cling on to each other for dear life

Domestic Victuuri absolutely kills me.

I just can’t stop thinking about different scenarios, like…

…Yuuri waking up to the sight of Viktor resting his cheek on his chest, his pale hair and eyelashes sparkling in the early morning light. He smiles softly, tracing one of Viktor’s pretty cheekbones lightly with the tip of his finger, so he won’t wake him up.

…Viktor and Yuuri helping each other cook, accompanied by the quiet sounds of vegetables being chopped and soup bubbling away on the stove. A gentle touch as Yuuri hands Viktor the measuring spoons, their fingers brushing shyly and their cheeks flushing at the glancing eye contact.

…Yuuri insisting that he’s fine, even after a long, hard day of training at the rink, but Viktor can tell how exhausted he is. He offers to do the dishes so Yuuri can take a nap, and Yuuri is so grateful for the rest. When he wakes up, Viktor tends to the cuts and bruises on his feet, planting a sweet kiss on the curve of his ankle. Yuuri then does the same for Viktor.

…Viktor getting an awful chest cold, and Yuuri nursing him back to health with medicine and tender touches. Viktor is just happy to lay his heavy head on Yuuri’s lap while Yuuri’s cool fingers sift through his hair. As he falls asleep, he isn’t positive, but he thinks he hears Yuuri singing to him softly, the cadence and lilt of Japanese caressing his ears.

…Viktor coming home to find Yuuri in the throes of an anxiety spell. He panics a little, but Yuuri just reaches for him desperately, so Viktor holds him close, whispering words of encouragement and love until Yuuri is able to calm down. They watch movies and snuggle for the rest of the day to help Yuuri feel better.

…Playing with Makkachin in a park, and getting ice cream at a street vendor. Viktor declares that kissing Yuuri tastes even sweeter when he’s eating ice cream, and it makes Yuuri blush a very pretty pink.

…Yuuri retreating to the couch the night of their first real fight. He tries to fall asleep, but can’t. Barely an hour after he leaves, Viktor kneels in front of the couch, timidly asking if Yuuri is okay. Yuuri wordlessly lifts the blanket in invitation, and they cling to each other, sniffling and whispering sad apologies. They vow to communicate better to avoid future fights.

…Viktor and Yuuri having a date night in a tiny, charming St. Petersburg cafe, hidden away from paparazzi, just enjoying being near each other. Yuuri makes Viktor laugh so hard that he nearly chokes on his wine, and worriedly pats him on the back while he recovers.

…The bedroom being filled with the sounds of labored panting, breathy, pleading moans, and wet, slick thrusting. Viktor’s lips on Yuuri’s damp neck, kissing him gently. Yuuri curling his fingers into the back of Viktor’s hair, clinging for dear life as they both helplessly shudder through orgasm. An impossibly soft, whispered “I love you”, and an even softer answer.

…Viktor watching Yuuri sleep afterward. His beautiful throat and shoulders are smudged with hickies, his strong brow is relaxed, and his long, dark eyelashes fan out on his smooth cheeks, still rosy from afterglow. A warm, content flutter of love rises in Viktor’s chest, because how in the world did he get so lucky?

…do you ever think about stuff like that?

Because I do.

Never Have I Ever - Part 2

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female reader 
Summary: Being interviewed by the most famous talk show host was totally new for you, and like always Ellen did her reputation justice, making you reveal something to the audience especially Sebastian seems to like.
Warning: smut, obviously ;) fingering, vaginal.. I’m bad at this

Part 1

Can anyone find the Hannah Montana related part? ;) 
Also, does anyone know where this gif is from?!?!?!

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Babysitters (M) ~ Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: You and your best friend,Park Chanyeol, is babysitting your younger sibling but Chanyeol has some side plans. 
A/N: I really wanted to write a smut but I didn’t think this was ideal for my first scenario. Plus this may be shit because it my first full smut Scenario besides a drabble smut I wrote before.
Genre: Smut.

You quietly tucked your sister into bed and tried not to wake her restless form from her sleep as you tip toed out of her bedroom and closed the bedroom door quietly behind you. Down the hallway in your bedroom, your best friend Chanyeol patiently but nervously sat on your bed, waiting for you. 

Once you entered your bedroom, you plopped yourself down beside him and pulled your laptop in between yourselves, “Sorry about that Chesseball” you sighed and ran your fingers through some loose strands of your hair. 

This didn’t go unnoticed by Chanyeol at all but just made him awkwardly shuffle in his spot; Really wanting to lean over, pull your face into his large hands and kiss you.

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if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader

word count: 1600 

warnings: self harm mention, self harm implication, self harm

prompt/request: “Can you please write an imagine where the reader is going to/already cutting them self and LMM comes over and stops them and then fluffy ending? Thanks!” from an anon. 

a/n: this is a really sensitive topic and im really scared to post this one because i don’t know if i did it right!!! if anyone has issues with it, i will take it down. the most important part of this fic is the end, after all. but, for anyone who is feeling these urges right now, this is for you. reminder that if you ever want to talk about your thoughts, and if youre ever not in a good place, im always here for you to talk to and i will help you through whatever i can! either way, enjoy <3

“Y/N, open up!”

Eyes widening, you placed a hand on the counter and began to pull yourself up from the bathroom floor. It weren’t normally here on Saturday nights – you were normally out at clubs or bars or sitting on your couch, watching TV and kicking it back. But it had been a rough couple of weeks, and when you arrived home from work, you found yourself collapsing onto the linoleum tiles and doing something you… well, doing something you promised yourself and everyone else you would try to stop doing a long time ago.

Let’s just say you broke that promise.

“Y/N?” Lin called as he continued to bang a fist on your front door.

