cling on to each other for dear life

Prompt(s) 100!!!! (Part 1)

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 1. Person A and Person B go to the ice rink. Person A doesn’t know how to skate, so Person B tries to teach them. *que Person A clinging onto Person B for dear life* 

2. Person A wrapping Person B up into a blanket burrito before intensely tickling them. 

3. Person A and Person B cuddling next to each other by the fire place. There’s a movie playing in the background, but they’re too busy talking and daydreaming to pay attention. 

4. Person A and Person B’s fun time in the snow (snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, hot chocolate, warm cuddles). 

5. Smol Person A wearing Tol Person B’s coat when they go out in this freezing weather (don’t worry Person B has a lot of coats). 

Squad Goals

 1. Person A and Person B have a snowball fight, but this time with friends.

 2. Person A and Person B going on a double date with Person C and D. On their date, they see Person E, their friend/sibling/whatever, with Person F, so they decide to spy on them. 

3. Person C and Person D helping Person B think of a way of proposing to Person A. 

4. Person A and Person B have to take care of Person C, who has magically turned into a little kid for a day (or you can do something where Person A and B get turned into little kids and Person C has to take care of them). 

5. The Squad spends the holidays together. 


1. Person B up early to make breakfast for Person A. The breakfast actually turns out pretty nice (ha you probably thought they would burn it, didn’t you), but they can’t get themselves to wake the peacefully sleeping Person A, so they end up eating it themselves.

 2. Person A and Person B get into an intense tickle fight which ends up with Person B having a bloody nose from an accidental foot to the face.

 3. Person A gets a horrifying new haircut that they absolutely hate, but Person B loves it so much that they have their hair styled the same way. 

4. Person A wakes up to find Person B’s name tattooed across both their butt cheeks. 

5. Person B finds Person A groveling on the floor, crying. It’s because they stepped on a Lego. 


1. Person A breaks up with Person B close to the holiday season because they think Person A’s family would be more accepting of A if they weren’t with Person B. 

2. Person A waiting for Person B for hours at the airport. At first they think it’s a little delay due to weather, but then they see that B’s flight has landed and Person B is no where to be found. They get a phone call from a close friend telling them the news… 

3. Person A and Person B have a messy break up over some misunderstandings. By the time Person A realizes that their relationship shouldn’t have ended over something trivial, Person B has already moved on.

 4. Person A and Person B get into a devastating fight. In the heat of the moment, Person B pulls out a small box from their pocket; within it, there is an engagement ring. Person B gives it to A telling them that they don’t want it anymore…

 5. Person A and Person B are in a long distance relationship and don’t get to see each other often. Person A saves up enough money so they can go see Person B for the holidays; they keep their plan on the down low so they can surprise Person B.

 Fluff and Angst

 1. Person A has this amazing dream where their crush, Person B, asks them out. They wake up and realize that it was all just a dream.

 2. Person A is too shy to ask out Person B, so they ask their friend, Person C, to try to see if Person B likes them. Person A ends up asking out Person C, who happens to actually have a crush on Person A (crush-caption!!)

 3. Person A is too shy to ask out the social and friendly Person B and thinks they would never have a chance with them. In actuality, Person B has a major crush on Person A and can’t even hear the their own thoughts over the sound of their rapid heartbeat when Person A is around; they don’t ask A out due to fear of rejection. Person C, a mutual friend, notices and tries to get them together. 

4. Person A and Person B live busy lives where sometimes their schedules are opposite to each other. Unfortunately, the holiday season seems to be one of those times where their schedules don’t match up at all. Person A is a bit melancholy because they think that they’ll be spending Christmas (or whatever holiday it is) alone. Person B surprises them with a visit. 

5. Person A and Person B are getting married. On the day of the wedding, the weather bad (raining, snowing, etc) and Person A is upset because they think their wedding is ruined. Person B reassures them and they continue on with the ceremony, taking aesthetically poetic pictures even in horrible weather.

Team Seiseki on Horror Movie Night
  • Tsukushi: invested in the story and upset when someone dies, not scared but startled 99% of the time
  • Kazama: fell asleep during the opening credits and drooling on Tsukushi's shoulder
  • Mizuki: not scared but super-focused on the movie and eats all the popcorn
  • Usui: trying to get the kids to calm down and making sure to provide snacks for everyone
  • Ooshiba: brags about not being scared while holding onto Kimishita's sleeve for dear life
  • Kimishita: rolling his eyes at the bad special effects, trying and failing to get Ooshiba to let go of his sleeve while questioning his life choices
  • Haibara: yells at every moderately interesting development and scares the crap out of everyone more than the movie does
  • Inohara: calmly watches the movie and lets the others cling to him when they're scared
  • Kurusu, Nitobe and Shiratori: pretty scared, jump into each other's arms at the slightest jumpscare while gobbling down all the snacks
  • Nakijin: absolutely terrified, curled up into a ball and trying to cover his eyes and ears at the same time
  • Ubukata: has no idea what she's doing here and just wants to go home.

