climbing over castles

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How about Genji having an s/o before he was murdered and Roadhog having one way back before Australia's outback became a hell scape. S/o beloved there dead but they meet again and s/o wants to be with them again cause they still care for them.

sure thing! careful, both of them are kind of long since it’s a lot to put in. >u<

all under the cut~

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when baby zen gets upset with mondatta he runs to the green boy's hair house and tackles him to cry in his arms, totally interrupting anything he's doing

thats ok bc green boy is always ready to slack off on hw and he cheers zenyatta up by planning pranks to pull on HIS big bro and they escape hanzo’s indignant squawking by climbing all over the shimada castle walls and chasing hanamura strays

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Beckett's twisted ankle

Three Words Prompt #74 (Season 8 spoilers)


“Crutches are killing me,” she muttered.

Castle watched her rub under her arm, wincing, and he stopped taking no for an answer. He leaned in and scooped up his wife, knocking aside the crutches so she couldn’t use them even if she wanted to.

“Castle,” she whined in his ear.

“You’re rubbing yourself raw on those crutches,” he told her, striding through the open door and into the living room. 

“But your knee-”

“It’s fine,” he gritted out. It wasn’t fine, but he could carry his wife to the couch. He lowered her as gently as he could, her leg lifted high to keep her ankle from knocking into the furniture. When she was settled, she laid her hand on his shoulder and he let himself stay there, catching his breath.

“It’s not fine,” she murmured, leaning in to kiss him. “But thank you. I’ll - wrap towels around the tops and hopefully pad it for tomorrow.”

“We’ll figure something out,” he said, patting her knee. “What do you need? Ice cream? Chocolate? Cheese in a can-”

She wrinkled her nose. “What am I - four? No, just get me the pain reliever and some water, and I’ll be fine. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

“Sure it doesn’t. I’ll get the ice packs too. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, ha, ha, you’re so funny.”

He flashed her a grin as he stood, felt his knee protest and ignored it again. He hurried into the kitchen and grabbed what she needed, piled it all on a tray, came back to her on the couch with an assortment of things.

Kate had fit a decorative pillow under her foot, but he didn’t miss the wince on her face or how gingerly she reached for the glass of water on the tray. She took the pain reliever, tossing it back, handed him the glass again, ignoring the rest of the goodies he’d collected for her.

He settled the tray on the coffee table and eased himself onto the narrow space beside her hip. She tried to shift, and he put a hand out to stop her, keep her there.

“No, I’m good. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“Shut up,” she muttered. But she leaned her head against his shoulder and he wriggled back into the couch, going slowly so he wouldn’t jostle her foot. 

He wrapped his arm around her, combed his fingers through her hair. “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, Castle.” She patted his knee as if in dismissal, but then she dropped her hand - and the act - and traced circles on his patella. “I’m tired.”

“Nap, if you like. I’m a good pillow.”

“You are,” she murmured, shifting again for a better position.

He lifted his arm until she had settled again, this time with her back to his chest, and he squirmed a little to give them both some room. She dropped her hands on top of his forearm, stroking.

“Thanks, Castle. Be better tomorrow.”

“It’s fine, fine,” he murmured, kissing the top of her head. “You don’t have to be anything at all. Just stay right here.”


Kate woke, groggy and out of sync, licked her lips and pressed a hand to her head. She groaned when she shifted, forgetting about her ankle, only to open her eyes and catch the morning sunlight on her face.

“Hey, stay right there,” a voice came. The mattress bounced as he left, but she obeyed, not moving, not sure she could. Her ankle was killing her.

Her ankle was seriously killing her.

“Castle, can you get me some water?”

“Coming, coming, hold on. Be right there.” 

A rush of noise and movement, and she burrowed her head into the pillow.


She dragged her eyes open again, sensing a kind of waiting expectancy, and found Castle standing at her side of the bed, a box in his hands.

“I got you something.”

“Water?” she said hopefully.

“Uh…” He lifted a finger and settled the box on the bed, reached out and took her empty glass from the night stand. “Hold that thought. Don’t open it yet. I gotta explain.”

While he was gone, she planted her fists into the mattress and pushed herself up against the head of the bed, trying to keep her foot elevated. She’d had it outside the covers all night and her toes were freezing, but her ankle was burning up.

The box was rather large. She wasn’t afraid exactly, but she did wonder.

“Okay, here you go. And pills. Your ankle looks more swollen now than it did yesterday.”

She took the water from him, swishing it around in her mouth first, swallowing it to clean out the sock taste. When she turned to him and took the pills, Castle climbed over her and into bed at her side, tapped the box.

“Open it. It’s good. Promise.”

She downed the pills and the whole glass of water, feeling a little better for it, but she wasn’t looking forward to crutching it into work today. Yesterday afternoon on those things had left bruises at her ribs and armpits that still ached.

“What’d you do, Castle?” But she knew she said it only to fulfill some kind of script, that this was what they did. She pulled the floppy white bow on the gift box and removed the lid, peeking inside. “I… don’t know what this is.”

He chuckled and reached in, removing what looked to be like two stuffed animals. Elephants. 


“They’re armpit pads!”

She groaned, laughing as he stuck his hand into the guts of one of the elephants, wearing it on his fist. “Castle,” she said, feeling petulant.

“No, seriously, they work. You fit them on over the crutch pads.”

She pressed her lips together and reached for the neglected elephant, fit her own fist into the belly of the beast. It would slide right over the crutch and fit up under her arm. 

And yesterday had hurt so much that she just might have to do it. Wear elephants to work on her crutches. Floppy stuffed animals. 

Was this what it had come to?

“Or you could just not go,” he murmured, leaning in to nuzzle against her cheek. She shivered and caught the side of his face, but he kissed her neck and it was like an electric current. “Stay here with me. We’ll both call in sick.”

“Castle,” she murmured. What was in those pain killers? She was buzzing and lethargic at the same time. The touch of his mouth was like ice, cool and clever and drugging. “Okay, okay, where’s my phone?”

He gave a victory whoop and kissed her hard, rattling the bed as he reached past her for her phone. She winced and endured it, took the phone from him.

She owed him.

“This will be so much fun,” he crowed. “I’ll make breakfast, anything you want. And we can watch Temptation Lane or Nebula 9 on the big tv in the study and I’ll carry you around everywhere.”

He ran off to get breakfast started, and she cradled her phone in her lap, her chest tight with the ways he loved her. Loved her still.


Knight With No Armor (Jackson) Part 1/?

PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Genre: Fluff (I guess, man I just write.)

Length: 2404

Warnings: None

Princes! Reader Peasant! Jackson

You sit in front of your mirror while one of the castle servants combed your hair. 

“It’s fine Miss Lacey I can do my hair myself” You insisted. 

“No, I must do as ordered, your grace.”

Miss Lacey was about a year or two older than you are, you guys had no choice but to be close. You guys never talked as friends only as polite acquaintances, well you to her it was. For her it was sadly her job to take orders from you and your family and some of the special workers of your family.

“Well I am ordering you let me do my own hair.” You said unconvincingly, you didn’t really like ordering any one around. It wasn’t in your nature, surprisingly. Since you are the princess.

“No can do, your grace. I was ordered by the queen.”

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