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The Unblessed - Part 3


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Summary: Everybody knows to stay away from the forest, where the Seelie and Unseelie courts remain as a permanent danger to humans. But when the people in your village begin to starve and you face a dangerous journey to the land of the fae, you never think of the consequences it may bring… Until the Prince of Winter himself sets his eyes on you.

Warnings: Explicit smut, NSFW, mentions of violence. 

Word count: 5188

A.N: Yes, this is my first smut ever, and yes, this series has apparently consumed my soul. Please, PLEASE let me know what you think… Enjoy!
As usual, dedicated to the wonderful Ella @buckysinthesinbin for encouraging me at every step of the way when all I wanted to do was spontaneously combust and for being an awesome friend. Here’s to burning in hell together.

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Home, it turns out, is a vast palace that belongs to the winter court. You keep slipping in and out of consciousness, so determining the exact location of the place is impossible, but once the fae passes a giant set of doors you’re welcomed by a warm wind and the sound of people talking.

The place is crawling with fae, tall beautiful creatures with flawless skin and perfect features that seem to float around the place rather than walk, bodies moving gracefully over the marble floors. There’s one detail though, something that makes the beauty shatter once you pay attention for too long, when their faces morph into masks of disgust and rosebud eyes glare at you from all directions, the fair folk snarling at you with teeth like thorns.

You feel yourself being carried through various halls, climbing stairs, doors opening and closing behind you until you end up in a large bedroom, where your companion places you on the bed and turns around without a second look, closing the door behind him and leaving you alone.

Almost immediately, you sit up on the bed, scanning the room for any object that can get you out of there, to no avail, choosing to rummage through the drawers  of the bedside table instead, hoping to find a way out or at least a weapon, your mind just registering that you’ve been brought right into the lion’s den.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” The male voice coming from behind you makes you jump, your entire body tensing as you turn around slowly, hoping to find a fae ready to snap you in half, but instead, your eyes find a pair of sky blue eyes hidden under blonde strands of hair, looking at you with a mix of curiosity and amusement. What’s more interesting, the air doesn’t change around him, and even though there is an ethereal feel about this man, his eyes don’t spark and his skin doesn’t glisten, and his smile is as warm as the summer that’s just vanished.

He’s a human.

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Fred x LeStrange!Reader

Requested by Anon

Your friendship with the Weaslys was an odd one that your cousin Draco didn’t understand and your mother most certainly didn’t approve but somehow you managed to keep hold of your friendship, becoming close with Ginny and the twins.

“Are you excited?” Fred asked as you sat cross legged on the seat opposite the twins.

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Love Drunk

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for a lovely anon.

Prompts: “Meet me there midnight.” and “Stop! Someone will hear us!” and “What happened last night?”


Imagine during the celebration after his coronation, a drunk Bard announces his love for you and his intention to make you his queen, when you try to make him retire to his chambers, he peppers you with sloppy kisses before passing out.

You lifted your head as another roar came from the table across the front of the banquet hall. It was not often that Bard laughed so loudly or earnestly, but this night, he seemed uncharacteristically jolly. Earlier that day, he had seemed to dread his own crowning and yet here he was, drowning in mirth among men he despised.

You chewed your lip as you watched him curiously and the epiphany washed over you as you saw the hiccup. His chest leapt suddenly and his laughter, for a brief second, was interrupted by a small gasp. He was drunk! You allowed yourself a muted chuckle as you watched him knowingly. He was unsteady, even sitting down, and he appeared to find even his own breath comical.

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Climbing Class - Chris x Fem! Reader

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“Have you seen the new girl yet?

