Foggy Trees by Josh
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Trees in the clouds just before entering the Tin Pan Gap


Phantom of the Opera Romanian Production - Promo Clips

Since the Romanian production has gotten some attention, and since people are wondering about some of the scenes there, I thought it was time to re-upload this collection of promotional clips from the production. Note: These were uploaded on YouTube but taken down for unknown reasons; I have simply re-uploaded them.

Starring: Adrian Nour, Irina Baianţ, and Florin Ristei; 2015; Bucharest, Romania

For another video with interviews and some more footage, see here.

I’ve got more friends than I’ve had hot dinners

Some of them are losers, but the rest of them are winners

Rick, John, Sally, a connection named Paul

Only low on money, their intentions are tall

We smoke and talk in my room and we dig everything

Dig…cause I dig everything -

dig everything

Oh yeah

273. I DIG EVERYTHING - (unreleased in 1966) released in Toy, 2001

OKAY it’s bedtime and i’m going to bed BUT i just had to do a quick scribble of @lazyartistwastaken‘s gorgeous new trandoshan dude!! *-*

Hi guys! I’m bored and looking for a roleplay buddy. I’m down for these fandoms:
-Dan and Phil
-Until Dawn
-Steven Universe
-Life is Strange
And ocs are completely welcome! I’m bisexual, female and I’m down for anything from fluff to smut to angst.

Message me if interested!

thehipsterwhisperer  asked:

Hey. It's your birthday. I'm so incredibly happy that this is the 4th birthday I've been able to spend with you as your girlfriend. You are so sweet, smart, talented, and driven. I love being around you. you make me want to be a better person. I'm thankful that we live together because I get to take care of you every day. And you're adorable. On your birthday I'm saying, thank you for being the best gift I could ever get. I hope I make you feel as special and loved as you make me. Happy birthday

what the fuck,,,, who,,,what kinda nerd would fall for all this sap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, honestly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how embarrassing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, <3333333

Sam Sudden-Wheatley on one of our most shot climbs, 3 Pocket Slab. Always appreciate and admire how committed Sam is to climbing, and opencrag. Sadly I couldn’t take a better picture of Sams Debut but I think this is still my favorite shot of 3 pocket slab. 

We got 2 new comers out on the weekend, Sam (The fella pictured) and Marcus, he’ll appear in the coming pictures. But its always amazing talking to people after their fisrt time outdoors. I feel like their climbing just skyrockets, simply because of how much their head game jumps up. 

I’ve always thought that until along the lines of like V6 usually, technique and commitment can see your way up the grades. Strength usually follows in due course. I’m hoping to hear more from you guys out there, it’s been amazing making new friends and meeting new people!


Killer video of Jimmy Chin climbing up to ski down!! #outdoors #amazing #outdoorlife #mountains #mountainlife #skiing #climbing #climbingmountains #snow #fitnessinspiration #motivated

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a hylian girl looks out her back window. the hero of time is out there, behind the shed, screaming and hitting a box with a dismembered skeleton arm. the box shatters, and he scrambles to gather all the scattered apples into his bag. then he takes down his manbun to tie a bandana around his head, and takes a flying leap at a flat and featureless cliff. he climbs. fifty feet up, he stops and shoves a fish into his mouth. “there he goes,” her mother says. “he’s going to save us all.”

why do i keep seeing posts about Pidge struggling to reach things on high shelves… have you never met a short person… we’re masters at climbing up things and coming up with inventive ways to reach high shelves like are you kidding me with this