting on your chest as he listens to you talk, your fingers lost in his hair. He can hear your heart beat in his ear, and he feels every vibration when you chuckle or hum. He cradles his right hand around your back and keeps his left hand placed over your heart, his metal hand feeling the immense warmth there. Whenever Bucky comes home from missions he lifts you up when he hugs you, so his head can rest on your collarbone, eyes closed and content. He likes to be able to feel that you’re really there and you’re all human, and it reminds him that he’s human too.

Peter: Shoulders

Peter is very expressive with his body because he can’t often get the words out of his mouth. He tends to gravitate towards your shoulders, because they’re so close and so easy to reach. He often takes you by them, whether he’s steering you out of the room nervously, or he’s running his hands over your shoulders in comfort. Peter takes this habit in his extreme emotions as well; When he’s excited he’ll hug you tightly, and then hold you at arms’ length by your shoulders to see all of you, a bright smile on his face. Unfortunately, he also has done this when he’s upset, roughly grabbing your shoulders to convey a message of urgency, staring at you with wide eyes and speaking in a rushed tone. Peter likes to rest his head on your shoulder as well, smiling up at you and you rest your head on top of his, the two of you happy just with one another’s presence.

Natasha: Neck

This isn’t surprising, considering that Nat’s deadliest move is to wrap her thighs around someone’s neck, but that isn’t the case with you. Natasha loves to nuzzle her nose into your neck and hear you give a high pitched laugh as she tickles you. Your neck is your weak spot, knowledge that Natasha uses to her advantage in every situation she can. She wants to remote and you aren’t giving? She croons a finger under your jaw and down your neck, and instantly you spasm, the remote flying straight into her hands. If she’s feeling upset she’ll just go to you silently, burying her head in your neck, staring at your collarbone for what feels like eternity. Natasha is also a huge flirt, and often times will press a kiss on your neck in front of everyone, just so that they’re clear that she has you wrapped around her finger. You’re often the recipient of teasing when you walk into the common room with hickies on your neck, but Natasha just smiles, placing a soft kiss on an existing bruise and mumbles ‘sorry’ even though you know she isn’t.

Wanda: Nose

This only came about because you were so adamant about Wanda’s nose that she decided to return the favor. It became a game after that; Wanda would tap your nose whenever you stared off into space, gaining your attention easily. You asked “What was that,” with a smile and Wanda just did it again. Whenever she sees you smile she takes her forehead to yours and gives you an eskimo kiss, something that makes the entire team coo with affection. Wanda also tends to kiss your nose whenever you scrunch it, finding the way you look adorable and can’t help but want to be closer to you. You return the sentiment, saying “it looks much cuter on you,” but she disagrees, always turning the focus back to you.

Steve: Eyes

Steve is a person who always speaks his mind, but you aren’t. You like to observe, and he can see that reflected in your eyes. Steve had always found that what you’re really thinking can be found there. He always keeps eye contact with you, watching instead of listening so he can call your bluff if he needs to. He also just really loves your eyes in general-the intense color in them and how it changes depending on where you are. Steve also notes how you watch him—your eyes always crease in the corners and the expression in them softens, and he gets so wrapped up in them that you have to turn away from him to break his trance. “Sorry, Doll. Your eyes are just so captivating.” “Was a that a pun, Steve Rogers?”

Sam: Legs

Sam is very appreciative of a good pair of legs, and honey you’ve got the best. He’s always pushing for you to run with him, just because he loves seeing them in action: the strides they take, the control and just the way they look, if he’s being perfectly honest. After a long day of beating up villains, he likes to stretch out on the couch with your legs in his lap, the two of you doing something mindless and just indulging in personal time. He, like Natasha is a huge flirt, sometimes just standing and watching when you climb up on a counter to reach something high above you. “Sam, why didn’t you just go get it, you’re taller than me?” “But then I would miss this amazing view, baby.”

Clint: Hair

Clint loves anything you do with your hair, because for the longest time he only ever saw it in a ponytail or a stiff bun. Then one day you walked into the kitchen with the wildest bedhead and he went ballistic, fawning over how good it looked while you mumbled a low “thanks”. Ever since then he’s been obsessed, asking if he could braid it or style it in the morning. For a while you told him no, but then you cracked. Clint was ecstatic and you were doubtful, but he surprised you. Clint is so gentle when handling your hair, his touches feather light and delicate, as though he might break you. He’s also weirdly good at braiding, but he’ll never tell you how he became that way. Clint’s absolute favorite, though, is running his hands through your hair during every hug, going from your scalp to your ends carefully, burying his nose in it. He feels like you’re a part of him in that moment and he smiles, cherishing the feeling.

(psst, let me know if you guys want an nsfw version)

Let’s Be Honest-- Clint/Hawkeye is Totally Underated

He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man

And his sass is undeniablly one of the most entertaining parts of the films.  Its such simple humor but that is what makes it so fantastic

And he is arguably one of the most relatable, loyal, and moral of the characters.