Chris turns around to look at his best friend, while he shakes his head slowly. "No, but I’m sure you already flirted with her, right?”, he replies as a slight smile on Josh lips appears. Chris can already see the answer in his eyes. Josh puts his arm around his shoulder friendly. “Yes, but she wasn’t really interested.”
“Are you two talking about (Y/N)?”, Mike joins the conversation with Matt by his side. Josh just nods in agreement. “I saw her in the sports hall. This girl is hot as hell. Especially when she climbs up a rope”, Mike can’t hold back the smile. Matt pushes his elbows playfully into Mike’s ribs, “She isn’t a piece of meat”. His friend rolls his eyes sighing.
“Come on, Matt. You looked at her ass like me. Hell, like all the guys in the trainings hall”, Mike says mocking, while Matt starts to blush. He didn’t mean to look at your backside, but his “manliness” won this fight. Josh chuckles a brief moment about his reaction. The only one who doesn’t know what to say is Chris. “What are you thinking?”, Mike looks at the blond geek.
“He hasn’t seen (Y/N) yet, but I’m sure she’s going to blow his mind”, Josh answers for his best friend smiling like a little boy. Matching to his words someone comes out of the class right in front of them. It’s like a punch into Chris’ face, but in a good way. Mike and Josh exchange a glance. They know what’s going on.
The way you throw your hair over your shoulder makes his knees weak like the slight smile on your lips. Chris can’t take his eyes off of you, while you make your way towards him. “Hey, sexy lady!”, Mike greets you grinning and winks at you. Without a word you ignore his statement.
“Hey, I’m (Y/N)”, you introduce yourself to the unknown blond guy who’s still staring at you. Josh pushes his elbow into his ribs to snap him out of his thoughts. “What? Uh… Chris! Nice to meet you”, he starts to ramble with a red face. “I told you! Blows his mind”, Josh gives Mike a high-five, before they leave Chris and you alone. “So… That’s awkward now. I feel like an unicorn. Everyone is staring at me”, you exclaim sighing.
Chris doesn’t know why, but he wants to stroke your head softly to comfort you. “Don’t do it! You don’t even know her! … But she seems so sad”, he talks to himself in his head, but still doesn’t know what to do. “Hey, are you alright? Sorry for bothering you with my … thoughts”, you misunderstand why he remains quiet. Surprised he grabs your arm to stop you before you can walk away.
“Sorry, I was just thinking about something”, the slight smile on your lips comes back. “About what?”, you tilt your head a little bit. Panic fills Chris from his head to his toes, because he doesn’t want to scare you away. The feeling of butterflies in his stomach is just overwhelming. “Uh… Climbing”, he remembers that Josh talked about this a little bit earlier.
The smile on your lips widens immediately. “Really? I love to climb! We could go to the sports hall and climb together”, you exclaim happy that you found someone who has the same hobby. Really excited you grab his hand and start to drag him into the direction of the sports hall. That’s the moment where Chris realizes he f*cked up…

“I thought I’m the only one who loves to climb”, you say between your deep breaths, while you sit down on the floor. Chris only nods in agreement. His head is still searching for a good excuse to run away like a coward. At least he had a nice view from below, while you were climbing.
“Now it’s your turn, Chris”, you snap him out of his thoughts about your perfect body. He looks at the climbing wall as his brain just gives up. There is no chance he would get out of this situation without embarrassing himself in front of you. Chris turns around to look at you for the last time maybe. In the next few minutes you will run out of the sports hall laughing about him. He can feel it.
The faked smile on his lips fades away, when he faces the wall. “Chris? Do you really want to climb?”, you ask him worried. Your blond friend is acting weird like he hides something from you. Without an answer Chris tries to climb up the wall, but fails after a few seconds.
Of course you try to hide the big smile on your lips as he stands up from the ground rubbing his backside. “It’s alright. Laugh already”, Chris looks at his shoes embarrassed that he made a fool out of himself. Sighing you stand from the ground and make your way towards him. At least his back is facing you so you wouldn’t see his red face.
Softly you hug him from behind to comfort him. “Josh told me that you are a terrible climber. It was just cute how you’ve tried to impress me”, you tell him the truth. Chris turns his head a little bit to look at you. “I’m going to kill him… I made a fool out of myself”, he replies still mad at himself.
“Maybe a little bit, but it makes you so cute. To be honest climbing isn’t my favorite hobby. I love video games more than anything”, you admit smiling, while Chris spins around to stare at you. “What? Oh my god! You are sent from heaven!”, he couldn’t believe his god damn luck. His statement makes you blush.
Suddenly a bit shy you push him playfully, “That’s a bit too dramatic, right?” Chris can’t take his eyes off of you, while he grins like a boy. “No, not really. Uh…”, his brain and his heart are arguing right now what he should do. Without a further word Chris leans forward and presses his lips against yours.
“Woah, Cochise!”, a familiar voice ruins the romantic moment. The two of you break apart with red faces. Mike wiggles his eyebrows and whistles matching to the situation. “I see you later”, you wink at Chris as you grab your things and leave the boys alone. “You two owe me five bucks”, Josh says to Mike and Matt. The smile on his lips almost reaches from one ear to the another one. Chris just stands there smiling dreamily and you are the only thought in his head right now.

