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I’m Your Girl

Note:I’m sorry I’m late posting this (also if it’s short)! I hope you like it and thank you for the request! .c

Request:  Hi! So I’ve had a few ideas in mind for a Bucky oneshot. I’m thinking that he picks f!reader up from school/dance class/whatever and sees his girl with another guy and gets jealous and goes all Winter Soldier mode on them, like dangerous af and stuff? And maybe reader is used to his ways and just rolls her eyes at him or something in that direction?  - @lilsizzler

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The sun was beaming down on you as you walked beside your friend Jonathan. You were smiling from ear to ear, constantly thanking him for helping you these past few weeks with your math class. It was your toughest subject, and with his tutoring, you aced the test. A weight had been lifted off of your shoulders and you could do back-flips if you were sure you wouldn’t break a bone.

Jonathan was the school jock, but he wasn’t the stereotypical type that peoplle usually run into. Well, aside from the playful winks and flirting. It was harmless but you knew that if Bucky heard anything he said to you, he’d be six feet under.

As if you jinxed yourself, you looked up at Jonathan as he slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side. “Don’t even worry about it, Y/N!” He said after you thanked him for the millionth time in five minutes. You giggled and lightly shoved him away, rolling your eyes when he feigned fake shock. 

“Wow. Not even a thank you kiss, though?” He joked, puckering his lips at you as he made kissing noises. “Ew, no!” You laughed loudly, shoving his face with your hand. Jonathan stopped dead in his tracks, the sound of his shoes scraped against the concrete, and gasped dramatically. “I’ve never felt so hurt in my life.” He fake sobbed, wiping his cheek as if a tear escaped his eye.

You giggled and covered your mouth with the back of your hand. “You’re a nightmare.” You said through your laughter, waving his behavior off. Jonathan had grown quiet as your giggles came to a stop. His posture had stiffened a bit and he almost looked scared. Almost. He could hold his own and was never afraid of a challenge. So when you noticed his muscles flexing, you turned to see what had him on high alert.

Bucky was speed walking towards you and your friend, his jaw clenched and his metal arm showcased in a tight black shirt, the mechanical piece whirring with anger if it could ever hold an emotion. “Bucky!” You groaned, hardly having the strength to stop him as he shoved past you, already knowing what was about to happen.

He gripped onto the collar of Jonathan’s jersey before he had the chance to fight back. “How dare you try to kiss my girl!?” Bucky yelled in Jonathan’s face, tightening his grip. Jonathan cowered under Bucky’s hold and his eyes glanced towards you, silently begging you for help.

You rolled your eyes at Bucky’s childishness and stepped in between the two, trying to push Bucky away by his abdomen. “He was just playing around! I’d never let that happen!” You shouted, staring right up at Bucky. His eyes remained on Jonathan, shoving him to the ground behind you.

A grunt fell from Jonathan’s lips as he hit the concrete and he scoffed. “Dude, chill.” He stood back to his feet and dusted off the back of his shorts, shaking his head to himself. “Y/N, I’ll see you later.” Jonathan mumbled as he walked away from you. You quickly grasped his arm. “I’m sorry about this.” You apologized before turning your gaze to a fuming Bucky.

If there’s anything he hated other than his past and HYDRA, it was someone else trying to steal you away from him. You’ve dealt with his protective and jealous nature countless times, so much so, it’s become a bit annoying. You just couldn’t believe he would go so far as to physically assault someone-that someone being your friend. 

Jonathan slowly looked between the both of you and smirked. “No need to apologize… sweetheart.” And there it is: the ‘I don’t back down from a challenge’ attitude he possesses. Before you could protest, Bucky bolted towards Jonathan and gripped onto his neck this time. “Call her that again and I’ll fucking end you!” He yelled, tightening his grip on Jonathan’s neck. 

“Bucky! That’s enough!” You pulled him away from Jonathan and he released his grip. “Fucking hell man!” Jonathan rasped, grasping at his neck as his body shook with coughs. “We’re going home.” Bucky looked down at you, his jaw clenched. You gaped at him and actually laughed. You couldn’t believe he did something like this.

Leaving the scene, you gripped your bag tightly on your shoulder as you stomped away from Bucky. You understood why he would be jealous, but it pissed you off how he didn’t trust you. You knew Jonathan would never do anything like that and he knew that you two were just friends. 

Bucky being the overly-jealous boyfriend, of course, didn’t care to realize that. Your lips were pressed together tightly as your thoughts raced around in your mind and you heard Bucky running behind you. He reached out for you but you only walked faster.

“Y/N, stop for a second!” Bucky said, grabbing onto your wrist. You quickly turned to face him, your chest rising and falling at a fast pace. “Honestly, what the hell was that? You choked him! I don’t-why would-do you really not trust me!?” You threw your arms up in the air, shouting so loud you could feel your voice becoming hoarse.

Bucky flinched at your tone and his face contorted with guilt. “Doll, he was making kissing faces at you. And his arm was-” You cut him off with a loud groan of frustration and ran your hands over your face, tilting your head back to look at the clear blue sky. “I cannot believe..” You muttered, shaking your head. 

You looked at Bucky and sighed heavily, figuring it was no use to argue with him. It’d only make matters worse. Bucky waited patiently for you to speak. His head was hanging low and his hair framed his face. The sight of him so vulnerable always made your heart ache. 

“Can you promise me something?” You spoke much softer now, stepping closer to Bucky. He didn’t lift his head, so you used the height difference to your advantage and met his eyes as you touched your chest to his torso. Your head tilted back and a small smile played at his lips as he watched you. He nodded and looked back and forth between your eyes.

“Trust me. Jonathan is just a tutor. He was a friend, but I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” You sighed lightly, pursing your lips. Bucky sighed after you and let his hands hold onto your waist. “Y/N, I’m sorry. I just hate knowing that I could lose you so easily.” Bucky said quietly, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours.

You smiled and held him closer, your arms wrapping around his waist. “I told you that would never happen.” Bucky nodded and leaned in more to place his lips against yours. Your eyes closed as you kissed him back, your hands grasping at the material of his shirt. 

Bucky pulled away first and let out a shaky breath, his hands resting on your cheeks now. “Good. Because I plan on keeping you for a while. Forever to be exact.” You giggled and bit your lip. “I’d hope so. You’re stuck with me, old man.” Bucky lightly groaned at the nickname you called him and took your hand in his, leading you down the sidewalk. 

You giggled and swung your hands back and forth. “You’re my girl.” Bucky said with a smile, his teeth showing and his eyes wrinkling. You couldn’t help but let go of what just happened and thank whoever it is in higher power that you got so lucky. 

“I’m your girl.”

Note: so many emotions. i’m overwhelmed. feedback is much appreciated! .c 

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Your period Steve Rogers x Reader

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark

Word count: 1161 words

Warnings: some swearing

Tags: none but let me know if you want to be tagged in my stories. You can chose the character in which you want to be tagged on of course :)

Summary: reader is on her period and is rude to everyone except Steve. 

Notes: It’s been a while since I wanted to write this one but I guessed it would be easier to write it if I was on my period so here you go hahha I hope you like it! 

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Why on earth this had to happen every month? Just because supposedly a stupid girl decided to eat from the only tree she wasn’t supposed to eat? And now you had to spend a whole week every months curled up in ball, feeling miserable and wanting to kill with your bare hands to whoever dared to look at you. Sounded unfair, didn’t it? But that’s how it worked.

Every single month you became so moody during that week. You felt like crying most of the time but you would snap at anyone who annoyed you, and you were easily annoyed during those days. Just a single comment about your hair could make you explode. You only wanted to cuddle up in bed and eat chocolate ice-cream while you watched stupid comedies that weren’t even funny.

You knew the day was close, your ovaries were started to kill you slowly and you had snapped at Clint just because he told you he thought you had put too much cream on your chocolate. So now everyone in the tower knew that week was close and they were extra careful when talking to you. 

Finally one morning you woke up feeling a sharp pain in your stomach which made you curse under your breath. Slowly, you got up carefully so you wouldn’t wake Steve up who was deeply asleep after yesterday’s mission. When you looked at the bed you saw a tiny red spot where you slept which made you groan. You took some panties from the closet and went to the bathroom to change, clean yourself up and put a sanitary towel on your panties. You wanted to use a tampon but there were none. Finally you walked out of the bathroom feeling completely defeated already. You didn’t want to wake Steve up but you definitely needed him at the moment so you sat down on the edge of the bed by his side and shook his softly.

“Steve…” You mumbled when he groaned. After a few moments he turned and laid on his back, opening his eyes a little bit to look at you but opened them completely when he saw your pouting face. 

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked frowning as he sat up. 

“It’s the day…” You said looking down at your hands.

“What?” He asked still half asleep but when he saw the red spot on your side of the bed it hit him. “Oh, I see”, he said nodding and looked at you. “Do you need something?”

He pulled you closer to him and wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back slowly as you snuggled into his chest closing your eyes.

“I don’t have any tampon left… And there’s no ice cream”, you whispered. You felt his chest shook when he chuckled a little. 

“Ok”, he kissed your head and pulled you away softly. “What about you go and prepare a delicious hot chocolate with tons of cream while I go to the store real quickly?” He suggested stroking your hair slowly.

After a moment you nodded and got up so he could do the same. He changed into some sweat pants and a hoodie quickly. You followed him out of the room and downstairs silently. You could tell it was early since you didn’t hear voices coming out of the kitchen or anywhere for that matter.

“I’ll be back in a moment and we can spend the day cuddling up, alright baby girl?” He said stopping you.

“Alright”, you said with a small smile.

He leaned down and kissed you softly before jogging to the elevator as you walked to the kitchen to prepare hot chocolate for you and a coffee for him. You took out two mugs and started preparing everything silently, trying to ignore the pain in your lower stomach.

Soon you heard some voices coming downstairs and you sighed since you didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Clint and Bucky walked into the kitchen. Clint was saying something about baseball that you weren’t interested in.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Clint said happily as he saw you.

“Morning”, Bucky smiled at you as well.

“Hi”, you said simply. They both shut up and looked at each other.

“You ok?” Clint asked cautiously.

You completely hated when someone asked you that during your period. You didn’t look ok. Not at all and they still had to ask you!? Why? Wasn’t it obvious that you weren’t alright and you definitely didn’t want to speak to anyone? You looked up slowly and something in your eyes made Bucky open his eyes widely and helped Clint to understand what was going on.

“I see”, he whispered.

“Oh you do? You really do see? And what do you see, Barton?” You said slowly. If the situation was any different you would probably laugh at Bucky’s face. He looked shocked and even a bit scared. He was still new in the team so he still hadn’t see you in your best days of the month.

“You’re on those days, right?” Clint asked chuckling a little which was a huge mistake.

“Yes Clint. I am on those days. Is it funny? Because it definitely doesn’t feel funny when my vagina is literally crying fucking blood, when I feel like crying but then laughing and then crying again. And you can be damn sure it will not be funny when I smack your head against the wall, Barton.” As much as he tried, Clint just couldn’t keep his face straight. It was just too funny to him seeing how moody you became, but it was all new to Bucky.  


When Steve walked into the kitchen carrying a couple of bags your mood immediately changed and you suddenly felt like crying out of nothing. He looked at you and then at Clint before chuckling knowing he had probably annoyed you like always. When he looked at Bucky he laughed out loud at his face.

“You’re back”, you said hurrying to where he was just to hug him. He wrapped his free arm around you and kissed your head softly.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and I get everything ready for you?” He asked against your hair.

With a nod you turned to take your mug full of chocolate and cream and left the kitchen sending a death glare to Clint.

“What was that?” You heard Bucky.

“Women’s day”, Clint laughed shaking his head.

You heard him so you took a cushion from the couch and threw it at him. As always, you hit the back of his head which made you smile proudly before continuing your way to the stairs where you found Tony.

“Wow, you look awful”, he said looking down at you.

“Tony!” Steve said from the kitchen.

“Fuck you, Stark”, you said coldly as you walked upstairs.

“What did I do?” Was the last thing you heard before you slammed the door of the room. This was going to be a long week.  

Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (3/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Two
Alternate “You”niverse Part Four

You stood beside Scarlett and Jeremy as everyone placed bets, it was funny to see Thor set the hammer down on the coffee table and look at his double with a challenging smirk; you had witnessed the Avengers try and fail to lift the hammer. 

Although you had a sneaky suspicion that Chris will be able to lift the hammer, considering he is Thor from the alternate universe it would make sense for him to be able to lift it, right?

 You watched as Chris Evans gave a good luck pat on Chris Hemsworth broad shoulders, he stepped forwards as Thor crossed his arms over his chest, it was like they were looking in a mirror; only Chris has shorter hair and normal clothes for this world, whereas Thor was still in his usual get-up, cape and all. It was silent as they both shifted their eyes to the hammer; Chris held a cocky grin as Thor just let out a loud chuckle, he was dead certain on the fact this moral wouldn’t be able to lift the hammer.

“There’s no way this man can hold the mighty Mjolnir” Thor chuckled deeply with a grin, arms still crossed over his chest, he gestured to… himself with the cropped haircut and strong Aussie accent “he is but an imposter in that Universe, a man merely playing a God, he is not worthy” Thor concluded and Chris asks an eyebrow at him. 