You know what I just realized? I much prefer to read/write/watch stories where a couple is fighting tooth and nail to stay together instead of getting together / breaking up / getting back together. Give me a literal avalanche of crap, with two people huddled beneath it, clinging to each other for dear life. Give me all the odds against them, all the reasons to give up on one another, and yet they still fight to hold on, still fight to be together. Give me two people falling ever deeper in love willing to battle the whole world if they have to just to stay together, not giving up when things get hard but using those hard moments to make their bond STRONGER.

I think that’s why I love Malec so much, because I can see that in them already. That “us against the world if it has to be” mentality. And they fight. And they push. And they say things they regret. But it’s all because of how deeply they care, how deeply they WILL care. And just. That’s the drama I want. I don’t need to see them break up. Ever. I want to see them use that energy, that fire, to hold onto one another like one of them is dangling off a cliff. Because let’s be honest, they’re going to come across a lot of cliffs.

sidon x teba tho

-they meet each other since they both helped link with the divine beasts and they’re kind of the successors to the champions

-teba’s like “is this guy for real” when he meets sidon, the flexing sparkly zora prince

-they take each other for rides

-but teba’s scared of water and sidon is scared of heights

-teba perches on top of sidon’s head as he swims but his wings cover sidon’s eyes

-sidon clings for dear life on teba’s back while flying (mainly through the rain)

-there’s so much screaming

-teba’s wife leaves him for harth, but teba’s cool with it, he has a shark bf

-said shark bf lovesssss his new little bird son

-worst parents ever

-they send weird christmas cards to link

-he burns them

dating baekhyun would include;

• but then his voice cracks and it’s hilarious

if he woke up first

• otherwise, you’d have decent mornings

• because he’s still clinging onto to you for dear life while asleep

• but you need to get up and shower and he still won’t let go

• “let me go

• "no”

• “i need to pee”

• “i don’t care”

• having ridiculous pet names for each other just for fun

• and it creeps out the other members

• “good morning bacon bunny boo!”

• baekhyun is always winking and smirking at you

• and the other members are always teasing you

• “ew hyung get a room!”

• if the members’ teasing isn’t enough, you two have each other to tease

• baekhyun pouting if you made fun of him

• but you sit in his lap and cuddle him and he’s suddenly okay

• eskimo kisses

• playing with his squishy face

• like pulling on his cheeks and lifting his eyelids

• we all know that sometimes baekhyun just won’t be quiet

• but your kisses will shut him up :))))

• and he’d also love skinship

• no matter what, he’s always got his hands on you

• if he has an early schedule, he’d leave random post it notes everywhere

• “don’t forget your phone!”

• “make sure to eat well!”

• “stay healthy jagi!”

• baking together

• but you both end up making a huge mess because you’re launching flour at each other

• and the cupcakes are burnt

• but in the end you had fun and there are flour handprints on your butt

• casual lazy nights with baekhyun

• they come with popcorn, cuddles and disney movies

• him yelling while talking to you

• even if you’re right next to him

• “jagiya! i love you!”

• “i know you do so shut up!”

• he’ll always remain loyal to you in your relationship

• “those other girls don’t mean anything to me because i have you”

• and he shows you his goofy smile

• having the deal with chanyeol stealing your boyfriend and your whole house

• like he’s just cleaning out your kitchen and hogging your couch

• using his voice to randomly seduce you

• except he’s saying stupid things like bubbles

• baekhyun would basically be the fun kind of boyfriend

• he loves you so much and he’s just trying to make the most out of your days

aigoo! this has been very long overdue! this would’ve been posted earlier, but writer’s block caught up to me (which is why this is quite short compared to the others). anyway, thank you to @zurakowalker​ for requesting this! I hope you enjoy! thank you

So I feel like when Dean and Cas cuddle (which isn’t every night; some nights they are content to hear each other breathe or feel the warmth of each other’s backs against their own,) it’s a very close, involved thing that involves a lot of spooning and holding the other tight and being almost sickeningly domestic about it.

But when Sam and Gabe “cuddle”, if you can call it that, it’s an every night affair that involves lazily sprawling out half on top of each other, limbs flopped across torsos, Gabriel drooling on Sam’s pillow, Sam tangling one leg into Gabriel’s space and twisting up the sheets and not caring. They sleepily shove each other over and usually Gabriel wakes up clinging to Sam’s nearest arm for dear life and Sam sometimes ends up with a nose full of the back of Gabriel’s T-shirt and more than once he’s rolled from side to back and taken Gabriel with him so they wake up stacked like pancakes.