Life Is Full Of Surprises…


aaron dingle // gryffindor; 

“Are you coming to watch the game later?” Adam asked while stuffing another piece of bread into his mouth. 

“I’ll see.” Aaron replied, he had his fork in his right hand but he hadn’t eaten anything since they’d arrived for dinner. He let the fork drop from his hand in frustration and rubbed his eyes angrily. He was so tired of everything. 

“It’ll be a good game mate you should come.” Adam’s tone was light but filled with concern, Aaron rarely did anything these days, he just got into trouble mostly. He wasn’t sure what it was that was bothering his friend but Aaron wasn’t the type to open up. He settled with trying to get him involved in things, try to distract him. 

“I said I’ll see.” Aaron’s tone had a bite to it so Adam left it at that. He thought he’d try again later when Aaron didn’t seem so involved in his own head. “I’ll see you later.” Aaron said as he climbed over the dining hall bench, Adam opened his mouth to say something but Aaron was gone before the sound could reach him. He elbowed past people in his way, ignoring their comments as he made his way to the exit. Outside the hall, he stuffed both hands in his pockets and looked down at the floor, not wanting to interact with anyone on his way back to Gryffindor Tower. 

Aaron’s moping was rudely disturbed when he collided straight into another student. 

“What the hell?” Aaron rubbed his shoulder and looked behind him, the student had just kept walking. “Dick.” He called, making sure that the boy heard him. The student stopped at this and turned on his heel. Aaron inhaled sharply in seeing the green and silver tie adorned around the boy’s neck. Slytherin. 

“I think you’ll find that you’re the one that wasn’t watching where you were going.” The other boy made his way slowly to Aaron, looking down on him. Aaron could make out his features as he got closer, his hair was a dirty blonde and his eyes were a weird mix of blue and green - he felt as if they were piercing his very soul. The student stopped in front of him, no personal space taken into account. Aaron looked up at him, trying to seem as threatening as possible despite the height difference and how overwhelming the boy’s presence seemed to be. The boy laughed darkly at Aaron’s obvious intimidation, “Watch yourself Aaron Dingle.” He turned sharply and left towards the dungeon.

Aaron gaped a little, how the hell did he know his name? 

Fall Break

Adam leaves Henrietta for New Haven, CT; he still finds his way back home, to Ronan, for his fall break from Yale.


Adam’s classmates chatted all around him in the moments before their final class let out—about their plans for break, lounging on their yachts and relaxing in their houses in beautiful cities around the globe.

“Where are you going again, Parrish?” one of them asked—named William or Louis or Henry, coupled with an equally rich surname.

“Back to Virginia,” Adam replied with a smile. The smile had them all suspecting he had family to visit and state dinners to attend, but they were wrong. There was only one person waiting for Adam, just outside of Henrietta, and Adam doubted there would be much formal attire involved, if clothing was required at all.

“Ah, yes! Virginia,” the man replied, clapping Adam on the shoulder as they filed out into the brisk Connecticut air. It was a very Gansey-like gesture that made Adam feel rather nostalgic for the events of the past year. Of course, Gansey was nowhere to be found among the Ivy Leagues—perhaps not even anywhere in the continental United States.

Adam split from his classmates outside his residence hall, waving as they shouted well wishes and jokes as they continued on to their own. Adam climbed the stairs—much more reliable than an original elevator from the past century—to the third floor. His room was located in the northwest corner of the floor, a location that guaranteed it was larger than the ones on either side and just spacious enough to accommodate Adam and his two roommates.

Adam checked his suitcase again—already sitting packed on his freshly made bed, the result of a stereotypically worry-filled night.