“Listen to mate” strong Australian accent bearing through “I’d hate to embarrass you in front of your little Avenger buddies but I am you” Chris states firmly to Thor who rolls his eyes, Chris lets out an exhausted sigh “I don’t remember playing him this arrogant” Chris comments. 

“I do” Jeremy mutters back, you let out a soft chuckle as Thor uncrosses his arms and picks up Mjolnir and holds it out to Chris, waiting for the man to take the hammer he shakes it slightly in a teasing motion. 

“Are you sure about this?” Chris asked and Thor nodded in silence, Chris lets out a long sigh and lifts his right hand and takes the shaft of the hammer, holding securely the nods for Thor to let go. 

It happens slowly but the hammer falls to the floor, Thor lets out a booming laughter along with some others, a few groans as people start to fondle for their wallets… only Chris starts to laugh too and everyone is silent, even Thor quietens down.

“I am such a talented actor” he flaunts as he stands up, throwing the hammer up and it spins and he grabs it again, cocky grin as he flashes his skills to everyone and it’s just silence as the Avengers take this in; first Vision and now Chris Hemsworth? 

“Not worthy?” Chris scoffed at Thor’s words from moments ago “I have three children and pestering younger brother, you really think I am not worthy of this hammer? I’ve lived your life, my friend, if anyone is more worthy of holding this other than you, it’s me!” Chris beams holding Mjolnir back to Thor, who narrows his eyes but takes the hammer, he slowly starts to smile at Chris before chuckling. 

“You make a fine Thor, brother” he concludes loudly, you watch as people bark up their payments, a few grumbles from some and others beaming with pride over their choice. 

“And the Oscar goes to; Chris Hemsworth” Paul Rudd cheers, holding Chris’s arm up as he bows in thank appreciation. 

“I’d like to thank my parents, my family and just… I’m kidding” he joked “although for a moment it was a little heavy and I thought this could be embarrassing, thankfully… it was a good day” you chuckled at that “I now want to see everyone try their other’s stuff” you nodded in agreement “well, Sebastian can’t because… I don’t think the arm comes off like yours” Sebastian chuckled at that. 

“I also don’t think Bucky would want me snooping for his mask either, I’ll let him be Bucky” he shrugged and you nodded at that.

“I have no idea what was wrong with Steve,” you tell Chris and he shrugs “I guess this whole thing has surprised everyone, it’s making everyone act insane, I’m sure he’ll ease by tomorrow” you smile and he nodded with a small sigh. 

“Hopefully” he looks at you “I always thought we’d get along, I mean he’s one of those characters that as an actor you dream of playing, then you get it and you have this overwhelming feeling of I gotta make him good for the fans and that puts pressure on you” he sighed out again, running hands down his face as you nodded in sympathy “I almost didn’t take the role because of the anxiety then Robert phoned me, told me I’d me crazy not to, that he’d be beside me to help me through the thick of it and I went for it; And the one guy you’d want to approve – which is him, he doesn’t” he flailed his arms out and let them drop to his sides. 

“When Steve has calmed down talk with him” you nudge with a small smile “the best way to get through to Steve Rogers is by talking” he nodded lightly at that “besides the tension and stress of today is just riding on him, he probably just flipped on you because you were the closest, it could have been anyone” you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him and he chuckled. 

“Thanks, honestly I swear myself and other you have these kind of conversations all the time” you chuckled and smiled at that “we’re hoping that in the next Avengers movie you are in it, inside you just being Agents of SHIELD, I think Robert has started a petition for it actually” you laughed at him and he chuckled alongside you. 

“Well I’ll pray for me” he chuckled “I have to go check on Bucky, I’ll see you later” he nodded and let you leave to go see how Bucky is.


Bucky wasn’t in his room, in fact, through the rest of yesterday and throughout the morning of today you hadn’t seen him, you thought that maybe he requested for Steve to take him back to his apartment; which bummed you out because you hoped he would ease into everyone.

 You walked through the tower, you don’t think you’d get used to seeing any of the other Avengers, it was weird to see Bruce down in the lab and then walk upstairs and see Bruce in the kitchen; it gave you a headache in fact. 

“Wanda” you skipped up to the petite women she grinned, linking arms as you walked down the hallways, conversing about random topics “So, tell me have you talked to Aaron?” you asked and she shakes her head.

“He actually knocked on my door last night but I pretended to be asleep, I guess I could be actress” she chuckled and you grinned at her “I just need some time it’s still a little new to me, especially with his… death so fresh that it just brings up unwanted thoughts” you nodded in understanding “how are you and Bucky?” she asked, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at her, she was certain that yourself and Bucky would be a couple soon and you often called her crazy for that. 

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday, well I’ve seen Sebastian but… our Bucky” she then comments with ‘your Bucky’ and you punched her shoulder playfully “naa he’s hasn’t shown his face” you shrugged, 

“I’m sure he will” Wanda patted your shoulder “he follows you around like a lost little puppy-dog, he’ll show up to follow you around like the nerd he is” you chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

“Can you believe Chris can lift the hammer?” you freaked and Wanda laughed “I mean I get he is Thor but still, surprising” you both entered the kitchen and see; Natasha, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Clint all sat around the breakfast bar chatting away. 

Aaron was stood buttering toast, everyone muttered mornings, Wanda excused herself to the gym to train with Sam- although you knew he was too busy with Hayley and Anthony, and you believed Chris also. You watched as Aaron left quickly after her, hopefully, they sort this out.  


“Hey, Sebastian” you chime and he turned with a grin “what you up to?” you asked and he shrugged, he began to tell you that he got lost twice on the way back to his ‘room’ plus he couldn’t find the toilet, or the kitchen for a good hour and that made you chuckle “don’t worry I got lost all the time around here too” you shrugged with a grin and he nodded. 

You frown when you see someone in the shadows, they were lingering behind Sebastian and watching him, peaking every now and then around the corner “Um, I think Bucky is either stalking me or you” you whisper and Sebastian chuckled. 

“Me” he confirms and you frown “he has been since last evening” he tells you with a shrug and you chuckle at him “he keeps getting closer and I think that either means; he is slowly figuring out how to kill me or he is slowly trusting me” he smirked smartly “either way I am excited” you raised your eyebrows “I don’t think he knows I know he is there, I thought he was a master assassin, unless I just him know so well that I just sense his presence” he shrugged and you smiled, you peaked behind him and see Bucky frowning, he obviously overheard some of the conversation. 

“How did you know?” Bucky stalked over, Sebastian turns his torso to look behind himself and shrugged “I’m losing my touch” Bucky mutters and turned to stalk off, you skipped after him and pulled his hand, dragging him towards Sebastian with a bright grin and Bucky trying to gently pry you off him. 

“Bucky this is Sebastian” you gesture.

“I know” Bucky tells you, Sebastian watches as Bucky stares down at you, you give him a narrowed look telling him with your eyes to play nice and formerly introduce himself “Hi, Sebastian” Bucky grumbles, refusing to look at him but his feet like a child, you grin clasping his human hand in both of your hands and nudged him to look up. 

“Hey, Bucky… can I call you Bucky?” he asked and Bucky nodded at him “sorry if this freaks you out, it is just as freaky for me as it is for you, trust me” Sebastian chuckled and Bucky frowned slightly “you are just a character in my world, not a real person, so to see you walking around and… talking it’s kinda weird; especially since I do that for a job” he chuckled nervously and Bucky nodded in thought. 

“I suppose it is weird for us both” he commented, you slowly let go of Bucky’s hand hoping he wouldn’t notice you sneaking out of the room, he did but he didn’t stop you; he watched as you left quietly and looked back awkwardly at Sebastian “Is she more annoying in mine or your universe?” Bucky asked and Sebastian chuckled,

“You find her annoying?” Bucky shrugged “she’s just the same really” Sebastian shrugged “I think the only annoying thing about (Y/N) is the fact she puts everyone before herself, that irks me a little, more times I have to remind her to look after herself” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, always having to remind you that he is okay, or he can survive long enough for her to shower and eat. 

“Is she like Mark? Does she have a family, children and husband?” Bucky asked, eyeing Sebastian as he grinned,

“Not a husband, yet anyway” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, a familiar knot tightening in his stomach, a feeling of deep anger bubbling inside him and he didn’t understand why “she’s happy, I mean it was a whirlwind relationship, it happened so suddenly and now a year later… she may be getting purposed to” he grinned and Bucky nodded “you okay?” Sebastian asked, a frown settling on his face.

“When am I ever okay?” Bucky chuckled but it came out forced and loud, his eyebrows furrowed and he looked sad more than angry “I’m happy for her, she deserves to be happy, too long she has been looking after me” He began to edge away from Sebastian before turning around fully and leaving “Nice talking to you” Sebastian called after him but he kept walking, shoulders hunched and anger boiling inside of himself, he can’t even get you in another universe? How was he meant to have you in this one?.

(Let me know what you think of this part! I tried to make it funny and have some character development with Sebastian x Bucky, let me know what you think is going to happen or want to happen. Share and heart - Rosalee)

A Blush Is Worth A Thousand Words

Title:A Blush Is Worth A Thousand Words
Character(s) Featured: Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Anthony Stark, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Steve Rogers, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff
Pairing: Deadpool (Wade Wilson) x Reader
Words in Total: 2,450
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: T (Teen) Contains profanity
Author Notes: Yay! My very first Deadpool request! I am a huge Deadpool admirer. I don’t wanna say fan ‘cause I’m just reading the comics and I’m impatiently waiting for the movie. So I’m an admirer. Here is the request from Anonymous: I don’t know if you’re doing requests but could you do one where Deadpool likes the reader but he doesn’t admit it and she’s really shy and quiet so he teases her to because he likes the cute reactions she gives…😉☺️ Alright folks, my lovely lovely people! Enjoy this Deadpool One-Shot
Summary: You and Deadpool are the newest members of the Avengers Initiative. You studied physics and electrical engineering, helping Tony and Bruce out in the lab while Wilson is working hands on with the team. Wade has a soft spot for you but is too much of a wuss to tell you so instead he finds little and clever ways to tease you. You just look so adorable when you blush!

