ok so I’ve been told quite a few times that I have really nice skin and so I’m bored and decided that I’d make a lil post about my skincare routine in case anyone needs product recs or whatever

A few key points though: I have super sensitive skin (so every product on this post is fairly gentle) and I have never struggled with huge amounts of acne but I do get lots of problem spots 

1. makeup removal: neutrogena hydrating face wipes & clinique eye makeup remover

2. cleanser: herbalism by lush (great for problem skin and leaves skin baby soft)

  • purity made simple by philosophy (used to remove excess makeup that the wipes may not have gotten)

3. spot treatment: grease lightning by lush (incredible at getting rid of acne spots on forehead, cheeks, nose, chin…)

4. moisturizer: neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin 

that’s my daily skincare routine but I’ll use a face mask like freeman dead sea minerals, formula 10.0.6 mud mask, or mask of magnaminty by lush usually once a week


I am in love with clinique. They have the best foundation, plus you get a lot of free stuff. I ordered this foundation and I got free lippies and an eye cream. Score!

As of today, I have the Superbalanced Foundation and the Beyond Perfecting. I needed something with SPF so I bought this one. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow.

I was feeling tired and yucky, but seeing this lifted me up. LOL!