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One Night - Warren x Reader SMUT SMUT SMUT

A/N: this just popped up into my head at the moment and I am not entirely sure if I should write more to this or not. Its unedited! This is super smutty and I don’t know if this is good since its like my first actual smut. It’s got like 1.6k words and is totally shit. Ummm let me know what you think!
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: cursing, smut obviously, unprotected sex.
Another night of partying was spent on you practically taking a few shots of cheap vodka that burnt all the way down and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Yet,somehow you’d find yourself sitting in the club and scoping out people you found attractive, male or female, because let’s face it everyone finds at least someone of the same gender attractive. Straight or not, you couldn’t deny that at one point every female pretended to be a lesbian for Ruby Rose. Simpler times.
You found yourself looking back at the bartender, giving her a small smile as she filled another shot glass for you and spoke up, “on the house”. She definitely wanted in your pants and if you got drunk enough,maybe you would. You smiled, lifting the small shot to your lips and let the fiery liquid make its way down your throat and it burning your nostrils. She smiled, her black hair pulled up in a right braid behind her and she was almost a “ plain Jane” to you. Kinda like Bella from twilight, maybe you’d find a… Your thoughts were almost halted by a half drunk blonde male wearing a black leather jacket, complete with the studs. That wasn’t what caught you off guard however. It was his huge magnificent white wings that were tucked by his sides as he drunken made his way near the bar. And god, you kinda got flustered as you averted yourself while he sat down in the empty stool next to you.
Being a non-mutant, you didn’t want to bombard him or make him feel like a freak but you did however catch when he ordered you one of those expensive fancy fruit drinks that somewhat sounded like “unicorn cloud” but you didn’t really know. The bartender snorted slightly but made the drink and slid it to you, it was kinda an awkward tension. She had been flirting shamelessly the whole night and now there was a giant man bird, who was very fucking attractive by the way, flirting with you or actually, bought you a drink. Not like you’d expect them to compete but you found yourself being drown in the more fancier drinks bombarded by the two. You couldn’t hold that much alcohol! “As much as I appreciate it, I’m more into having sex with males, don’t be offended, I just want to try new things” your voice finally sounded out, but it was a little slurred. Of course, offended, the bartender switched shifts to another woman. You hadn’t meant to hurt her.
After what seemed a long while, the blonde male beside you looked at you, licking across his plump lips with his tongue. “So, you wanna get out of here?” His accent filled the room, British, deep, husky. He was straight forward, but of course, Warren was, you just didn’t know that yet. Your cheeks got hot and you coughed before mustering a nod and a ‘yes’.
It wasn’t long until you found yourself being hoisted out of the club carefully, a short flight was taken and you were giving him directions to your place, and after a while, landed at the doorstep. “I’m Warren by the way” he mumbled, slurred as well. You barely heard him so you didn’t speak, just opened the door and was scooped up as he looked around and closed the door behind him by kicking his door back. He smirked down at you and pressed a hard, vodka tasting kiss to your lips. His green eyes were gleaming as you pointed to your bedroom. He walked - stumbled slightly - with you to the room before tossing you onto your bed.

The cold collision of the blankets to her back was enough to completely finish you off but you wouldn’t have it, that low cut dress in the back was a perfect little mistake and you didn’t want to seem weak just yet. Just by looks you thought he had great stamina. Your eyes glinted down at the boys mouth working between your legs as he shoved that skimpy little skirt up your hips and grazed his tongue over those pastel pink laced underwear, earning a groan to fall past your pink lips. Instantly, your hands tangled into the blonde mess of curls and you felt herself unravel so freaking easily, Warren’s wings were tucked around him, grazing your legs as he pushed those panties to the side. He didn’t even know your name and he was about to fuck you up.
He was obviously hard through his tight leather pants as you, a non mutant writhed and hissed at the contact of the cold air on your dripping wet core. He practically gasped at the sight, god it was so amazing! Warren dipped his head down again before pressing his tongue against her slit. She tasted great and soon enough, he was delving his tongue in and our of her, working his thumb on this beautiful strangers clit.
Meanwhile, you were looking down at him, a whimpering mess as you tugged softly on his full head of messy curls. Small begs and whines were calling out but Warren wouldn’t have it, you had to cum at least once before he got inside of that beautiful cunt. You watched as he pushed two digits inside to stretch you, scissoring and curling them simultaneously. It was enough to cause you to throw your head back and cry out, “god dammit, Warren!” Ironic much. That white hot coil between your legs was literally about to burst and warren just delved his face right back in, his nose brushing your clit in the process. You came undone at the sensation, your back arching and your hips raising from the bed as you shamelessly ground your hips into his face as you grunted and groaned, juices dripping down your thighs. Warren was quick to lick your mess up and popped his head up from your dripping core, your juices shining on his face as he smirked at your panting state.
He was very fast to situate his wings as he hovered over you, his jacket discarded and his chest showing, lined with scars as you wondered how they had gotten there, but that wasn’t your business was it? He chuckled, “like what you see,princess?” He hummed out slipping his leather pants off as he rid himself of his boxers. You tried to get a good look st why he had down in those pants but he was pressed against you now, talons hooked in your bed post to steady himself as he rubbed the head of his cock around you entrance before pressing his hips forward to mold his body against yours completely in one thrust. He was huge, stretching you further than any other one night stands had, and it burnt a little but to be honest about it all. He groaned loudly, tossing his head back as his Adams apple bobbed, a long strand of curse words falling from your lips next. You had gasped at his entrance of course, and was now clinging to his neck for dear life as he started a rough and steady rhythm of fucking in and out of you.
Warren watched your chest bounce with each collision of his hips to yours,and when he positioned himself and pistoned his hips deeper into you, you tightened your best against him, making him groan out loudly, the sound of your skin and both of your careless moans filling the room as he got as much pleasure as he could out of it. This boy could go for a while, and your legs were shaking, covered in a thin layer of sweat as both of your chest slid against each others easily. That’s when it happened, no warning, nothing. He came in hot spurts inside of you, and little to say, it would have a huge affect later on. Warren rode out his high, not really caring about yours, should he? No. You were just a one night stand would possibly force him to leave after you would call him a fucking freak the next morning. He pulled out and huffed, flopping down beside you as you made a “what the actual fuck” face.
Morning came and you were buried with his face in your chest, his blonde curls sprawling all over you and you blinked, sunlight in your face. Hungover,of course, but you did remember parts of what the blonde and you had done. He was half awake, you only knew this because he nipped at your breast before peeking up at you, grumbling a quick “morning” as he mentally prepared himself to be kicked out, but he wasn’t. Why would someone kick out someone as beautiful and magnificent as him, and after all, he didn’t spend a good amount of Money on you in the process to woo you! But, any male or female horny and needy enough would, right? You smiled, still a little agitated that you weren’t able to get off last night and you were possibly fertilized, you didn’t say anything other than “morning, my name’s (y/n) by the way” softly as you ran your fingers through his hair as you debated if you should go get an over the counter Plan B or not to be sure but damn, those little pills were expensive. Just one coated nearly $60 as you last recalled, but, yet again, you weren’t a baby killer, so you left it to fate, yet didn’t tell Warren you weren’t on birth control. Maybe, just maybe there wasn’t a tiny human growing inside of you…

