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Publicist is hounding us both for some decent press after the shit that we’ve both been through lately. Wouldn’t hurt our rankings either. Dunno if it’ll be called a party, exactly, but there’s definitely gonna be something to commemorate the official relaunch date.

It’ll take place on the 17th of November. 

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Series: The Clinic

The Clinic: Part 1

The Clinic - Brian is sent off to Queen Mary’s Psychiatric Hospital to cure his depression and borderline. His roommates, John in particular, help him push through this difficult time in his life

Hello dear people, it’s been quite a while since I’ve uploaded something, which was all because I have been working on this new series called The Clinic which is like my masterwork so far. It will have fifteen parts and an epilogue, most of which have already been written down and the last part of which I’m currently working on. I will upload one chapter each week, which will be available both here on Tumblr, on my Wattpad account, and my A03 account (which I literally only created like the other week hfhsfhshfs).

Notes and warnings: These series feature, as you might have been able to read from the description, serious topics such as mental health issues, depression, and life in a psychiatric hospital. Mentions of illnesses, disorders, violence, etc. will take place throughout the story, but whenever something especially ‘shocking’ happens, I will mention this in the notes and warnings before the chapter.

Disclaimer: I wrote these series partly to come to terms with my own diagnosis, which is a major depressive disorder, and certain traits from a borderline disorder (the jury’s still out on that, as to say so). I therefore believe that I can safely say that I am familiar with depression and to an extent with borderline, but the symptoms of depression and borderline differ between its sufferers, so I am not saying that the way I experienced it (which I largely translated into the character of Brian) is an universal experience. I have no personal experience with other illnesses/problems I mention, such as  anorexia or substance abuse, so everything I write about it in this story, is what I’ve learned about it at school or on the internet and in books. If anything is incorrect, you are welcome to correct me!

Have fun reading this, darlings, and please let me know what you thought of it! c:

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‘Can we have your suitcase, please?’

Brian knew this moment was going to take place sooner or later. He already had been dreading it while signing the required paperwork and listening to the speech of the strict looking secretary concerning what would happen if he was to break one of the many rules and conditions that made up the sixteen pages long handout he had been given. And now that the administrative part of his admission had been taken care of and the two wardens had been searching his pockets for drugs or weapons and the like, there was nothing left to do for the men in uniform to check his suitcase for items to confiscate on the grounds of them being inappropriate, dangerous, or not allowed to go through those heavily secured doors and into the clinic for whatever other reason.

‘Come on, Brian. Give them your suitcase,’ his father’s voice suddenly popped up from behind him when Brian did not show any sign of going to obey to this question anywhere soon. Had it not been for the man speaking up now, Brian was positive he might have forgotten about his parents’ presence in the room; they had been quiet nearly all the way through this procedure, only nodding and saying ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ with everything the secretary sitting at the desk in the lobby of Queen Mary’s Psychiatric Clinic was telling them. While Brian found himself wanting to run straight out of the building with every new rule or regulation the woman mentioned, his parents seemed to be all too happy to agree to all the terms and conditions of their son’s stay here. It would have looked like they were glad to be rid of him, if Brian hadn’t been aware that they had called sending him away one of the hardest decisions of their lives.

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Enzymes - clinical chemistry


  • Present in liver, bone, intestine, kidney, neutrophils and placenta. 
  • 80% originates from bone. 
  • If GGT up, ALP from liver. 
  • If GGT normal, ALP from bones. 
  • ALP rises with obstruction to the biliary tract. 


  • Most present in the liver, but also found in other tissues. 
  • Very high levels suggest, viral hepatitis, diabetes, congestive heart failure, liver damage, bile duct problems, infectious mononucleosis or myopathy.


  • Present in liver, heart, skeletal muscle, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, leukocytes and erythrocytes. 
  • Increased levels may indicate haemolytic anaemia, rhabdomyolysis, increased leucocyte count etc
  • Distinction in source can be made via CK and Troponin. 

AST<ALT = hepatic injury

AST>ALT = hepatocyte necrosis - poor prognosis (AST is found in the mitochondria, not spilled out until severe destruction) - CONSIDER MUSCLE SOURCE

AST:ALT Ratio: 

  • Greater than 2 = Hepatitis.
  • Less than 2= cholestatic disorder.


  • Found in both hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells. 
  • Sensitive for hepatobiliary disease. 
  • 5 times increase = good marker of alcohol abuse.

GST (Gluthathione S-transferase):

  •  Isoenzymes of GST are involved in the detoxification and conjugation of several electrophilic compounds with glutathione. 
  • Found to be a very good marker of acute hepatocellular damage with a half life of 90min. Not widely used.


  • Found in heart, brain, skeletal muscle and other tissue. 
  • Released when muscle damage. 
  • Causes range from exercise injury to hormonal disorders.


  • Found in muscles, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, brain and blood cells. 
  • Used to used to diagnose and monitor heart attacks
  • Five types of isoenzymes can help determine location of damage. 
  • LDH-1 - heart, red cells, kidney, germ cells. 
  • LDH-2 - heart, red blood cells, kidney (lesser amounts than LDH-1).
  • LDH-3 - lungs and other tissues. 
  • LDH-4 - white blood cells, lymph nodes; muscle, liver (smaller amounts than LDH-5).
  • LDH-5 - liver, muscle.


  • Highly specific marker for myocardial infarction or muscle cell death. 
  • Also used to diagnose other conditions which relate to cardiac muscle injury.


  • Found in blood, gastric juices, pancreatic secretions, intestinal juices and adipose tissues.
  • Hydrolyses triglycerides  
  • Acute pancreatitis, pancreatic neoplasia, pancreatic abscesses, and pancreatic duct obstruction can result in high levels of lipase and usually are 2 to 3 times the upper limit of normal.


  • Is made by the pancreas and by the glands in and around the mouth/throat. 
  • Catalyses hydrolysis of starch 
  • High amylase may indicate the presence of a condition affecting the pancreas. 
  • In acute pancreatitis the levels are 4-6 times normal and remains high until treated. 
  • Chronic pancreatitis, levels will be high but will decrease until problem is solved.

Acid phosphatase: 

  • Prostate cancer - raised in 80% of cases presenting with metastases. 

Everyone: omg these celebrity suicides are so sad please reach out if you need help! I’m here to support you!

Everyone: so brave of celebrities to come out about their mental illnesses

Everyone: is super judgmental about Pete Davidson behaving exactly like you would expect someone to behave who experiences relationships really intensely

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meme-gguk-deactivated20180930  asked:

Mimi in a non-comeback relevant question but BTS relevant- I was wondering if you know where can I find the full episode/interview of when a dog fell asleep in Hoseok's hand and Taehyung was playing with a white yeontan look alikie (jimin was there too and switched souls with a dog after eating a dog treat) ~ ?

It’s from 151111 My Pet Clinic

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