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  • Ray Palmer: *Hammering away at tile on roof*
  • Carter Hall: *Climbs up roof, sits opposite of Ray and glares at him*
  • Ray Palmer: Oh... Uh... you must be Carter?
  • Carter Hall: ...
  • Ray Palmer: ...
  • Carter Hall: *lurches forward and shoves Ray off the roof*
  • Ray Palmer: AHH!
  • Carter Hall: *walks over and peers off of roof*
  • Kendra Saunders: *holding Ray in her arms and looking up at the roof* CARTER! YOU CAN'T JUST PUSH MORTAL HUMANS OFF ROOVES, THEY'RE SOFT AND FRAGILE!
Over and Over p.2

*part two. I listened to Over and Over by Bobby Vinton but this isn’t really like
Based on that song ya know?


You sat at the bar holding tightly onto your beer trying your hardest to pay attention to whatever pointless story Chucky was rambling on about.

You heard the doors open and there was whooping and yelling and overall celebratory sounds so you hesitantly turned in your seat.

There was Happy, surrounded by the club and they were congratulating him by shoving him playfully and patting him on the back enthusiastically. He looked different and the same at once and you felt every emotion you’d every felt for him come down on you. He had more tattoos and he held himself more confidently but he was overall the same man you’d parted ways with years ago. Your heart ached just looking at him and you were grateful he hadn’t noticed you yet. He had a proud little smile on his face.

Kozik on the other hand looked the smallest bit defeated and you saw Tig with a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, brother. I tried, I really did.” He clapped him on the shoulder and threw you an apologetic look.

“Don’t worry about him. Stick around, you hear me? We’ll vote again in a few weeks.” Clay told him. “We could use you around here and Tig will see that eventually.”
You approached Kozik slowly.

“Tig said no didn’t he?” You asked already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, but it’s just some old beef. We’ll get that squared away soon. You mind staying here a little longer?” He asked putting his arm around you.

You were a little hesitant about staying, especially because Happy was here but Kozik looked at you hopefully and you knew you couldn’t abandon your best friend.

“Course not. I never get to see my family anyway. I’ll be staying a lot longer if they vote you in anyhow.” You told him with a forced smile.

You could feel Happy’s sharp eyes on your back. There was no more hiding from him, he knew you were here and he thought you were with Kozik. There was no undoing this mistake.

Did he care you were here with another guy? Did he recognize you? Did he resent you for the way things ended or did he feel relieved because he wasn’t the one standing with you now, Kozik was?

“Y/n! How have you been, lass? Looking more stunning by day!” Chibs spun you around.

In the split second before him and Bobby wrapped you up in a hug you saw his face. You saw his confusion and dare you say it? Hurt? But then it was all gone and he put on his emotionless mask and then your face was pressed aggressively into a leather covered chest.

“Ahh we missed you! You’ve got to visit more.” Bobby pat your back affectionately.

“I’m going to be around for a little while.” You smiled at them and tried to ignore how your stomachs was churning.


Happy and Kozik were both staying in the dorms, right down the hall from each other.

Kozik was in the shower and you were laying on his bed, having turned down his request to join him.

Now you were regretting that decision because the walls in the dorms were unreasonably thin and you really wish you didn’t have to listen to you ex fuck some bitchy crow eater. You put your headphones in and hid under the blanket and just tried to ignore it.

“Y/n?” Kozik shook you arm a little. “You awake?”

“Yeah, just listening to some music.” You plastered a fake smile on your face.

Kozik’s face relaxed a little probably assuming you hadn’t heard what he had.

“Listen, Kozik, you don’t have to keep acting like we’re together if you don’t want to. I didn’t know he was going to be here and I don’t want you two to have beef because you’re doing me a favor. Gemma won’t be that mad -”

“Y/n! It’s okay, baby, it’s okay.” He laughed. “We already went for it. Might as well keep it going for another week or so, yeah? Then you can stay or go back to Tacoma, whatever you want. But you won’t have to deal with your aunt.”

You bite your lip thoughtfully. You don’t feel all that bad about lying, just about how this might effect Kozik and Happy’s friendship.

As you looked back at him you suddenly realized something.

Kozik was only in a towel.

“Kozik.” He looked over at you with a brow raised, something he really liked to do. “Come here.”

Soon enough his towel was off and you were both under the sheet desperate to get your hands on each other as quick as possible.

You had just started really getting into it when you heard a knock on the door.

You got up and and slid your shirt back on before making your way to the door looking more than a little ruffled.

You opened it to see Happy.