“Listen, I’m just saying if you shave that beard and put him in some shabby Victorian clothes, he’s Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes!” Deadpool exclaimed, holding your charts and diagrams. Though F.R.I.D.A.Y. was more than happy to oblige and scan the hard copies to display them digitally, you preferred physical over hologram. The mercenary dropped your work on the metal table, making himself comfortable, and leaned against the furniture. You laughed as you shook your head in disagreement. You mumbled a response, “I think you took one too many bullets to the head, Deadpool.” Your eyes and hands preoccupied with the computer in front of you. You’re a recent college graduate, with full honors, and two degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Tony Stark was the guest speaker, intrigued by your capabilities in both subjects you two met for the first time, and thought it would be handy having another set of hands around the lab. Bruce thanked the heavens now that he has you, a sane person, to talk to instead of just the billionaire who doesn’t know when to shut up. You felt at home with your heroic colleagues, working together to keep the world safe, but you still have the problem of socializing with said colleagues. The only one you have brief conversations with is Deadpool, the insane Merc with the Mouth, who joined around the same time as you. He could rival Tony in the talking category…
“Was that a laugh I heard? Was that a laugh I heard?” Wilson cooed, as if speaking to a newborn while he attempted to pinch your cheeks. You blushed furiously, hanging your head down so he wouldn’t see the effect he was having on you. “I wanna turn you into a rabbit and keep you on my belt. If I ever need to kill with cuteness, I could use you!”
You furrowed your brows in confusion at his logic. Whatever the case maybe, you have managed to understand where Deadpool’s mind usually goes…sort of. “Wilson, leave y/n alone. I need her full attention on the latest iron suit. She has to help me with the thrusters and the ammunition, she doesn’t need your weird ass distracting her.” Tony scolded him, his right foot landing on the final step of the stairs. He walked the open space, turning on all of his computer systems to begin work on the Mark XX, his back to the newest team member. The mercenary rolled his eyes underneath his red and black mask, his left hand moving along with Tony’s mouth. Stark turned in an instant, causing Wilson to stop what he was doing and focused intently on the lighting fixture. “Oh look, how pretty…” He muttered, his eyes still glued on the light as he walked in your direction. His leather spandex covered lips pecked your left cheek, before stopping in front of Tony. “You’re lucky I liked you in Chaplin.” He feigned mockingly, exiting the area and heading upstairs to the living room. The billionaire turned to you, confused and annoyed that he had to work with the deadly moron. He never did get over that one time Deadpool stole one of his suits and painted his mask over it. “What the hell is he blabbering about?” He asked in a huff. You pretended you have no clue what he was talking, shrugging your shoulders as you turned back to the monitor.
Deadpool sighed, hitting his forehead repeatedly causing his associates look oddly at him. “Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why can’t I tell her?” He asked himself. Because you’re an emotionally and mentally damaged stone cold killer who can’t produce one coherent sentence without sounding like a jackass? Who also smells like a dirty raccoon had sex with a skunk? “You two aren’t helping!” He yelled to a couple out of the six voices in his head. Thor and Clint exchanged glances, the God silently asking who he was talking to. Clinton waved him, moving his index finger in a circular motion near the side of his head, indicating Wade Wilson was clinically insane. Thor understood and nodded. Clint has crossed paths with him before, so he knew his method well even if he found them to be unethical occasionally. Natasha also knew the man as he tied and gagged her once during a mission. Which she enjoyed but would deny it if asked. She rolled her eyes as she meticulously cleaned her weapons from her firearms to her gauntlets. The Maximoff twins observed from afar, believing they’ve dealt with enough crazy to last a lifetime.
Deadpool groaned, dragging his hands over his face in distress. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to get you to talk more than just a couple of sentences. To Wade, you are this timid and quiet little thing, someone worth knowing. Worth caring for. Worth protecting.
Wilson met you a week after your arrival, completely terrified of him as he entered the tower, guns blazing. Literally guns blazing. He wanted to make a BIG entrance. After the excitement subsided, and Tony had his Iron Legion plaster the holes in the walls, he properly introduced himself to you. After a few months, pushing you to reply more than two or three words, you asked him the diehard question: “What do you look like under the mask?” Wade hoped you wouldn’t ask that, in fear that the second you do see him, you’d run. He sighed heavily, awaiting the same negative reaction he always received. Slowly, he lifted the stretchy material over his head, revealing his scarred flesh. Your e/c eyes gazed upon his worried expression. You softly smiled, gently lifting your hand towards his face. He couldn’t hide, and for the first time in a long time, he didn’t feel the need to. Without words, you spoke thousands to him with your soul seeking stare. That day he knew, he knew how valuable you truly were.
Now, if he could only get you to talk some more. Oh! Oh! How about seduce her with food? Tacos, Chimichangas, Quesadillas… No, you idiot, that’s how we get seduced. Among other things… Now, I’m hungry… “I got it! But first, chimichangas, chimichangas, chimichangas…” He chanted to himself as he went out the door in search for his beloved Mexican dish.
The next day, you walked into the kitchen wearing a simple pair of sweatpants and a shirt. Your h/l h/c hair was in shambles, disheveled with a few strands pointing in different directions. Groggily, you shuffled to the fridge, unbeknownst to the stalking figure walking up behind you. “Mornin’ y/n!” Wade happily yelled, hugging your waist from behind. You squeaked in surprise, freezing in position as his arms squeezed you tightly. “I was thinking about makin’ some pancakes. They are the breakfast of champions, you know.” He whispered in your ear, his warm breath cascading down your s/c neck like running water. Your body temperature went up several degrees from that single act alone. The next thing he says to you, brought you close to a fever. “Did you know you look so cute when you blush like that? What would happen if I gave you a good morning kiss?”
You squeaked again in response, attempting to say something only to assemble syllables and vowels. His gloved hand lifted his disguise halfway, exposing the tip of his nose to the bottom of his chiseled jaw line. He flashed a crooked smile, taking pleasure in your awkwardness. Just when he was close to caressing your neck with his chapped lips, he heard footsteps coming from the hallway. He pulled the material down again, hiding his entire face. He grabbed your petite hand and spun you away from him before pulling you to him again, “And then we dip!” He holds your waist to his as he gently dips you close to the kitchen island. “So yeah, that’s how you dance…whatever the fuck it’s called. Oh hey guys!” He greeted his fellow Avengers Bruce, Clint, and Natasha with a wave, dropping you to the tiled floor. You let out a tiny ‘eep!’ as your bum hit the cold surface. All three raced to help you up, Bruce asking if you were okay. You nodded while Clint reprimanded Wilson, “What the hell, Deadpool?! She could’ve gotten hurt!”
“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to drop her. The writer thought it would be funny!” He yelled, pointing to the ceiling. He placed his hands on his hips, shifting to one side. “Seriously, I’m trying to win the girl, not put her in the hospital!”
“Who the hell are you talking to?” Natasha gesturing that there was no one except them in the room. He groaned, “Never mind…” He hung his head down, moaning in frustration. All he wants is to see you smile, he wanted to be the reason you smiled. Bruce and Clint took you to the nursing station to be sure that you were okay as Natasha confronted Wilson. “Do you like y/n?” His head snapped back so hard, it cracked. “What? No!” He replied, his tone resembling that of a five year old. The redhead looked at him suspiciously, “Wade, I know you well enough to realize when you’re acting like an imbecile and when you’re acting like an imbecile for a purpose. You like her.”
“I don’t have to take this, I’m going home.” He turned his head, and headed to his room at the end of the hall. As soon as he closed the door however, he beamed in glee when he envisioned your flustered reactions whenever he was near.
Days went by and Wade did not stop his flirtatious teasing. Two days after, he brought you a gorgeous bouquet of your favorite flower, a fact he accidentally stumbled on in your opened journal in your room that happened to be unlocked at the time, because he wanted to see what your expression would be upon this revelation. He walked into the lab, his well toned chest puffed out with pride, to hand them to you in order to witness the apples of your cheeks turn pink. Just when he was two feet away from you, Tony was driving through the garage door, his Initium All-In sunglasses covering his dark brown eyes. Deadpool panicked, not desiring anyone to know about what he possibly might feel for you. He threw the bunched flowers at you, knocking your body backwards to the (thankfully) black matted concrete floor as the petals fluttered to your s/c face. A tiny scream equivalent to the howl of a desert mouse flowed out of your mouth as you went down, giving the red and black clad anti-hero an opportunity to runaway. Though the delivery was a bit off, you smiled at the gift you were given.
Another week went by and as Deadpool continued to shower you with presents, he always ended up injuring you one way or the other. The moon shined brightly that Friday evening, Wade sitting on the luxurious leather couch as he mindlessly nibbled away at his slice of pizza. He decided to admit defeat, he was probably never going to get you to talk. A heavy sigh escaped his lips, sucking his teeth to take a piece of pepperoni stuck within one of his molars when he saw your petite form at the corner of his eye. You had a small wrapped boxed cupped in your hands, like you were holding a baby bird. He stayed silent as you almost floated to him, appearing angelic even in sweats. You sat down close to him, a smile gracing your face. You placed the gift on the coffee table, turning back to him and pulled his cover halfway, so he can feel comfortable. “I thought you’d feel awkward showing me your whole face again… But I wanted to see at least a part of you.” You explained the reason behind your action. Deadpool’s mouth hung open, frightened if he did speak, you would close up. “I wanted to say something to you: Hi.” You giggled as you continued, “Hi Wade, it’s nice to meet you albeit later rather than sooner.” He smirked, flattered by your kind greeting. Before he could reply, you silenced him with the wave of your hand. “Wait, before you say anything, there’s something I wanted to give you. It’s the least I could do with all the nice things you did for me. Just next time? Aim from the neck down.” You joked, causing him to laugh and grin.
You handed him the tiny box, displaying a Cheshire Cat grin. He looked at the object, inspecting on all sides, and glanced back at you with an amused expression. You nodded to him, urging him to open it. He did what he was asked, gingerly wrapping the beautifully decorated container which was covered in red and black wrapping. “I always thought I looked better in spandex red then animated green.” He raised his concealed brow at a fixed point on the wall, like he was looking at a video camera. You turned to the same area but saw nothing. You giggled loudly at him, the heat of your body reaching the sides of your face. He flashed a smile at you, before he looked down at the object that was hidden behind the closed lid. It was insignificant to you, a small sweet gesture but to Wade, it meant a lot to him. It was a pair of dog tags that did not hold his information but a quote; ‘You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.’ He let out a laugh, knocking his head back in happiness. A warmth grew inside him, pushing him to take off the article of clothing covering his head. The tiny scars gathered around his eyes, displaying an expression of peace as he gazed into your e/c eyes. “Thanks y/n…really…thanks.” You kissed his right wrinkled cheek, your soft hand touching the other side of his face. You lingered there for a few more seconds, taking in the texture and warmth of his skin. You pulled away, not fully distancing yourself from him. “Good night Wade Wilson.” A smile hidden between your plump lips. Your feet pushed against the carpet floor, standing up to go to bed. With the click of your bedroom door, you were gone, leaving the mercenary speak less and with his heart in his mouth.

Hidden Feelings

Request: Oh my god! I just started read your imagines and I loved so much! ❤❤❤ Could I request one where the reader is the new avenger and Bucky loves her, Wanda can’t wait to see them together and encourages him confess to her? Thanks! (Terrible English 🙄) - @mimisari234

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

You joined the Avengers not too long ago after Nick Fury recruited you, saying he was in dire need of your abilities. You’ve been apart of the team for about 6 months now and you couldn’t be happier. Everyday to you felt so pointless, you needed something to fill the empty space in your heart, and the team did just that. You felt needed, wanted, appreciated, and loved.

There was a certain Avenger you had grown close to more than the others. Bucky was tough to open up to and you could tell he was holding back like you were. Time passed and you began to have feelings for Bucky, but you felt like he wasn’t ready for something so deep. So, you remained silent about your feelings.

You were currently in the common room, talking to Sam and Steve about the next mission. You were trying to be serious, but the other two childish members were making it difficult. “Guys, just pay attention! Ugh, Sam get your finger out of Steve’s ear!” You yelled frustratingly as you stomped your foot.

Meanwhile, Bucky was watching near the entrance, gazing at your beautiful face. “She’s cute, isn’t she?” Wanda asked Bucky as she walked up. Bucky’s smile only got wider at the words Wanda spoke. “Oh my god, she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially when she’s angry, it’s so-” Bucky stopped during his mini-rant about you to look down at Wanda.

She was wearing that smirk again, raising an eyebrow at Bucky. “Please, continue.” She said as Bucky’s face turned red from embarrassment. “Wanda, do not repeat that to anybody.” Bucky said, embarrassment bubbling in his stomach. There’s no way he’d ever be able to tell someone so innocent and beautiful, that he likes her. No, LOVES her.

Wanda sighed and shook her head. “Steve is going to take your chance.” Wanda stated as she watched Steve tickle you so hard, you were writhing around in his lap. Sam was in hysterics and denied your pleas for his help. Bucky turned his attention to you now and he frowned, his heart sinking in his chest.

Bucky knew he needed to tell you how he felt, he just didn’t know how. Would you even like him back? The answer is yes but he would never believe it.

Wanda sighed. “Bucky, I know you love her. She’s amazing and you can’t let her slip away because you’re scared. Who cares if you’re scared? Love is scary. You have to take risks and chances or you’ll never know.” She said, shaking her head as she thought of her own feelings for a certain someone.

A few minutes passed and you were able to go over the mission plans with your two teammates. Bucky thought about what Wanda said after she had left. He watched you put your guns in your holster and slide your knifes in your pockets with the cases over them.

You’d be gone for a week and if Bucky didn’t tell you how he felt now, he knows he’ll regret it later. Bucky walked into the room and felt his flesh hand start to get clammy. He was thankful Sam and Steve had left the room so he wouldn’t be embarrassed if you let him down.

You heard footsteps approach and you smiled when you saw Bucky walking over to you. Your heart started racing in your chest. “Hi, Bucky.” You said with a soft voice. Bucky smiled down at you and handed you your last handgun from the table. You gently took it from him and put it in your thigh holster.

You could tell something was bothering him. Bucky sighed heavily and looked down at you. “Y/N, I need to tell you something.” Bucky said nervously. Your eyebrows knitted together. “What is it?” You questioned, hoping he was finally going to make a move.

Bucky shifted his weight onto his other foot and he ran his hands through his hair. “Good luck out there.” Bucky said, his voice small and low. Your heart sank a tad at his words. “Thank you.” You said, noticing the sadness flash in Bucky’s eyes.

Steve and Sam came into the room all suited up now. “Y/N, we’re ready. Oh, hey Bucky!” Steve said with a wide smile. Bucky waved at the two men and you started to walk off to join them. “Y/N, wait!” Bucky yelled before you walked away.

You felt Bucky’s hand grab your arm and you turned around, only to be met with Bucky’s soft and plump lips. “Oh,” Steve said with a small gasp. “My,” Sam muttered with raised eyebrows. “God.” They both finished together.

You kissed Bucky and he pulled you closer by the small of your back. You smiled into the kiss and held his cheeks, his stubble tickling your palms. Bucky pulled away with a deep chuckle. “I’ve been meaning to do that. Y/N, I love you.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes.

You blushed and heard Sam and Steve cheering in the background. Bucky hid his face in the crook of your neck and you giggled. “I love you, too.” You said and you felt Bucky’s smile widen. “I’m sorry it took so long.” Bucky said with a sigh.

You pulled him away from you and gave him a tight hug. “When I get back, we can continue this. But the idiots behind us aren’t going to let this go easily. The torture begins the moment I leave the room.” You said, causing Bucky to laugh.

Bucky leaned down and kissed you again. “Be safe.” Bucky said, tucking your hair behind your ears as he held your cheeks. You felt as if you were dreaming, but you were so glad it was really happening. It was so sudden and you knew you looked as red as a tomato.

You kissed Bucky once more before joining Sam and Steve to go on your week long mission. You waved bye to Bucky and heard Bucky yell, “I love you!” to you.

Your heart skipped a beat and you smiled. “I love you too!” You, Sam, and Steve yelled. You rolled your eyes at the two and Steve pulled you into his side, chuckling.

“So, my best friend, huh?”

