climbing festival

Some things I love about the Assassin’s Festival DLC:

  • Leap of Faith
  • Ignis getting conscious on how revealing the Medjay Assassin’s Robes are
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prince of Lucis, The Chosen King, The Empire’s Most Wanted Man, just being a normal twenty-year-old geeking out about Assassins in general
  • Prompto getting his photo taken with the goddess (of his life and mine) Cindy
  • Gladio flirting with women. Like everywhere. All over the city.
  • My boys having the time of their lives at the festival – they deserve this. My boys deserve this. Screw the fate of the world for a few days more
Master Post of Date Ideas!

I was just brainstorming a ton of ideas of things for Evan and I to do when we’re together next, and I thought I’d post a few ideas. Hope you guys like this list! I would love any suggestions too!

  1. Bake something together
  2. Bike Ride Together
  3. Bowling
  4. Build a Blanket Fort!
  5. Build a Snowman

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Little happy things about (healthy) long term relationships

Knowing the little things

like how they take their coffee in the morning 

and what movies they will watch over and over again

Knowing their mood from just a few little tells

and understanding how to best help if that mood is a bad one

Being able to leave each other alone

without anyone getting upset that they are being “ignored”

you dont have to be constantly interacting to be happy around each other

and sometimes being quiet and busy together is the best remedy

Knowing they are not perfect

realizing that they have problems and quirks and weird things that you may never understand

but loving them anyway, and receiving the same unconditional love in return

Knowing what will make them smile

and telling the stupidest jokes because you just want to see that stupid grin

Little kisses

they happen all the time, and very rarely lead to anything, but they are some of the best indicators of your attention

No embarrassment

you have seen them at their worst moments, and they have seen you at yours

you know they dont judge you for your issues and so you feel comfortable enough to be completely honest about yourself

Letting it all hang out is a motto to live by, not just a weekend thing

PJs are just as sexy as lingerie 

and good to climb into again after festivities are done

Netflix and chill means movie night

there is no need for code language to indicate that you are feeling a bit randy

Sharing clothes happens often

because hey, that shirt looks really nice on them

and they think you look adorable in their sweater

but you dont have to ‘steal’ their clothes, you give them back after a wash cycle

Talking can sometimes be nonverbal

a series of grunts/pointed stares can convey more than you can imagine

Underwear can be normal attire

not just for sexytime, sometimes pants are a bother

You know how they will react in a situation

and prepare for this when something goes down

You know them better than most people

and they know you better than almost anyone

They are your best friend

and you are theirs

and neither of you would have it any other way

the-sloth-woman  asked:

Can I request some V and mc summer headcannons? What they do together, where they go, who ends up with a terrible sunburn, things like that

So first things first, V has no sense of self preservation. I’ve said this many times, but it’s important to bear in mind when talking about him running around in the sun. He’ll suggest all kinds of fun things to do, like Lotus festivals and climbing mountains and spend hours going to fetch MC tea or finding one photo opportunity or another that he’ll most definitely have to be reminded to drink water and apply sunblock. 

This is bad for so many reasons and not just sunburn, since he’s also risking sunstroke and dehydration in general. MC probably follows him round and gives him a scolding like, ‘one of these days you’ll pass out and what will I do’, which will prompt him to tell a story of how he did pass out once and when he woke up he actually got an amazing shot.

Cue MC going through all of his historical photos-especially the dangerous shots they previously assumed were done safely- and having to sit down.

MC getting a shot of him sleeping under a tree on one of the hottest days of the year.

The entire sunset aesthetic from my fic Memento Mori:- the planned scenes with perfect lighting, underwater photography, MC as his muse and an image that crossed his mind for some reason that he’d want to explore while the weather was at its best. 

Swimming by moonlight!

I think V probably burns easier than MC and more than once MC would lean over him as he takes a picture to tap his face with a water bottle or tube of sunscreen. If MC ever tried to put it on him, it would be a disaster because he’d probably pull them into a kiss and end up smearing it completely. 

V actually having a mild sunburn and it clashing with his hair. MC scolding him gently as they apply skin treatments. 

MC and V taking cold showers together and using the same shower gels and shampoos; between the covers they almost smell identical.

V having way more of a tolerance for mosquitoes, ants and things because he doesn’t like killing insects. V also getting bitten by just about everything whenever he goes hiking. 

He would insist on going to a firework festival at least once and find the perfect spot to shoot pictures. It’s mostly a ploy to smooch MC under the stars, though.

His favourite pictures have MC in them and he accidentally deliberately takes ones where they’re in the shot casually checking their phone or admiring the view of whatever he’s taking a picture of.

V taking MC to his favourite bar for peach soju and snacks and inviting Jumin along because (in V’s own words) “he’s been spending so long in the office he probably thinks it’s still October”.

Dinner dates with Jumin on the balcony of his penthouse, drinking in the view and a bottle of wine.

Tl;dr V planning surprise vacations and MC braiding flowers in his hair.


