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Preference: Spending the Summer Together

Harry Potter:

- Bringing him to your favourite places to go in summer, like the lake beside your home.

- Hanging out at the muggle mall 

- And trying on the most ridiculous clothing items

- “Show it to Neville, and he can imagine Snape in it!”

- “Oh pleaseeee, Harry, just use magic to make me feel less hot!” 
  “ No, (Y/n), you know I can’t.”
  “ Fine, try saying this tongue twister. While facing the air-con. Wingardium              leviosa.”
  “ Winga- (Y/n)!”

- Going to the Dursley’s just for entertainment

- “Bringing a filthy friend of yours, Harry?” 

- Then wiping your sweat all over Dudley and saying, “Oopsie, now you’re filthy, too.”

- Having a competition on who can drive the Dursleys insane first

- Might have some help from Hedwig. Dursleys hate Hedwig

- Bringing Hedwig on a picnic

- Even Hedwig ships you two

Ron Weasley:

- Spending the summer at the Weasleys, of course. 

- Mrs Weasley stuffing you with desserts. Pies, cakes, everything.

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna do some shoppings?”
   “Ginny! She’s my girl friend! Not yours!”

- “ Ron, I think it’s haunted around here.”
   “ Why?”
   “ (Y/n), dear. This is a family of wizards.”
   “ Oh, wait. Yeah.”

- Playing harmless little pranks with the twins

- “(Y/n)! My socks are frogs!”
   “ What, oh, HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Ronald, I did it because I love you.”

- Making Ron flower crowns

- Rides on the enchanted car late at night just around the house, so that no one will see you.

- Answering Mr Weasley’s questions about Muggles

- Family game nights

- “ What that chess always there? George! No cheating!”
   “ It’s Fred!”

Hermione Granger:

- Summer reading lists

- Staying up late at night reading under blankets

- Getting too hot and sweaty inside and immediately going for a swim

- Getting Hermione really into late night swims

- “(Y/n), I read that it’s really good to swim at night. It can -”
   “IT’S FUN!”

- “Hey, I just learnt this new hairstyle. Can I try it on you?”
   “Honey, you look. Stunning.”

- Cooking together

- Mainly making refreshing dished for summer

- Making a bucket list together

- Taking tons of polaroids 

- Turns out the polaroids are moving portraits polaroids

- Making her breakfast

- Failing completely

- Hermione making you a successful, delicious breakfast at last

- Hanging out with Crookshanks 

Draco Malfoy:

- Him getting you accessories, clothing, basically everything you wanted

- Or actually everything you so much as glanced at 

- “Draco, how did you I want these? They go so well with my summer dress!”
  “You looked at it the other day, so I got them.”
  “I can’t thank you enough for it!”
  “Just thank me by wearing those with your summer dress.”

- Dressing him up in your clothes because only you can do it 

- He always looks at you with a lovey-dovey smile which Ron calls ‘the Melt-foy face’

- Him calling Crabbe and Goyle, say, every two hours when you do something cute, or actually just normal things.

- Actual teenage girl that is Draco Malfoy

- “Oh my god, Goyle, (Y/n) made me wear her swim wear today. Adorable, isn’t she?”

- Getting him into Muggle movies

- His favourite movie is the Addams Family

- Getting him to wear bright colours clothes

- Getting drunk together

- Rocking out to Nirvana and having dance parties

George Weasley:

- Also spending the summer at the Weasleys

- Trying out so many sweets that you two got into a sweet coma

- And of course, Mario Cart

- “Aw, dang it, you can’t cheat with magic, can you?”
   “Haha, Weasley, you’re on your own.”

-  Wii-fit

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna play tennis?”
  “Sure, but it’s raining.”
  “We’ve got Wee.”
  “What? Oh, its Wii.”

- Playing tennis in the rain anyway

- George wanting to cheat at tennis but accidentally set off some fireworks

- “I’ve been wanting to do that.”

- Eating pies that makes you make animal noises

- One of you sounding like an elephant and the other sounding like a duck for the rest of the day 

- Miraculously communicating and on one having any idea on what a duck quack means

Fred Weasley:

- Since he’s so dang tall, you get piggy back rides all the time

- He trips and you two fall into a body of water. Either a pool, a lake or a pond.

- “Fred, you created a pond in your living room.”
   “Mum’s gonna kill you!”
   “Shut up, Ron!”