Note: I hope this doesn’t suck. feedback is ALWAYS welcome! thanks for the request! .c

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Catching Up For Lost Time

Request: Hello there! I’m re-reading your stories and oh my god they’re soon good I can’t even describe it! I saw that requests are open so could you write something with bucky where he mets the reader while she’s working in a old theatre for old movies or she’s just love to go there because it’s her quiet secret place, deferent from all of her friends. At first it’s strange but kind of turns into fluff. every week they meet but once she didn’t show up because something happened in the street nearby and he helps/saves her? It would be awesome! if you don’t want to write it it’s alright!!! Take care of yourself and thank you for your amazing work! <3 

@italwaysendsinafightcap thank you so much for this request, I twisted it a little but kept the main elements, I had so much fun writing this and I hope you like it!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warning: swearing, mentions of death, intentions of rape and killing, protective!Bucky, fluff, somewhat angst

All credit goes to Marvel

Word count: 2.3k

            The best part about your job was that it was never busy. It was practically a ghost town with tumbleweeds. But it made sense, you only showed old movies compared to all the other theaters with current movies, fancy seats, and serving actual food. Your boss was never in, and when he was, it was for 2 hours to restock the candy cabinets. More often than not, you’d find yourself tucked away in the back of one of the showcase rooms, trying to get as comfortable as possible on the old, worn in seats. You were never a fan of old movies, you thought they boring, but you practically knew them by heart after watching them time and time again. It was better than sitting at the front desk all day when you knew for a fact that no one ever came in. Besides, you preferred the quiet and the alone time when you were working here. You’d often make up excuses about your boss wanting you to work Friday nights, when your friends wanted to go clubbing and you didn’t have the energy or interest needed.

           However, on one particular day, you were in cinema 8, watching Psycho, when a man came in. He had a cap pulled over his head, but you could see brown locks peeking out from underneath is. He was wearing a heavy jacket and jeans. But what really caught your attention, was the metal hand, illuminated by the movie.

           There was the Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes, and he was looking right at you. Nervousness panged through you as he approached. “Can I sit with you? It looks like we could both use a little company.” You weakly nodded at him and he sat. “Usually no one’s ever here. I just sit in a theater, watching all the movies that play. I put some money in the tip jar to pay, I’d feel too guilty if I didn’t.”

           “We must be sitting in different cinemas then,” he looked at you with confusion. “I work here, but it’s usually empty, so I spend my days watching the movies. I could probably recite the entire scripts by now,” you sniggered. You saw the corners of Bucky’s mouth quirk up. “What brings you here? Shouldn’t you be out saving the day?”

           “I guess you could say I’m trying to make up for lost time. I know everything from the 1910’s to the 1940’s, but everything in between then and now is a blank. I figured movies would be somewhat of a primary source of what I missed. There’s only so many newspapers from the 1970’s you can get your hands on,” He joked. You laughed a little. “So tell me a little.”

           “Oh, um, this is called Psycho. It came out in 1960 and Alfred Hitchcock-“ Bucky’s laugh cut you off.

           “No, I mean about you. What’s got you tied down here?”

           “Oh,” before you could stop yourself, words were spewing out of your mouth before your mind could process them. “Well I’m 24 years old, I can’t afford college because my parent’s were killed when I was 10 and I was put in multiple foster homes until I aged out of the system and ever since I’ve been working here, trying to scrape up enough money to put myself through school again and I spend most of my time here even when I don’t have to because I hate going home, oh my name’s Y/N by the way. So tell me about you.” Bucky stared at you in utter shock as you clasped your hands together in your lap, looking at him expectantly. He continued staring at you for a little longer, and stuttered over his words as he tried to come up with what to say.

           “Well since we’re going deep here and you can read all the basic things about me in a museum, I’m Bucky, I’m 99 years old, and I fell out of a train when I was 29 and I was taken by the scientific branch of the Nazis, HYDRA, who then experimented on me, cut my arm off, and made me do a lot of really, really bad things that still haunt me today and I still wake up nearly every night, screaming and in a pool of my own sweat but it always feels like blood to me. I’m a really fucked up old man, Y/N. I can’t look at someone who looks similar to someone I’ve killed and honestly, I’m really glad you don’t look familiar because I probably would’ve ran out of here before you even noticed I was here.” He stopped talking and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Now it was your turn to stare at him, stunned. He cleared his throat before you could respond. “So, the movie?”

           “Right! Came out in 1960, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, he directed a lot of other movies like this that I can play for you whenever you want. This movie really helped shape modern horror movies. It’s based on a guy named Ed Gein, a serial killer in Wisconsin in the 1950s who inspired a lot of other movies, as well. It was nominated for four academy awards.” Bucky nodded, and you watched the movie in silence, until he quickly stood up.

           “Y/N, it was great meeting you, duty calls. I’ll see you around.” Bucky doesn’t know why, but he leaned down and placed a kiss on your cheek. He heard your breath hitch in his throat and he immediately pulled away, and walking out without another word. You sat in your seat, stunned once more by Bucky Barnes, and you still felt his kiss lingering on your cheek.

           Days passed, you set up a bunch of different movies in different cinemas. Cinema 1&2 was playing movies from the 1950s. Cinema 3&4 was playing 1960s. Cinema 5&6 was 1970s and so on. You couldn’t even go and watch a movie like you usually had. You were constantly staring out the windows, waiting for Bucky to walk in. You couldn’t deny it anymore; he was all you had been thinking about since that day watching Psycho. The way he carried himself would lead anyone to believe that he was the most confident person they had ever met. The way he so willingly opened up to you and didn’t seem to regret it. The way you so easily opened up to him. Would it be insane and cliché to say you felt a connection with him, an Avenger?

           You knew he had priorities, responsibilities, saving the world and all that. You didn’t even exchange numbers, so calling him was out of the question. Looking at the clock, you had realized that you had spent one more day, obsessing over James Buchanan Barnes. You grabbed your bag and your keys, locking the theater doors behind you on your way out. The sky was getting dark and you pulled your hood over your hair in preparation for the rain. Little did you know, about half a mile into your walk home, you were being watched, but by two sets of eyes.

           “Natasha, you got eyes on the target?” Steve asked over the comm. Today was an undercover mission. That meant plain clothes, baseball caps, sunglasses, the likes. The whole team except Bruce, Vision, and Thor were on it, figuring the three of them would be too obvious if something went wrong, especially Banner. And Vision, because, well, he doesn’t exactly blend in.

           “I’ve had eyes on him for the past four minutes, Steve.”

           “Cap, I got a clear shot, you want me to take it?” Clint called from the top of a building, his body hidden by three feet of cement wall.

           “Not yet, wait for lower population. We don’t want many witnesses. Fire only when necessary. Got it?”

           “Loud and clear.” There were six pairs of eyes on the man they were about to take down, until a figure caught Bucky’s eyes. It was Y/N, leaving the theater. The hood of her baby pink sweatshirt hiding her features, but he could see strands of hair that weren’t hidden away. He recognized her bag, he had seen it sometimes when he’d go to watch a movie. He thought it was just left there for a while, he hadn’t yet put together that someone had to be playing the movies. He was distracted by her, his heart suddenly yearned for her and how comfortable he felt around her. He hadn’t opened up to someone that quickly besides from Steve and she wasn’t scared off from it. He was the one who was scared. Scared that one day, he’d hurt her the way he hurt so many others.

           “Cap, he’s on the move.” Natasha said, warning Steve. Bucky’s eyes snapped to the man, and his eyes locked in on the faint outline of a gun in his pocket, not-so-hidden behind his sports jacket. That wasn’t the worst part, he was following Y/N.

           “Don’t take the shot.” He ordered.

           “No, you need to take it right this second.” Bucky growled.

           “Buck, I said no! We have to wait until the right moment.”

           “This is the right moment! Oh, fuck it!” Buck ripped his ear piece out and sprinted into a run, exerting himself to his maximum extent. The man grabbed Y/N and dragged her to an alley, putting the gun to the back of her head while grabbing one of her arms and pinning it behind her back. Bucky’s blood was boiling and he was sure his team-mates were shouting his name in protest and that Steve and Fury were going to give him hell for jeopardizing the mission, but he couldn’t care less. He didn’t want to lose Y/N, he didn’t plan on letting her go anytime soon.

           “What do you want from me?” She cried out.

           “What? Your parents never told you that the same man who killed them in cold blood would come back for you too?” He laughed, venom dripping from his lips and you felt the all-too-familiar pang at your heart at the topic of your parents’ murder.

           The man had Y/N pinned with her stomach to a cold brick wall. “Y’know… I was just going to kill you, but you’re so pretty, why let a good thing to go to waste?” His hands began sliding their way up to the waistline of her leggings and Y/N let out a whimper. “Just remember, this is mommy and daddy’s fault.”

           She thought she saw a shadow come over her and the disgusting man behind her, but she couldn’t be too sure. Her head hurt from being slammed again the brick. She closed her eyes and let out another whimper.

           “Not a chance, pal.” You heard the familiar voice ring through the air and then the click of a gun. The man who had you pinned released you to whip around to the voice, momentarily taking the gun off you. However, never in a million years was he expecting the Winter Soldier behind him, eyes stony and filled with repressed rage. “Close your eyes, doll.” You did as instructed, ignoring the butterflies in your stomach at the nickname because holy hell this was not the right time.

           You flinched when you heard a sudden crunch and a body drop to the floor. “Keep ‘em closed, you don’t want to see it.” You let out a yelp in surprise as he lifted you off the ground, one of his arms locking underneath your legs and the other supporting your upper body. You instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck, tucking your face into his chest. You heard people calling his name but his hand left your shoulder momentarily and the voices and the crunching of gravel underneath people’s shoes stopping. Then, you felt yourself being lowered, feeling your feet touching the ground and Bucky’s arms steadying you. You opened your eyes and found yourself staring at Bucky’s steely blue ones. Concern was written across his features. Before he could get a single word out, Steve jogged up to you guys, Natasha at his heels.

           “Is she hurt?” He asked, his features masking Bucky’s.

           “No,” You breathed out. “Bucky got there before he could do any worse. I just have a headache.”

           “We’ll have Banner check her out back at the tower for any concussions or other injuries to be sure. Let’s get her to the quinjet.” Steve and Natasha walked off, leaving you and Bucky standing in the wake of what could’ve been the most painful thing, for the both of you, even if either of you were aware of each other’s feelings for each other, but after Bucky genuinely feeling scared of losing you, he had to take a shot in the dark.

           “After all this is set and done, how about a movie or two?”

           “Well, I didn’t spend a week playing a bunch of iconic movies for nothing.” You smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, momentarily forgetting the ache in your head and what had just happened. Bucky was never going to let you get hurt again. Not on his watch.

Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader*(2/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One
Alternate “You”niverse Part Three

“I’m not going near any of them” Bucky sulked and you sighed deeply with defeat, he was being stubborn and refusing to speak to any of the actors, especially himself. You had briefly met other Thor, Bruce and Tony; the others would have to wait till you coax Bucky out of hiding. 

Bucky glanced up at you, he could sense your defeat, he wanted nothing more than to walk out of this room with you. To stand beside you as you meet the others but he couldn’t bring himself to trust any of them; this seemed like HYDRA’s work, he could explain it but he could sense something bad about it all, he didn’t want part of it but yet you were standing in front of him looking so… defeated that he felt guilty even putting you through this.

“Well, I think they are nice people and you should give them a chance like you gave me one, they are just the Avengers and you, just different lives and names” you shrug gently at him, he refuses to meet your gaze, you figure it would be best to leave him than to force him into this.

“Well, I’ll be with the others if you need me” you sigh, gently rubbing his shoulder as he sat on the end of his bed, he nods slowly as you leave his room and towards the common room where everyone was mingling and getting to know one another. ***

“(Y/N)” you jump at Steve’s voice “is Buck okay?” you let out a long sigh and he chuckled “that bad, huh?” he asked and you nodded “I’ll have a few words, even if he is just here sitting in the corner with his usual broody face, that would be enough” you chuckled at him. 

Your eyes scanned the room and landed on the women who looked remarkably like Peggy, Steve coughed lightly and looked awkwardly away from her, you grinned up at him. 

“You haven’t spoken to her have you?” you smirked, he rolled his eyes but nodded, a blush creeping upon his face “you should, it might help with the whole moving on business you’ve been trying to do for the past… what? Two years” you shrugged lightly and he nodded. 

“I’m going to chat with Bucky, see if I can get him to come out or something” he left in a hurt, not a few seconds later you hear a groan and turn to see Peggy, running a hand through her hair you offered a small smile and extended a hand.

“Hayley Atwell” she introduces herself, you gave your first name, she looked in the direction Steve left in and a small frown came upon her face.

“Hey, don’t take that personally, ” you tell her, “I think the whole appearance caught him off guard, he’ll eventually pluck up the courage to say something, if not I’ll make him for you” she chuckled at that. 

“I just don’t want things to be awkward whilst we are stuck here” her voice had a slight twang of British-laced into into it but it was more American “anyway, enough about Captain America, why don’t I introduce you to Sebastian?” she asked and you frowned at her, she let out a small chuckle “He plays Bucky, you’ll love him” you nodded, allowing Hayley to lead you to the couches where; Sam, his double and Sebastian sat all talking, well actually Sam and his double talked and Sebastian sat with his eyebrows raised.