They’re a mess and Dean will never understand it. He just wishes they’d wear more clothes so when the motel sheets inevitably get kicked to Gabriel’s corner of the bed, he doesn’t have to look at their strange attempts at sleep yoga.

so imagine the wall scene. neither of them move until their miraculous beeps and they really gotta go. chat detransforms (plagg finds Some Cheese) and lb whooshes to the window, but freezes when she hears adrien call her. she waits for him to come into view BUT. HER MIRACULOUS IS BEEPING AND SHE CANT HESITATE ANY LONGER so she grits her teeth and yoyos away —- but she detrabsforms as soon as she leaves the window pane. ofc theres terror. its like slow motion as adrien can see her mask dematerialize while she twists to call for help. suddenly mari is falling, and tikki is still in the virew of the window calling after her. the slow motion completely turns over and suddenly adrien is falling too, transforming in the air, barely managing to catch marinette before she hits the ground and pushing them back up to his window with his staff, where they cling to each other for dear life

and then chat whispers

“i knew youd fall for me eventually, princess.”

I still have a lot of feelings about endverse!Destiel and it’s been like five years. Like Dean babbling about supplies and croats while Cas drags him to bed because that’s really the only way to get him to relax for a night. And Dean getting up while Cas sleeps to try and hide all the pills even though he knows it won’t do any good. He just can’t survive losing both his brother and Cas too. So they hold onto each other even though Dean’s an alcoholic who sleeps with women in camp when Cas hurts him, and Cas is a drug addict who uses sex to keep Dean sane. It’s the physical connection where they communicate best. They’re destroying themselves from the inside out while simultaneously clinging to each other for dear life in Lucifer’s world.


Here is the first of 31 fics!! I hope you guys like the short Halloween drabbles I’m going to be posting and I hope you enjoy the party!  Have fun and be kind to each other! 


This was the most humiliated Jack had ever been in his life. He was officially done.  He was pretty sure his face was hot enough to light the tree he was clinging to for dear life on fire.

He had just wanted to prank his friend.  Wanted to get him back for some of the shit he had pulled but oh, no.  Jack had the pleasure of hanging from a tree in a Halloween costume that didn’t exactly show off his best side.

And naturally, the kindly old woman who was passing his tree that night just had to call the fire department.

Hey, maybe God himself would have pity on him and stop laughing long enough to open a wormhole for him to jump through.

Jack looked back down at the fireman who had been shouting up at him for the past five minutes and almost puked.  He clung tighter to the branch he was wrapped around and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Sir?” The fireman’s deep voice rang out in the night. “Can I ask you why I need to come get you out of a tree at three am?”

“I was trying to get back at a friend.  We’re in the middle of a prank war.  Does it fucking matter?  Get me down.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get that part.  But why are you dressed as a sexy witch though?”

“Just get me the fuck down!!” Jack shrieked.

“Alright, alright, let me get my ladder.”

Jack waited, his muscles clamping up from being locked in the same place for so long. He heard a sound beside him and found the edge of a ladder not too far off from where he was hanging.  But it was too far, there was no way Jack was going to reach that.

“Do you need me to come and get you?”

Jack swallowed what little was left of his pride and dignity and squeaked back that he needed some help.

The fireman climbed the ladder with expert speed and was practically in Jack’s face in moments.

Naturally, they had the send the hottest goddamn fireman on the planet.  Of course. There was no other way.

The man smiled and Jack almost felt a little woozy at all the blood that was flooding to his face.  Why couldn’t he have just stayed on the damn ground?

“Hi.”  He seemed perfectly at ease up in a towering tree, “My name’s Mark.  How about we get you down huh?  I’d love to hear the explanation for this.”

Jack would happily give him an explanation and good, yummy, fun things if he got him the fuck down from the tree.

Mark reached out with strong arms and plucked Jack from his position wrapped around the tree.  With no warning, the man threw Jack over his shoulder and began his decent back to the ground.

Jack, the lady that he was, tried desperately to pull down on the extremely short skirt he had squeezed into earlier in the day, but Mark firmly tapped his thigh, “Stop wiggling around before you throw us both off balance.”

Jack stopped moving and simply clung to Mark as the ground got closer and closer.  

When Mark finally stepped off the ladder and put Jack on his feet, Jack sunk down to place his butt securely on solid earth again.

Mark laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me! I almost died!”

Mark laughed harder, trying to apologize between breaths but only small syllables came out before a loud guffaw escaped again.

After recovering, he held out a hand for Jack, “Come on, it’s the end of my shift, I’m hungry, and I know a little all-night diner that would be happy to serve us.  You can tell me what happened.  Did your broom crash?  Did your black cat get stuck in a tree?”

Jack glared, but allowed himself to be pulled to his feet.