Alien AUs
  • “Okay, I know I told you I’m an alien and everything but I swear to god if you try to get me to say ‘greetings earthling’ I will punch you. Of course no one says that! What is this an ‘80s film!”
  • There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien. 
  • “What am I if I fall in love with a being from a different planet? … No, i’m just wondering of course.”
  • “Uhm, hey, long story short I’m not from around here and there are people (with guns) chasing after me please please please let me hide in your house?” 
  • “I don’t know what would’ve been worse, me finding a bear in my kitchen at 4AM eating all my food or a cute alien eating all my food at 4AM.”
  • “Are all humans this cute?”
  • “I got hunted down and dragged out of hiding and now I’m in some scary lab (pretty sure I’m about to be dissected) but just before the operation this scientist came in to check everything was alright, wait what you’re unhooking me from the machine now we’re running away out of the science lab. man, maybe humans aren’t that shitty afterall.” 
  • “We crashlanded on Earth and despite being rivals we’re too scared to think straight and we keep clinging onto each other for dear life, oh god those humans think we’re a couple, quick you zogloid kiss me before they realise anythi— damn, you actually did it.”
  • “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and I can’t get over the fact how you’re so fixated on the screen and characters, omg you’re adorable.”
  • (Alternatively) “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and honestly I’m about to lose it because all you’ve been doing throughout the whole film is rant about how it’s so inaccurate and how that would never happen and watching you get so (adorably) angry about it is a lot more entertaining that watching the film.” 
  • “I was meant to only come to Earth to get information about humans so my race could figure out how to dominate the planet but I think I’m falling in love with my test subject, shit.”
  • “I don’t understand human emotions or motives but who the sparax made you cry I’m GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM — too much?”
  • “I was always taught that humans were really horrible creatures, but something must be wrong with your DNA because you’re the most adorable, funny human I’ve ever seen… did I say that outloud?”
  • “Dude, just because I come from a different planet doesn’t mean I can’t understand English. Yes this does mean I did understand that comment you made about my butt.”

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You know in December we all did our top 10 robron kisses lists? Well, we’ve had another 9 (yes?) kisses since then so why don’t we fill this miserable void time by doing it again?

01.  The Woolpack pre-SSW kiss, because it is hot af, and they’re all over each other, and for Robert it’s all “I can’t wait to marry you and do this forever”, but for Aaron it’s just his gorgeous horny boyfriend again and he’s so willing to just go with it. 

02. The SSW kiss in the woods, because that’s just a blissfully perfect scene, rounded off with a perfect kiss, and they just love each other so much.

03.  The Reunion kiss, because they’ve both waited so long and it’s so gentle and full of promise and it’s like they’re getting another first kiss, which is different but no less “them”.

04. The Wedding Dance kiss, because a) it’s in public, in front of their families and friends, and neither of them are remotely bothered or embarrassed by it, which says everything about how happy and content they are, and b) Robert reaches up to cup Aaron’s cheek and tries to deepen the kiss, 100% ready to just go for it right there in the middle of the pub, before they’re sadly interrupted by Chas. 

05. The Goodbye kiss, because it’s so quiet and soft and gentle, but there’s so much love and fear and need there. They’re just clinging onto each other for dear life.

06.  The Portacabin kiss, because they spent a whole day using farm work as foreplay and they knew as they were walking up there that as soon as the door closed behind them they were going to fuck, and Aaron is definitely in charge and Robert is so pleased and they’re so damn hot.

07. The Night-time Bar kiss, because even after one of the worst fights of their relationship and one of them ending up in a cell, they still look at each other like that. They’re both admitting that the only place they want to be is with each other.

08.  The Engagement kiss in the hospital, because they’re so happy and in love and engaged and everything is good in the world.

09.  The First kiss, because they’re so greedy for each other and they’ve been dancing around it for long enough and it’s like it can’t go another second without happening.

10. The Deleted Christmas kiss - so you may have noticed that most of these are not just one kiss, but two kisses and I will forever be annoyed that this one was deleted and that Charity got in the way of the second kiss because it sounds amazing. They love each other so much!

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Request: “Can you write something about Bucky based on the writing prompt "I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by”? Thanks!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx"

Summary: After the decision is made to put Bucky back in cryo, your whole world falls apart and you completely lose control. Will your broken pieces ever be put back together?

Word count: 2,047

Warnings: None

A/N: I ran away with this so prepare for the feels to hit hard. I am aware this is low-key trash.

Italics are used to represent flashbacks.


Originally posted by wintersthighs

“Y/N, it’s always such a pleasure to see you!” The strong, firm voice welcomed you as arms wrapped around your rigid figure. T'Challa had not always been a friend but as it now stood, he definitely wasn’t a foe.

“I’m sorry for not giving you any pre-warning, I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by.” You tried to make your voice sound comical, uplifting, you tried to make it sound like just being there didn’t rip your heart to pieces with every breath you inhaled and every step you took but, deep down you knew, you weren’t convincing anyone.

The worst thing being you had no choice, being away hurt even more - ever since they had chosen to freeze Bucky again you had been propelled at full force into a constant cycle of pain and destruction - Bucky was the love of your life, a love you would probably never see again.

“No problem, you’re always welcome. Stay for as long as you like!” T'Challa couldn’t help the sympathy that laced itself into his voice from showing, he always worried about how you were doing because it never seemed to be that you were doing okay.

As you watched T'Challa walk away, you suddenly forgot how to breathe. It always happened this way, every time you came here your body would undergo the same excruciating sequence. With every step closer to his body, your own grew colder than the ice that surrounded Bucky but your heart burned like fire as it pushed lava through your veins.

Steve had asked once to come with you. Personally, up until then, he’d always thought it was something you should do by yourself but once he was prompted by T'Challa of the fact that you had tried to use your skills as a pyrokinesis to melt the ice surrounding Bucky as well as nearly and unknowing setting aflame the whole city of Lagos - Steve thought it was time to intervene, time to help.

But, you didn’t want help. Not because you thought you didn’t need it, as you were well aware that you were spiralling out of control and therefore extremely dangerous, but because you were ignorant, selfish and madly in love with a man that had been snatched from your arms.

You and Bucky were the perfect team together, you kept each other sane. The presence of your smooth hair and soft skin at night kept Bucky’s nightmares at bay and, in the daytime, his electrifying eyes slowed the erratic beat of your heart. However, when Bucky was put in cryo, who was there to save you?

Your soul turned sour and your intentions were malicious, soon enough you were compromising missions and getting other people killed. You put your emotions and personal grudges before your vow to save the lives of the innocent and because of that, you had to go.

Soon enough you ended up taking a “vacation”, as Tony first called it, despite everyone knowing that it was because he had no idea how to deal with you anymore. No-one did.

