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Okay listen. We, viewers, are basically Clarke, i. e. we see everything from her point of view BUT Clarke is us in a way. Let alone the fact we know for certain Belamy and co made it to the Ark and she doesn't, she could be... thinking... about Bellamy with either Raven or Echo. It just hit me and I'm a mess.

I actually disagree that this is something Clarke would think too much about for many reasons, but here are two. Firstly because Clarke has never been possessive over Bellamy’s attention. I mean, the girl carved his old girlfriend’s name onto her rifle. She just– loves him, and whatever makes him happy, she’s fine with. Secondly, I don’t think Clarke consciously has very strong romantic/sexual feelings towards Bellamy, at this point. That’s why I think this time jump is a huge opportunity. 

You know when you’re childhood friends with someone, they move away for a while, and it’s like, you get this whole new perspective on them when you meet them again? This could totally happen here. Clarke and Bellamy have up until this point been stuck in a platonic co-leaders role to each other out of necessity. But for 6 years, they weren’t. So when they reunite, they no longer have that established dynamic. It opens the door for the relationship to be redefined in some other way. Which could be amazing!


did i read safe space for female gamers and also those of the LGBT+

Yep. In my adventures during Destiny 1 I met and played with a bunch of different people, which was both awesome…and disappointing. I’ve made amazing friendships and rekindled older friendships ( which had previously been lost to distance) through these last few years but along with that I’ve run into rude, sexist, homophobic, obnoxious players who were toxic. It was really discouraging when trying to find a new group or get a raid together. With my followers on this blog climbing I wanted to make a clan that would be welcoming to those who are shy, those tired of getting called the wrong pronouns, have the same interests besides destiny, and those tired of being hit on or kicked out because they’re a woman. Its really just an addition to the clan for those who feel left out of the community, while the main focus of the clan is to explore every aspect of the game with both new and veteran players. 

Its open to everyone who wants to join but you can also wait for D2 to drop and ask to join us for some activities to see if its the right fit for you. 

My love hit the road today to go ahead of me to our new home, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Only a few weeks until I join him but I already miss him like crazy.
Here is a shot of him making us some dinner on our last camping trip to Holcomb Valley
San Bernardino National Forest
May 24, 2017

Went on another little climbing trip with my loves.

Here is a view from the drive up to our campsite near Big Bear Lake, in San Bernadino National Forest. 

Sydney Harbour - Australia 

The two most famous landmarks of Sydney are located in Sydney Harbour: The Sydney Harbour Bridge, opened in 1932, and the Sydney Opera House, opened in 1973. 

Since 1998, it has been made legally possible for tourists to partake in a “bridge climb”, where they climb the southern arch of the Harbour Bridge. Tours run from day to night, offering amazing views of sunsets and Port Jackson.