“Not that I’m complaining or anything.” Mark added as he eyed Jack up and down, “You’ve already got me under your spell.”

Jack groaned and Mark grinned.

You just know that the hug Dean and Cas share in the finale is going to be one of those hugs with Dean just hold onto Cas for dear life, barely able to believe Cas is back with him. His fingers digging into Cas’ back as he crushes Cas to his chest, needing to feel Cas living and breathing against him. Cas clings back just as tightly, burying his face into Dean’s neck, finally realizing that he is loved, that he is important, that he has somewhere he belongs. It’s just the two of them holding each other and finding comfort in each other.

How Klance should become canon:

Lance and Keith trapped in a room with the walls closing in slowly. They’re stuck, there’s no way out. Keith tries unsuccessfully to push against the wall as Lance looks frantically around the room for something like a button or a lever, anything that might stop it. Eventually they end up in the middle of the room, holding onto each other for dear life. In their last (so they think) moments all their feelings come pouring out. 

Lance confessing that he really never hated Keith and the “rivalry” was because he wanted to impress him. Keith admitting that he never really ignored Lance, he always noticed him and he just wanted Lance to think he was cool. 

There’s kissing and crying and frantic ‘I love you’s and they’re clinging tighter together and then all of a sudden they hear Pidge over their comms. 

Pidge: Stop sniveling, you idiots, you’re not gonna die.

That’s when they notice the walls are receding. 

Lance: Pidge? You saved us! How did you know we were in here?? How did you stop it?? Where are you??

Pidge: I just pushed a big button that said STOP WALLS. I’m in some sort of control room. There’s a video feed in here and I’ve been watching this whole time.

Keith: What do you mean ‘this whole time’? How long have you been there?

Pidge: Long enough to see you two losers confess your undying love for each other. *Followed by smooching noises*

Lance: So this whole time we thought we were goners you were in there enjoying the show!?

Pidge: You’re alive aren’t you? By the way I downloaded the feed. Wait till the others see this. 

In continuation of this (x)

What if Iwaizumi doesn’t kill the cockroach for them and instead he goes inside and proceeds to throw it outside to where the rest of the boys are standing and he locks himself in the clubroom from inside and he hears their screams.

Matsukawa bangs the door and yelling for Iwaizumi to open it

Oikawa and Hanamaki are clinging onto each other for dear life and Oikawa has managed to wrap his legs around Makki’s waist and arms strangling Makki’s head with Makki going “Oikawa I can’t breathe - I can’t see the fucking cockroach-

Yahaba and Kindaichi’s soul have left their bodies

Wincest is so amazing. 

It’s tiny arms carrying a little baby out of the fire. It’s Sammy’s first steps, straight towards Dean. It’s lonely nights curled up together on the backseat while Dad drives forever, and sweaty little boy hands clinging onto each other for dear life.

It’s endless, sizzling summers in endless crappy hotel rooms. It’s the ache of growing up with no where to belong except next to each other. It’s monsters in the dark and bloodstains and sleepless nights waiting for Dean and Dad to come home but what if they don’t what if they don’t.

It’s college applications and if you walk out that door don’t you ever come back. It’s the smell of smoke and the bitterness of loss and a brother in the seat next to him that would sell his soul for the only love he ever got to hold onto.

It’s fights and punches and blood in their mouths. It’s pushing away and pulling close and silent apologies and I love you’s that never get spoken but are heard just the same. It’s a love that stands unafraid in the face of hell, of demons, of death, of Satan himself. It’s fighting for each other to the end and even longer after that. It’s knowing all of the beautiful, terrible things that have been done, and loving each other anyway. 

Wincest is the most amazing love story I’ve ever heard.



Setting: Soldier AU

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: He’d never been more thankful for anyone in his life than the blonde beside next to him.

Silence. All he heard was silence.

The trees surrounding the abandoned building were still, as well as Natsu’s silent steps on the gravel road. They were only a contrast to the way his heart was beating loudly in his chest.

To say he was nervous was an understatement. This was his first solo mission to snoop the area of a newly evacuated area to see if there was anyone hiding, fearful of the army. Whenever he had done this with his squadron, they would always find pairs of siblings clinging on to each other for dear life scared that they were going to hurt them. His stomach fell at those mental images, they weren’t even old enough to know the difference between the good guys and the bad.

While his mind was thinking of his mission, his rapidly beating heart was thinking of something else. While he was physically alone, he was never alone mentally or soulfully. His blonde haired wife he’d left behind was there with him. The shear imagine of her smiling face put a slight grin on his lips, despite the life and death situation at hand. They both knew the risks of war and what could happen to him if something went astray… but Lucy understood Natsu’s wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps and supported him every step of the way.

Natsu’s grin grew a bit wider.

He was insanely in love with Lucy Dragneel.

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