“I don’t expect you to excel, my hawk, but I expect you to do better…”

Inspired by an AU Kai and I talked about where Clint gets ‘borrowed’ along up to Asgard. It’s a problematic time for everyone involved :)
And wow, I haven’t drawn horses in like ten years…?
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No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know? For a little bit. I feel like the maid: ‘I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for, for 10 minutes?! Please?’
—  The Avengers, at some point.
The Avengers: What they do when you’re not looking

TONY sizes you up for clothes. Being an engineer gave him an eye for measurements and design, and he loved nothing more than gifting you with beautiful clothes that he had designed himself, even if you still prefer his old hoodies.

STEVE draws your portrait. Constantly. Over and over again. With your hair up, your hair down. Sitting reading a book, or baking in the kitchen. He can’t get enough of your features and can fill a journal in a week. 

NATASHA choreographs dances for you to dance together. Even though she hates her ballet background, she can’t deny the beauty and eroticism of watching your body move to the music you feel in your heart.

THOR plays Asgardian music on the nearest instrument. You have to stop what you’re doing to admire the wonderful music he recreates, as his eyes never leave yours.

BRUCE creates mixed playlists that express his feelings better than he ever could.

CLINT will randomly start arranging your hair. Nimble fingers and a little girl who likes daddy to make her look pretty has made him an expert in many a hairstyle. If you ever feel fingers start to play with your hair, it’s almost always Clint.

BUCKY will appear from nowhere and hand you books. They are always bookmarked on a love-filled poem or sonnet, making your heart melt as you read the words he can’t say out loud.

LOKI will create custom jewellery out of thin air that appears on your body. You don’t normally notice until hours later when someone comments on your beautiful earrings, or ask you where you got your necklace. He passes it off as a mark of ownership - telling the whole world you’re his - but you know it goes deeper than that.

Chaos pt. 4

Bucky x avenger x reader 

Notes: violence, (rough) SMUT, swearing

Been on the couch so long writing this, my ass actually hurts. And it’s a pretty damn comfortable couch, lemme tell ya. 

Honorary tag: lilacs-lavender 

‘Are you gonna kill us too?’ one of them asks blankly.

I turn to him and smile sympathetically, ‘Of course not, sweetheart’ I cooed at him. ‘I never kill my bed partners, that’s just bad karma’

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Oh my god new prompts and I love them ~ 80 and 64 + the Avengers? In general if that works for you :3

64. Don’t post that online! | 80. This is about as normal as it gets around here. Prompt idea list here

It was your first day working at the Avengers Tower. Captain America himself was giving you a tour of the place, and you knew this is where you wanted to work for the rest of your life.

“And this,” Steve stood next to you in the elevator, “is the common room.” The doors opened to a large room, one unlike any you’d ever seen before. [I’m referencing this room from AoU]

You gaped at the sight of the Avengers inside. Bruce was sitting on the couch reading a book, and Tony was sipping a drink next to him. Natasha was smiling down at her phone, while Clint was trying to snatch it out of her hands. For some reason, his pants were hanging loose around his ankles, showing off his smiley face purple boxers. It was weird enough seeing them out of costume, but this…

“Nat! Don’t you dare!” Clint shouted, flailing his arms out to grab it. “Don’t post that online!

Tony was busy laughing his head off, occasionally sipping his iced tea, as he watched Nat manoeuvre around the couch expertly. She kept the phone just out of Clint’s reach, teasing him by dangling it in front of his face. Bruce was too absorbed in his book to notice what was going on.

Clint made a desperate leap for her phone but miscalculated. Nat sidestepped easily and he fell, knocking over the couch with Bruce and Tony still on it. Tony’s glass went flying, spilling ice cubes and iced tea all over the floor. Bruce didn’t even look up from his book.

Thor chose that moment to walk in. He was completely naked except for a skimpy white towel tied around his waist. He was holding a cup of coffee, like it was all completely normal.

“Midgardians,” he sipped from his mug. “I’ll never understand.” He shook his head and walked off.

Steve turned to you and shrugged. “Welcome to the Avengers Tower, (y/n). This is about as normal as it gets around here.

Bruce & Y/N ~ Chapter 1: Missing Him [Part 1]

A/N: I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVED this idea when I first thought about it, and I still love it now. :) I hope y'all do too!

Btw, sorry about the title. I couldn’t really think of a title that went that well with what this is. The title that I put really is… what it is? I don’t know. Just read. :)

NOTE: Pietro is my bae, but he won’t be included in this since… Well, you know what happened to him. I’m doing this because this heavily plays with different after-effects of AOU.