Trip Report:  Roadtrip to the Women’s Climbing Festival in Bishop, California

Weekend of March 3-5

I headed out of Reno on Thursday to meet up with my HS buddy Steph and her friend Lindsay in South Lake Tahoe!  After enjoying some coffee and lunch at a cafe, we walked the beach and docks to enjoy the super calm waters.  We then began our trek south towards Bishop during the sunset.  We cooked up some dinner on the stove in Walker, and slept in the cars in Walker Canyon.

The next morning, we drove up to Bridgeport for a soak in Travertine Hot Springs, enjoying the view pool and the main travertine pools.  After thoroughly relaxing, we made a quick stop at Mono Lake, where we again had super calm waters and AMAZING reflections of the tufas.  Hungry, we continued to Bishop and filled up on food before hitting up some bouldering in the Happies.  Steph and Lindsay headed off to the festival while I ate dinner and caught up on some reading.   That night my coworkers Genevieve and Brittany met up with me and we headed up to the Tablelands to camp.

Saturday morning, Genevieve, Brittany and I enjoyed a slow morning, making coffee, eating muffins and eventually packing up our bags to hit Owens River Gorge.  We got to the Gorge floor around 11am, and it was packed with clinics and groups attending the women’s fest.  We still found a couple climbs to do; I was able to onsight 2 routes (something I’ve needed work on), Brittany led her first outdoor route and it was Genevieve’s first time on ropes in over a year.  We were only able to do 3 climbs in total, but we considered it a success!  We hiked out of the Gorge in time for sunset, then headed into town for some well earned pizza and cider.

Waking up on Sunday, we were met with no view.  Clouds had swept in over night and the temperatures had dropped.  Not sure of what the weather was going to be like, we headed into town for some coffee and gear shopping.  We met up with Steph and Lindsay and decided that we would brave the crappy weather and climb at the Sads.  Upon unloading the cars and getting the crash pads ready, Koa (Brittany’s pup), decided he should roll in some cow poop… creating a smelly fiasco.  We hiked up to the Sads in the light snowy rain stuff and found some V0s we were comfortable cruising up and down, since we were nervous about topping out in the wet weather.  After about 2 hours, we headed out, as the weather started turning for the worse.  We parted ways with Lindsay and Steph, and decided to take the Nevada route back to Reno to avoid the chain controls and road closures on 395.

I’m excited for more Bishop trips soon!
~Leah Wz.

Porsche 4.0L air-cooled flat-six with 4-valve cylinder heads, showing CFD optimized ram-air induction system via rear side window opening and Inconel / titanium exhaust system. Restored and modified by Singer Vehicle Design and Williams Advanced Engineering.

Scott Blattner, Commissioning Owner: “My journey with Singer Vehicle Design began with the restoration of two coupes. In 2016 these were joined by my Targa, which recently ran in the famous Hill Climb at Goodwood Festival of Speed. I became intrigued by the possibility of further evolution and I’m very excited to be sharing the first details of the engine for my car.”


life lately is wanderlust festivals, climbing mountains in the snow, my man, my family, and beautiful beautiful nights.

i’m back home in the swing of things with work, sadly, after time in BC, a cold night camping with my babe, and a few sunny days at my cottage. i am SO TAN for me (aka white as heck but have tan lines) and school starts in two and a half weeks and my babe is going away for the last two weekends of summer (boo!) and we have been loving hiking lately. i’m hoping to have next sunday off so we can go for a 40k hike!  

this summer has been so beautiful and i am so in love and i hope this sunshine continues for the year.

SessKag Week Day 2 - Obon

Honouring the Dead

Post-Canon / Romance /  1,125 words 

Note: This one shot takes place in the same universe as my on-going chapter story Life After Loss. This snippet happens outside the events of the story so it works as a standalone and doesn’t spoil anything. :)

The mood in Edo was festive. A small smile touched Kagome’s lips as she watched everyone bustle around, preparing for the evening. The wood for the bonfire was slowly piling in the centre of the village.

Miroku oversaw everything with a watchful eye. Kaede might have been the miko of the village, but Obon was a Buddhist affair – like most matters pertaining to death.

Kagome nodded to Miroku in passing and continued walking towards the stone stairs rising towards the shrine.

Inuyasha had always liked Obon. He’d been intrigued about the human festivals, glad to participate in whatever way he could. Kagome suspected it was because after so many years, he had finally found a place to belong; in Edo, with her.

Sesshoumaru must have caught impressions of her mood through their mating bond, because he was watching her, his eyebrow arched in a silent question.

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Sam, a structural engineer, wanted something distinct and purely Minnesotan. Foshay tower located in downtown Minneapolis. He happens to also be a climber. I spotted him at the Sandstone climbing festival.


Sometimes I shoot more than just concerts.  I was able to get a few shots of these ladies practicing their Aerial skills the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival last year. Yes it took me this long to get back to these shots. 

Anyway I didn’t get to catch their main performance for lack of time and I missed out on going to the festival this year. Come to think of it I was supposed to start to do some climbing and shooting myself this year.

Oh well, I’ll have to make some time for it next year.


Its finally here, the trailer for VALLEY UPRISING. Full film coming this fall on REEL ROCK 9!