- Purposely trying to confuse you on which one is George and which is Fred

- You can always being able to tell though

- Looking angelic in front of the Weasley parents and they adore you because they think you can ‘tame’ Fred

- Only the Weasley children know you’re not that ‘tamed’ yourself

- You’re a little trickster just like Fred

- It was actually your idea to levitate the house

- Also the time where all the chairs know how to talk

- Broom stick rides, of course

- Water balloon fights

- Getting him into the youtube world

- Pewdiepie is his favourite 

Neville Longbottom:

- Hiking together

- Picking fruits on the way. Berries, apples, all kinds of fruits

- You’re an expert in climbing trees and it always scares Neville because he’s afraid that you’ll slip and fall 

- He gives you bouquets of wild flowers all the time

- Eating tons of ice creams

- Staying up late conversations

- Counting stars at night to fall asleep

- You dyed your hair (Y/f/c) and change your hairstyle

- Neville loves your new hairstyle so much that he kept touching your hair. 

- Maybe when he puts an arm on your shoulder, he’ll play with it; He’ll twirl the ends of your hair on his finger when he’s not paying attention, etc

- Somedays he’ll be really shy around you and blush at anything you do, and somedays he’ll be really confident, depending on his mood

- Getting him into scuba diving 

- “Oh come on, Neville, it’ll be fun!”
   “There might be sharks, (Y/n).”

- “This is the most fun I’ve ever got! I should’ve done this earlier!” 

- Going to carnivals

- Loving the ferris wheel 

- He got you a large stuff toy from a booth

Alolan Hoppip

Typing: Grass/Water

The sudo seed pokemon

An invasive species flew to Alola and grew tough fur over their body. Experts at climbing trees and Exeggutor, they climb for protection and to feast on the juices of what they climbed. Due to their tough fur, they can withstand high falls without getting hurt.

I seen @dailyhoppip talking of an alolan form so I made this up. They get a signature move.

Signature move: Coconut Drop: 85 base power, 85 accuracy, grass, 10 pp, user climbs up high, avoiding attacks for first turn then drops on top the foe, may cause flinch.

Hope you enjoy Flower

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Whoa, it's a miracle that Ren's arms haven't already been torn out of their sockets or (more likely) torn of completely already... UNLESS!!! Our Smol Little Ren is Swole af and it's just really well hidden with his uniform. He may even rival the gymnastic climbing expert that is Nathan Drake in upper body and arms strength

it’s a combination of HK, Sorian’s training and pure adrenaline

Strange Help.

(Part 2)

Request:  Hello could you do one where Phillip has a forbidden relationship with the reader (John Adams’ daughter) so they basically try to elope with the help of Thomas and Madison (the best fairy god mothers) Thomas does it because he is in one of those moods where he hates John and Madison does it bc he just thinks they are adorable. Just a lot of fluff and antics
Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader
Warning: Lil’ bit of steamy kisses and a whole lotta’ fluff.

                                                         ✰   ✰

“Goodnight father,” You spoke softly, placing a kiss upon his cheek. You had finally managed to coax your father into going to his bedroom, instead of falling asleep on the couch. He mumbled out a goodnight before he pushed open the door and closed it, a small relieved sigh leaving your lips. 

You hurried to your own bedroom and took off your slippers, putting on a pair of shoes before moving to your window and climbing out, thankful that you had a dress that wasn’t as bulky as the rest. Having done this many-a-time before made you an expert at climbing down the vines that grew on the side of your house. A huff slipped from your lips as you got to the bottom, pushing out the hair from your face and grinning proudly.

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Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane Pt9

Ch.09 First Date

Kurt P.O.V

Another week had passed, and Kurt had been kept busy with training and classes at Xavier’s Institute. It was Saturday morning and he really wanted a break. He shut his book and flopped back on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Maybe he could go to the mall. But he didn’t much fancy going alone….
He got up and started pacing his room, tail flicking behind him as he internally debated if he should ask her out or not. On a date. It would be their first time alone in public, away from the others, with hopefully no interruptions.