“Sebastian?” Hayley called, his head turned and he grinned at her “come meet, (Y/N)” he nodded fast and got up just as quickly, his eyes looking thankful at her she chuckled at him “that bad?” she asked, his blue eyes narrowed as he nodded at her.

“Listening to Mackie compliment Wilson on his good looks is kinda revolting, I mean I can handle one Anthony but two, I’m gonna need therapy” she chuckled and he patted her shoulder “thanks for the rescue” you were slightly taken back, he looked so much like Bucky… but happy, a short-haired happy Bucky, he was full of sunshine and it made you wonder why Bucky never smiled because it was beautiful. 

“(Y/N)” he smiled taking your hand, shaking it firmly but not too much, you just stared at him and it possibly freaked him out but it was odd. You look behind his shoulder and see Sam walking towards you guys his double beside him, both smiling and chuckling delightfully with one another. 

“(Y/N), look at this handsome devil, isn’t he beautiful?” Sam asked you, you chuckled as Sebastian rolled his eyes “he’s married, a successful actor and he has children” you smiled at them both, Anthony looking slightly embarrassed because of Sam “Man; I did really well in both Universes; I’m an Avenger in this one but over there; I am a married man, great dad and brilliant actor” you nodded trying not to full on laugh at him. 

“Hi, Anthony Mackie” he extends his hand, you shake his hand, trying not to laugh at them; Hayley drags them away telling them both to calm down. You look back at Sebastian who was looking around the room, till he smiled awkwardly back at you. 

“Sorry, just it’s weird seeing Bucky… look so, happy and light” you tell him slightly embarrassed and he nodded in understanding “makes me wonder what we are all doing wrong, does he ever become happy? In the movies?” you asked, he let out a sigh. 

“Maybe, we haven’t really gotten far with his character development, yet” he tells you truthfully “I hope so, he probably deserves to be happy most, he has his moment’s though; I’m sure you are doing the best you can for him, but it’s him that has to break out of his outer shell” he tells you, you frown and nod.

“I suppose but a girl can’t help but try, right?” he chuckled and nodded. 

“You are just like her” he comments, he frowned whilst chuckling at himself “I mean… you, you are just like the other you, so understanding and positive; you always try to make others happy” you grinned and nodded.

“Is that Paul Rudd?” Mark Ruffalo asked, you turned and follow his gaze to Scott Lang, chuckling you shake your head with Tony. 

“No, that’s Scott Lang, Ant-Man; understandable that he doesn’t have a movie yet” Tony chimes in, Robert chuckled at Tony, already shaking his head in disagreement,

“Actually, Ant-Man is a movie” he states, Tony raises his eyebrows “played by Paul Rudd, comedy genius and did really well at bringing the movie together, admittedly a lot people weren’t keen but he turned it into something brilliant” Robert tells him, Scott comes up and stands beside everyone.

“Hi, I’m Paul Rudd” yourself, Tony and Mark all stare at him, there was no difference between Paul and Scott, they liked exactly alike. 

You had known Scott for a full year, you would be able to tell if it was him or not, only… you couldn’t! Jeremy and Clint had subtle differences, same as most of them but Scott and Paul? There was no way to tell, 

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?” Scott asked from the doorway, looking at all the doubles still in his suit, his eyes fixed on the other him “Why is there another me? Not that I don’t enjoy it but why?” he asked, everyone was dead silent, his face that was scrunched into horror slowly drifted to one of disappointment “was this Tony again?” he asked and everyone nodded as Tony disagreed. 

“Ya’know seeing Cap with a beard is not a bad sight” you say obnoxiously loudly, Wanda nodded in agreement as you both shamefully stared at the actor who plays him in the other universe, he obviously heard because he and other Natasha laughed “can Steve even grow a beard?” you frown and look at Wanda.

“I don’t know” her mind was elsewhere and you look to see someone you didn’t expect; Pietro. Well not Pietro, his other-self; brown hair and stubble and a British accent as he talked beside other Wanda who has blonde hair longer than other Natasha’s. 

“Why don’t you go and talk to him?” you asked, she shakes her head, looking away eyes welling up and she sniffs back a few tears “Wanda, I think it could help” you mutter patting her back

“I can’t” she tells you “It’s not him but it is, like I can feel it’s him but I know it’s not really my Pietro” she tells you and you nod “I’m feeling tired, I’ll check on Bucky and then go to bed, I’m fine” she tells you and leaves.

You look up as Natasha was sauntering up to you, her other self-towing behind her, your confidence dropping slightly at the sight of these two beautiful women. 

“This is Scarlett, she’s me but with nicer hair” you shake the women’s hand as you both laugh at Natasha’s comment “what? I’ve always wondered what I’d look like with different length hair, or colour and now I do… I look good” she smirks. 

“Well, some of the movies I’ve been in means I have awful haircuts, Natasha’s is one of my favourites so far” Scarlett smiled, eventually Wanda’s double joins in, her name is Elizabeth and she is one of the cutest human beings you’ve ever met.

“So… what is this other (Y/N) like?” you asked, both women plus Natasha laugh “c’mon, Sebastian tells me I’m just like her, I gather she must be awkward like me” you grin.

“She’s hilarious,” Scarlett tells you “she pranks Chris- Steve Rogers all the time, um… she spent a week in New York last year with Sebastian because he went through a bad break up” you smile “you two are best friends, like yourself and Bucky here, I gather” and you nod with a grin, at least your friendship passed through to that Universe. 

“Ooh, me and you are actually thinking about moving in together because we are working on a movie over in London, so it seems only right we rent together” Elizabeth tells you, you grin, that’s funny because you recently moved onto Wanda’s floor.

“Ha, I moved onto Wanda’s floor last week because of the whole…” you trailed off and they all nodded, it was silent “wow that sounds really awesome. Kinda wish I could meet myself” you chuckle light-heartedly.


“What do you mean you don’t like him?” you asked Steve, he rolled his eyes at you and Natasha, he had just had a small dispute with basically himself “he is you?” you conclude and Steve scoffs at that statement. 

“There is no way that man is anything like me” he points to the doorway, Tony and Robert stood watching, well actually keeping Chris Evans from coming out and carrying on the argument; you don’t even know what happened, one moment you were laughing with Jeremy Renner - Clint’s double and Sam Wilson, next thing you hear is Chris and Steve yelling at one another “he’s so… arrogant, more so than Tony” and you raise your eyebrows “In what world is he like me?” he asked.

“Hmm, let me think” you pretend “how about the fact you both have a really quick temper” he rolls his eyes “Steve, what’s going on? You don’t normally hate anyone out of the blue, what did Chris do that upset you?” you asked and he shrugged, shaking his head, muttering it’s nothing.

“Clearly people prefer Chris, the guy says the word ‘bro’ and he dresses like a what’s the word?” he asked,

“Complete douche?” Tony offered, earning a slap from Robert.

“Yes, that’s it.” Steve pointed at Tony who was glaring at Robert “Plus he does this weird left boob grab when he laughs; what’s right with the guy?” he asked and you answered ‘beard’. “I didn’t mean actually answer, (Y/N)” he spat slightly, eyes narrowing “that guy portrays me but he isn’t me, when he is offset the resemblances finishes, he’s so loud and sure of himself it’s disgusting; he probably walks into a room and thinks he can have any girl he want’s, not caring for their emotions” he sulks, crossing his arms.

“Is this about Hayley?” you asked, he looked at you and shakes his head “is it isn’t it?” you asked, he rolls his eyes walking away towards the elevator “you should just speak to her yourself” you call, sighing and Tony pats your back. 

“He’ll come around” Tony mutters to you “for now, we have to see if Chris Hemsworth is worthy of the hammer” you chuckle, following both him and Robert into the room where everyone stood around the two Thor’s, placing bets with one another over if Chris. H can lift the mighty hammer.

(I said some of them won’t get along, bet you ALL thought it would have been Tony and Robert, nope Steve and Chris have a falling out. I have some surprise plots that not even Angie knows about, so… this is gonna be fun, I hope you all enjoy this. This part is just setting up the characters, seeing who is like who, who is different and stuff. I didn’t mention some or have them talking, I just feel like, pacing myself with this would be easier; in some parts others won’t be mentioned, so… sometimes Hayley or Jeremy for example won’t be in them it’s all about pacing and setting. Let me know what you think. - Rosalee)


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Avengers x reader x avengers cast

Imagine: Loki causes chaos in your dimension and now the cast of the Avengers in a different dimension are stuck in your dimension until the Avengers can figure out how to send them home.

A/N: this is one of my ideas that I am absolutely in love with. BTW, Bucky and Sebastian will be included and you are dating Bucky. Wanda and Pietro are included; however Miss Olsen will not be in this a lot. Mr. Johnson will be though!!! You have a metal right arm and metal left leg from an accident with a train….lol

Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, different dimension

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

You were sitting in the middle of the two groups, face palming and sighing. Earlier, Loki had somehow opened a dimension and a few people were transported over.  You knew how he did it because you could do the same thing anytime you wanted. You were called a Portal Jumper, the fancy name Dimensionalist. You could jump into different dimensions and open doors that were originally closed. That was how you met the group to your left. The famous actors to a movie made in their dimension called The Avengers. You had stumbled upon them when you had passed out from your injuries you had got from an intergalactic Space explosion and Chris Evans had tended to your wounds. The group to your right is the group you originally lived with before you had stumbled upon the actors. You had known them all your life because Clint had taken you in when you were a baby when nobody wanted you and became your adoptive father. You have never called him dad but you knew you would one day. When the Avengers had found out about your abilities, you were immediately put under protection and recruited as an agent. You were friends with all of them, one way or another even though it was kind of weird to see two of everyone. You looked up at Pietro when he cleared his throat and Pietro asked.

“(y/n), I am confused. Who are these…people?”

You sighed and rubbed your cheek. Standing up, you stretched and crossed your arms, hissing slightly at the cold sensation or your right arm.

“These guys are different versions of you. However, you are called their alter egos. For example, Aaron is an actor and he portrays you in their movie about you guys. You are his alter ego.”

Steve asked, clutching his belt and cocking his head to the side.

“So they are our doppelgangers?’

“In a way, yes.”

Bucky pursed his lips and looked up at you. You looked at him and asked him quietly.

“Are you alright?”

Bucky shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s ego, asked.

“(Y/n), are you and…Bucky together?”

Sebastian looked at you and you blushed, nodding quietly. Bucky snarled out, clenching a fist.

“Yeah, you got a problem with it, asshole?”

You face palmed and Steve asserted.

“Bucky. Enough.”

“Thanks, Spangles.”

Steve nodded and Wanda asked, sitting beside you Indian style and levitating.

“So if everyone else has an ego, where’s mine?”

You observed.

“I guess Ms. Olsen was far enough from the extraction site to avoid it. However, I can guarantee she saw it all.”

Wanda nodded and Jeremy asked.

“How are we gonna get home?”

Tony walked in with Bruce, moving holograms away and explaining.

“You’re probably going to be stuck here until Reindeer Games is brought here and takes you home or Portal Pogo Stick over here takes you.”

You rolled your eyes and stated.

“I can’t take them home. There are too many risks. Loki probably rigged the portal. He’s not an idiot.”

Thor walked and stood beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders and asked.

“You know of the portal jumpers, yes?”

“Considering I am a dimensionalist, yes I do. Why?”

“There were old stories about the Portal Jumpers on Asgard that explained that if a Portal Jumper took more people than they were capable of, they got lost in the galaxies forever. Floating aimlessly until another portal Jumpers found them or they died.”

Thor turned and you bit your lips. Clint jumped up, looking at Tony when Tony said.

“She can take a couple trips.”

Clint yelled.

“You are not putting my daughter in danger, Stark! She’ll lose energy and if she tries to take more trips than she can manage, she’ll kill herself and everyone who is with her.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and he asked you.

“Wait, you’re my daughter in this dimension?”

You grabbed your head, a pounding in it and you yelled, voice getting louder as you yelled.

“Everybody just shut the FUCK UP!”

You created a small shockwave and everyone stopped. Tears pricked your closed eyes and you covered your face. You turned and said before escaping to your room.

“I’m so sorry I’m weak.”


Clint growled and yelled at Tony.

“Good fuckin’ going, Stark!”

Tony rolled his eyes and Bucky looked after your form. He stood up slowly and the actors watched him. Bucky looked at Tony and said, lowly and pointing at Tony.

“You better fucking fix this before I fix your face.”

Tony turned and walked away. Bucky glared at his form and Steve put a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, Bucky. It’s not worth it. The guy’s gonna be a tool either way.”

Natasha huffed and walked to your room, turning back to look at everyone and said.

“You guys’ are obviously too engrossed in being a bunch of whiney bitches. I’ll be with (Y/N).”

Clint looked at Natasha and asked.

“Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Got it.”

Natasha walked off and Scarlett asked.

“How are you her father, if I may ask?”

Clint looked at Scarlett and explained, sitting down.