You no longer were the Y/N they all knew and loved, you didn’t even know yourself anymore. So, your three-month vacation turned into a couple of years and you’d only recently returned to throw in the towel.

Pressing your trembling hands upon the glass that separated yourself from your lover, you let your tears run freely.

“Hey Bucky,” you whimpered, pausing slightly to wait for a reply you would never receive, “so I officially kicked myself off the team yesterday. I think they always knew if I ever came back it would be the last time they would see me but, none the less, hope radiated off their faces.”

Composing yourself you turned to knock on the door just as it flew open, taken back you quickly looked up and saw a security camera pointed straight in your direction. Of course, as soon as you entered the city, F.R.I.D.A.Y would follow your every step, she would know where you were heading before you even did yourself.

“Y/N?” A voice gasped. Looking into the doorway you saw tears already spewing from their eyes, a look of complete shock and confusion written upon their face as they battled between not touching you in case you disappeared and launching themselves on you in a hug.

“Hey Romanoff, looking good!” You chuckled, winking at her with your usual bubbly nature and, with that, she picked the latter, engulfing you in love, a feeling you hadn’t felt directed towards yourself in a long time.

“Y/N, you came at just the right time, everyone’s here and we were just making dinner, you can join us. Please sit next to me! I swear if Tony steals you away to show you his toys I will tackle him to the ground…” Standing there, watching her rant on about everything you missed, broke your heart into a million pieces and not wanting to forget the way it felt to have a best friend, you took everything in. The way sunlight made her auburn hair shine and her eyes sparkle, how her face constantly portrayed a look of control and reservation, she was sarcastic and, oh so, beautiful.

Breathing in her sexy aroma, shivers ran down your spine, it was something you had once been incredibly jealous of. Guys had always looked past you and straight to the beauty that now stood in front you, it had always made you upset until you met Bucky. Then, you were happy to have their eyes pass over you as you knew Bucky’s never would.

The rest of the evening was a blur as wide eyes and open arms greeted you - in an instant, everyone forgot the last couple of years and everything that caused the separation. No one asked questions, no one felt they needed to, you were back and you were safe - that was all that mattered.

“Steve was there, I don’t know why I was expecting him not to be or, maybe, I was just hoping that he wouldn’t be. Hoping that I wouldn’t have to put myself through the pain and realisation that I’d been forgiven by him but never by myself.”

The sound of Steve’s voice brought you back into reality as he stared in bewilderment at you from the other side of the room. With tears racing down his cheeks, he ran towards you, engulfed you in a hug and stifled your whimpers as you tried to apologise.

“The really fucked up thing is I want to go back. I want to watch shitty films on movie nights, I want to prank people with Peter, I want to paint my nails with Nat and I want to train with Steve. I want to hug him, I want to spend the rest of my days making it up to him and I want you to be there with me. I want to lie in your arms and kiss you good night-” By now, you weren’t technically even speaking English, it was more of a mixture between heart raking sobs and a few understandable syllables.

Taking a long, deep breath you composed yourself and continued.

“Tony gave me some gifts, I don’t think he could resist. They’re beautiful but dangerous, they remind me of you. Everything reminds me of you…”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y has been telling me all about your secret missions and I wanted to thank you by giving you a couple of ‘small’ gifts,” Tony said, with a smirk planted firmly on his face as he led you through the maze that was the Avengers main base.

“Tony,” you sighed, rolling your eyes, “you know I hate unnecessarily expensive presents.”

“Oh no, you’ll like these ones. Trust me!” Tony chuckled in return as he was reminded of all the times he tried to shower you in luxuries and all the times those luxuries were instantly returned back to the store.

You silently thanked Tony for respecting the fact you didn’t want to discuss the missions on which the gifts were to be used. You knew Tony often watched over you, your personal guardian angel, ready to call for backup if any was needed, hell, if you were in trouble he’d fly in there himself without a second thought. But he also knew the more personal side to the missions, every one directed at a Hydra base Bucky might have stayed in an effort to find information on how to reverse the curse Hydra had placed on him.

The next couple of hours were spent working with Tony as he modified the armour and weapons he had designed and made specifically for you. Each piece was as perfect as the other, you cringed at how long Tony must have worked on them for. Motivated by the hope that one day he would be able to give you them in person, that you would one day come back alive.

As if reading your mind, Tony let out a sob, a sob so full of pain and hurt it was like a million knives had been stabbed into your chest. Sitting down next to Tony you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn off the camera and joined in. It lasted for about half an hour; both of you clinging onto each other for dear life - Tony crying as he felt responsible for your departure and the imprisonment of Bucky, as you cried knowing eventually you’d have to leave all the happiness you’d felt the last couple of days behind you.

“Soon enough, my time was up and I said my last goodbyes. I was finally leaving for good.”

Taking a deep breath you knew it was time, you’d stayed for way too long already and if you stayed another day you felt like you would never leave.

It wasn’t fair to do that to the team, forcing them to constantly be on the edge of their seats, forcing them to constantly anticipate your departure. None of it was fair, you knew you hadn’t acted in the right way, turning up out of nowhere, interrupting the swing of things. You’d been selfish and you were about to be selfish again: break everyone’s heart another time.

“Vision,” you called out, “it’s time.”

Appearing from thin air, he entered the room with a solemn look on his face. “Y/N, I urge you to think about this, there must be another way, the only thing everyone wants is for you to be happy and safe. Your best chances to be those two things are here with us.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” You shouted, instantly sighing at the fact you’d accidentally and unnecessarily raised your voice, directing your anger at the one person who deserved it the least. Lowering it to almost a whisper, you looked down at your feet. “Vision, please ask everyone to meet in the common room in half an hour and, please, don’t make this harder than it already is.”

Once all your bags had been packed and gifts collected, you headed to your doom. Walking into the doors you found everyone gathered round the table; Sam and Nat were laughing with Cap about something or, more likely, laughing at Cap about something, Vision and Wanda sat together talking in hushed voices and Hawkeye joined Banner in a conversation about something way too complicated for this time in the morning. Searching for Tony, a hand enclosed around yours, giving it a squeeze. “You don’t have to do this, we can work something out,” Tony pleaded, without even looking, you could sense the tears building in his eyes.

Encapsulating him in a hug, you whispered in his ear, “Don’t lie to yourself, Tony. We both know I have no other choice.”

Silence fell as people noticed your presence and tension filled the air. Giving you one last squeeze, Tony kissed your cheek. “You always have a choice.”

“I hate it all so much because I want to go home but even more than that, I need you Bucky, I need you to come back to me,” With that, you finally, utterly and completely fell apart.

Moments later, arms wrapped around your figure - one inhumanly stronger than the other.