He exits his room, listening at for if she was still in her bedroom. It didn’t sound like it, so he made his way downstairs to try and find her. He couldn’t find her anywhere inside the mansion so he went outside. A group of children were gathered near the far corner of the main house, looking up. Kurt followed their gaze and the blood drained from his face.
She was on the roof, floating several feet above it. She was using her Magneto-given power to levitate herself using magnetic energy, and was dangerously close to the edge of the roof.
If she fell she might not be quick enough to catch herself, so Kurt braced himself.
She slowly moved away from the roof, hovering three storeys high in the air with deep concentration on her face. She floated out several meters, then began to descend back down to the ground. Kurt held his breath, slowly walking towards her.
In the last moments her gaze shifted and she saw Kurt, her concentration breaking as her cheeks turned red. She began to fall, but in one quick BAMF Kurt managed to catch her and land on the grass. The kids that were watching all cheered but Kurt ignored them.
“Are you alright….?” he asked softly, brushing her windswept hair out of her face. She smiled, cheeks still red.
“I am, thanks to you~ that was a good catch…” she said softly, still holding him.
“Listen…. I was… wondering… if you perhaps wanted to go to the mall with me today…? Take a break from everyone here…” Kurt mumbled, uncertain of her response. She blinked at him but after a minute of silence she smiled brightly.
“Hell yes I want to~! Let me get cleaned up then we can go!” she hugs him very tightly before practically running inside, leaving Kurt standing there in stunned silence.

Reader P.O.V

You frantically dig through your clothes, trying to find something nice to wear. Kurt had asked you to go out with him! He’d been a little distant over the past week but your fears had been blown away. You pull out a nice dress your mother gave you a long time ago, maybe it would still fit. You pull it on and thank the lord when the zip does up without a trouble. You turn and look at yourself in the mirror.
“………shorter than I remember…” you mumble to yourself, smoothing the ruffled skirt down a little. After some debating you pull on some black stockings as well. You don’t much fancy having exposed legs today, considering the snow that’s still everywhere.

You grab your jacket and fix your hair before hurrying back downstairs to find Kurt waiting for you in the entrance hall. He’s put on a nice leather jacket and he smiles when he sees you. You blush a little as you stop by his side.
“You look lovely… that shade of blue suits you.” he says softly, taking your hand in his. “Are you ready to go?”
When you nod, he holds your hand tighter.

You appear in a secluded area outside the mall so that you don’t attract too much attention. Kurt keeps a hold on your hand and leads you out and towards the stores. Your eyes widen, you’ve never seen a mall like this before. You haven’t been shopping in years, not since before you were hospitalised anyway. Everything is so vibrant, you cling to Kurt’s arm and bounce a little with excitement. He looks down at you with a warm smile, happy to see you so happy. He leads you through all the stores, showing you his favourite clothing stores and the record store. You drag him through a toy store despite his protest, and then to the candy store next door. You make him close his eyes while you gather a heap of your favourite sweets and chocolates, purchasing them and hiding them in your bag for later. You then let Kurt show you to a place for lunch. He chooses a retro diner with little booths and sits down opposite you.

You read the menu, humming along to the song playing on the radio. You can feel Kurt watching you and without looking away from the menu you reach for his hand. He takes your hand without hesitation and squeezes it gently.
“Do you know what you want to eat? We could get something to share~” you say, setting the menu flat to show him a few options. He looks a little puzzled.
“I am still not very familiar with these American foods…. I will eat the same as what you get.” He says with a smile. You nod and give your order to the waitress when she comes to take your order, getting plenty of food and two large milkshakes as well.

While you wait for your meal, you study Kurt’s face as he reads over the menu. Each of the scars, his inquisitive ruby eyes, and those little fangs you can see when his lips are parted. His tail brushes against your leg, when you don’t flinch he slowly curls it around your ankle.
The waitress returns with two plates of food and your drinks, setting everything down. You thank her and push Kurt’s plate closer to him.
“Eat up~” you say cheerfully. He doesn’t hesitate, digging in. You eat as well, though not as quickly. He finishes all of his food and half of yours as you finish off the milkshakes. You sit back and sigh, feeling good and full. Kurt smiles after wiping his mouth.
“I wish to also see the book store, if that is alright with you.” he says softly. You nod, shuffling out of the booth and taking out your purse. Kurt beats you to the register and pays for both your meals, smirking back at you when you protest.

You link your arm with his as you leave the diner, letting Kurt lead you around. The bookshop is the biggest thing you have ever seen, you make sure not to let Kurt go else you risk losing him in the maze of bookshelves.

He browses for a long time, but it doesn’t bother you in the slightest. You hold his hand or if he’s browsing, he holds your hand with his tail so you don’t wander off. You hum and look over the books, hugging Kurt from behind. He laughs softly, and picks two books to buy with your encouragement.
After paying and heading out of the store, you can see the sun starting to set. You see a park across the road with fountains and a playground.
“Can we go over there for a little while? Before we head home?” you ask, looking up at him. He nods, crossing the road with you and leisurely strolling through the trees and winding pathways until you come to the pond. The setting sun is casting everything in an orange glow. You set your bags down by the swingset, sitting. Kurt looks over the climbing frame with curiosity. You explain to him that these things are here for children to play on, but since it’s late no kids are around so you have the place to yourselves.

