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//Now I'm imagining a child Stein sitting along in his room, practicing speaking until he loses his accent, cause dammit he didn't need ANOTHER thing for his classmates to make fun of him for. Headcanon: That's why his voice is kind of flat, he over-practiced and lost some of the emotion in English. He's actually much more expressive when speaking German.



Headcanon: Reversed Heart??

Stein was actually born with an odd medical condition. That rare medical condition being called Situs Inversus. In short, it basically means that where his heart should normally be, it’s on the opposite side. Very few people know of this, and he usually uses it to his advantage. It’s also used for a sick joke, so to speak, if an enemy stabs him there as he’ll joke and say he has no heart just to see if someone would believe it.

For those that have a sensitive enough smell, the only scent on him that would possibly give fact that he’s not entirely human anymore would be that faint scent that smells like old rubber from an old car tire or something, but get him mad enough and the scent becomes pretty foul resembling the scent of burning tar.

And my reasoning for why Stein’s very blood stinks is simply from the ordeal that normally in a human body, black blood is considered dead blood. No longer good, and horribly foul both in scent and taste. So even those that would normally find the scent and taste pleasurable would be soon be sent running the other way just from the potency of it.

Adding to that last headcanon, Stein falling asleep with you around is one of the biggest signs of trust he can show

If he doesn’t trust or feel remotely comfortable, he will not sleep around you

So the doctor suddenly falling asleep around you is a good sign you’ve earned his trust.

Headcanon that due to both his half kishin nature and the small bit of black blood that resides in him, most creatures that are attracted to the scent of blood or feed on it would not like Stein’ blood as it both taste and smell like a very putrid scent and tastes just as bad

My opinion? Yeah, most people obviously portray Stein’s madness as something that makes him scary. And while this is true, my Stein specifically isn’t overly scary because of madness

It’s more or less because of his anger.

See, I feel that even after all this time, he’s got a lot of pent up anger in his system, which also causes him to be very cynical about the things around him. That’s probably what’s the scariest about him. Were Stein ever to turn, he wouldn’t go about killing everything left and right.

He’d simply cease to care about anything anymore.

Headcanon that even though his hair is already grey, Stein’s hair is actually starting to turn white, though in very small spots. Mostly in the back of his head deeply buried and then on the top, left side of his head due to all the extra stress he’s endured as of late. Ruffling his hair will actually show the hidden white hairs.

In a few years, his head will probably be pure white.


Random headcanon ordeal

I know a lot of people say that they think Stein would be a scythe (scalpel for lols) as a weapon is something that I actually don’t really agree with

Honestly, I feel like he’d be more like Tsubaki, but put into accordance that as a meister, he could resonate with anyone

So my headcanon is that he as a weapon can turn into any weapon to suit the user

However, he CAN be a little shit and decide to do something like make the weapon unbearable heavy

Or be a little shit and turn into a water gun

Headcanon: Nudity

Dut to being a doctor, seeing people in the nude doesn’t bother him at all, nor does it make him uncomfortable. He could have someone nude walk up to him and hug him, and it doesn’t even phase him at all. However, when it comes to seeing someone else in the nude, then it becomes a problem, and refuse to let anyone see him go around in anything less than without a shirt.

[11:09:46 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: I actually have like…a weird headcanon that if you actually asked Stein to draw you, he would but you would get a medical like drawing, IE you muscular system, or your skeletal system, or maybe a combination of both depending on how your build is
[11:10:53 PM] Saiga (Ferret): that would be epic
[11:11:44 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: And like….it wouldn’t look completely traditional, but he would actually study how your frame is and even manage to take an accurate guess on how your jaw might look, how a skull might look, or if you have broken bones and such, he’d draw in the “scar” for the bones too
[11:11:55 PM] Saiga (Ferret): holy shit sweet
[11:12:45 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: It’s the only thing he knows HOW to draw, but he can draw it pretty well
[11:13:22 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: The only thing he might ask is for someone to wear clothing that’s not…well, baggy so he can get the structure right, but other than that, he’s not gonna ask you to stand in the nude
[11:13:59 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: And since he’s a doctor, if someone told him what kind of break they had, he’d probably know how the bone would look and be able to draw it accurately
[11:16:37 PM] Dr. Franken Stein: But he’s that type that never shows nor tells anyone he draws so he really doesn’t get to do it

Headcanon: Sensitivity to energy

Due to Stein’s Soul Perception and what not, he actually is very sensitive to the energy’s around him. IE if something gives off a peaceful air, he’ll feel it, as well as if something gives off an unpleasant sense as well. He may not always show it, but he’ll always feel it and is rather sensitive to when something with harmful energies comes around him such as a person, an item, and so on. Thus, it also leads to the fact that although not religious, he is in fact rather spiritual. So if he gets distracted, sometimes it’s because of the fact he’s trying to understand the energies around him. It’s also why he doesn’t like to be in crowds for too long

Headcanon: Bass player

During his younger years, Stein actually used to play electric bass. It was suggested to him by Spirit when they were kids as Spirit had dreams of becoming a rock band. Thus, he would drag Stein along and suggested bass since Spirit himself wanted to be a guitar player. Of course, the idea didn’t last too long and quickly died off, the doctor dabbling with it before he soon became too busy to continue playing. He probably still could if he wanted to, but so far he hasn’t shown interests in picking it up again.