climbing goat


Noo… Bani stop playing video games that make you cry… (。┰∀┰。)
I won’t let go that goat child… neeeever (T///T) *sob sob*


this is ridiculous. I can’t do yoga and I don’t have a baby goat.

Pittsburgh Gothic
  • You’re waiting for the 61D. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. A 61A goes past. 
  • The closer you get to the Squirrel Hill tunnel, the slower everything moves. Cars. People. Particles. It’s cold. Oh god, you’re so cold. 
  • It was raining this morning, now it’s sunny outside. You check the thermometer, and it reads sixty. Better salt your sidewalk, gonna snow tonight.
  • You dropped a rock in that pothole on Brookline, and waited to hear it hit the bottom. You’re still waiting.
  • The sidewalk is getting steeper and steeper. Now there’s stairs. You climb and climb and climb. Look, a mountain goat. 
  • Your GPS tells you to take a sharp right to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to take a slight left to stay on Forbes. Your GPS tells you to hit the man in the suit to stay on Forbes. Hit the man. Hit him. 
  • No one goes to Carlow University.
  • Bleeding? Buildings don’t bleed, don’t be silly. That’s just the steel rusting.
  • An orange sign just ahead of you reads “End Road Work.” You laugh, and see another sign. “Please. Please, I have children. End it.”
  • They built a bridge under the bridge to keep the bridge from falling on the other bridge under that bridge. The trolls are confused. Where can they live?
  • Someone said that if you fall in the Mon, when you climb out, your skin will peel off. Ridiculous. No one escapes the Mon. 
  • You’re trying to get home, but every single street is a one way that takes your further and further away. Where is home? What is home? 
  • They say the steel mills poisoned the air and killed the sky. Is that why it weeps? Whenever thunder roars, you swear you can hear a sob. 
  • A man is stabbed with a bottle outside the bar, and ichor the color of tar drips from between his fingers, flecked with gleaming yellow. He bleeds black and gold. The gutters overflow with black and gold. Steelers going to the superbowl.
  • You woke up and found U P M C etched into your wrist. You went to UPMC physician, and he sent you to UPMC Shadyside. They checked you out and said it’s nothing serious. Good thing you have UPMC healthcare, could have been pricey otherwise. 
  • The guy at Phipps laughs when you ask him what they use for fertilizer and shows you big bins of mulch in the back. Pitt students keep disappearing. The bins are never empty for long. 
  • The treasure map reads “Turn left at the big church, then go straight till you see a PNC.” Thirty souls set out to find it, each took a different path. None returned. 

goat on a wall, goat on a wall, what’s he walkin on?

cool shit about me

- i can make a pretzel with my legs behind my head
- i know a lot about greko-roman myths
- lots of useless history
- i can sew
- like a billion different versions of the same oc
- my hair is great
- i once had a goat climb on my face
- lots of plushies
- love cats and dogs and lizards and snakes and-
- managed to carry two huge pictures home on my bike while drunk
- a void
- easily excitable
- cry over animals while drunk
- and when not
- love giving gifts
- love my friends
- dont like normal coke, only cherry and vanilla and pepsi
- like to sing eventhough im not very good at it
- i can draw
- i had an aesthetic once
- i cant smash a bottle bc i cant clean the shards or might disturb my neighbours
- i dont like clothes
- i also like clothes!
- apparently once beat up boys in 5th grade for money
- ready to do that again, no monetary gain on my part needed
- ready to stab a burglar
- high tolerance for pain except when not
- used to draw dragons so much a teacher found it weird when i didnt do that once
- i drew him a dragon
- very passionate about certain things
- like how my art class did all the advertising for our schools stuff
- we even got a statue to be made based on one of our classmates design
- we had a show in the city hall for our statue designs
- we designed their new school mascots
- and we didnt get so much as a thank you
- im still fucking pissed
- i hold grudges apparently
- bad memory


In Morocco, there is a natural phenomena that occurs regularly across the country - goats climbing trees. The trees bear argan fruit and the goats are very fond of it; farmers follow them around as they climb trees, not just to look at them in amazement as they climb but because the goats are unable to digest the nuts in the argan fruit - when the nuts are excreted by the goats the farmers collect them and produce argan oil from them, which is high in vitamin E and can be used as a skin treatment.