“It reminds me of some of the practice equipment we had in the circus…. it is not a bad thing either…” he starts climbing and swinging around on the climbing frame with expert, fluid grace. You giggle as you watch, admiring his skill. He seems in his element, you get off the swing and move closer, the setting sun warming you as you stand under one of the frames. Kurt swings down, curling his tail around the bar and hanging upside down. His eyes are level with yours.
“You’re amazing…. you know that right…?” you say softly. Kurt grins, looking the happiest you have ever seen him. You reach up and place your hands on his cheeks, then slowly levitate yourself with your magnetic power. Kurt blinks, you can almost hear his heart pounding in his chest as you move in, eyes closing slowly as your lips finally meet his for the first time. He is still for a moment before closing his eyes as well, returning the soft kiss in the light of the sunset.


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Anon imagine request: Peter and Y/N play hide and sneak (maybe something goes horribly wrong maybe it’s cute and fluffy i don’t know your call)

Hide and Seek, Pixie Dust, and the Thinking Tree: A Peter Pan Imagine

You can’t help but smile as you climb a large tree, knowing that you’ve found the perfect hiding spot. 

You and Peter were playing a game of hide and seek, and he had no idea that you were an expert at climbing trees. 

He probably wouldn’t even think to check amongst the sprawling branches far above, believing that you had no way of getting up there. 

Your smile turns smug; the trickster was about to be tricked himself. 

As you move higher and higher, your eyes land upon rosy pink flowers blossoming from the branches. 

Your lips part in surprise as you realize the tree you’re currently climbing is a pixie dust tree. 

You would have to come back to the tree soon, when you weren’t playing one of Peter’s games. 

One of your most prominent wishes since you had arrived in Neverland had been to use pixie dust to fly. 

You had asked Peter about it several times, only for his eyes to turn steely and his expression become unfathomable. 

“There isn’t any pixie dust left on the island,” he would say, his voice cold, “And even if there was, using that sort of magic isn’t safe. I don’t want you hurting yourself for the sake of fulfilling a childhood dream.” 

And then, he would storm off to do whatever it was he did when he wasn’t with you or the Lost Boys. 

You had considered going after him, and once, you acted upon your instinct and run towards the gap in the trees where he had disappeared, only to find the clearing beyond empty. 

He must have vanished using his magic, and while you entertained the thought of searching the island for him, you had ultimately decided against it. 

Everyone needed their alone time, and the last thing you wanted to do was make him more upset than he already seemed. 

Something awful must have happened while he or someone he cared about was using pixie dust, and he was most likely only trying to protect you. 

You continued to stare at the flowers, wondering what could have happened to make him so intent on keeping you from using the pixie dust. 

After all, something so beautiful could only cause so much harm, right? 

You heard the sound of footsteps on the jungle floor below, and clambered onto a branch positioned behind the tree trunk, hopefully hiding yourself from view. 

You glanced downwards as you tried to calm your racing heart, and spotted Peter walking through the glade. 

His expression was unreadable as he stopped at the base of the tree, and you ducked behind the trunk once more as he looked upwards into the branches. 

His face swims in your mind’s eye as your back presses up against the wood. 

His emerald eyes glimmered with an indeterminable emotion, and his full lips were set in a line, the corners of his mouth turned downwards. 

You peek around the tree to look at him, and see that he’s begun to walk away, his usual confident stride more subdued. 

A gut instinct inside of you told you that this had not been a good place to hide, regardless of how clever your idea had first appeared. 

“Peter, wait!” You call, beginning your descent to the ground. 

He turns around, his hurt expression mingled with one of surprise. 

“Y/n?” he asks as you hop down from a low branch and land lightly on the jungle floor. “Why were you up in that tree?” 

“Because we were playing hide and seek, remember?” You say, your voice soft as you move closer to him. 

Realization dawns on his face, and he shakes his head slightly, as if trying to clear away jumbled thoughts. 

“Oh, yes, of course,” he says, a sad smile spreading across his lips. 

“Are you okay?” You take another step towards him, and let your hand rest on his arm. 

You look up at him, your eyebrows narrowing in concern and suspicion as you catch his gaze. 