NOTE #2: I’ve made it to where this starts out about 2 years after AOU, and about a year after Civil War. You’ll see that there’s sort of a specific timeline that I’m making up. Just go with it. :) Everything’s relatively calm. Steve and Tony have moved past their conflict. Bucky has adjusted fairly well to regular life. Everyone is living in the Avengers Tower together. Well… Not everyone. Clint lives with his family on the farm, and Y/N is still dealing with the absence of a certain someone…

Also, Darcy, Sam and Rhodey are gonna appear in this story, but they won’t appear until after awhile in a later chapter. Just thought I’d let you know so you wouldn’t be surprised when they suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Prepare yourselves for a variety a Bruce feels… Whatever that may mean, well… You’ll just have to read ahead. ;)

Enjoy! 😘


Bruce & Y/N:

- Summary


Early Saturday evening, May 13th, 2017…

Y/N stood on the balcony of the Avengers tower, looking out over the city as the Manhattan air blew gently. She absentmindedly twisted the vintage engagement that rested around her left ring finger.

Y/N couldn’t really believe that it had been nearly 2 years since Bruce disappeared. After the whole battle with Ultron, he just didn’t want to be around people and accidentally hurt them. He thought that the Hulk was who he was. But in reality, he was just the adorkable scientist that Y/N fell in love with right after the Battle of New York. She could still remember, that aside from Natasha, she would be the only one that would be able to calm the Hulk down.

Y/N still remembered that fateful day in Sokovia like it was yesterday.

She looked up at the sun setting over Manhattan and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

The last thing Y/N said to Bruce… or the Hulk, was something she just couldn’t get out of her head. No matter how hard she tried.


Y/N spoke to Hulk from where she was located on the Helicarrier. She was talking to him through the communications system on the jet he had stolen from Ultron.

“Hey, big guy. We did it, the job’s finished. Now I need you to turn this bird around, okay? We can’t track you in stealth mode, so help me out. I need you t…” Hulk looked so sad for a moment before he turned off Y/N’s camera, then sat as the jet flew off to an unknown destination.

As soon as that happened, Y/N let out a shaky breath and looked down at the engagement ring Bruce had given her. A single tear slid down the side of her face before she felt a hand on her right shoulder. She looked in that direction and saw Natasha.

She didn’t even think for a second before she latched onto to Nat, hugging her tight. Natasha didn’t even object and let Y/N sob softly into her shoulder.


Y/N opened her eyes and let out another puff of air. She then glanced down at her ring and smiled slightly. It had been nearly 2 ½ years since Bruce had proposed to her. They were only engaged for about 6 months before the whole thing with Ultron happened. And in that 6 months, planning had actually gone into the wedding.

  • They had set the date for July 15, 2015.
  • Y/N had asked Nat to be her maid of honor, and Pepper to be her other bridesmaid.
  • Y/N had picked out a wedding dress.
  • They had even picked out a venue. They were going to get married on the beach in Malibu, by Tony’s beach house.

Anyway, in the two years that had passed since Ultron, Y/N still couldn’t bring herself to take off the engagement ring. She smiled at the memory of the day Bruce had proposed to her.


Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014…

Y/N tried not to laugh as Clint stuck a bunch of bows on Tony’s head and face as he was sprawled out on the couch, asleep. A mug of eggnog sat on the floor by his hand as it dangled off the side of the couch. Everyone else sat around eyeing the archer curiously, with Thor watching intently to see if Clint would actually be successful in his mindless endeavor.

Y/N sniggered. “Clint… B-be careful.”

Clint just rolled his eyes as he sat on the back of the couch, leaning down to place one last bow on Tony’s nose. It didn’t really work out for him because he lost his balance and fell over on top of Tony.

Tony startled awake, but stopped moving when he noticed Clint laying on top of him. “Well merry Christmas to you too, Legolas.”

That just made Clint roll his eyes again before he got up and off of Tony.

Tony then sat up straight, which then made a bunch of the bows fall off of his head. There was still one single red bow that sat perched at an angle near the top off his head on the side.

“What?” Tony asked confused when he saw everyone looking at him, trying to hold in their laughter.

“Nothing, sweetheart. Nothing.” Pepper said with a slight giggle as she came and sat next to him.

Tony just shrugged and picked up his mug of eggnog from the floor, taking a sip.

Y/N just smiled contently as she looked around the room at all of her friends.

Bruce cleared his throat from beside her, picking a medium sized box up from the floor beside him and handing it to her. “You still have one more present.”