“A long time ago, (Y/N) was left on the doorstep of my farm when she was a baby. No note, no nothing about why she was there. I took her in as my own and when I found out about her ability, I didn’t know what to do so I took her here to ask for help and now you can see what this job has done to my little bird.”

Chris Evans piped up.

“How come her alter ego isn’t with us?”

A voice made everyone jump.

“Because my alter ego is dead.”

You walked in and Clint walked to you, hugging you tightly. He asked in your hair as he kissed your head.

“Are you alright, little bird?”

You nodded and Natasha hugged your around your arms as you sat on the floor beside Clint’s leg, your head leaning on his knee. Clint started to caress your head as Natasha sat with you and Robert asked.


You nodded. Mark then asked.

“No offense but do you know how she died?”

You deadpanned as you looked at him.

“I killed her.”

Everyone got quiet and Steve looked at you with wide eyes.

“Why would you do that?”

You looked down at your hands.

“Because she would have to endure the same thing I go through now. She would be just like me.  Good thing I got her at such a young age.”

You stood up and ordered.

“If you have a problem with me preventing a life having to deal with a lifetime of misery, then go ahead and arrest me. Kill me even. If you don’t, then…yay. Whoop de doo. I wasn’t going to let my ego suffer like I have too. I’m going to find a way to get you guys home so please be patient with me.”

Thor looked over at you and you turned towards him. Thor held out a hand and asked.

“Would you like to take a walk with me so you can hold in your anger?”

You smiled softly at him and replied.

“Thank you but I’ll refuse. I’ll be ok.”

“Well, at least take a drink to cool yourself.”

Bucky said from behind you. You turned and grabbed the water.

“Thank you, James.”

He smiled a bit and Evans asked.

“(y/n), is there more than one dimension?”

“Oh yeah. Hundreds upon thousands.”

Mark asked.

“How do you choose which dimension you want to g to?”

You smiled and asked, gesturing to Sebastian.

“Well you know how in Once Upon A Time, Jefferson has his hat that had different doors? Well, it’s kind of like that. However, I don’t have a hat though that would be so cool.”

You laughed and Sebastian smiled. You continued.

“I travel through any kind of elevator. Kind of like the phone booth in Doctor Who. I type in a certain number pattern into the elevator and when the door closes, I’m in the dimension. “

Jeremy asked.

“Are there any side effects?”

You shrugged and nodded.

“If you are a beginner, you will get nauseous, dizzy, a pounding migraine and sometimes blurry vision. “

Hemsworth asked.

“Is there certain ranks, so to speak, for a Portal Jumper?”

“Yes. Beginner, Novice, Apprentice, Master, and then you earn the title Dimensionalist.”

Robert asked you.

“What is your rank?”

You gave a triumphant smile.

“I am Dimensionalist.”

Thor added.

“It takes years of jumping to attain that status. Lady (Y/n) is a very skilled Jumper. It is not uncommon for other jumpers to come to her for advice.”

You smiled and Sebastian asked.

“How long have you been…jumping?”

“Since I found out I had my ability. Translation: 9 years. Now, it does take longer for someone to attain that status. However, if you do jump like there’s no tomorrow then you’ll be like me.”

Evans then asked you.

“How…how did you lose your arm and leg?”

You looked down at your said limbs and chuckled darkly.

“Ironically, train accident. Fell off like Bucky did but I hit the side of the mountain before I hit the rock at the bottom…my leg went first.”

The room was quiet and Evans said.

“I’m so sorry-“

“-Nah, its ok. You were curious.”

You stretched again and jumped when a familiar voice stated.

“Well, this is weird.”

You looked over and got up, smiling.

“Jefferson, hey! Didn’t know you were gonna stop by.”

Jefferson gave you a smile and tipped his hat. You rolled your eyes and he explained.

“I was coming to ask you a favor but it…seems you have your hands full. Uh. Why is there two of everyone and three of me?”

You rubbed the back of your neck and simply said.


Jefferson nodded and you asked.

“What is it that you needed?”

Jefferson cleared his throat and took your arm, turning and walking away from the group.

“I need a favor, obviously.”

You asked him when he got farther away from the group.

“What is it?”

Jefferson asked.

“I was wondering if you could tell me which dimension has my female counterpart.”

You frowned and asked.


Jefferson looked to the left and then back at you and stated bluntly.

“Because I need to kill her. She stole from me, humiliated me in front of everyone, and hurt Grace.”

You got a deadly look on your face and Jefferson took a step back in caution.

“She hurt grace? Dimension 37, gateway 23154, code 23154. Since you’re probably gonna use your hat, doorway 33.”

Jefferson smiled and thanked you, kissing your cheek and walking you back to the group.

“You never cease to please me, darling.”

You shrugged and Jefferson pulled out a suitcase made specially for hats. He opened it and took out a beautiful hat that looked like his.

“For a beautiful and trustworthy person.”

Jefferson set the hat upon your head and you smiled.

“Thank you, madman.”

Jefferson shrugged and tipped his hat.

“I must be going.”

You smiled and waved and turned back to everyone. Sebastian was looking at you with wide eyes and you smiled at him, tipping your hat. Chris E laughed and shook his head.

“Sebastian has been so tense since Jefferson walked in. He fuckin turned to me and whispered ‘I’m starting to feel like I’ve gone mad.’ When Jefferson walked in.”

You laughed and hugged Sebastian, patting his back and whispering.

“Don’t worry, Sebby. I’m gonna get you home somehow.”

You pulled back and Sebastian nodded, offering you a small smile. Tony walked in and handed you a smoothie, saying.

“Come on, Portal Pogo Stick. We got work to do. Plus I wanna test out this new skin synthetic that I made on your arm and leg.”

You beamed and then touched Tony’s neck with your metal hand, asking.


Tony immediately bent his neck back and fell over. You laughed hard and Steve chuckled, shaking his head.



Dance Partner

Request: Hiya papaya! I was wondering if I could request an imagine. Something like the reader gets invited to go out but finds out later that she’s the only single person in said group, then bucky comes in and saves the day for them. I love your writing so much btw😍😍

It was a free weekend for the team and you weren’t all that thrilled with the teams plans. The girls wanted to go dancing and you weren’t that great a dancer and you realized a huge flaw in the whole mix. It took you the whole car ride there and ten minutes into the team dancing that you figured out you didn’t even have a date.

Then you realized you were the only single member on the team. Clint had his wife, Natasha and Bruce figured their relationship out, Steve was with Sharon, Sam found a girl somewhere you couldn’t remember, Tony was with Pepper, Wanda and VIsion were a package deal, and even Peter had himself a girlfriend. Bucky had disappeared from the dance room but you guessed he probably had someone.

You sat at a table to the side of the dance floor, resting your chin in your hand. You sighed and checked the time on the huge clock on the far wall. It was only 7:30 and this place closes at midnight. By the looks of it, the team would dance through until closing time, possibly even use their Avenger title to an advantage, leaving you to wallow in self pity for hours.

A chair skidding across the floor brought you out of your thoughts. You looked up and saw Bucky dressed in a nice suit. He smiled at you as he took a seat beside you. “Not one for dancing?” Bucky asked, sighing as he relaxed in his chair. You shrugged and looked out to the dance floor, seeing the team flow around effortlessly. Everyone looked so happy and content, yet you felt the lowest of them all.

Bucky sighed and ran his hands through his hair. You looked at Bucky again. “It just sucks being single. It’s so easy for the team to go out and do things like this”, you gestured to the team dancing freely in the crowd, “because they have someone to do it with.” You pouted, resting your chin in your hand again.

You felt Bucky nudge your arm. You looked at him curiously, your eyebrows creased. “Why don’t you ask someone to dance?” Bucky offered, making you snort. “Bucky, this is a couples dance night. Not a singles hook up event.” You stated. Bucky pursed his lips and stood out of his seat. You thought you had offended him and he was leaving, but he crossed to your other side and held his hand out.

Eyeing him with confusion, you looked at his hand. “Y/N, will you be my date?” Bucky asked, a light shade of red tinted on his cheeks. Your eyebrows raised and you let out a small giggle. You slowly gripped Bucky’s hand with yours and stood up, letting Bucky pull you out to the dance floor.

You blushed and held onto Bucky’s shoulders as his hands rested on your waist. You both started to sway with the slow music playing. “You look beautiful tonight, Doll.” Bucky said before spinning you around. You faced Bucky again with a wide smile. “Thank you, Buck. You don’t look too bad yourself.” You said, hoping he could hear your soft voice over the music.

Bucky smiled and held you closer as you followed his lead, praying you wouldn’t trip over your long dress. You let your fingers play with the ends of Bucky’s hair and you had to admit that he looked very handsome dressed up. The lights from above hit his eyes and they shined like the moon reflecting off of the ocean. His stubble was close shaven and his hair was slicked back.

You blushed as Bucky’s eyes met yours. “Are you checking me out?” Bucky said, raising his eyebrows. You giggled and looked away, your eyes landing on Steve’s from across the dance floor. He was smiling from ear to ear and he nudged Sharon to look over at you and Bucky dancing together. You blushed and waved over at them. Bucky chuckled and winked at Steve after seeing who caught your attention.

Sighing softly, you looked back at Bucky. “So what if I am? I can appreciate a nice looking, well dressed man.” You said, feeling your heart flutter as you watched Bucky’s smile widen. “You’re being too sweet.” Bucky said lowly. You shook your head at him. “I’m being honest.” You said, letting Bucky twirl you around again.

Bucky dipped you and his breath fanned over your exposed chest. Bucky gently leaned in and placed a kiss on your neck, making your heart flutter in your chest. He pulled you back up and you breathed out heavily, watching Bucky pull you in closer.

As the night carried on, you were happy Bucky asked you to dance with him. You started out sad and your night ended with a type of happiness you’ve never felt before. The team had decided to call it a night at 10pm, saying their feet were sore and Sam being a total diva, saying he needed to pamper his blistered feet.

You all arrived back at the tower and Bucky had walked you to your room. You stood at your door and Bucky smiled down at you. “I hope you had a decent time.” Bucky said quietly, his hands nervously tucked in his dress pants.

A small smile formed on your lips and you stood up on your toes to kiss Bucky’s cheek. “I had an amazing time. Thank you for saving my night, Bucky.” You said after pulling away. Bucky blushed and shyly looked down at you. “Maybe we can do that again. Just without the team basically stalking us.” Bucky said with a chuckle.

You playfully rolled your eyes and nodded. “I’d like that.” You said. Bucky bent down and placed a kiss on your cheek, just shy of the corner of your lips. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Bucky said before walking off. You smiled and blushed, your heart racing in your chest.

“Goodnight, Bucky.”

Note: I WANT TO DANCE WITH BUCKY. thanks for the request, sweetie! I hope you like it!! feedback is welcome, it let’s me know all of you enjoy my writing! ily guys all so much! .c

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My Frosty_ Loki x Reader

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Word Count: 617 :P

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: All mentioned Avengers belong to MCU

Author’s Note: Requests are still open. Here’s my ask.

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Second Person POV

“Hey, has anyone seen Loki?” You asked to no one in particular. Bruce and Tony were in the lab, Nat and Steve were watching the tele, Clint was working on his bow and Wand an Vizh were doing whatever they did in their free time.  However your boyfriend hadn’t been seen since this morning.

“”Mr. Laufeyson is in your room Miss” FRIDAY’s voice rang out over the speakers. You tanked the AI and rushed to the aforementioned location. Loki almost never spent time alone in your shared room. He was usually either reading or arguing with Thor, so this was odd. Arriving at your door you softly rapped your knuckles against the wood.

“Go. Away…” came a reply in an attempt to sound hostile but failing. His voice was small and broken, like you had never heard it before. Without hesitating you pushed the door open gently. You gasped, seeing the state of the room. Chairs were overturned and books had been thrown about. Your vanity mirror had been shattered by what was was probably Loki’s fist. Finally your eyes landed on him, curled in a ball near the window.

“Please, Y/N… just go…”

“You know I can’t do that love.” You said treading carefully to sit next to him. “What’s bothering you?”

“It’s nothing.” He said firmly, still not looking up.

“Oh bullshit Loki.”

Finally he looked up, your eyes meeting blue skin and bright red eyes. “I’m a monster…” he grumbled not looking you in the eyes.

“Nope, I don’t accept that. “ You said fetching a nearby mirror and handing it to him. “Tell me what you see?”

He sighed. “I see… blood red eyes of a murderer and that icy blu skin of a barbaric people who have killed so many. That’s what.”

“Well, I see eyes the colour of rubies and the prettiest cardinal. Blue skin of Jotunheim, yes, but it’s your skin. The colour of cobalt and freshly fallen snow or a beautifully unpredictable ocean. And these markings?” You said tracing the patterns on his forehead. “Are completely unique to you.”

‘Is that really how you see me?”

Of course love. Sure you made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? Not me, not Nat or Tony or even Cap. But the mistakes we make shape us, make us a better person. Being an Avenger means having blood on your hands, but that’s what pushes us to better.” You finished ignoring the numbness your hands that cupped Loki’s cheeks.

“I don’t deserve you Y/N…” He said forlornly 

“Nobody deserves anything, or anyone/ We just choose to love those we do because we think, no, we know they are someone who will care for us.”

“Thank you love.” He said finally meeting your eyes.

“For what? Honesty?”