“I’m fine,” he says, his voice a bit too enthusiastic to be completely genuine, “You just made an interesting choice in a hiding spot is all.” 

“And why is that?” You ask, your fingers trailing down his arm and entwining with his. 

His hand seems to fit perfectly into yours, and you revel in the sparks that erupt between you and Peter, trying not to blush when he begins tracing circles on your palm with his thumb. 

“Well, love, I come here by myself sometimes, to think. In fact, some of the Boys have taken to calling it my Thinking Tree,” he explains. 

“It’s a pixie dust tree,” you say, and you know that he too is thinking of your previous conversations concerning the dust. 

“I thought you said there wasn’t any pixie dust on the island,” you add on, quirking an eyebrow. 

“That’s only because I want to protect you. I’ve made some unwise decisions because of it, and I don’t know what I would do if you were hurt, y/n. I care about you too much to let you put yourself at risk,” he murmurs. 

And then, he kisses you, his lips warm velvet as they press against yours, and you smile against his mouth. 

Your hands reach up to tangle in his soft blonde hair, and he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. 

You break apart for air, and your voice is a mere whisper as you say,     “Thank you for protecting me.”

His only response is a smile as he leans in to kiss you again. 

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Here is the first of 31 fics!! I hope you guys like the short Halloween drabbles I’m going to be posting and I hope you enjoy the party!  Have fun and be kind to each other! 


This was the most humiliated Jack had ever been in his life. He was officially done.  He was pretty sure his face was hot enough to light the tree he was clinging to for dear life on fire.

He had just wanted to prank his friend.  Wanted to get him back for some of the shit he had pulled but oh, no.  Jack had the pleasure of hanging from a tree in a Halloween costume that didn’t exactly show off his best side.

And naturally, the kindly old woman who was passing his tree that night just had to call the fire department.

Hey, maybe God himself would have pity on him and stop laughing long enough to open a wormhole for him to jump through.

Jack looked back down at the fireman who had been shouting up at him for the past five minutes and almost puked.  He clung tighter to the branch he was wrapped around and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Sir?” The fireman’s deep voice rang out in the night. “Can I ask you why I need to come get you out of a tree at three am?”

“I was trying to get back at a friend.  We’re in the middle of a prank war.  Does it fucking matter?  Get me down.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get that part.  But why are you dressed as a sexy witch though?”

“Just get me the fuck down!!” Jack shrieked.

“Alright, alright, let me get my ladder.”

Jack waited, his muscles clamping up from being locked in the same place for so long. He heard a sound beside him and found the edge of a ladder not too far off from where he was hanging.  But it was too far, there was no way Jack was going to reach that.

“Do you need me to come and get you?”

Jack swallowed what little was left of his pride and dignity and squeaked back that he needed some help.

The fireman climbed the ladder with expert speed and was practically in Jack’s face in moments.

Naturally, they had the send the hottest goddamn fireman on the planet.  Of course. There was no other way.

The man smiled and Jack almost felt a little woozy at all the blood that was flooding to his face.  Why couldn’t he have just stayed on the damn ground?

“Hi.”  He seemed perfectly at ease up in a towering tree, “My name’s Mark.  How about we get you down huh?  I’d love to hear the explanation for this.”

Jack would happily give him an explanation and good, yummy, fun things if he got him the fuck down from the tree.

Mark reached out with strong arms and plucked Jack from his position wrapped around the tree.  With no warning, the man threw Jack over his shoulder and began his decent back to the ground.

Jack, the lady that he was, tried desperately to pull down on the extremely short skirt he had squeezed into earlier in the day, but Mark firmly tapped his thigh, “Stop wiggling around before you throw us both off balance.”

Jack stopped moving and simply clung to Mark as the ground got closer and closer.  

When Mark finally stepped off the ladder and put Jack on his feet, Jack sunk down to place his butt securely on solid earth again.

Mark laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me! I almost died!”

Mark laughed harder, trying to apologize between breaths but only small syllables came out before a loud guffaw escaped again.

After recovering, he held out a hand for Jack, “Come on, it’s the end of my shift, I’m hungry, and I know a little all-night diner that would be happy to serve us.  You can tell me what happened.  Did your broom crash?  Did your black cat get stuck in a tree?”

Jack glared, but allowed himself to be pulled to his feet.

“Not that I’m complaining or anything.” Mark added as he eyed Jack up and down, “You’ve already got me under your spell.”

Jack groaned and Mark grinned.