Y/N smiled and took the box from him. “Aw, Bruce, you didn’t have get me anything else.”

“Oh, believe me, I think he REALLY wants to.” Tony piped up from his spot on the sofa. That earned him an elbow in his right side from Pepper and an elbow in left side from Natasha, who had come and sat down. “Ow! Okay, okay.”

Y/N just eyed them curiously before shaking her head and unwrapping the box only to find another wrapped box just a little bit smaller on the inside.

She quirked an eyebrow at it and glanced at Bruce to see him giving her a small smile. She giggled and turned her attention back to the slightly smaller box, unwrapping it. She was met with another wrapped box a little smaller than the last one.

“I hope whatever that’s at the end of this was worth all the wrapping.” Y/N commented as she unwrapped that box.

“Trust me,” Bruce said as he moved from his spot next to her on the floor, only to move to sit right in front of her. “it was.”

Y/N didn’t even notice everyone else in the room watching her anxiously as she opened the lid of the box. When she looked inside, she was confused when all she saw was a folded up card. She grabbed hold of it and opened it to read what was inside.

I hope you you've had a very mErry Christmas so far, my love.
But, there's one more thing I'd like to ask of you... Will you mArry me?

Y/N’s hands were shaking as she lowered the card from in front of her face, only to see Bruce kneeling before her with a small black velvet box in his hand.

“So…” Bruce started as he opened the lid of the box to reveal the most beautiful vintage-inspired ring that encircled a bezel set diamond with lavishly detailed latticework and a halo of shimmering diamonds. “will you?”

Y/N had her hand in front of mouth in shock as a few tears streamed down her face. She nodded furiously.

“Y-yes. Oh my God, yes…” She managed to get out as Bruce slid the ring onto her finger. She smiled down it before looking to Bruce and tackling him in a hug, making him fall backwards with her on top of him. She kissed him repeatedly. “I love you.”

Bruce smiled up at her above him and reached to brush a stray hair behind her ear. “I love you too.”

They leaned in for a small kiss before everyone else started throwing congratulations their way.


Y/N looked at the ring one last time before turning her attention back to the city below. She suddenly felt a presence beside her, but didn’t even need to look to know who it was.

“Two years, Nat. It’s been two years…” Y/N said sadly.

Natasha put an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, letting her lay her head on her shoulder. “I know, sweetie. I know…”

A/N: Hello!!! :) I hope you liked this first part!🙂

💋 Love always, 


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Read chapter 2 here.

Which Way the Weather's Going - themonkeycabal - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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Guess what? I didn’t write the thing I was trying to write, but wrote something else entirely! AHAHAHAHA!

This is Clint Barton post-The Avengers. So, this would take place between chapters 15 & 16 of “We’ll Run Like We’re Awesome”. Throw Back Wednesday! (ahem)

Bruce & Y/N ~ Chapter 2: Missing Him [Part 2 - FINAL]

A/N: Hope you liked the first chapter ‘cause here’s the second! :)



Bruce & Y/N:

- Summary

- Chapter 1


Y/N leaned her head on Natasha’s shoulder and sighed. “What do you think he’s doing right now?”

“Hopefully regretting giving you up.” She replied as reassuringly as she could.

Y/N just sighed again and thought back to when she was at the Avengers Facility in Upstate New York after the battle, when everything was still so new.


Y/N smiled as she hugged Thor goodbye. “I’m gonna miss you, Thor. I wish you didn’t have to go.”

His deep chuckle reverberated as he pulled away from her. “I will miss you as well, Lady Y/N. But, I have no choice. The Mind Stone is the fourth of the Infinity Stones to show up in the last few years. That’s not a coincidence. Someone has been playing an intricate game and has made pawns of us. But once all these pieces are in position…”

“Triple Yahtzee?” Tony asked as he stood next to Steve.

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Clint's Grand Easter Adventure (Without Eggs) - pprfaith, reena_jenkins - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Were you one of the LITERALLY HUNDREDS of people who enjoyed create/detonate last year?

Have you been wondering, lo these many months, “How are the Avengers going to Assemble in Tasha’s basement?”

Did you wonder what was happening on Old Clint Barton’s Farm, that time Natalia sent a postcard about borscht?


Then you, my friends, are in luck!

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Pod_Together, @wordsformurder and I have  added a delightful 5th story to the create/detonate ‘verse. It’s got scavenger hunts, and secret code words, and a crack house, and even a veterinarian. It’s AMAZING.

The podfic runs 00:51:39, the fic is 5678 words long (heh, numbers), and the whole thing is just A METRIC TON OF FUCKAWESOME.