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*cover by Annie*

Clint is a family man (yes even in comics)

So, I’ve seen a lot of hate directed towards the idea of Clint having a family (and I do not mean the “this was too sudden” kind of comments, I mean the “Clint having children ruins his character, it’s too ooc” sort of comments). While of course everyone is entitled to like childless Clint more, I also feel like the people to call dad!Clint out of character have been missing out on some moments in comics - so this is adressed at them, because I’m really tired of people simply hating on Clint (+Family) just because he’s a dad.

616: While Clint has no kids in the main Marvelverse (unless Marvel is planning something with pregnant Jess there, seriously Marvel wth?), it’s also no secret that Clint was married for a long time and that, well, it didn’t work out. Few people seem to remember though that Bobbi and Clint actively planned on expanding their family.

Sure enough, that didn’t happen, though Bobbi actually was pregnant - and then suffered from a miscarriage. The event was in fact so important to both Clint and Bobbi that they made it a code between the two of them: asking about the estimated date of their to-be-born child to find out if the other one was really them or a pretender (of course, that didn’t work out for Skrull!Bobbi…). While Clint at this point in time is probably not fit to raise a child because he can’t even take care of a dog, he did/does indeed want a family.

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