“Do you guys mind keeping it down? I’m trying to sleep.” He barked out scowling down at you.

“We’ll try brother!” Kozik called from his place on the bed.

Happy’s face was stone. Cold, emotionless stone.

“You do that.” He said before he turned suddenly and made his way back down the hall.

You climbed back into bed numbly.

“You okay?” Kozik asked you.

You sat in silence for a second. Your stomachs was burning in anger and frustration. How fucking dare he screw some crow eater as loud as humanly possible but your bed creaks in the slightest and he’s knocking on your door like you’re the problem? Without saying a word you grabbed Kozik and kissed him, moving onto his lap.

He wanted to bitch about noise? You’ll give him fucking noise.


It was early when you and Kozik waltzed out of your room around nineish, laughing about some stupid thing that had happened last weekend when you guys decided to get drunk and break into an amusement park.

You were leaning into each other while you doubled over in laughter.

You laughing came to an abrupt halt when you saw Happy sitting there by the bar, two shots already lined up. He looked like he’d barely slept and you knew that was mostly your fault, what with the noise.

He downed one shot after another and just. Left.

“Kozik..” You looked at him anxiously.

You heard the deep rumble of a bike and you knew he was going.

“Do you want to go after him? He’ll come back he’s staying here.” Kozik asked not knowing what to do.

“Chucky. Give me the keys to the tow.” You held out your hand.

He handed them without question.


You didn’t know where he was going but you knew that he knew you were following.

He drove up towards the woods a little. Not far, just hidden enough that you could have privacy.

You both knew this conversation was one you didn’t want anyone to witness.

He met you outside the truck.

“Why are you following me.” He stared into your eyes like if he could set you on fire he would.

“Because we need to talk. We need to figure this out because we can’t just..” You trailed off not know exactly how to phrase your sentence, you head cloudy with how close he was to you.

“Just what? Act like we were never together? Like your old man-” He spit the words like they physically hurt him. “isn’t going to be leaving? How you aren’t going to be leaving?” His hands found their way to your arms. His words were angry but the way his hands gently held you let you know exactly how he felt.

“Do you want me to leave? Do you really hate me that much?” You knew you were just being insecure and needy but goddamn it hurt to have him look at you that way.

He took a deep breath in and tried to step away but you grabbed his wrist. You knew if he wanted to pull away he could very easily. But he didn’t. He just stared at you confused and hurt and god you wanted to make that go away.

“Do you hate me?” You asked not breaking eye contact.

“No.” He answered like it pained him.

“I don’t believe you.” You let go of his wrist and tried pushing him away but he wasn’t going anywhere.

He pinned you to the door of the truck.

“What do you want from me?” He was getting angry and you knew this was going to probably end in tears.

“I want you to be honest with me!” You glared up at him.

“I don’t like it. I don’t like you being here. With him. I don’t like him because you’re with him. I can’t even look at you. I had to hear everything you were doing last night you have no idea-!”

“No idea what? How it’s feels to listen to your ex fuck someone else?” You struggled against him because you really didn’t want to cry in front of him but he wasn’t going to let you go. He leaned in so his mouth was right by your ear.

“Why do you care who I’m fucking? You have Kozik. What I’m doing doesn’t matter to you.” He whispered making you shiver because you missed being so close to him.

You moved your hands to hold him closer to you, one gentle on his neck and the other pulling him in by his waist.

“Baby..” You whispered needy.

He was everything you’d ever wanted and it’s not like you woke up every morning dead inside because you two didn’t work out but you’d missed him so much your entire body was burning because he was pressed against you.

He pulled away from you violently.

“Don’t call me that. You already have an old man.” He was so angry he was shaking.


“No! You left me and you moved on and you don’t get to fucking do this. You don’t get to make me feel this way.” He glared at you and it made you feel so small.

“I still care about you, Happy. I’ve missed you so much I can’t not have you in my life, Hap, please don’t leave me, please, please,” You were tearfully begging but you were so desperate. “Me and Kozik, it’s not what you think-”

“So you aren’t sleeping with him?” He asked still glaring.

“I am, I was, but-”

“But? You two are obviously very happy together.”

“We aren’t together! I don’t love him, not like that, and we’re only sleeping together because we were tired of hooking up with new people so often. We’re just friends.” You just wanted him in you life. He didn’t have to be in a relationship with you, he didn’t have to be your best friend you just needed him to be there.