“For loving me, even when I couldn’t love myself.”

    Without another word you pulled him close and kissed him.  The kisses you shared never lost their spark, filled with passion and love and faith. Sometimes, like now, laced with touches of need, sadness, and gratitude. His frosted lips moved against your warm ones in perfect harmony. You stayed like that for what felt like hours, with your hands tangled in his black hair and his lithe arms wrapped around your back. But as Robert Frost once said ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ and you pulled away, resting your forehead against his. Opening  your eyes slowly you spoke.

“I love you so damn much. Blue skin and all.” You said breathily

“I love you too… and I’m never letting you go.” He replied



all i want is a reality show on the avengers.

I want to see:

  •  what they do during the mornings. 
  • what they eat for breakfast?
  •  who’s the first one to wake up? 
  • who is the one that prepares breakfast? 
  • who skips breakfast? 
  • Who eats breakfast with their pajamas on? 
  • who eats their breakfast without their shirt on? 
  • who wears slippers? 
  • who sleeps until late?
  •  who is a morning person? 
  • who is the kind of person who would send the other one through the wall for asking them if they want breakfast? 
  • Does Bucky has to oil his arm to avoid friction?
  • who oils bucky?
  • where do they eat breakfast?
  • who showers first?
  • who is always complaining because the water is funky cold?
  • who always has the burden of dish duty?
  • who is a slack in their bedroom?
  • who always has a pile of clothes in the bedrooom floor?
  • who has scented candles (probs Wanda, right?)
  • who is always misplacing things?
  • who is the one that everyone goes to when they need help with something?
  • does bucky struggles with the shitty iPhones we have now?
  •  like does Bucky has to have extra caution when he is using his arm?
  • who does everyones errands?
  • who is afraid of social interaction? 
  • who knows the secrets of the other?
  • who has little feuds?
  • what does Nat likes for lunch?
  • what does Bucky likes for lunch?
  • what does Steve likes for lunch?
  • what does Tony likes for lunch?
  • Did Vision learned to cook for Wanda?
  • Has anyone noticed what’s going on between Vision and Wanda?
  • Who irons each other’s shirts?
  • what do they do when they are just chilaxing?
  • what does Steve do when he is with Bucky alone?
  • do they talk about the past? 
  • do they play memory?
  • does Bucky and Wanda get along?
  • does Sam loves Bucky?
  • DOES someone brings Bucky his adorable plums whenever they do groceries?
  • do they label each other’s food?
  • who is the vodka person?
  • who is the wine aunt?
  • who raids the place to find Tony’s good liquor?
  • what’s bucky’s favourite  hair scent product?
  • who likes lazy afternoons?
  • who falls asleep in the sofa?
  • who falls asleep wherever they are?
  • who sneaks in with whom during the night just to talk?
  • who ship each other with whom?
Preference #11

Your Breakup:


You broke up with Clint because you felt like the relationship had already ended. He acted as if he didn’t even like you anymore, let alone love you. You two bickered constantly, giving everyone around you headaches. He always slept on the couch, while you slept alone in bed. When you broke up with him, he didn’t fight it, leaving without saying a word.


Breaking up with Bruce was one of the hardest moments of your life. You could see the tears in his eyes as he tried to keep his emotions inside. You had broken up with him because he continually ran away from his problems, fearing that if he faced them he would turn into ‘the other guy’. Whenever you two fought or something came up, he would back away and avoid any kind of confrontation with you. He made excuses for not wanting to deal with his problems, and it pushed you over the edge. 


Thor was always gone for long amounts of time. He tried to split his time evenly between Asgard and Misgard, but it didn’t work out. You wanted to stay back on Earth, and didn’t feel like abandoning your life on here was the right thing to do. He could disappear for months at a time without telling you when he would be back. You were sick of it, and eventually your feelings started to fade. You wanted to move on, but Thor would always love you.


Tony would sacrifice himself for a random stranger. That was the problem. You were sick being too afraid to turn on the news, in fear that you would see a headline telling you Tony was dead. He didn’t care what his sacrifices could do to you. He didn’t care that you were always worried sick about him and how hard it was to function knowing he could be dead at any second. Tony saw it as heroic, but you couldn’t live like that anymore. You needed someone who gave a shit about your relationship, and although you loved Tony, it could never be him.


After Pietro became an avenger, he couldn’t go anywhere without being flirted on by a hot girl. He checked them out, and became less and less interested in you as time went on. He was never noticed by girls in Transia, and often gave in to the willing girls who only saw him as some hot superhero. You were suspicious, and you looked through his phone, only to find hundreds of numbers of girls, along with promiscuous messages to girls other than yourself. You knew the relationship had been over for a while, so you broke up with him.


With Wanda, your relationship had faded. You were over the honeymoon period, and it felt like neither of you had love to give. You stopped doing the little things, like buying each other flowers or telling each other to have a good day. Wanda felt the same way about the relationship as you did, and you decided it was best to breakup.


You and Natasha broke up because you had different goals in life. You wanted children and a traditional family, you wanted to grow old with her while sitting on a porch swing. Natasha didn’t want any of that. But she also didn’t want to let you go. You and her sat for hours, trying to find a way to make it work, but nothing came out of it. You both knew what you wanted, and neither of you could make it work for the other.


You broke up with Bucky because he was controlling of you. He got jealous easily when other men even looked at you. He didn’t trust you when you went out alone, and he didn’t trust other men around you. He was too afraid of losing you. You assured him many times that he was the only one you wanted, but he couldn’t help himself. It became to exhausting for you to keep up with his control issues, and you had to break up with him.

Dimensionalist pt 2

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(Chase Collins)

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Dimensionalist pt 2

Avengers x reader x Avengers cast x (mentions) Jefferson [Once Upon A Time]

A/N: THIS IS SO OVER DUE AND I AM SO FREAKING SORRY. CHASE COLLINS (SEBBY STAN CHARACTER) WILL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE X3 he is so hot in that movie. There will be smut with chase; however I will post that separately.


Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, different dimension

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

You were sitting on tony’s lab table, eating his blueberries as he researched about the different dimensions. Everyone was actually in here and Bucky was watching you. Tony stole some blueberries and you asked, throwing one up in the air.

“You know you can just ask me for information, Right?”

Tony shrugged and you rolled your eyes.

“Oh wait, you’re too smart for that right?”

Tony grinned at you and you smirked. You stretched and Steve walked in, holding six bags and you asked.

“Steve, what is that?”

Steve set the bags down and explained.

“It’s Chinese takeout. Thought we could-“


You hugged Steve and everyone chuckled. Steve rolled his eyes and grinned, taking out (favorite Chinese course) and handing it to you. You gasped and kissed Steve’s cheek.

“Oh my god, I love you. Thank you!”

You ran over to Bucky’s spot on the table and gave him a (fave side). He smiled and everyone started to eat. Tony exclaimed.

“Portal Pogo Stick! Come here, I think I found-“

“Sorry to invade on this moment, I need to borrow little Miss Muffet over here.”

Everyone turned and Sebastian widened his eyes. You looked up to see chase Collins, another one of Sebastian’s alter egos. Chase had on a smirk, eyes on you and you growled.

“Chase Collins, what a surprise.”

He grinned and you got up, walking slowly towards him. Natasha asked.

“(Y/n), what are you doing?”

You ignored and Chase explained.

“I see that somehow these egos’s got here. Hello Sebastian.”

You looked at Sebastian and Sebastian was looking at you with fear. He seemed to know that Chase was very dangerous and Chase ordered.

“Come with me, I might-“

“-We’re going nowhere. Tell me what you know then go back home.”

Chase chuckled and asked, getting in your face.

“Have you forgotten who you are speaking to? Don’t be afraid of the spider, Muffet.”

You glared and Chase grinned.

“Why would I be afraid of something so petty and tiny? If anyone should be afraid of a spider, it should be you.”

You stepped back and Chase pursed his lips.

“If you think you are going to intimidate me, it’s not going to work. If you’re going to tell me how to get these guys home, how about you go home. I don’t need your help.”

Chase started laughing and you were taken back. Suddenly, he was in front of you and he snarled right into your face.

“I wasn’t asking.”

You gasped and suddenly found yourself in a dark room, Chase grinning from in front of you. You fell away from him and he grinned even more.

“There is one way to get those ego’s out of our dimension-“

“-I know how to them out of here, Chase! I’m just not skilled enough to do it!”

Chase watched as you sat up and you whispered.

“I’m not…I’m not strong enough to do it. I might have the title of dimensionalist but dammit, I haven’t tried this before.”

Chase just smirked and kneeled in front of you, mocking you by putting on a whiny face.

“Oh little Miss Muffet is feeling sad because she’s a weak little brat.”

You scowled at him and Chase trailed a finger from your throat to your chin.

“I’m not letting you go till you give me something I want.”

You glared at him and asked.

“What do you want from me, Chase? Why bother me now?”

Chase grinned.

“I could feel the portal spark a lot more lately, meaning you’ve been portal jumping a lot. Why are you so active?”

“I have a job. “

“No, you’re killing all of your egos.”

You widened your eyes and chase whispered against your lips.

“I can sense the death of your ego’s hanging over you like a cloud, darling.”

You snarled.

“Get away from me, Chase. I know your intentions.”

“So you know that the only way for me to take you back is for you to ride me like a dirty whore?”

You growled.

“Where am I, chase?”

“On a vacant island somewhere in the Tropics.”

You glared and chase grinned. He whispered in your ear.

“So what’s it gonna be, little Miss Muffet?”


Bucky was going crazy; the egos were all wide eyed, Sebastian looking down into his lap.

“Where the fuck did they go?!”
Bucky yelled at Tony.

“Bucky, calm down! We’re gonna get her back somehow.”

Bucky looked at Steve just like he did when the helicarrier was crashing. Steve was taken back and everyone jumped when they heard the familiar voice of Jefferson fill the air.

“Gentlemen, please calm yourself. I might be able to track down your girlfriend.”

Bucky looked over at the ego and Robert stated.

“Ok, can someone tell me why Sebastian’s alter egos are the ones that keep showing up?”

Jefferson looked over and replied.

“Because we look just like her best friend and she has a very protective nature. However, there are many times when Mr. Evans alter ego’s show up. Now, back to the task at hand. The man you just saw was Chase Collins. He’s sort of like a demon-“

“-we know who he is. What does he want with my girlfriend though?”

Bucky asked.

“I do not know. I will tell you that since (Y/n) likes to portal jump on a daily basis, she meets people she should never have met.”

Steve asked.

“How do we get her back?”

“You wait for her.”

Bucky was about to protest when Thor picked up Jefferson by the throat.

“Do you think I will just stand here and wait for Lady (y/n)‘s return? For all we know, she could be getting hurt. We need to go save her.”

“How can you save someone when you don’t even know where they are?”

Thor was taken back and let Jefferson down. Jefferson scowled and put on his hat, turning.

“I can try to follow the sense of her soul but it will not be easy. Mr. Collins is smart as he knows I was here. And would be able to get to the girl.”

CE asked.

“How the hell are we gonna know if she’s ok or not, Jefferson?”

Jefferson turned to Chris and stated, tipping his hat.

“You won’t. If you’ll excuse me, I have a young girl to save….again.”

Jefferson walked to the elevator and Steve grumbled.

“This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.”

Wanda and Pietro exclaimed.

“We have to do something!”

Steve grabbed the bridge of his nose and looked up. Wanda admitted.

“I think Chase had more intentions than he let on…”

Bucky asked.

“Oh yeah, why is that?”

“Because he was thinking….dirty things about her…”

Bucky’s face drained of color and everyone got quiet. Natasha asked.

“Why did he keep calling her Miss Muffet?”

Sebastian answered, sitting on the floor.

“It was supposed to be an insult to another character in the movie that Chase is from.”

Clint stated.

“Meaning that Chase is referring to my daughter as innocent and plans on scaring her away?”

“More like scaring her into…”

Wanda closed her eyes and Bucky pressed on.

“Into what?”

“…making a deal with him.”

Bucky yelled.

“Just fucking tell-“


Wanda screamed. Bucky’s eyes widened then he clenched his hands.  Natasha observed.

“So this is really bad…”


You were laying on your side, a hand rubbing your side as you sobbed.

“You knew that this was going to happen, little miss muffet.”

You elbowed the man in the ribs, making him cry out in pain and you shot up, running out with your clothes in hand.

‘Gotta find a way out of here!’

“You think you can get away from me, darling?”

What seemed to be tendrils wrapped around your body and you gasped, squirming.

“You can’t get away from me that easily.”

You were turned and Chase’s eyes were that dark black and you screamed.

“Just let me go home, Chase! I never wanted this to happen! You are so fucking sick!”

“I’m the sick one? I’m not the one killing my alter ego’s because ‘I don’t want them to live my pain!’

He mocked. He brought you closer and snarled into your ear.

“No. You like the feeling of blood spilled along your hands. You like the feeling of killing because it feels so good.”

You stared at Chase in shock. He grinned and the weird tendrils started putting your clothes on for you. You were then glaring at him, tears in your eyes as you yelled when he transported you back.

“Burn in hell!”

“I already did.”