“Let’s go home, doll.”

A/N: Dun! Dun! DUNNNNNNN! Constructive crititism is appreciated!

Prompt(s) 100!!!! (Part 1)

(If you want to cite one of these prompts, just put Prompt 100: ____ # or just put Prompt 100 and copy the prompt). Thanks for joining me through 100 prompts! Also, last month this blog turned a year old (*゚∀゚*). Thanks so much for all the support. (This is split into two parts because I realized that I accidentally skipped a number when I was numbering the prompts). (Also after part 2 I’ll be fulfilling any requests. So sorry for the long wait).


 1. Person A and Person B go to the ice rink. Person A doesn’t know how to skate, so Person B tries to teach them. *que Person A clinging onto Person B for dear life* 

2. Person A wrapping Person B up into a blanket burrito before intensely tickling them. 

3. Person A and Person B cuddling next to each other by the fire place. There’s a movie playing in the background, but they’re too busy talking and daydreaming to pay attention. 

4. Person A and Person B’s fun time in the snow (snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, hot chocolate, warm cuddles). 

5. Smol Person A wearing Tol Person B’s coat when they go out in this freezing weather (don’t worry Person B has a lot of coats). 

Squad Goals

 1. Person A and Person B have a snowball fight, but this time with friends.

 2. Person A and Person B going on a double date with Person C and D. On their date, they see Person E, their friend/sibling/whatever, with Person F, so they decide to spy on them. 

3. Person C and Person D helping Person B think of a way of proposing to Person A. 

4. Person A and Person B have to take care of Person C, who has magically turned into a little kid for a day (or you can do something where Person A and B get turned into little kids and Person C has to take care of them). 

5. The Squad spends the holidays together. 


1. Person B up early to make breakfast for Person A. The breakfast actually turns out pretty nice (ha you probably thought they would burn it, didn’t you), but they can’t get themselves to wake the peacefully sleeping Person A, so they end up eating it themselves.

 2. Person A and Person B get into an intense tickle fight which ends up with Person B having a bloody nose from an accidental foot to the face.

 3. Person A gets a horrifying new haircut that they absolutely hate, but Person B loves it so much that they have their hair styled the same way. 

4. Person A wakes up to find Person B’s name tattooed across both their butt cheeks. 

5. Person B finds Person A groveling on the floor, crying. It’s because they stepped on a Lego. 


1. Person A breaks up with Person B close to the holiday season because they think Person A’s family would be more accepting of A if they weren’t with Person B. 

2. Person A waiting for Person B for hours at the airport. At first they think it’s a little delay due to weather, but then they see that B’s flight has landed and Person B is no where to be found. They get a phone call from a close friend telling them the news… 

3. Person A and Person B have a messy break up over some misunderstandings. By the time Person A realizes that their relationship shouldn’t have ended over something trivial, Person B has already moved on.

 4. Person A and Person B get into a devastating fight. In the heat of the moment, Person B pulls out a small box from their pocket; within it, there is an engagement ring. Person B gives it to A telling them that they don’t want it anymore…

 5. Person A and Person B are in a long distance relationship and don’t get to see each other often. Person A saves up enough money so they can go see Person B for the holidays; they keep their plan on the down low so they can surprise Person B.

 Fluff and Angst

 1. Person A has this amazing dream where their crush, Person B, asks them out. They wake up and realize that it was all just a dream.

 2. Person A is too shy to ask out Person B, so they ask their friend, Person C, to try to see if Person B likes them. Person A ends up asking out Person C, who happens to actually have a crush on Person A (crush-caption!!)

 3. Person A is too shy to ask out the social and friendly Person B and thinks they would never have a chance with them. In actuality, Person B has a major crush on Person A and can’t even hear the their own thoughts over the sound of their rapid heartbeat when Person A is around; they don’t ask A out due to fear of rejection. Person C, a mutual friend, notices and tries to get them together. 

4. Person A and Person B live busy lives where sometimes their schedules are opposite to each other. Unfortunately, the holiday season seems to be one of those times where their schedules don’t match up at all. Person A is a bit melancholy because they think that they’ll be spending Christmas (or whatever holiday it is) alone. Person B surprises them with a visit. 

5. Person A and Person B are getting married. On the day of the wedding, the weather bad (raining, snowing, etc) and Person A is upset because they think their wedding is ruined. Person B reassures them and they continue on with the ceremony, taking aesthetically poetic pictures even in horrible weather.

anonymous asked:

Would you do 1 or 45 for either clizzy or jimon?

45. pretending to hate each other au + jimon (warning: a little nsfw towards the end)

“No, are you fucking kidding me?” Simon exclaims. “Just because I’d rather watch Finn kick ass with Rey and Poe instead of fully grown men wearing inflated bell sleeve jerseys and fight over a pigskin bladder - “

Football.” Jace hisses. “A game filled with fucking strategy, which you’d know nothing about, Lewis - “

“That’s rich, coming from you, Mr. Doing Endless Bleacher Runs Without Showering and then coming to our Econ section and sitting in front of me like that, real good strategy - “

“That was once, you’re insufferable, my God - “

The two of them continue, their voices rising louder and louder. Clary and Izzy lean against the half-counter separating the kitchen and the living room of Magnus’ apartment, watching the argument with growing trepidation as the little party continues on behind them. 

“Are they always like this?” Magnus asks, frowning as he comes over. Jace and Simon seem completely unaware of the rest of them watching, pushing and shoving at each other as they get in each other’s faces, glaring so fiercely Clary’s afraid their faces will get stuck in the expression. 

“I’ve never seen Si this angry at someone before. Well, to their face.” She amends, sipping her drink. 

“Should we…step in?” Izzy asks, curling her arm around Clary’s waist and tilting her head thoughtfully. Magnus hums, slowly moving around the argument to grab something from his cabinet, making his way back to Izzy and Clary. 

“They seem fine.” He hedges, just as Jace pushes Simon hard enough that Simon’s back hits the fridge, rattling the magnets on the fridge door. Magnus raises an eyebrow in the ensuing silence - Alec got him most of those magnets - and they all watch warily as Simon’s eyes darken inscrutably. 

“I’m done here.” Simon grits out. “Magnus, thank you for hosting. I’ll text you guys.” He says, and then takes two steps and flees before Clary can say anything. She frowns, whirling on Jace, but he’s staring after Simon, his face similarly angry and his eyes dark. 

“I’m leaving too.” Jace decides, echoing Simon’s thank you to Magnus before he leaves too. 

“Where is he going? Don’t they live together?” Alec asks, materializing out of nowhere with Chairman Meow cradled in his arms, frowning. 

