Friendship in residency means:

Staring across the hall when you’re in clinic, silently screaming.

Snarky texts during lecture. Gifs mandatory.

Keeping each other company during call nights, long calls.

Reminding each other to eat, sleep, shower, and let go when you can’t.

Talking, venting, sharing patient stories, your stories (even when spouses and SOs look at all of you and are wondering why the hell you all love to talk about work even outside of work)

Being there to help the other during codes and when patients destabilize.

Helping out when the other is stressing.

Sharing snacks, buying food on call nights.

Making post-work plans to keep sane.

Sharing fellowship tips and ideas, supporting each other’s post-residency goals.

Offering tips and tricks before starting rotations or different clinics or approaching attendings and fellows.


I’ll be trying to combine some of my intern and residency posts for the incoming medblr interns as soon as I can, but I just wanted to start with this.  I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support of friends in my program and the medblr-sphere since letting them know I will be taking a week off to attend the funeral and care for my family. It’s meant a lot to me, considering that I’m usually a person who helps and doesn’t want to be helped. So please be there for each, especially during intern year. It’s hard and we don’t get anywhere alone.

What are other work-friendship things people do for each other?