I’ll Take Care Of You

Request: Hey doll. I’m having a heart surgery in a few hours and I’m scared as hell.. Would you (when you have time) do a Buck imagine where his fiance also suffers from a heart disease and needs surgery and he supports her through all appointments and then at the day of the surgery he tries to calm her and stuff. Like telling her cute stuff and promises all will be fine. Later then he is there when you wake up and insists on taking care of you and makes sure you relax? This would be really great <3

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Having a heart disease made your life all the more harder. You had your good and bad days. It took a toll on you sometimes and you were tired of going through treatments. So the last time you went to an appointment, you asked what else could be done. Your doctor suggested heart surgery. The thought about undergoing heart surgery terrified you.

Bucky has been there by your side for every appointment, every day you struggled, and the times you were able to enjoy yourself without something like this holding you back. When Bucky heard those words come out of the doctors mouth, his stomach dropped and his face paled. He worried about you all the time, and even though you both were nervous, he knew you’d be okay.

You were currently sitting in the waiting room with Bucky, nervously tapping your foot against the white tiled floor of the hospital. You felt scared and Bucky knew, though you tried to be brave all morning. Your hand was sweaty in his, your sighs were frequent, your eyes kept darting to the clock on the wall, and your breathing was labored. Bucky sighed and looked at you, a frown etched on his face.

Bucky tucked your hair behind your ear, only to see it fall after you lifted your head to check the clock yet again. “We still have 5 minutes, Doll. You’re driving yourself crazy. You’re going to be okay.” Bucky quietly spoke to you and it didn’t help too much. You shakily sighed, avoiding Bucky’s longing stare. “You don’t know that.” You muttered, the nervousness clouding your brain.

It was all you could focus on; what happens if something goes wrong? What if they can’t fix it? What if you’re stuck like this forever and it eventually takes over? Bucky quickly but carefully turned your face up to look at him. “Y/N, I can feel your heartbeat going crazy in my hand. You’ve got to calm down or they can’t perform on you.” Bucky said worriedly, his brows creasing together.

You scoffed as you shook your head. “My heart? That’s why I’m even in this situation.” You said, seeing Bucky’s blue eyes sadden. He quickly composed himself and sighed again. “You’re going to be okay, I promise. I’ll be there right after.” Bucky said, rubbing your bouncing thigh. You nodded and took a nervous breath.

You glanced at the clock before seeing a nurse greet you and Bucky. “Y/N Y/L/N?” She asked, flipping through papers on a clipboard. You and Bucky stood and you clung to Bucky’s arm nervously. “Th-that’s me.” You said, your voice barely above a whisper. Bucky rubbed your hand that was currently gripping onto his forearm. The nurse smiled. “We’re ready for you.” She said, her tone much too chipper for what’s to come.

Of course, it wasn’t her having surgery, it was you. You sighed and she waited for you to join her. Bucky pulled his arm from your grasp and you started breathing heavily. Bucky looked down at you and held your cheeks. “Hey, hey. It’ll be okay, I promise. You’ll be okay. I’ll be right there when you wake up. I love you.” Bucky said, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.

You nodded, unable to speak. You breathed out, trying not to cry from being so scared. You were terrified and there was no turning back now. You’ve paid the bill, you arrived here and filled out the paperwork, and now you were closely following behind the nurse to get ready for surgery. You turned back to look at Bucky and he waved at you, a bright smile on his face.

That was the last thing you remembered before you woke up.

A groan fell from your lips as you started to gain consciousness again. Your eyesight was a little blurry and you felt really cold. You blinked your eyes a few times, squinting them to adjust to the bright lights in your hospital room. You felt heaviness resting on your hand and you looked down, seeing Bucky’s metal hand holding yours.

Bucky was reading a magazine and you slowly sat up. The movement made Bucky’s head jerk up and he smiled at you. “Hey, Doll. How do you feel?” Bucky asked, putting down the magazine on the table near your bed. 

Bucky helped you sit up, adjusting your pillows behind you to support your back. You sat for a moment, concentrating on your surroundings. You felt a little woozy from being put under.

Bucky was holding a cup of ice water and you were about to grab it from him, but he insisted on doing it for you. “I’ll take care of you, Y/N.” Bucky said, moving the cup to your lips as he sat down on your bed. 

You rolled your eyes playfully and took a few sips. Bucky sat the cup down when you were finished and reached his hand out to your cheek. “I feel okay, I guess.” You said, your voice hoarse as you answered his question.

You looked at Bucky and he smiled. “That’s good. The doctors said everything should be okay now. Just take it easy, keep water in your system, and you’re on bed rest for a week or two.” Bucky said, his blue eyes looking into yours. 

You nodded and sighed. You noticed the bandaid on your arm from where they stuck you with an IV and sighed again. “When can I leave?” You asked, looking back up at Bucky. You hoped you didn’t have to be here any longer. You were ready to be back home.

Bucky stood up from your bed and smiled. “Now if you feel okay.” Bucky said, moving to get your bag of clothes. “Let’s go.” You said, throwing the covers off of you. Bucky rushed back over to you and you pulled away from him. “Bucky, I can get down.” You said with a small giggle. Bucky shook his head. “No way, I’m helping you.” He said before picking you up and gently putting you down on your feet.

Bucky helped you change back into your clothes and he held his metal hand on your lower back while his flesh hand held yours. Your walk was a little off and you still felt exhausted. “Bucky, I can walk myself out of here.” You said with a small smile. Bucky shook his head once more. “I’m taking care of you, Y/N. You can’t fight me on this.” Bucky said, winking at you.

You were back at the tower now, having fell asleep in the car, you were lying in your bed. You opened your eyes and gasped. You saw  the whole team looking down at you, smiles on their faces. 

You sat up, feeling rather exposed. “What on earth?” You asked, watching the teams smiles widen. “She’s awake!” Sam yelled, throwing his hands in the air, accidentally slapping Clint on the way up. “Ow, watch it!” Clint yelled. “Hey, be quiet! She just woke up!” Tony yelled back.

Bucky then walked in with a bottle of water and your favorite treat. “Guys, I told you, no crowding! Give her some space!” Bucky said, shaking his head in disapproval. You smiled as you watched Bucky make his way through the group of Avengers. He shoved in between them and set your water and treat down. “Leave.” Bucky ordered, turning to the team.

They all groaned and looked at Bucky. “But she’s our friend! She just had surgery, we want to help out.” Wanda groaned, the others nodding in agreement. Bucky shook his head at them. You blushed and smiled again, seeing Steve trying to circle around your bed. “Hey HEEYY, no.” Bucky said, pointing his finger at Steve.

Steve quickly rushed back to the group at the end of your bed and you laughed. “Guys, when she’s better, you can reunite and have your time with her. But she needs to rest-” Bucky stopped his rant and caught Steve trying to circle your bed again, “Stop that!” Bucky said, moving to usher everyone out of your room.

After a few minutes of trying to get everyone out and stopping Steve from trying to shove through the door, Bucky was now lying on the bed beside you. You let Bucky feed you and give you water, listening to his funny encounter he had with a small child in the waiting room. You laughed for a good few minutes and Bucky pulled you closer.

You sighed and let your head rest on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. “Thank you for being here for me Bucky.” You said softly, getting sleepy again. Bucky ran his fingers through your hair and kissed your head. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Bucky said, his voice louder since your ear was on his chest. You smiled, closing your eyes.

“I love you, Bucky.” You whispered as your breathing slowed and sleep called your name again. Bucky looked down at you, smiling. His hand continued running through your hair and you felt so lucky to have someone like Bucky by your side through your long journey.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Note: I HOPE IT WENT WELL, MY SWEET!! I’m sorry this is late and I hope you still enjoy it! I added the team part at the end because I felt like you needed a lot of fluff. thanks for the request! ♥ feedback is welcome! ♥ .c

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Not Good Enough (3/?

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence

Word Count: 2,369

Notes: thank you guys the support this series has been getting so far, I don’t really know what else to say if you want a specific one request away <3.

The unknown item was lacy hot pink underwear, “This can’t be mine, I hate the color pink that would be the last thing I would buy!” With anger and water now filling your eyes you threw the unhanged clothes into the closet barging out of the room and made a phone call,

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My Theory About Steve Lifting Mjölnir in AOU

In the clip, we see that no one can lift Thor’s hammer, but when Steve tried it budged. MY THOUGHTS: What if the only reason Steve can’t lift it is because he THINKS he won’t be able to. Maybe Steve doesn’t think he’s worthy enough to lift it, so the lack of confidence in himself is what makes him not worthy. AT THAT MOMENT.

Now, in the trailer we see Thor’s hand (implying unconsciousness) lying next to Steve’s broken shield. So I think that Thor will be down, and Steve is stranded and left without a weapon. Steve is left there defenseless when his team needs him most. So Steve, in the heat of the moment, lifts Mjölnir to protect his fallen comrades. So, in the end, It’s Steve’s selflessness and the desperation to save someone that’s not himself, that allows him to be fully worthy of lifting the hammer.


Earth’s mightiest heroes reassemble for another go at that whole saving-the-world thing, but this time, they are outwitted, outplayed and outmatched by Ultron (voiced by the effortlessly charismatic James Spader), an Artificial Intelligence and brainchild of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) that attains Skynet levels of crazy and becomes hell-bent on the destruction of mankind. Tony, determined to ensure that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the Battle of New York in The Avengers, designed Ultron with the intent of using it to thwart galactic invaders - “a suit of armor around the Earth”, as he put it. Good intentions aside, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America points out that anytime someone proclaims they have a solution to preempt war, it almost always ends up causing it instead. Age of Ultron follows The Avengers as they band together to defeat their own Frankenstein’s monster, which proves to be quite the challenge with superpowered twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen - “he’s fast, and she’s weird”) thrown into the mix.  

Age of Ultron has a much more complex story than The Avengers, but it’s slightly less enjoyable due to the staggering amount of content on screen. From the relentless action to the breadcrumbs that needed to be dropped in order to set up future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was so much going on that it was a challenge to keep up. “More is more” was the mantra for this sequel, and while it was perhaps deliberately overwhelming to give audiences that sense of urgency and chaos, admittedly it was difficult to be as emotionally invested in individual stories when there were not only many characters involved, but so many little nuances that needed to be added to give this story more depth than the straightforward popcorn movie that was the first installment. That said, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Age of Ultron is jam-packed with good stuff - in particular, the team assault scenes were a comic book and video game nerd’s dream. Watching the combo moments between The Avengers was such a treat to watch, although they were probably a VFX nightmare to create. Hats off to Framestore and all the other VFX studios that were involved in this film because this must have been such a challenge to make. 

What really elevated the film was Ultron, who is a far more compelling villain than The Avengers’ Loki, whose sole motivation for invading Earth was just to start some shit (and to make up for being denied his “rightful” place as ruler of Asgard, resolve his daddy issues yada yada). Some say a hero (or heroes, in this case) is only as good as its villain, and Ultron most certainly lives up to this hype. With James Spader’s trademark sassy, know-it-all voice, it wasn’t difficult to endear him to audiences. What made Ultron spectacular, however, was that he wasn’t portrayed as some inexplicably psychotic AI intent on global destruction for shits and giggles. His motivation for extinguishing all of mankind actually made sense considering the black-and-white way that computers think. Ultron was designed to save Earth, but he reaches the conclusion that Earth’s biggest plague is humanity, so therefore everyone must die. Starting with The Avengers seems like a no-brainer. After all, this volatile, powerful team attracts destruction like fly to an ointment.  

While The Avengers are unpredictable and far from a cohesive unit, one thing unites them: they genuinely care about humanity (and not merely as an egotistical survival instinct, but they want to use their powers, wealth and skills for good), and will fight to the death to save it. This unwavering dedication to the greater good - for better or for worse, it seems - has always been very evident throughout the MCU. In The Avengers, Captain America crashes through a building to save civilians from the Chitauri. Hawkeye helps kids trapped in a school bus as the streets of New York are besieged. In Age of Ultron, there is no shortage of scenes showing The Avengers saving people. Each time an Avenger is on screen, they are always trying to find a way to minimize civilian casualties. Hell, they try to evacuate an entire city instead of just blowing it up, which would have been the more expedient thing to do. One could argue that the heart of the film lies in preserving human life. It’s what ties everything together in the story - from Black Widow’s (Scarlett Johansson) heart-wrenching revelation of her past, to Bruce Banner/The Hulk’s (Mark Ruffalo) lamentation of his inability to have children, and punctuated by Clint Barton/Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) surprising and unexpected secret. Perhaps the greatest symbol that the Avengers care about human life is in the character of Vision (Paul Bettany), who outrightly says that he exists to protect life. It’s a theme that is very well hammered home in the film. Human life is precious in the MCU, and protecting it…well, that’s what superheroes do, though DC/Warner Bros may not have gotten that memo *coughMANOFSTEELcough*. Yeah, I see you’re going through some man pain, but can you set that aside for a second to go save the world? That’s a resounding yes from The Avengers? Okay, good. Avengers: Age of Ultron shows that it is possible to explore several characters’ tragic back stories and childhood traumas while at the same time allowing them to live up to their title as superheroes. Shocker!

Spoilers under the cut! Oh, and long post ahead, so you should probably get your bathroom break before you sit down to read the rest of this.

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