“I think we’d better check on them.” Magnus admits, and Clary and Izzy nod. “Ragnor, be a dear and watch the apartment for me while we make sure the boys didn’t kill each other.” 


Jace’s shirt flies across the room as Simon furiously kisses him, his lips urgent and demanding as he shoves Jace up onto his writing desk. 

“You took so long to come after me.” Simon whines as he scratches his nails down Jace’s back and bites at Jace’s ears just so. Jace moans on cue under him, his hips jerking upward as he clings to Simon for dear life. 

I wasn’t the one that stretched the argument on forever. Me, sweaty in class? That was the best - fuck, Simon - “ He gasps out as Simon works on a hickey right under Jace’s ear, swiping his tongue over the angry red mark on his skin. “I can’t hide that!” 

“Sorry.” Simon says, unrepentant,  breathing the words out against Jace’s ear before he drops to his knees and nuzzles at Jace’s thigh. “How fast can we make this?” 

Fast? Fuck you, I’m not fast.” Jace scowls, even as Simon laughs and presses open-mouthed kisses along the planes of Jace’s stomach, his fingers fumbling over Jace’s buckle. “Here, butterfingers.” 

“Rude, don’t say that to someone who’s about to suck your dick.” Simon chastises, tightening his hold on Jace’s waist and shifting up on his heels slightly to drag his tongue against one hardened nipple. Jace hums in encouragement, his hands shifting to anchor in Simon’s hair as Simon spends a moment kissing around Jace’s nipple, drawing varying degrees of moans out of him, before he pulls back and helps Jace shimmy his jeans off his hips. 

Jace tosses the jeans into a corner of their room and sits back, his eyes hungry and full of adoration as he stares at Simon, his lips lifted in a half smile. There’s a moment of stillness then, their lust abated as they just stare at each other, Simon’s fingers dipping below the waistband of Jace’s boxer-briefs and his mouth hovering so close to where Jace wants him, his eyes half-lidded and excited as he looks back at Jace, his grin wide and fond. 

“Alright?” Jace asks softly, and Simon hums his affirmation, leaning in to breathe lightly over the outline of Jace’s cock - 

A loud knock echoes through the room suddenly, the sound discordant enough to jar them both. Simon, in particular, displaying his particular brand of clumsiness, jerks forward, accidentally burying his face in Jace’s crotch, and Jace moans helplessly, slapping a hand over his mouth. 

“Are you guys actually fighting?” Izzy’s voice comes through the door, worried. “We’re coming in.”

“I’m gonna use my spare key.” Alec says, and Simon and Jace stare at each other in horror before Jace shoves Simon away and catapults into his bed, pulling the covers up to his chin while Simon, still fully clothed, whirls around and pretends to be leaning super casually against his desk. 

Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Clary all burst in, looking around like they expect Jace and Simon to be lying in a pool of blood. Simon regards them and lifts a hand in acknowledgement. 

“Heyyyyyy, guys.” He says as innocently as possible, smiling. Clary stares at him. 

“You’re not fighting.” She says, then pauses. “You’re not fighting?” 

“Nope.” Simon laughs nervously. “We’re just not talking to each other, you know how it is, we’re so angry - “ From the corner of his eyes he sees Jace shift guiltily in bed, the sheets slipping to reveal just his collarbone, and Simon is hit with a sudden wave of desire as he remembers that Jace is almost naked under there, hard and wanting, waiting for Simon to get his hands on him and wreck him - 

“Why did Jace shout?” Alec asks suspiciously, crossing his arms. Simon shrugs. 

“Bad dream.” He says, just as Jace blithely says “Stubbed my toe.” They stare at each other and sigh as Alec pauses, confused. 

“What?” Izzy asks. “That doesn’t make sense.” 

“Oh my God.” Magnus says suddenly. “Oh my - seriously? Can’t you two do anything normally?” He stares at the two of them, and Simon flushes, sneaking another glance at Jace, unable to help himself. 

“What is going on right now.” Clary says slowly as Magnus gestures helplessly between the two of them. 

“There’s the shirt.” Magnus says, pointing at Jace’s discarded shirt on the floor. “His pants are in that corner - like someone threw them - and Jace has a hickey he definitely didn’t have when he stormed out of my party. Three guesses to who gave it to him. Hint - his name starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘imon’.” 

“Oh God.” Alec says, looking nauseous as he looks at Jace. Simon flushes, because yeah, the hickey high up on Jace’s neck is fresh and bright, and maybe he wasn’t thinking clearly when he marked his secret boyfriend up. “Oh God.” 

Why pretend to hate each other. Ohhh, my eyes.” Clary groans, slapping a hand over Izzy’s eyes. “Look away babe, this is disgusting.”

“I don’t know.” Jace says softly, not looking at anyone but Simon. Simon swallows, swamped with sudden affection at the look in Jace’s eyes. “It was kind of fun. We just…wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little longer.” 

“If you want to sleep together, sleep together, no one is stopping you.” Izzy smirks, removing Clary’s hand. Jace shakes his head. 

“It’s not just that. We’re dating. I…really like him. More than I thought was - I’m in love with him.” Jace says, his voice still quiet, and there’s silence all around as everyone looks at them. Clary and Izzy are beaming now, Magnus is shaking his head and smiling, and Alec still looks vaguely unimpressed, if mildly less annoyed, which counts as ecstatic for him. “Babe,” Jace adds, “you gotta come over here. I can’t remove this sheet, and I really wanna kiss you right now - “

WAY more information than I wanted!” Alec bellows, all but pushing Magnus out of the room. “Great, good, we’ve got a party to get back to.” 

“Behave yourselves.” Magnus chirps happily as he leaves, and Clary and Izzy leave too, smirking at them. The door closes, and Simon finally crawls into bed with Jace. 

“You’re a menace.” He says softly, fondly, pressing his forehead to Jace’s. “I hate you so much.” He kisses Jace then, slowly, trying to make it mean something. 

“Hate you too.” Jace says happily, smiling as he pulls away, his hair falling in his face as he thumbs over Simon’s bottom lip. “You’re the worst.” 

“Right back at ya.” 


(Their wedding vows, five years later, consist of them lobbing increasingly creative insults at each other until Alec and Magnus threaten to sic doves on them if they don’t quit it and admit they love each other. They behave after that, but the silver bands on their fingers have ‘you’re the worst. my worst.’  engraved on them.)


A/N: This was an idea, submitted to me by @niall-lover120.  She asked me to flesh it out a bit and this is what I came up with.  Thanks for the submission, hope you like it!