A few tears escaped your eyes because you fucked this up so badly. But you felt his arms around you.

“We’ll figure it out, baby. We’ll work it out.” You nodded into his chest and held on tighter. “Just no more staying in his room. You don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to just don’t sleep with him.”

“I won’t.” You buried your face in his neck. “Hey Hap?”


“I missed you so fucking much.” You smiled against his neck.

“Yeah I missed you too.” His words were sincere but the hands that cupped your ass had you laughing.


anonymous asked:

bellarke + "you’re pretending we’re still together because my relatives will disprove of the break up so you’re being all sweet it’s reminding me of why i fell in love with you in the first place" (oh my god that list of prompts everything so bellarke so much !!!; anyway hope you're feeling this one have a nice night continue to be wonderful etc)

Thank for the prompt, you’re so cute! I hope you like it x 

(I’m tagging @prosciuttoe because I wasn’t lying when I said I’d tag you in everything, babe.)

read it on ao3

She waits until her mother’s attention is on the next group of guests before dropping Bellamy’s hand like it’s made of fire. Bellamy glances at her, surprised, and she manages a weak smile before looking away. It’s too hard to look at him like this. Handsome in his black and white suit. Curls messy and mussed like he barely managed to run a comb through them. All night, they’ve been sharing looks and swallowing smiles. And it hurts how simple it is for Clarke to slip back into easy affection with Bellamy.

But this isn’t what they are anymore. Clarke lost this three months ago and when she goes home alone, the fresh memory of Bellamy’s thumb rubbing her knuckles and his laugh muffled against her hair will only make everything that much harder. Old patterns are too easy to fall into and Clarke’s unravelling at the paradox of something being so easy and so hard at the same time.

She takes a sip of her drink and tries to remember why she thought this was a good idea. Why she thought she could bring Bellamy to her mother’s wedding and not fall apart.

She’d asked Bellamy if he’d come after her mother called two weeks ago. Clarke hadn’t told Abby that she and Bellamy broke up three months ago. She knew her mother would take the omission as a sign that she’d been right about Bellamy all along.

It was no secret that Abby disapproved when Clarke started dating Bellamy. Her mother didn’t think he was good for Clarke. They’d had countless fights before her mom finally backed off. And, now, admitting that they broke up would feel like admitting that she’d made a mistake. But Clarke didn’t regret one second with Bellamy. The only thing she regretted was letting him walk away.

That’s what makes tonight is so hard. Because Clarke still loves Bellamy. She can’t stop loving Bellamy. He’s kind and smart and good. Too good for her. (Maybe that’s why they didn’t work out in the end.)

When she and Bellamy got together, it was with a bang.

Fireworks. The Fourth of July. Clarke pressed against the picnic blanket Bellamy brought for them to sit on. Raven throwing bits of watermelon at their heads and the two of them laughing into each other mouths. She’d felt like a teenager at twenty-four. Floating on hope and happiness. Heartbeat so loud it drowned out the firecrackers above. She’d felt so much joy that night she could have burst into brightness right along with them.

When she and Bellamy ended nearly a year later, it was with a whimper.

Clarke clutching the dish towel like she might be able to use it to clean up the mess they made of their hearts.

When it ended, there wasn’t yelling or crying or much of anything at all. It ended with the soft click of the door and an empty echo in Clarke’s empty apartment. It ended with regret and Clarke wishing she could take back those last words that pushed him too far.

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We’re gonna get a spider walk, a salmon ladder and a warped wall in our new ninja/trampoline hall. And a bunch of other stuff. I’m excited. They already have a simplified cliffhanger, that thing with the rings, and the floating boards (haven’t made that transition yet, it’s a lot harder than it looks).

This happens just at the time when my beloved main climbing hall closes down for good. I’m really bummed about that, but at least there will be plenty of other stuff to do.

Even though roped climbing will always be my favorite thing. The Alpine Club wants to open a new climbing center in town and I hope that is going to happen as well. But so far the decision-making process has been taking like a year, no idea how long it’ll take to actually build the thing. They actually had a meeting about the future of that project today and I’m a member, but I had a climbing partner, so I rather went climbing than talk about climbing. Gotta find out what they decided.