burn it down

This week was continuity clinic, which is usually my jam, but man. Man oh man. Am I ever tired of fighting about norco.

It’s not really a fight, because I have all of the power, and that feels shitty. I inherited a LOT of patients on inappropriate opioids, and of course those are the folks who show up every time I’m in clinic, because they want refills. At the beginning of the year, my strategy was to focus on building relationships and refill the opioids until the moment was right. I eventually figured out that there is no right moment, and I’m so over the negotiations, and this week I told my main preceptor, “fuck it, let’s just BURN IT DOWN.” If you don’t have cancer, you’re getting tapered off, NOW. Because FUCK IT. I don’t want to spend three years dealing with this shit! Buuuurrnn ittt dooownnnn.

Yes, I listen. Yes, I work on comprehensive pain management plans. But no, throwing a fit will not change the fact that I have murdered the Norco Fairy. I’m the Responsible Prescriber Troll and I have BURNED DOWN the Norco Fairy’s house and she is gone forever.

It is possible that I have kind of lost it. Thankfully, I am officially on vacation as of right now. It’s gonna be hard to come back.