Niall showed you the headlines in bed while he was thumbing through his phone. “NIALL HORAN AND WIFE MONICA BROWN ARE GETTING A DIVORCE!” “HORAN DIVORCE!  BATTLE FOR LITTLE MASON RAGES!”  You’d rolled your eyes and sighed.  “Must be a slow news day, huh?”  Niall tossed his phone to the side and laced his fingers together over his bare chest.  “Think Mason’s seen it?”  You turned over on your side and scooted over to share his pillow.  “I hope not.  I’ll email his teacher in the morning so she can keep an ear open for anything.”  Niall rolled on his side so your faces were nearly touching.  His eyes clouded over and a small frown pulled at his lips.  “S’fuckin’ ridiculous.  You shouldn’t have to be callin’ his school because the fuckin rag sheets are saying we’re fighting.”  Niall had started to curl in on himself, his shoulders hunching forward and his chin tucking into his chest.  You pried his hands apart and nestled yourself under his chin.  Pulling his arms around your own waist you sponged small kisses along his collar bones.  “Niall - I love you. But I’m not going down this road with you again. I knew what this life entailed when I married you. You have to stop blaming yourself. Because I guarantee you, you’re the only one who sees it that way.”  Niall didn’t have any words to respond with, only a deep sigh and a kiss pressed into your hair.

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Request: anon: Hi, I love your work, especially your Jaemin boyfriend headcanon. Because of that, would it be alright if I requested a boyfriend Chenle? Thank you so much and all the best of liuck for the future xxx

Genre: Floof

Warnings: Cuteness Overload // Slight Explicit Language

Author’s Note: Gender Neutral

This is purely based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

Originally posted by nakamotens

- LELE !!!!!! MY PRECIOUS BUN !!!!!!!!!!!!

- K let’s get right into it

- From the moment you met him you knew he was something special

- I mean this kid is all smiles and giggles

- It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him

- He’s the human embodiment of happiness

- He warms up to you instantly

- And you do, too

- Cause like,, it’s impossible not to when you’re that close to the actual sun

- Once it finally hits him that “”holy shit he has feelings for you””

- 10x more dolphin screeches giggling

- And suddenly everything you do makes him blush

- And I mean everything

- Sit by him on the couch? He’s blushing

- Say his name? A rosy tint instantly covers his cheeks

- If you so much as look at him !!!! His entire face is flushed

- And his “little crush” is no secret

- The entire dorm knows

- In fact everyone knows except for your dumbass

- So you know damn well that all of his hyungs are helping him sort out some kind brilliant plan to confess to you

- When in reality no one knows what the hell they’re talking about

- “I’VE GOT IT! We fake kidnap Y/N, and Chenle can swoop in, take us out, and rescu-”

- “Yuta, why the hell would we do that…”

- “He’s trying to confess, not scare the shit out of Y/N”

- They spend hours and hours arguing and ultimately getting nowhere

- So he decides to wing it

- The two of you are at the park just sittin on the swings

- You’re blabbing around somethin or other and he completely cuts you off

- “Y/N… Can I tell you something…?”

- You look over to see him fidgeting like a madman

- And he looks painfully uncomfortable

- “Yeah, Lele. Anything.”

- Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.DEEP BREATH.

- “Ivelikedyouforsuchalongtimeandiwantedtoknowifyoudgooutwithme”

- “…wut……”

- And after another 2-3 tries you’re finally able to understand him

- When you say yes he lets out this ear piercing cackle

- And all the families at the park start staring

- But he doesn’t give a shit !!!!

- The person of his dreams just agreed to go out with him !!!!!!

- Now onto dating life with Mr. Chenle

- For starters

- He asks you to make him ramen oN! THE! DAILY!

- “Chenle, it takes not even 5 minutes to make”

- “Which is exactly why you should make me some!!!!!!!”

- You seriously can’t say no to this kid

- It just doesn’t happen

- And every time you try he whips out the aegyo

- And no matter how cringy it may be you still give in

- Because it’s Chenle

- Sucker for skinship omg

- But don’t expect much of anything in front of his bandmates

- This smol baby is just too shy

- But when it’s just the two of you ???

- hA! Good luck getting him off of you

- He!! Loves!! Hugs!!

- He gives you back hugs literally every 5 minutes

- He likes to do this thing where he nuzzles his face into your neck

- And then takes your heart and stomps on it because he’s just too precious for this world

- Also !!! Loves !!! Kisses !!!!!

- He likes to hold your head with both hands and plant chaste kisses all over your face

- On the tip of your nose

- On your forehead

- On your cheek

- And finally, he gets to your lips

- He just barely presses his lips to yours

- Almost like he’s afraid that if he presses too hard he might break you

- When honestly its probably the other way around jus sayin,,,

- And EVERY! TIME! he pulls away from a kiss he bursts into a fit of laughter

- Not because it was bad

- But because the boy laughs at anything and everything

- Oooohh don’t get me started on cuddling,,,,

- He’s one of the youngest in NCT

- Which means he’s constantly babied

- SO when the two of you cuddle he likes to be the “big spoon”

- Ohh the irony,,,,

- But every once in a while

- Especially when work is getting to be too much for him

- He really just needs you to hold him

- Start running your fingers through his hair and he’s out like a light

- And this cutie

- He unconsciously clings to you in his sleep

- Like he’s afraid you’ll leave him if he didn’t hang onto you for dear life

- But c’mon

- Who in their right mind would leave such a precious baby

- All around your relationship is just soo lovey dovey and kinda sappy

- But it’s just your way of showing each other how much you truly care for one another (’:

anonymous asked:

Winchester!Sister headcanon for you and Sam dealing with Dean's death? Congrats btw hun x

Thank you so much! 💘

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

- You clinging onto Sam for dear life, as if you were scared that he would die and leave you too.

- Sam telling you that he won’t.

- You take a break from hunting for a little while.

- Always being there for each other, especially during your worse days.

- When the other needed space, you give it to them.

- Making sure the other doesn’t do anything stupid. You can’t do a lot if you’re both gone as well.

- Sam always keeping an eye on you, as if he’s worried you are going to crumble because of the grief. 

- You telling him to stop, that you’re not. He looks sad and you quickly apologize, realizing that you had snapped at him, but it was only because you’re so tired and sad.

- Waking up in the middle of the night by Sam screaming, because he has a nightmare. Getting out of bed, crawling into his to calm him down.

- Sometimes he just want to cling onto you for dear life too. You of course let him, and whisper comforting words, that you’re not going anywhere.

- Trying to get back into normal life, because you both feel like you need some normalcy in your lives.

- And after a while, when you’re ready, you begin talking about Dean, reminiscing. You look at old photos, remembering funny moments. 

- Promising and then reminding each other that you will get Dean back. And until then, you’re not going to stop thinking or talking about him. To never let the memory of him go away.

sweetchildhooddreams  asked:

okay so it's winter and aaron, who lives on a campus, pissed off, because "these morons will make MED students ill (and maybe even dead, who knows)". you can't stay warm — there is hella cold e v e r y w h e r e. aaron sleeps under two blackets and it doesn't help, therefore he asks for kevin's permission to move to him just for a winter (nah guys it's nothing like that kevin's flat is close to the campus and that's all yup of course). kevin says "yes". and now we've got to the gist of this(1/2)

au. kevin trying to clean up the ness as fast as he can (because there’s no way he may let a negative thought cross aaron’s mind) and aaron who firstly feels awkward, but then finding himself helping kevin with some housework, so that the flat becomes much more cosy for both of them. (2/2)

listen…..aaron is not a big guy. he gets cold. he wears fuzzy socks. kevin is dying. pining idiot boys ensue:

  • at first it’s kinda awkward bc aaron’s used to his lonely little med school dorm and now he’s bumming it on kevin’s couch 
  • kevin who he lived with all through college who suddenly has the most clean living space he’s ever seen??? kevin used to have stray history notes and precarious stacks of books and notebooks everywhere Who Is This New Kevin
  • well i’ll tell ya this is the kevin that stress cleans bc aaron is around constantly and now he knows how he takes his coffee, that he secretly loves flowery shampoo, that his hair gets messier the longer he studies from running his hands through it,,
    • kevin is Struggling™
  • i mean at least the dishes are always done
  • like theyre done at 2am when kevin is too busy thinking about how aaron is literally in the next room but hey. they’re getting done, ok??
  • anywho aaron is kinda stiff and weird about it all bc he doesn’t know like…what kind of boundaries there are? this isnt like college this is kevin’s living space and aaron knows how important his little single dorm is to him so he’s super worried about messing up kevin’s space
  • who am i kidding they’re both awkward kevin is an aware bisexual who thinks his crush is straight and aaron doesn’t think he’s worth anyone’s time (rip my heart)
  • but hey slowly they get used to it, they build a routine
  • and one day it’s especially cold like its. its stupidly cold. aaron is in two tshirts, long johns, a hoodie, a coat, and has sweatpants on over his jeans and he’s still fucking cold
  • kevin is offering to drive him to his morning lecture before practice so he doesn’t have to take the bus
  • its a testament to how bone deep chilly the boy is that he takes him up on his offer
  • little does he know a certain kevin day has A Plan
  • after lecture aaron is slowly putting his layers back on to face the walk to the bus stop so he can go home to kevin’s and curl up on the couch
  • but that plan comes to an ungraceful stop when aaron spots kevin walking??? into his near empty lecture hall???
    • aaron’s a bit shook
    • aaron runs into a desk 
    • kevin is amused
    • kevin gets a pencil to the head
    • kevin kinda deserved that
  • kevin knows that this is the only lecture aaron has today bc he usually leaves the rest of his day for studying
  • not today bitch
    • kevin: hey get in the car
    • aaron: …………………..why
    • kevin: just. get in the car. 
    • aaron: are we going back to yours?? ????
    • kevin: haha..yea? of course?? where else would we???? go ? ha. haha. ahem. 
  • they do not go back home to kevin’s
  • they go ice skating
  • aaron is unamused at first but it quickly turns to amused panic bc neither of them know how to skate. at all. 
  • there is so much falling and just genuine laughing at each other and the amount of times aaron just takes kevin out at the knees while he himself is falling is ridiculous
  • pls imagine 5ft aaron and 6′2″ kevin clinging to each other for dear life while children zip past them, openly laughing at them
  • they are literally just drifting around the ice getting kids to push them a little here and there so they don’t come to a stop
  • they go back home to kevin’s………..possibly………..holdin hands
  • scandalous i know
  • from then on kevin loosens up, so does aaron
  • the apartment is covered in their respective notes, varying from old primary documents to medical journal scans to playbooks
  • i guess you could say that trip to the ice rink was an… breaker
    • im sorry
  • and slowly but surely aaron spends more and more time there despite spring coming up and his cold dorm no longer being a problem
  • so inevitably they stop pretending they don’t live together
  • aaron no longer sleeps on the couch
  • he moves all his stuff from his dorm to kevin’s home.

BLUE MOON PARALLEL STORY: Learning how to share

None of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it) | Take out pictures with full credits | DO NOT REMOVE THE CAPTIONS

Tags: NSFW / + 18 / smut / angst / I guess some fluff too / polyamory / unconventional relationship / blood / bloody sex / AU / vampires / werewolves / ‘threesome’ / oral sex / Namjoon’s POV + Narrator’s POV /
Featuring: Namjoon (Rap Monster), Yoongi (Suga) and Jin, BTS.
Writer: CL
Word count: 2,3k.
Comments: This is a parallel story that originally was between parts 1 and 2.

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.


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cersei x jaime and briemund shippers clinging on to each other for dear life

both desperately relying on pre-season 7 propaganda

in hopes that will stop brienne and jaime from ever getting together. lmao

got to have some fun while it lasts no?

because they know that’s all they have at the moment but when the season starts and ends they’ll have nothing.

no wonder the stench of fear is strong among them or it could just be b.o. idk

they’re running on their last tank of gas

how fun

but I still like tormund

Team Seiseki on Horror Movie Night
  • Tsukushi: invested in the story and upset when someone dies, not scared but startled 99% of the time
  • Kazama: fell asleep during the opening credits and drooling on Tsukushi's shoulder
  • Mizuki: not scared but super-focused on the movie and eats all the popcorn
  • Usui: trying to get the kids to calm down and making sure to provide snacks for everyone
  • Ooshiba: brags about not being scared while holding onto Kimishita's sleeve for dear life
  • Kimishita: rolling his eyes at the bad special effects, trying and failing to get Ooshiba to let go of his sleeve while questioning his life choices
  • Haibara: yells at every moderately interesting development and scares the crap out of everyone more than the movie does
  • Inohara: calmly watches the movie and lets the others cling to him when they're scared
  • Kurusu, Nitobe and Shiratori: pretty scared, jump into each other's arms at the slightest jumpscare while gobbling down all the snacks
  • Nakijin: absolutely terrified, curled up into a ball and trying to cover his eyes and ears at the same time
  • Ubukata: has no idea what she's doing here and just wants to go home.